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April showers will bring May flowers. Get your landscaping fleet ready now.

Easy turning
With Ryan’s Lawnaire IV and V aerators with Easy Steer technology, landscapers never have to take the tines out of the ground to steer and turn, so aeration is faster and easier than ever before. With this unique design, each tine assembly rotates independently as the user turns for quick and easy maneuvering around flowerbeds, trees and landscape features. When landscapers don’t have to raise and lower the aeration head after each turn, they get done sooner and are less tired at the end of the day.

Many options
Messersi tracked dumpers are available in capacities from 500 kg up to 2,500 kg. Gas, diesel or battery electric drives are available with or without self-loading, three-way dumping, high dumping or swivel-dump options. These dumpers feature a heavy-duty commercial design with planetary final drives, oil coolers and variable-displacement hydraulic motors. All models with less then 1,200 kg capacity are only 32 inches wide for access to backyards and tight jobsites.

Carpet-like coverage
The Classen self-propelled Hydro Overseeder with Honda engine boasts the industry’s best seed coverage – 13 rows of planted seed per 20-inch swath – and a floating 40-pound-capacity seed box, ensuring carpet-like coverage on even the bumpiest terrain. More seed rows placed closer together produces thicker turf faster, which keeps customers happy and business booming.  The convenient fold-down handles make the unit easy to transport and store.

Cut those patio stones
Small in size, big in action, the Stihl TSA 230 is the first battery-powered cut-off machine with a 230 mm cutting wheel, and it is light at only 3.9 kg without the battery. Emission-free cordless technology ensures clean work when cutting those patio stones. The standard-fitted water connection and optimal accessories for attaching to a vacuum cleaner ensure effective dust control when cutting. With a cutting depth of up to 70 mm, the TSA 230 is equipped for a variety of applications. Suitable for backyard patio or pool deck creations. Combine with Stihl’s X-100 diamond abrasive wheel for best results. A nine-inch wheel designed for the TSA 230 lithium-ion battery-powered cut-off saw, the X-100 is an extremely fast, multi-purpose wheel for cutting brick, concrete and granite. It’s extremely robust, with temperature-resistant composition.


Heat and air conditioning
Polaris has expanded its purpose-built commercial vehicle line, Polaris Brutus, to include the Brutus base model with a cab, heat and air conditioning, which is now available for order through authorized Brutus dealers in North America. The new Brutus model enhances the level of comfort, versatility and productivity by integrating key offerings from the Brutus HD and Brutus HDPTO models. A fully enclosed, factory-installed cab with heating, defrost and air conditioning ensures operators are comfortable no matter what the outside conditions. As the only Brutus with an all-season climate controlled cab equipped with seating for three adults, the new model’s slide-through access makes it easy for passengers to enter and exit the cab. Also added to the new model is the electric bed lift for the pallet-sized cargo box, which is standard on the HD and HDPTO models. The full Brutus line includes standard features that are ideal for commercial applications. A 24-horsepower diesel engine with hydrostatic transmission, on-demand true all-wheel drive, and a treadle pedal for seamless and shiftless forward and reverse travel, provide operators with the power and functionality necessary on the jobsite. As the first side-by-side utility vehicle line to use a multi-link coil over De Dion rear suspension, Brutus delivers a superior ride quality, minimizes suspension sag when the 1,250-pound capacity rear cargo box is fully loaded and maintains class-leading ground clearance when trailering with its 2,000 pound towing capacity. All models feature Polaris’ exclusive lock-and-ride cargo system, with a full line of cab, storage and vehicle protection accessories also available. Brutus vehicles come with a 12-month standard warranty.

Sucks up anything
Be it bulky bottles, crushed cans, leaves, pine needles or pea-sized gravel, the Little Wonder Pro Vac doesn’t discriminate. The industry-leading impellor housing design funnels airflow and debris of all sizes into its top-loading, 74.5 gallon capacity bag without loss of suction, so users can collect more debris per bag and spend less time emptying it. The Pro Vac is excellent for residential cleanup, industrial applications, commercial sites and parking lots and is available in push and self-propelled. It boasts superior power, speed, bag capacity, suction, maneuverability, durability, comfort and value.

Handles wet material
Earth and Turf topdressers are available in capacities from three up to 27 cubic feet. Drives include a walk-behind ground drive, a pull type and a self-propelled walk behind. With their unique powered conveyor and widespread beater design, handling wet material is not a problem for these multispread topdressers. Self-propelled models are narrow enough to fit through gates and highly maneouverable around beds and obstacles.

Set-and-forget depth adjustment
Billy Goat Industries’ 18-inch Hydro-Drive sod cutter boasts a variable speed hydrostatic transmission allowing operators to match cutting speed to ground condition and also has a fast transport speed at over 3.5 mph. The SC180H features an easy-to-use, set-and-forget blade depth adjustment where users can simply adjust the depth to 2.5 inches with a single lever from the operator station. Handle isolation mounts reduce vibration and fatigue, and a rear caster wheel for curved cuts is standard. Comfortably mounted drive and cut controls including reverse are all at fingertip access. Paddle drive wheels clear mud and improve grip for added control.

