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What should you have in your rental fleet to help a customer execute and maintain this project? Photo: Neil/AdobeStock

Canadian Rental Service asked top suppliers of lawncare and landscaping equipment across Canada to recommend products a rental store should carry to help a customer execute the project above. Using their recommendations, we’ve built a fantasy fleet for your rental store. 

Clearing the brush
Before we can do anything, we’ll need to clear off the land. Designed to effectively handle the core vegetation management challenges any landowner might encounter, Diamond’s brush cutters are tailored to tackle a broad range of applications. If the brush isn’t too heavy, the Brush Cutter Pro is ideal. It delivers the same premium cutting performance and versatility as Diamond’s Pro X, but in a lighter-weight model engineered specifically for medium-duty use and applications. Available in a 72-inch cutting width, the Brush Cutter Pro has a continuous cut capacity of three inches, a flow range of 17 to 41 gallons per minute and is intended for five hours of weekly use. It’s compatible with all standard and high-flow skid-steers. If the property is more overgrown, look to the Brush Cutter Pro X. The versatile, high-performance Brush Cutter Pro X excels at thoroughly processing and cutting material such as thick grass and brush up to 10 inches in diameter. Available in 60-, 72- and 84-inch cutting widths, this attachment has a continuous cut capacity of four inches, a flow range of 16 to 46 gallons per minute and is intended for 10 or more hours of weekly use. Both models are equipped with four hydraulic motors that optimize blade speed for safe operation and perfectly cut vegetation; hardened steel blades that effectively slice through vegetation and are built to swing and break away when in contact with rocks; easily replaceable hex blade bolts that provide the tough blade retention; and multi-hex cutting discs that provide greater inertia in tougher conditions.

Driving the project
A good option to hook your lighter brush cutters, dozer blades, buckets and augers up to is the Baumalight tracked mini-skidsteer. Manufactured in Ontario and powered with a Kubota diesel engine, the Baumalight compact utility track loader is designed to easily navigate through tight spaces and deliver good productivity on the tools. The hydrostatic drive is set up with true joystick controls with hydraulic pilot lines just like large skidsteers have. The remote hydraulic pump system with a case drain delivers hydraulic flow that can be set to maximum engine capacity and the standard self-levelling bucket reduces spills and provides extra control when loading and unloading material. The Baumalight all-metal frame mini-track loader also features durable rubber tracks that can handle uneven or rough terrain and a ride-on platform for improved visibility while manoeuvring through confined areas. A three-pump hydraulic operating system is used, one for hydraulic flow to run the machine’s auxiliary and boom and two pumps for the propulsion systems, one for each drive motor. There is also a dedicated oil cooler to better manage hydraulic heat generation. The lift cylinders are cushioned at the end of stroke.

Ground prep
Now to get the grounds ready for planting. The Kubota SRF27 series fixed-hitch power rake is an ideal product for turf care professionals and landscapers, or anyone who is looking to grade, level, shape, cultivate, renovate or pulverize different soil surfaces. Available in both rigid or float options thanks to the unit’s angle/float hitch, the SRF27 power rake allows the ground wheel and the rake itself to float with the contour of the ground, providing much desired flexibility for the operator. Complete with cast chain housing and a fixed hitch for surfaces with small rocks, the SRF27 is also equipped with a bi-directional roller with carbide tipped studs and variable speeds, allowing for a more complete finish and additional control. Often in demand, high-quality, durable power rakes like this one make great rental tools.


