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Weber MT has unveiled a new vibratory tamper, the SRV 650.


Lighter and stronger
Weber MT has unveiled a new vibratory tamper, the SRV 650. The new SRV 650 is Weber MT’s most powerful vibratory tamper with an impressive Subaru ER12 engine specifically designed for rammer applications: the first in the industry.

Subaru’s ER12 is a four-stroke engine, and offers outstanding starting behaviour as well as low exhaust emission. Its powerful, multi-stage air filtration system provides maximum reliability and operator safety. The ER12 has numerous unique features not found on competitors’ engines, including an oil shut-off feature that is triggered whenever the machine falls over or is idle for more than five minutes, and a membrane carburetor with a pump that forces air out of the fuel lines if the machine runs out of fuel.

Although the new SRV 650 is 13 pounds lighter than its predecessor, it grants an impressive 3,600 pounds of compaction force – it’s 30 per cent higher than the competitors’ engine power, and significantly more powerful than Weber MT’s previous model. The compact design of the SRV 650 allows for easy transportation and manoeuvrability in tight quarters. Additionally, it comes equipped with adjustable handles that help reduce hand and arm vibrations – allowing the operator to work for longer periods of time without discomfort.

Weber MT offers an impressive line of vibratory tampers that are used by contractors every day to compact earth and backfill, perform road construction repairs, and handle landscaping projects. All of Weber MT’s compactors are subject to extensive test runs under realistic job site conditions before they are released to the public.



Works above its weight
The Sakai PF301 reversible plate compactor is a heavy-duty, 800-pound, diesel compactor equipped with an 18-by-34-inch reversible plate (with 24-inch extensions included) made from an abrasion-resistant alloy. This machine is optimal for compaction in confined and hard-to-enter areas.

The plate is applicable to a variety of jobs including base material, foundations, trench work, landscape maintenance, utility and sidewalk repair.

With its advanced isolation system reducing overall vibration to the operator and its 10,360 pounds of impact force, the PF301 delivers compaction results normally associated with 1,000-pound compactors.


Smooth, even finishes
Wacker Neuson’s ride-on vibratory soil and asphalt rollers, the RD 12-90, RD 12A-90 and RD 16-90, offer a variety of enhancements to improve performance and operator comfort at an excellent value.

 The RD 12 rollers offer a number of new features suggested by contractors. They start with the elimination of overhang on the back of the machine. This was achieved by a redesigned frame and operator’s platform and the use of a pressurized water system. This new design provides excellent visibility for the operator and allows for the roller to get right to the edge of the asphalt for a complete and smooth finish.

The RD 12-90 features Wacker Neuson’s 20.5-horsepower WM 650 engine and the RD 12-90A comes with an 18-horsepower Honda engine. Both models weigh 2,490 pounds and have a 35.4-inch-wide drum width. These rollers offer 3,400 pounds of centrifugal force in the front vibrating drum and the rear drum can be ballasted for additional weight if necessary. The RD 12 rollers offer hydrostatic drive with infinitely variable forward and reverse operation up to 5.4 miles per hour, and smooth accelerations and stops for an even asphalt finish. These rollers also feature dual drum drive and articulated steering for extremely accurate control. The RD 12 series is ideally suited for compaction of level sub layers and finish layers on road repairs, driveways, parking lots and any asphalt surface.


Purpose-built for rammers
Subaru’s new ER12 rammer engine features a carefully balanced and engineered design, and is exclusively intended for the demanding application of rammers. With specially designed components and overhead cam technology, this three-horsepower, four-stroke engine is lightweight, yet rugged and powerful. Weighing in at just over 20 pounds, the ER12 offers more power and up to 24 per cent more output than similar competitive engines, all while being lighter in weight and designed for optimized balance and performance. The ER12 rammer engine is backed by Subaru’s three-year limited warranty.


Long-lasting performance
Doosan BXR Series reversible vibratory plate compactors are built to perform and to last. Engineered for the best compaction of granular soils, mixed soils and well-graded aggregates where turning around can be difficult or impossible with other plate compactors, the reversing mechanism changes the direction of the machine by repositioning the two eccentric shafts in relation to each other, allowing the operator to enter and exit a confined work area along the same path. The dual eccentric shaft technology along with heavy-duty, sealed exciter bearings provides maximum and
higher centrifugal forces than forward plates. The open base plate design permits dirt and rocks to slide off the plate for easier cleanup. A protective engine cage with an integrated lifting bail provides engine protection and easy loading and placement into trenches. The BXR’s operating weights range from 158 to 716 pounds through four gas- or diesel-powered models.