Leaves only wood mulch
CEAttachments has added a new Edge rotary brush mower: a 72-inch high-flow model to its lineup of mower attachments for any brand or model of skid steer or track loader. These machines are designed to cut through the thickest brush and glide over rough terrain with ease. Applications include heavy weeds, undergrowth, brush and small saplings up to four inches in diameter. It will mow brush down, but won’t bog down the motor. The RM72H features a direct-drive hydraulic motor requiring 30 to 40 gallons-per-minute hydraulic flow and a heavy-duty stump jumper. The two heavy-duty steel blades and the 72-inch working width deck mow down overgrown brush in one swipe. All that is left behind is fine wood chip mulch. Ideal applications include clearing trails for horses, snowmobiles, skiing or biking in areas that would normally be inaccessible. Standard Edge rotary brush mowers are available in widths from 48 to 78 inches and high-flow models now range from 72 to 90 inches. All models come complete with hoses and flat face couplers.

flail away
Landscapers can complete tough land-clearing projects with ease with the new Bobcat 40-inch FMR flail mower attachment. This flail mower model is available for use with Bobcat E63, E80 and E85 excavators. The flail mower attachment provides optimal safety, performance and uptime protection in mowing and land-clearing applications such as cleaning ditches, hillsides, utility right-of-ways and riverbanks, as well as maintenance for parks and recreational trails. The flail mower has multiple safety features, such as a side safety chain within the housing unit to help deflect and contain debris that could be thrown during operation. Additionally, a rotor brake stops the flail mower from full speed in seven seconds or less when the flail mower hydraulics are deactivated. Compact excavator users who need a smooth cutting motion to rip through hard and soft woods, vines, grass and brush will appreciate the flail mower’s triple-knife design. The compact deck allows the flail mower to manage varying ground contours and hard-to-reach places, maintaining surface contact for efficient cutting. The direct-drive motor excels in aggressive cutting applications, providing an optimal balance between torque and RPM. The popular X-Change attachment mounting system makes it easy to connect the 40-inch FMR flail mower to the E63. A pin-on mounting system or optional pin-grabber quick coupler option are available for connecting the 40-inch FMR flail mower to the E80 and E85 excavators. To help keep up with various land-clearing jobs and to reduce machine downtime, the 40-inch FMR flail mower features reversible flails providing bi-directional rotation by switching the hydraulic hoses at the drive motor. The rubber torsion disc absorbs stress forces encountered during operation. Heavy-duty flanges protect the drive train from dust and debris, and prevent wires from damaging the drive train mechanism.

Great for small spaces
Sometimes the job demands a more compact approach without sacrificing production speed. To meet the needs of the residential contractor who may be working in tight spaces, this self-propelled trencher can easily handle sprinkler systems, electrical lines, and other shallow trench applications. The 912 saves on space while still providing the horsepower necessary to trench up to 24 inches deep. The boom pivot design keeps high-wear components out of the dirt and is easily maintained. The front end pivots on a pin instead of a boom pivot bushing. This reduces maintenance issues often caused by dirt and debris.

Flatten the curves
K-Tec Earthmovers have released a new line of land levelers to expand the company’s product offering to earthmoving contractors and land forming professionals. The K-Tec land leveler has bee n designed for maintaining haul roads, precision site leveling, and field drainage. K-Tec’s heavy-duty land levelers range in size between 10- and 28-foot widths. Various advancements are included as standard features such as walking axles; a single, simplistic tilt function, a depth level gauge, and an LED light package. A unique moldboard curve design enables superior rolling of dirt. The units are also compatible with dual GPS/laser for precision grading work. The models come in either a rigid frame, or a flex hitch design. The flex models enable the folding back of the hitchpole for legal road transportation widths of under 8.5 feet.

Handles high flow
With a maximum output torque of 4,180 foot-pounds, the new Digga compact high-flow 4DDS auger drive, manufactured by Iowa-based Digga North America, delivers faster, more powerful performance than comparable units for increased overall productivity. The result of more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of planetary gearboxes and drives, the Digga 4DDS Drilling Drive is engineered for use on the latest, most powerful skid steer loaders, backhoes and mini-excavators on the market today. The 4DDS will handle high flows of up to 42 gallons per minute, providing output speeds of up to 108 RPM. The result is an ideal balance of torque and speed for faster production and a greater return on investment. The 4DDS motor system allows more of the carrier machine’s horsepower to be used in delivering power to the ground for faster drilling and better spin-off speeds, allowing operators to more quickly drill larger-diameter holes in harsh ground conditions. The motor features an integrated pressure relief valve that eliminates the need for bulky valve blocks, while reducing many potential leak points. And the sleek, compact gearbox design ensures that the drive can fit into a 10-inch-diameter hole, providing deeper penetration without the need for extensions, for more efficient operation. Because it can handle flows from eight to 42 gallons per minute, the 4DDS is truly versatile, fitting a wide range of skid steers, backhoes and mini-excavators.  Additional features of the 4DDS include a two-piece shaft design that isolates the planetary gears from pushing, pulling and bending forces, without increasing the load on the bearings. All Digga drilling drives are covered by warranty protection that is unsurpassed in the industry, with a five-year gearbox and three-year motor warranty, as well as a lifetime shaft pull-out warranty.