Major dirt removal
Hey, we don’t know what this property looked like before it was finished. Maybe there were some major hills to flatten or holes to fill. Mecalac offers the MWR Series of wheeled excavators designed to go anywhere without tearing up the ground with tracks. Consisting of three models — 7MWR, 9MWR and 11MWR — the series features a range of benefits to help meet the needs of landscapers. The MWR Series of wheeled excavators are purpose-built to allow for maximum manoeuverability in tight working areas, offering the flexibility and versatility of a skid steer or compact track loader in one machine and delivering higher speed and mobility than tracked excavators. Each of the three models in the MWR series offers speed in a compact footprint. The smallest of the three, the 7MWR, offers variable speed between zero and 19 miles per hour. Two of the larger models, the 9MWR and 11MWR, provide contractors standard travel speeds between zero and 12 miles per hour with an option for enhanced speed up to 22 miles per hour on the 9MWR and up to 19 miles per hour on the 11MWR. The speed in combination with the versatility of these machines provide operations with substantial benefits in productivity and efficiency by significantly reducing travel time on the jobsite. The MWR series machines have a centre-of-gravity that is 20 percent lower than competitive models while still maintaining a high ground clearance. The unique combination ensures exceptional stability even while operating off-road and on slopes and simultaneously reduces the risk of undercarriage damage from obstacles on the ground. With four-wheel steering, the MWR series machines are incredibly manoeuverable and feature a turn radius 2.5 times more compact than a traditional wheeled excavator. Although compact, the MWR series does not sacrifice on power. A 75-horsepower engine is standard on each model. Lifting capacity ratio is superior, with the smallest model able to lift three metric tons at 10 feet through 360 degrees. Using Mecalac’s patented hydraulic quick coupler, transitions between attachments such as buckets or forks can be made in under a minute from inside the cab. Equipped with a set of forks, the MWR machines can replace a telescopic handler or rough terrain forklift and another operator. The Mecalac patented boom system even allows for unloading pallets below grade. All MWR models in North America come standard with MyMecalac, the company’s fleet management technology. The onboard telematics system delivers everything from high-level summaries to specific machine details, including maintenance, inspection and damage notifications, to empower fleet managers to boost efficiency and machine uptime.

Stump removal
The brush is cut down, but the nasty stumps remain. Loftness has added a stump grinder attachment to its line of vegetation management equipment. Compatible with skid steers, compact track loaders and excavators, the Stump Ax is engineered for high productivity and superior control. Featuring a rigid mount, the Stump Ax offers a practical, reliable design capable of working faster than articulating stump grinder attachments by simply repositioning the power unit instead of swinging the cutting wheel. It has an angled hitch and forward-reaching boom to give the operator exceptional visibility and control on the job. The Stump Ax includes the Phantom Wheel with Tomahawk teeth from Leonardi, which are highly regarded by vegetation management professionals for their high strength and fast cutting performance. The Phantom Wheel also has cut-outs to create a see-through effect for further improved visibility. A chain deflector provides excellent containment of the wood chips. A 200-cubic-centimetre high-torque radial piston motor on the Stump Ax is compatible with power units that have 30- to 60-gallon-per-minute hydraulic flow ratings. A reversible design allows the motor to be mounted either forward- or rear-facing.

Building the fence
That’s a lot of fence and a lot of post holes to dig. Help your customer speed it up with Kubota’s EA20 Series of excavator augers. The perfect size for rental yards, EA20 augers are more than capable of tackling any demanding job contractors throw at it while keeping a tight form factor. Compatible with a variety of augers – from six- to 24-inches in length – along with 36-inch tree augers and six- to 18-inch rock augers, the EA20 Series provides contractors with the flexibility they need to reach hard to access areas with an excavator, boring holes for fences, footings and more. Kubota’s patented level indicator is a key feature of the EA20 Series, used to notify operators when the auger is vertical to drill straight holes (perfect for our sloping property). An optional cradle supports the auger while travelling, ensuring it doesn’t swing erratically during transport, while a high-torque resistance stemming from its two-inch hex output shaft gives operators peace of mind to get the job at hand done effectively, efficiently, and safely.  Available with either a six-to-15 or 10-to-20 gallon-per-minute motor and up to 2,620 foot-pounds of torque at 3,000 PSI, the EA20 Series augers are a great tool for weekend DIYers, professional contractors and everyone in between.

Tree planting
Who wants to wait for saplings to grow? Landscapers will appreciate planting bigger trees with a strong auger to make larger root holes. Premier augers are easily adapted for use with a wide variety of equipment. Skid steer loaders, mini-skid steer loaders, tractors, backhoes, excavators and mini-excavators – Premier can fit them all. Whatever equipment it’s used with, Premier earth auger drives let the operator dig hundreds of holes per day even in the toughest digging conditions without leaving the vehicle’s seat. These holes can be for fence posts, deer fence, signposts, post-frame buildings, foundation footings, light and utility poles, orchards, vineyards, tree planting and many other applications. There are 28 models to choose from and an excellent warranty.

