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Product Showcase: June 2011

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Wacker Neuson SE has unveiled a powerful new vibratory plate, the DPU 130. The company says it is busy developing several other innovative vibratory rammers and vibratory plates with a focus on improving performance and ease  of use.

Vibratory plate 
Wacker Neuson SE


Wacker Neuson SE has unveiled a powerful new vibratory plate, the DPU 130. The company says it is busy developing several other innovative vibratory rammers and vibratory plates with a focus on improving performance and ease  of use.

Said to deliver the same power as a seven-ton roller, the DPU 130 from Wacker Neuson is designed to push out the boundaries of vibratory plate performance. The DPU 130 is built for safety and user friendliness for soil compaction jobs.

In addition to delivering excellent performance, the remote-control plate is designed for extreme flexibility and is significantly more manoeuvrable than even large, walk-behind vibratory plates. The infrared remote control ensures operators can work safely and are not affected by emissions or vibrations.


Rammer engine
Subaru Power Products


Subaru has introduced an engine designed exclusively for rammers. The new ER12 rammer engine features a carefully balanced and engineered design, with purpose-built components and overhead cam technology. The three-horsepower, four-stroke engine is lightweight, yet rugged and powerful. Weighing in at just over 20 pounds, the ER12 offers more power and up to 24 per cent more output than similar competitive engines, all while being lighter-weight and designed for optimized balance and performance.

Unlike existing competitive rammer engines that are modified versions of general-purpose engines, Subaru’s ER12 rammer engine is specifically designed for this piece of equipment and its unique demands. The vertical cylinder design is slim and compact, and maintains an excellent centre of gravity to effectively transmit power to the ground, resulting in superior performance. The recoil has been integrated into the flywheel and blower housing, further enhancing balance and overall engine performance.

Utilizing belt-driven, overhead cam technology, the ER12 offers more power, easier starting and quieter operation than competitive engines in its class. The overhead cam design provides improved engine performance without adding extra weight, and also allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned to offer lower resistance for the air/fuel mixture flow, thus optimizing engine performance. The ER12 also features a highly efficient hemispherical combustion chamber. By centrally locating the spark plug, maximum combustion is achieved and the engine is able to achieve a higher compression ratio, resulting in more power and torque.

Asphalt roller


The Terex TV1200 tandem asphalt roller offers a host of standard features for exceptional productivity. A six-in-one joystick is well positioned to allow the operator to easily select all operational functions. The unit’s dynamic braking system can be engaged when the joystick is in neutral or when the unit is shut off. Plastic fuel, water and hydraulic tanks reduce condensation and are encased in steel for maximum protection.

All tanks are removable for cleaning and positioned to avoid vandalism. The TV1200 has an operating weight of 6,382 pounds, a centrifugal force of 6,776 pounds and a static linear load of 77.5 pounds per inch.

Rugged tamper
Weber MT


The new SRV 660 vibratory tamper from Weber MT features a new air filtration system for enhanced durability and longevity. Vibratory tampers must be built tough for daily use at the construction site. Rugged and durable products that deliver a high compaction output are in demand. Weber MT puts particular emphasis on manufacturing precision with maximum focus on tamper productivity. For example, the guide cylinders are protected by a wear-resistant and
ceramic-like Hard Coat coating, and the active oil lubrication ensures that all components in the crankcase are reliably oiled. Block impact protection, carrying handles and rollers for easy transport are standard on Weber MT tampers.
The range of products comprises two models with four-stroke gasoline engines

and one model with a diesel engine. This autumn, a new model in the larger weight and performance class will be offered: the SRV 660 vibratory tamper (operating weight 75 kilograms). It will replace the previous type
SRV 66.

The SRV 660 will introduce a three-stage air filtration system consisting of a cyclone pre-cleaner, a newly developed main filter and, for additional security,  the air filter of the engine manufacturer. This new filtration system will  considerably extend the service life of the Robin EH 12 four-stroke engine, even in extremely dusty conditions.

Versatile compaction
Doosan Infracore Portable Power


Doosan Infracore Portable Power features three models from its light compaction equipment line of RX-Series upright rammers. The RX-Series is built for the compaction of materials ranging from mixed and cohesive soils to heavy clay.
These models are designed to provide compaction solutions for a wide array of applications, including backfilling and narrow trench compaction such as utility work, trenching, curbing, drainage work, and foundation and masonry base preparation.

The models in the RX-Series are the RX-264H, RX-304H and RX-344H. This line comes standard with Honda recoil-start, four-cycle engines.

Impact force is applied to the compacted material by a durable wooden foot, reinforced with a heavy steel plate for extended life. The average impact per blow varies on the RX-Series, ranging from 2,600 pounds on the RX-264H to 3,000 pounds on the RX-304H, to 3,400 pounds on the RX-344H. The RX-Series operates at 600 to 750 blows per minute.
Featuring a low-profile, lightweight design, and a low centre of gravity, the RX-Series self-balances, providing greater manoeuvrability and control around jobsite obstacles. A four-point isolation and vibration-reducing grip, standard on the RX-Series, minimizes operator fatigue and prolongs the life of the rammer components.

Heavy-duty rammer


MBW says it works continuously to lower maintenance and extend the life expectation of its rammers. It has introduced its first percussion system designed to be completely free of high-friction, metal-on-metal, reciprocating wear surfaces. The patent-pending design features C-shaped, non-metallic slide bearings between the spring separator and spring box, the ram shaft and spring box, and the spring box and guide tube. Wear characteristics of the MBW bearings can be several times better than traditional steel-on-cast iron designs. Lower operating friction has positive implications for engine, lubricant and bellows life. In the event percussion system lubricant is lost, MBW percussion systems are designed to fail a single slide bearing, locking up the system and preventing damage to other bearing surfaces as well as the bearings and seals in the rammer’s gearbox. Because MBW percussion systems generate less internal friction, rammers operate more efficiently, consume less fuel and deliver more compaction force for the purpose intended. When a replacement is eventually called for, MBW slide bearings are replaced at low cost, returning the percussion systems to the original specification. Endurance testing of the new design exceeded even MBW’s expectations. As a result, MBW gas powered rammers now carry a five-year warranty on percussion system slide bearings and bellows.

Gas and diesel rammers


Ammann packs 100 years of compaction experience into a lineup of high-performance rammers to suit most applications. The ACR-60 and ACR-68 models are powered by popular three-horsepower Honda four-stroke gas engines. These units are sized for easy handling and convenient loading for do-it-yourself projects.

Both units are offered with various shoe sizes, from 6.5 inches to 13 inches, to adapt quickly to a full range of applications and conditions, including the most confined work areas.

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