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Product Showcase: May 2015

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Ram, tamp and roll your way to profits with these top compaction products, just in time for spring.

ACR 60

Three heights
Contractors who rent equipment want to finish the job knowing they were provided tools that enabled productivity and offered them comfort, too. Ammann ACR rammers are designed to do exactly that. They can provide a low cost of ownership that benefits the rental operation’s bottom line. The ACR 60 weighs 62 kg, while the ACR 68 weighs 68 kg. The rammers run on gasoline-powered Honda engines. No fuel mixing is required. Other key features include comfort in the form of a height-adjustable, vibration-reducing handle and three design heights – reduced, standard and extended – to help customize Ammann Rammers for specific jobsites. Seven easy-to-change foot sizes range from 165 to 340 mm (with the standard 280 mm). An asymmetric foot is available at 340 mm that compacts tight against edges. Rammers with asymmetric feet don’t have to be turned sideways to achieve compaction against trench walls and edges. The operator simply keeps moving forward. It’s a significant factor in productivity, as is the handle. The adjustable vibration-reducing handle reduces operator fatigue, which ultimately has an impact on productivity. Rental operations may also benefit from other ACR features. The multiple design heights and foot sizes allow the rental house to offer ACR rammers for a wide variety of applications. Extended service intervals for the self-cleaning air filter can keep the rammer in use for longer periods.

PCX 13 40 Water Kit

Gets into confined areas
Belle has developed the PCX13/40 for compaction of all types of granular and mixed materials with cohesive content as well as for hot or cold asphalt in confined areas such as parking lots, highways, areas close to structures and abutments. This product can provide great value to rental houses as it has been designed to withstand the toughest applications. With the improved travel speed and frequency, it allows the operator to smoothly run the machine in a wide range of field applications without demanding frequent maintenance and repair. A key feature is the reduced hand and arm vibration exposure via the handle while maintaining a maximum vibration force of over 2,900 foot-pounds to the ground. Features include a foldable operators handle for superior maneuverability that can be lowered to operate under obstacles and close to form work. The reinforced centrifugal clutch ensures longer belt life and simplified belt adjustment. Lifting points and a front lift cage offer easier loading and unloading for convenience and heavy contractor use. The vibration bearings are lubricated for life. Optional equipment includes a large 2.6-gallon water tank built into the protective frame. The protected spray bar has angled holes to allow complete water coverage over the full plate width to help prevent any asphalt pick-up on the plate bottom. The paving pad for compacting and protecting paving blocks is quickly attached with integral clamp points. A detachable wheel kit is available.


Gas and diesel rollers
Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment offers a complete line of compact tandem asphalt rollers. The ride-on rollers offer a larger-scale compliment to the popular line of Chicago Pneumatic light compaction equipment. The models in North America include articulated tandem asphalt rollers in both gasoline and diesel models. Used primarily for small-scale compaction work like patching, bicycle paths, small parking lots and driveways, these articulated tandem asphalt rollers are designed for easy transport and operator usability. The AR90G is a gasoline version and features vibration on the front drum with drive on both the front and rear drums. The diesel-driven AR100 comes with vibration and drive standard on both front and rear drums. Designed for quiet operation in sensitive environments, the AR120 is most used on roadways in urban areas where a compact size and noise-reduction technology is important. Equipped with a Kubota water-cooled diesel engine, the AR120 is powerful enough for medium-duty to heavy-duty applications, yet versatile and compact enough to be used on lighter-duty applications as well. The whole line of rollers is engineered with operator comfort in mind, featuring spacious platforms, and ergonomically positioned steps. Shock mounts and a sliding operator seat comes standard on the roller models. The sleek, legible instrument panel includes a warning panel and a fuel gauge to reduce incidents on the jobsite.