Defining the garden and patio
Cutting in that much garden edging with a shovel is a recipe for terminal back pain. Plus it looks like we’ll need to install a gas line for the fireplace. Laski trenchers are available in manual or self-driven models. Trench depths range from 600 to 1,200 millimeters and 100- to 200-millimeter widths. Both wheeled and tracked models are available. Dependable engines from Kohler or Honda power these units.

Building the patio
Hauling sand, bricks, stones and mortar will be a lot easier with the 825TKL mini-track loader from Barreto. The 825TKL features an innovative cab-over design, allowing exceptional access to key components, cutting routine maintenance time and improving the rental store’s bottom line. The articulating rollers on the track system tackle uneven terrain and absorb impact, providing stability and comfort to the operator. The universal attachment plate on the TKL allows for the use of any industry-standard quick-change attachment, providing value by eliminating the unnecessary cost of brand-specific attachments.  The TKL experience incorporates an electronic display panel that is clear and easy to understand. Featuring a unique high/medium/low speed selection, the operator can adjust the track drive speed of the TKL to the task at hand, benefitting both seasoned and novice operators. There are a variety of safety features on the TKL, including the operator presence switch that senses when the operator is no longer standing on the ride platform. The TKL is also equipped with innovative tip-over protection, utilizing the machine’s incline sensor to shut off the fuel supply and lock the TKL in the event of a rollover situation. A four-digit safety code is required to restart the TKL, preventing potential engine damage and giving the owner opportunity to inspect and secure the machine.

Putting in the rocks
Moving and tipping those rocks into place is going to take some extra oomph. Messersi’s line of tracked dumpers, available in gas, diesel or electric drive, are up to the job with load capacities from 500 to 5,000 kilograms. All machines offer hydrostatic drive and hydraulic dump. Self-loading, high lift and swivel dump options can be added to most models. Hoppers are available in steel or poly depending on the machines intended use (might want to go with the steel here). Sit-down ride-on models start at 1,500 kilograms. Eastern Farm Machinery offers 10 models with overall widths less than 32 inches with up to 1,200-kilogram capacity.

Living on the edge
We’ve done all this work, let’s get some crisp edges on this bad boy for maximum appeal. The Kress Commercial 60V eight-inch Lawn Edger with the new Eight Minute CyberSystem battery platform features a longer life span, higher power output, faster charge time and zero downtime. Landscapers, lawn care professionals and landscape designers can finally replace their expensive and messy gas-powered equipment without sacrificing performance, power or runtime. Part of the initial Kress Commercial product launch, the 60V includes a built-in LED control panel and heads-up display. With a contoured blade guard combined with a rubber debris shield and gunning sight, operators can easily achieve straight cuts to maintain beautiful, highly-manicured outdoor spaces even in the roughest conditions. The Kress Commercial Lawn Edger delivers unmatched electric power up to the 30-cc gas-power range and has an IPX4 waterproof rating, ensuring use of the tool even on wet-weather days.

Cleanup and tool transport
We’ve got a big pile of brush and dirt to get rid of. Plus a load of hand tools, bags of cement and other stuff we don’t want to hand-bomb back and forth to the shed every night. The RTV X1130 – the long-bed model of Kubota’s RTV-X series – is as versatile as it is capable, ready to tackle any surprises a day on the jobsite might throw at it. Its six-foot, three-way open ProKonvert modular cargo box, able to carry 26 cubic feet and up to 1,212 pounds of material, can be converted into a flatbed without any tools, furthering its carrying capacity and functionality. Able to unload material efficiently, courtesy of its heavy-duty hydraulic dump, the RTV X1130 is powered by Kubota’s proven three-cylinder, 24.8-horsepower diesel engine and VHT-X transmission, providing more than enough power to get the job done, while delivering a smooth, reliable ride for the driver, no matter the worksite or conditions. Bottom line, the RTV X1130 is a powerful tool on any jobsite, allowing operators to haul more material comfortably and safely, day in and day out. Multi-disc wet brakes, a high-rigidity steel frame, a height adjustable suspension and a bevy of customizable options round out the features that cement the RTV X1130 as the kind of do-it-all vehicle operators look for, no matter the job at hand.