Works well in mixed soils
The R442 Series rammer is ideally suited for the compaction of granular, mixed and cohesive soils in confined areas. A mainstay in contractor and municipal fleets, the R442 offers a highly productive percussion rammer at less than 150 pounds. The contoured fuel tank provides the largest fuel capacity in its class and effectively baffles engine noise. Power is supplied by Honda engines. Model R442 delivers approximately 25 per cent more compaction force and is recommended for heavy clay soils. The rammer features a four-cycle engine, elevated bellows placement for trench applications, polyethylene slide bearings for minimal internal wear, and an 11-inch, high-density ductile cast iron tamping shoe. The R442 Series rammer design is subject to U.S. and international patents.


Efficient soil stiffness testing
The Bomag Economizer soil stiffness indicator is designed to remove the guesswork from reversible plate compaction. Designed to deliver higher operating efficiency for midsize and heavy reversible plate compactors, Bomag’s Economizer feature provides real-time soil stiffness results. The new technology saves time and money by helping operators avoid making an unnecessary number of passes to complete compaction projects.

Whereas standard compactors rely on spot-checking with quality control devices to achieve proper material densities, the Economizer uses an acceleration sensor to measure the stiffness of the target material across the entire compacted area. The data gathered by the sensor is instantly displayed via a simple series of ten yellow LED lights, allowing the operator to react quickly and effectively to changing soil conditions.

The number of illuminated lights on the LED display increases until the optimal level of compaction is achieved. The easy-to-read indicator also provides reliable warnings against over-compaction, soft spots and low working frequency. The display is located in direct view of the operator and can be seen clearly even in strong sunlight. Additionally, the display is well protected from potential jobsite damage while still providing quick
access for easy maintenance.

The Economizer comes standard on Bomag’s 1,570-pound BPR100/80D reversible plate compactor, which delivers 22,481 pounds of centrifugal force. It is available as an option on the BPR70/70D, BPR55/65D and BP45/55D models.


Versatile combination plate
Belle’s PCX forward combination plate compactors are designed to be versatile and suitable for soil and asphalt applications. A specially engineered cast iron plate allows the PCX plate compactor to operate on soil, sub-base, sand, gravel and asphalt layers without causing cracks or unevenness in the asphalt compound. A choice of different plate widths for different jobsite needs is available. The removable water tank is standard for the BGPCX450H and optional for the BGPCX400H. The ergonomic, 90-degree foldable handle bar provides maximum operator comfort. Maximum vibration frequency is 100 Hertz. Low Hand Arm Vibration adaptations and handle mountings are standard on all models. The patented cast iron plate features rounded edges to minimize edge creasing and optimize results on all kinds of materials. Belle PCX plates are manoeuvrable on both soil and asphalt, and are designed for general building, road works and maintenance in all types of compaction applications.


Many choices
The Model APF 1033 is the lightest unit in this range and is ideally suited for compaction work in very confined spaces, such as laying of light paving stones and light to medium road repair work. An optional water sprinkler system with five-liter capacity is available. Garden and landscape contractors as well as homeowners are using the model APF 1033 in various applications. With a foldable handle and an operating weight of only 54 kilograms, this unit is easy to transport even in the trunk of a passenger car.

The Model APF 1240 is a vibrating plate for universal application with an operating width of 40 centimetres. This handy and versatile unit is available with Honda and Subaru gas engines or alternatively with Yanmar diesel power. The unit has been designed to work in confined spaces on soil as well as on asphalt. The range of applications includes light to medium-sized patchwork and along obstacles such as curbs or retaining walls. A water sprinkler system with a 10-litre capacity water tank is available as an option). Handling and transportation are convenient with the foldable handle – the unit fits even in the trunk of a passenger car – or on site by using the optional transport wheels.

The APF 1240 with Honda gas engine can be equipped optionally with a straight handle. This allows turning of the machine in confined areas without bumping against the walls with the handle. Transport wheels cannot be fitted on this special version.