AtlasCopco LT6005

Narrowed for better access
Atlas Copco has introduced two new rammers, replacing the LT5004 and LT6004. These new rammers feature ultra-slim bodies, ideal for getting closer to structures and through narrow spaces. Like all Atlas Copco rammers, the new LT5005 and LT6005 provide high centrifugal force and speed for deep and effective compaction. At a mere six inches wide, the LT5005 is three inches smaller than its predecessor and the LT6005 is nine inches wide – two inches shorter than the previous model. These slim designs enable operators to easily compact cohesive and granular soils in confined spaces, such as small trenches, ditches, backfills and foundations. The smaller size also makes it easy for operators to work close to walls or posts.  Atlas Copco designed the rammers with a rubber isolator on each side of the handle to absorb vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted to the operator. This reduces the risk of injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and hand-arm vibration syndrome. The rammers also feature a single lifting point that allows users to easily move them from hard-to-reach spaces with large machinery, such as a crane. The rammers are equipped with a Honda GXR120 engine that features an overhead camshaft and timing belt that operate with minimal noise. The oil alert LED indicator on the rammers notifies operators when the oil level is too low for proper engine lubrication.  The rammers also are equipped with a throttle control with three fixed positions, stop, idle and run. This feature eliminates the risk of leaving the throttle half open, which optimizes fuel use. 


Optimal eccentric placement
Toro’s line of forward and reversible plate compactors are designed with a unique base geometry, optimal eccentric placement, amplitude and VPMs that allow the unit to provide maximum compaction for stable, even surfaces. A heavy-duty design provides protection to the engine and machine components for extended life. Toro offers three models of forward plate compactors with an eccentric force range of 2,200 to 4,000 lbs. Toro’s new line of reversible plate compactors offer a centrifugal force range from approximately 4,950 to14,160 lbs. and feature hydraulic travel control with an innovative safety valve to offer overload protection and a longer product life.

Doosan RX304

From soils to heavy clay
The Doosan Portable Power RX-304H upright rammer is built for the compaction of materials ranging from mixed and cohesive soils to heavy clay. The model is ideal for a wide array of applications including backfilling and narrow trench compaction such as utility work, trenching, curbing, drainage work, and foundation and masonry base preparation. The RX-304H comes standard with a Honda recoil-start, four-cycle engine. Impact force is applied to the compacted material by a durable wooden foot reinforced with a heavy steel plate for extended life. The average impact per blow is 3,000 lbs. with up to 650 blows per minute. Featuring a low-profile, lightweight design and a low center of gravity, the RX-304H self-balances, providing greater maneuverability and control around jobsite obstacles. A four-point isolation and vibration-reducing grip minimizes operator fatigue and prolongs the life of the rammer components.

DSC 2570

Consumes half the fuel
Multiquip has introduced the MQ Rammax 1575 articulated trench roller, now available with removable drum extensions. The roller has been improved with an option for drum extensions in addition to the standard 24- and 33-inch drum options. The remote controlled RX1575 delivers the compaction performance that contractors expect from MQ Rammax products. The roller has two vibration settings: high, producing 16,860 lbs. of centrifugal force, and low, producing 8,430 lbs. This enables the operator to adapt performance to suit the job’s soil and lift conditions. Powered by a fuel-efficient Yanmar diesel engine, it consumes up to 50 per cent less fuel than other rollers. Known for its reliability, the engine delivers reliable starting and performance. Maintaining the Rammax 1575 is simplified by a maintenance-free articulation joint. Service technicians will appreciate the front and rear gull-wing-style covers that open to 90 degrees to provide easy access to all service points. Multiquip backs up the RX1575 with a 5-3-2 warranty: five years on bearings, drive motor and eccentric housing assemblies; three years on the Yanmar engine; and two years on the basic machine, parts and labour.