Putting in the lawn
The ground is cleared, raked and leveled – time to start planting. Get the perfect germination results with the Classen Pro HTS20 Hydro Drive overseeder. Featuring up to 10 different depth positions, more blades equals better germination. Plus, each heat-treated blade can be rotated 180 degrees for double the life. The HTS20 features tight 1.6-inch blade placement providing superior seed coverage. A single lever powers forward and reverse. It’s Honda-powered with a forward-reverse thumb control hydrostatic drive. 

It’s a big lawn – we’ll need something more than the minimum to aerate it all. The Stinger Quad-Aer 30-inch stand on aerator features direct-drive hydraulics with no chains, belts or grease points to worry about. It has a hydrostatic direct tine drive and the time to raise or lower the tines is half a second. A wide stance allows this unit to operate safely on side hills (handy here) while aerating 30 inches, up to two acres per hour. Powered by a Kawasaki FS561 engine and weighing only 960 pounds, this unit has all the power required to pull up to four-inch cores. The optional centre-drop seedbox adds value and versatility to the unit.

Neat and tidy
Unkempt bushes and hedges will harsh your perfect landscaping buzz in a hurry. The Kress Commercial 25-inch Hedge Trimmer, supported by the Kress Commercial Eight Minute CyberSystem with a longer lifespan, higher power output, faster charge time and zero downtime, provides a truly commercial-grade battery solution for professional landscapers. With a 3,200 RPM cutting speed, the Kress Commercial Hedge Trimmer makes easy work of any hedge trimming job. An ergonomic design with a multi-position rear handle and low vibration ensures comfortable use in a variety of positions for longer periods of time. The Kress Commercial Hedge Trimmer also boasts an IPX4 waterproof rating for continued operation, even in the rain. Its 25-inch blade is designed with durable German steel, the standard for excellence and quality in cutting applications, laser-cut and ground with 1.5-inch tooth spacing. The trimmer provides gas-like power with all the benefits of battery-powered equipment, including quiet operation and zero emissions, making it an ideal tool for delivering beautiful outdoor spaces. 

Mowing and maintenance
We need more time with a beverage looking at that gorgeous view and less time pushing a mower. The Kress RTKn Mission autonomous mowers, equipped with innovative positioning technology, mows like a person without a person. Kress’ real-time kinematic network (RTKn), combined with Mowing Action Plan (MAP) technology, allows for satellite-precise multizone management, meaning the Kress Mission and Mission Mega units can mow in systematic parallel or diagonal lines, following a flower bed, fire pit, property line or other beautifully designed feature with human-like precision. The new line of Kress Mission RTKn robotic mowers is designed for homeowners, lawn care and design professionals alike who are seeking solutions to maintain large or highly-manicured properties with maximum efficiency and minimal hands-on effort. Using Kress’ proprietary RTKn network, Mission mowers require no boundary wire or on-site antenna installation. All it takes is one-time virtual mapping and the mower will automatically mow on a schedule set by the user. With five models to choose from and mowing ranges from three-quarters of an acre to nine acres, the entire line of Kress robotic mowers supports a regenerative brake system that converts kinetic energy into stored power for increased battery life and longer runtimes. Additionally, the mowers have an IPX5-rated washable underbody and an obstacle avoidance system unlike any robot mower on the market. Kress Mission autonomous mowers can mow multiple zones, crossing driveways and walkways with ease, and continually learn the most efficient routes for better, quicker cuts. All models are equipped with advanced mobile functionality giving the robot mowers the ability to connect to cellular networks for adjustable cutting height, software upgrades, remote controllability, theft protection and weather-related working schedules.

Must-have topdresser
You’ll want to keep this customer coming back to the store every spring for the equipment they need for annual lawn maintenance. The Bannerman B-MTD-2012 Mini Topper is designed to apply top dressing evenly on small- to medium-sized high wear turf grass areas or residential lawns. This walk-behind machine has a 24-inch spread width and 68 litre capacity. The front brush provides a quick adjustment for material spread depth. It’s a must-have item for spreading organic topdressing, peat moss and loam.

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