Spreaders for all applications
For every purpose, turf manager to homeowner, Gandy has a full line of drop spreaders. Gandy spreaders make accurate, professional applications of dry free-flowing materials. 24-inch and 36-inch width models are easy to maneuver around ornamentals and small lawns areas with push handles. Model 36 is available with tractor hitch for other applications.

New cordless line
Shindaiwa has launched a new family of 56-Volt cordless products to be sold exclusively through servicing dealers across Canada. The first three models include the T3000 string trimmer, EB6000 handheld blower and the DH2000 hedge trimmer. With gas-like performance, all three pro-grade cordless tools feature powerful brushless motors and use common 56V batteries, available in both 2-AHR (charges fully in just over 40 minutes)and 4-AHR (90 minutes to full charge) sizes. A gauge on the charger illustrates charge status. A series of indicator lights on the battery show the remaining charge life. The tools may be purchased with or without batteries and chargers, further leveraging the investment. As with Shindaiwa’s gas products, the new cordless line also carries five-year consumer and two-year commercial warranties. The battery carries a two-year warranty.

Less impact on delicate surfaces
TurfEx offers the 12-cubic-foot capacity TS1200GR ground-drive spreader. Intended for use with tractors and various utility vehicles, the spreader is designed to exert less impact on surfaces than similar tow-behind models, making it safe to use on golf course greens and sports fields. And with the ability to spread a variety of free-flowing materials including seed, fertilizer, pelletized lime and pest control products, it is also ideal for lawn care, landscape and facility maintenance applications. The TS1200GR is constructed of heavy-duty, yet lightweight polyethylene. This reduces corrosion and maintenance concerns commonly associated with similar steel-built models, while making the units up to 40-per cent lighter. The lightweight design helps eliminate potential turf damage and lessens fuel consumption for the towing vehicle. Additionally, the spreader features large flotation tires to further minimize impact on delicate surfaces. To ensure precise material feed and spread pattern, the TS1200GR is equipped with a manual flow gate. Additionally, the unit includes a 12-inch steel spinner with adjustable fins. Spread width is infinitely variable up to 30 feet. Spreader performance can be further fine-tuned thanks to a standard adjustable deflector. Other standard equipment includes a clear, fitted hopper cover and an integral trailer mount. All TurfEx products are covered by a two-year limited warranty.

Mow five acres per hour
The productive and nimble Toro Z Master Commercial 3000 Series mowers are a true blend of performance and versatility. Equipped with a seven-gauge, high-strength steel Turbo Force cutting deck, the 3000 Series can handle a variety of terrains and conditions with ease. Z Master Commercial 3000 Series mowers are powered by 20.5 – 25 horsepower Kawasaki and Kohler engines, depending on cutting deck width. Commercial 3000 Series mowers can reach mowing speeds of up to 10 miles per hour and can mow up to five acres per hour. Race-inspired deck struts with rubber bushings reduce wear and tear, contributing to the machine’s overall productivity. The Commercial 3000 Series offers all the performance and durability of Toro’s larger zero-turn riders in a mid-size package that is ideal for landscape contractors and acreage owners.

Makes tough jobs easy
Whether customers are preparing a new landscape bed, clearing for a new sidewalk or driveway, or tackling home improvement projects that require temporarily removing sod, BlueBird’s 18-inch sod cutter is designed to make even the toughest job quick and easy. Features include five-speed gear selection, pistol-style handle arrangement and simplified depth setting. Equipped with a Honda 5.5-horsepower engine.

Intuitive interface
The new M-ZT series zero-turn mower from Husqvarna takes performance, productivity, and comfort to a whole new entry-commercial level. The intuitive operator interface, heavy-duty steel frame and commercial rated hydraulic system create the ultimate mowing experience. With a rugged fabricated steel deck that is mulch and collection capable, the M-ZT is practical for all property maintenance needs. The high back seat with armrests and adjustable ergonomic steering levers will provide a comfortable ride time after time. The M-ZT series features a 27-horsepower Briggs and Stratton Endurance Commercial engine and a 61-inch cutting radius.

Multiple configurations
With the addition of the TX 1000 and TX 1000 wide-track Toro Dingo models, the Toro Company now offers a broad range of compact utility loaders. The TX 1000 features a vertical lift loader arm design, and a hinge pin height of 81 inches. End users can choose from a variety of Dingo configurations, including narrow track, wide track and wheeled models, and can be equipped with or without dedicated platforms, depending on operator preference. With three models of wheeled compact utility loaders, Toro continues to provide a comprehensive offering of this configuration. The nine models that make up the full line of Toro Dingo compact utility loaders include wheeled or tracked units with Kohler or Kubota engines with operating capacities up to 1,075 pounds.

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