Easy to use
American Pneumatic Tools (APT) now offers a complete range of light compaction equipment, including forward and reversible plate compactors, rammers and walk-behind trench roller. The APT forward soil plates range in operating weight between 128 pounds and 208.4 pounds, and are specially designed for compacting granular soils. Ideal for small repair and maintenance work, applications include asphalt, gravel, sand and silt. APT forward plate compactors are powered by Honda engines, and feature specially shaped bottom plates, stowable vibration-reduced handles for reduced operator fatigue, and wheels for easy jobsite mobility. The forward plate compactors also feature a removable 3.4-gallon water tank and smart water distribution system for reliable performance. Ideal for compacting medium to deep layers of granular soils, APT reversible plate compactors range in operating weight between 355 pounds and 1,719.6 pounds and offer a high-speed, balanced design with a hydraulic control system for easy, precision handling even in the toughest applications. APT reversible plate compactors come standard with a hydraulic forward/reverse lever, a heavy-duty protection frame and impact-resistant steel covers.  Models RP160 through RP400 feature gas-powered Honda engines, while Hatz Diesel engines power the RP500 and RP700 models. Ranging in operating weight between 145.5 pounds and 187.4 pounds, APT rammers are ideal for repair jobs, trenches and foundation work. Featuring a multi-functional fuel tank with a breather shut-off, electrical shut-off and throttle control with three fixed positions (stop/idle/run), APT rammers are built with a robust steel frame and efficient shock absorbers to provide improved traction and easy operation. With its superior traction, the WR85-33 trench roller makes work on cohesive and granular soils easy. The APT trench compactor is suitable for back-fills, foundations, parking lots and similar applications. With an operating weight of 3,695 pounds and an 18-inch drum width, this Bluetooth radio-controlled, walk-behind trench roller comes standard with a Hatz diesel engine and is equipped with an emergency manually controlled system, which includes an emergency push-stop bar and a safety push-stop button.

Plate Compactors

Any application
The Allen APC210H single-direction plate compactor is part of a new line of compaction equipment to make confined area compaction easier and faster. The APC210H can be used for practically every application from footings and sub-bases to paving stones and patios. It comes standard with a roll cage and wheel kit for easy maneuverability on any jobsite and is equipped with a Honda gas engine for long-lasting use and power for years to come. Capable of producing 5,640 vibrations per minute and covering 82 feet per minute, each plate compactor is designed with simplicity for the on-site contractor while still maintaining high production and results on any jobsite.

7 Wacker Neuson

Honda-powered rammer
Wacker Neuson has expanded its vibratory rammer line to include two models powered by a four-cycle Honda engine. The BS 50-4As and BS 60-4As are equipped with a 3.2-horsepower GX 100 Honda engine. The new BS 50-4As and BS 60-4As offer a unique low oil shutoff technology that protects the engine. When starting the unit, a sensor will detect if machine has no oil or low oil and does not allow the engine to start. Additionally, starting the engine is easy due to a purge bulb that evacuates air from the fuel line. A compensated carburetor maintains optimum air-fuel ratio for up to three times longer air filter change intervals. Rental store owners can conveniently choose the engine type to best fit their business preference. The new Honda powered models join the Wacker Neuson powered four-cycle rammers as well as the industry’s most popular rammers, the two-cycle, oil injection models. Also available are the premix two-cycle and diesel model. All Wacker Neuson rammers are designed for the best compaction performance offering long shoe stroke and more blows per minute as well as exceeding all environmental emissions regulations. Wacker Neuson’s newest technological enhancement to all its rammers includes a unique four-stage air filtration system.  This system includes a main element with 20 per cent more capacity than the previous design and still uses the rammer’s motion to self-clean, an improved cyclonic pre-filter designed for more efficient dirt removal and a fourth stage “last chance” filter that prevents dust ingestion during filter changes.  Dust is an inherent enemy of engines, so this new filtration system will provide for a virtually dust free engine for longer life and improved durability.