 Model APF 1250 is specifically designed for work on bituminous material. It is equipped with a particularly formed base plate to ensure the highest results on black top. Together with an optional water sprinkler system (water tank capacity: 10 litres) the APF 1250 is the number-one choice for asphalt contractors.

Model APF 1850 represents the ideal all-round compaction plate in this class of single directional plates. The unit is suitable for compaction work in soil, gravel and sand, on paving stones and on black top. A choice of two different engines is available: Honda gas engine or Hatz diesel engine. The guide handle is foldable and can be removed from the machine.


Designed for rental
Arguably some of the toughest rollers in the world, the Terex range of Compact Tandem rollers are designed for the rigorous demands of the plant hire industry.

Meeting worldwide compaction standards for asphalt and granular layers, these machines not only provide rental toughness, but they are also operator friendly, high productivity rollers.

High compaction productivity is achieved via the powerful, well proven mass exciter system to deliver high dynamic force. Optimized balance between frequency and amplitude provides ultimate versatility in meeting all kinds of job site conditions. The hydrostatic power management provides excellent hill climbing ability and when combined with the superb articulation delivering a tight turning circle, these are highly manoeuvrable machines.

Twin drum vibration or rear drum vibration is easily selectable at the turn of a conveniently positioned lever. This makes small asphalt patching easier and reduces the risk of damage to the surrounding surfaces. Featuring a unique steering arm offering the best legroom available on the market, a high comfort seat, easy-to-read display and ergonomic controls, a Terex Compact Tandem roller is comfortable and simple
to operate.

Rental tough means easy to maintain. To build a rental-proof machine, service access is fundamental. That is is why all of our rollers offer ease of access and centralized greasing points to perform simple daily maintenance. To help protect your investment, all of our tandem rollers have flush oil tube routing to the drums ensuring that the hoses are not damaged when compacting next to an obstacle. All tandem rollers are fitted with vandal- and theft-protection covers for the instrument panel as standard. The single-piece engine cover is made of impact –resistant, high-strength composite material. It is mounted on heavy-duty hinges, and can be locked with high specification latches for added security.

Hydraulic and water tanks are securely locked away behind vandal-resistant covers, and all tanks are plastic to reduce contaminant ingress.


Time-saving attachment
Allied pioneered the concept of the hydraulically-operated Ho-Pac vibratory compactor/driver. Using an eccentric, rotating weight that creates vibration and impulse energy, the skid-steer mounted Skid-Pac uses the same technology to provide the needed forces for effective flatwork soil compaction.

Changing from bucket to Skid-Pac in minutes eliminates the need for a special purpose machine such as a walk-behind plate compactor or ride-on roller on the jobsite. Working where heavy rollers cannot, it reduces labour costs and allows the contractor to do more types of work.

Skid-Pacs are suitable for repairing street, driveway or sidewalk sub-bases prior to concrete paving; backfilling against curbs, gutters, highway pavement and concrete slabs; smoothing, leveling and compacting sub-soil to prepare for sodding or seeding; and compacting crushed rock at commercial, industrial and institutional construction jobs.

The advantages of the all-new Skid-Pacs include a nine-square-foot base plate that covers the outside width of the skid steer tires to eliminate marks in the soil and offers large compaction area. They come with oil-splash lubrication that provides maintenance-free (no greasing) bearing lubrication. The worry-free plug-and-go installation means no extra valves are necessary, which saves on installation costs. A four-function valve controls flow, pressure, regeneration and oil flow direction. The beveled front and back edges of the base plate push the soil to assist in the leveling of sub-bases.


All-in-one solution
There are two standard construction industry methods of achieving compaction during sewer line, water line, or site-work operations: vibratory plate compaction or roller wheel compaction. Felco has combined these proven compaction methods within its regular-duty buckets, creating all-in-one backfill and compaction attachments for excavators and large backhoe-loaders.

The Felco vibratory compaction plate bucket with flow-control valve combines the compaction performance of a vibratory plate unit with the versatility of a bucket. The bucket’s vibration forces air in the soil to the surface and decreases air pockets, making it ideal for compacting granular materials. The vibratory plate compaction bucket also allows an operator to place backfill in the exact amount needed to ensure uniform lifts, as well as providing a convenient method of compaction. 

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