CR7 Mod LARGE 2014

Small but mighty
The new CR 7 reversible soil compactor from Weber MT is a small but mighty machine that delivers powerful compaction performance without causing operator fatigue. Its balanced running characteristics and exceptionally smooth operation as well as its low hand-arm vibrations provide for enhanced ease of use. The infinitely variable hydraulic control for forward and reverse travel allows for in-place compaction, and the height adjustable guide bar with a comfortable rubber handle is both foldable and lockable for easy transport. Its low overall height of 32 inches makes this machine user friendly and ideal for trench shoring. The CR 7 has an operating weight of 946 pounds with a Honda GX 390 engine and offers 14,625 pounds of centrifugal force. The throttle cable and hydraulic shift are located inside the guide bar for further protection, and the centrifugal clutch provides automatic tensioning of the V-belt. The all-around enclosure and sturdy frame ensures full engine protection, and the maintenance cover at the front of the machine allows for easy access to essential parts for servicing – a real time saver. Also, the large hinged lifting eye at the top of the machine and the eyelets in the engine mount for lashing make transport easier and safer. The CR 7 is impressive and economical and can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from road construction and civil engineering to paving.

AtlasCopco CC6200

Intelligent system
Atlas Copco’s new, easy-to-use intelligent compaction system gives contractors real-time material stiffness readings to ensure superior soil and asphalt compaction. This maximizes operator productivity, which results in saving contractors significant time and money. And, its touch screen capability makes the system user friendly and convenient.  The intelligent compaction system uses a global navigation satellite system, such as GPS, to track the number of completed passes and a drum-mounted accelerometer to measure the surface’s relative material stiffness. The system gives operators immediate materials stiffness results from within the cab to help minimize the number of passes. When using the system on asphalt, it also detects the temperature of asphalt to provide consistent, relative stiffness readings. In addition, Atlas Copco’s intelligent compaction system helps contractors detect any loose materials so they can perform additional passes to reach the right compaction. This minimizes the risk of production related quality defects, which are time consuming and costly to remediate. Contractors can use the intuitive system on a tablet to set project parameters and view compaction data. Once they achieve the optimal level of compaction, the program alerts the operator, so he or she can stop and reduce the risk of over compaction, which can affect the integrity of the material and damage the roller. The system is available on Atlas Copco CC2200 through CC6200 asphalt rollers and CA2500 through CA6500 soil rollers.

7 Wacker Neuson DPU6555Hec Compatec action 2014

No guesswork
Wacker Neuson is offering a new compaction control system on its most popular diesel reversible plate, model DPU 6555HEC.  The monitoring system is called Compatec and takes the guess work out of determining when soil has reached the ultimate compaction results. Wacker Neuson’s DPU 6555HEC is the company’s first reversible plate to be available with the Compatec system.  The easy to read system consists of eight highly visible LEDs.  The number of lights will increase with each pass and will no longer increase once the maximum compaction is achieved. This system is an excellent tool for less experienced operators and helps avoid unnecessary passes.  Compatec will also warn the operator with all eight LEDs flashing when the machine is measuring an overload or over compaction condition.

The display unit is conveniently placed on the back of the machine where the operator simply glances down to see the highly visible LEDs.  The LEDs brightness will automatically adjust to the brightness of the environment so that even in bright sunlight the system is easy to read. Wacker Neuson’s Compatec device is positioned entirely in the upper mass of the plate where it is exposed to fewer strong vibrations produced by this powerful plate.  This design provides durability with no wires going between the upper and lower mass of the plate. There is only one short wire between the transmitter and the display.  Because of the overload protection system indicated by the flashing lights, there is less chance of damage due to operation on hard surfaces. The DPU6555HEC unit weighs in at 1,064 pounds and produces 14,612 pounds of centrifugal force. The low profile unit features standard extension plates providing for adjustable operating widths of either 22 or 28 inches. This reversible diesel (12.9 hp Hatz) plate offers infinitely variable forward and reverse operation including spot compaction for excellent results on various types of soil.

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