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It’s a brave new world of innovation and high technology in lawncare!

Balanced for easy manoeuvring
Billy Goat’s SG1301HGT stump grinder is designed for simple, safe operation capable of efficiently removing a stump from 24 inches above grade to 16 inches below grade. The working end of the unit features a heavy duty, 35-pound, 3/8-inch-thick, 14-inch-diameter fly wheel with eight tungsten carbide Greenteeth at the end of a longer, angled-down cutter head that efficiently reaches below grade. Combined with a 48-inch adjustable handle for maximum stability and control, the unit has superior leverage and longer reach. For added safety, the SG1300H has a rear and two side chip curtains, a dual operator presence system on the upper and lower handlebar, and an emergency shutdown button. A handy foot-mount offers leverage for ease of starting up the unit. While in operation, a locking drum brake keeps the unit in place while sweeping the cutter head back and forth across the stump. The machine is well balanced for simple transport to and from jobsites and manoeuvering around the stump. The unit easily loads via ramps to a trailer or pickup truck.  Billy Goat’s text-to-video feature is offered from a label on the control panel and readily offers instruction for start-up and operation via video from a mobile device.

Built for battle with brush
Loftness has updated its Battle Ax S Series mulching head with new features for enhanced durability and serviceability. Designed for skid steers and compact track loaders with 28 to 62.9 gallons-per-minute hydraulic flow and 50 to 150 hydraulic horsepower, the S Series now includes a reversible secondary shear bar in the two-stage cutting chamber to always allow a fresh cutting edge. After all four edges of the shear bar have been exhausted, the bolt-on design allows it to be easily replaced. Previously, the secondary shear bar was welded on the front bumper, and only the primary shear bar was replaceable. Next, the S Series is available with a replaceable wear liner, which helps protect the drum from excessive wear when working in abrasive conditions. It also has a bolt-in design for easy replacement. Other design enhancements, such as a new, recessed, belt cover with welded body reinforcements, have been included in the latest update to protect against damage and ensure long-lasting reliability. The S series comes with a two-year warranty. The head has gained popularity in the vegetation management industry for its unique rotor design, which features built-in depth gauges. These depth gauges function similarly to raker teeth on chain saws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. This design is more ideal for managing the amount of material being fed into the attachment than ring-style rotors, which many operators find to be overly limiting. The Battle Ax is also known for its ability to thoroughly process material into consistent, well-sized particles because of the Loftness-exclusive two-stage cutting chamber.

One platform for everyone
Baumalight Mini Skidsteers, manufactured in Wallenstein, Ont., are designed for versatility. Versatility not only means offering a carrier that can easily navigate in tight spaces, but also providing a wide selection of useful tools and attachments. Powered by either a Honda, Kubota or Yanmar engine, Baumalight Mini Skidsteers have a hydrostatic drive controlled by true joystick controls. They come standard with an interchangeable universal quick-attach plate. The optional self-leveling bucket reduces spills and provides extra control when loading and unloading material. Baumalight uses a three-pump hydraulic operating system, one for hydraulic flow to run the machine’s auxiliary and boom, and two pumps for the propulsion systems, one for each drive side. There is a dedicated oil cooler to better manage hydraulic heat generation and the lift cylinders are cushioned at the end of stroke. Designed for a variety of applications, Baumalight Mini Skidsteers are the ideal carrier for agriculture, snow removal, landscaping or construction. On a farm, whether it’s cleaning a stall, handling straw or hay, digging a fence post hole or moving manure, the Mini Skidsteer is a useful machine for any chore. Customers can keep their parking lots, driveways and sidewalks clear this winter. Compact and ideal for tight spaces, wheeled or tracked Mini Skidsteers are available with a variety of snow removal tools for both snow removal contractors or rural property owners. Landscape contractors never know what tool they’ll need to use to get the job done. The Baumalight Mini Skidsteer offers one carrier with many useful tools. Compact and powerful, the Mini Skidsteer is ideal for mowing long brush, digging post holes, grinding stumps, clearing trees, moving dirt and more.

Heavy work in compact spaces
Mecalac offers the TA3SH Power Swivel site dumper for increased versatility and safety on jobsites. The site dumper is part of the TA3 range, which is designed for the small to medium jobsite, and is particularly useful in crowded or confined areas. Like all Power Swivel site dumpers, the TA3SH is designed to deliver superior versatility and performance, especially on confined jobsites such as housing developments or landscaping projects. The TA3SH is 13 feet long and 6 feet, 1 inch wide. The Power Swivel technology features forward and swivel tipping mechanisms, allowing the load to rotate 90 degrees on either side before being tipped. This reduces the need to move equipment, enhancing productivity.  The Mecalac range of Power Swivel site dumpers features payload options from 1 to 10 tons. The TA3SH’s payload capacity is 6,613 pounds, making it ideal for industries such as concrete, landscaping and urban construction.  All Power Swivel site dumpers feature a heavy-duty locking device. This keeps the skip facing forward while on the move and is just one of many features that ensures Mecalac Power Swivel models provide the highest level of safety. Available state-of-the-art operator technologies, include start/stop control and capture and hazard detection. Start/stop control improves on-site safety, minimizes fuel consumption and increases service intervals by automatically starting and stopping the engine in predetermined conditions. Capture is Mecalac’s telematics solution, allowing rental centres and site managers to monitor unit location, distance traveled and hours completed each day. Hazard detection uses microwave radar to provide obstacle detection, further increasing safety on jobsites. Each Power Swivel site dumper meets the latest emissions compliance standards and, to avoid DEF- and DPF-related costs, engines are rated at under 25 horsepower. All models are equipped with Tier IV engines.

No ground wire required
The KR236 Mission Mega from Kress is instructed by the Kress RTKN network. It navigates the lawn with centimeter-level accuracy. No need for boundary wire nor fixed-reference antenna to be installed in the lawn. Operated by Mowing Action Plan technology, the mower works in parallel lines as an experienced landscaper would. It efficiently manicures lawns up to nine acres. It uses a large cutting capacity 35-centimeter blade system to cover large areas with less passes and a double-layer blade system for high-density and slightly overgrown grass. TeamWork technology allows operating more than one robot inside the same working area.

the Mission Mega follows the shortest possible route to and from the charging station. An auto-leveling blade system adapts to terrain unevenness. In-Hub encoded gearless drive motors deliver smooth delivery of torque and quiet operation. other features include an obstacle avoidance system; auto-leveling of the cutting disc; a regenerative brake system; theft protection; electronic cutting height adjustment; an in-hub drive motor with all-terrain wheels; and a washable underbody.

Many attachments for maximum versatility
The 825TKL mini track loader from Barreto features an innovative cab-over design, allowing exceptional access to key components, cutting routine maintenance time and improving your bottom line. The articulating rollers on the track system tackle uneven terrain and absorb impact, providing stability and comfort to the operator. The universal attachment plate on the TKL allows for the use of any industry-standard quick-change attachment, providing value by eliminating the unnecessary cost of brand-specific  attachments.  The TKL experience incorporates an electronic display panel that is clear and easy to understand. Featuring a unique high/medium/low speed selection, the operator can adjust the track drive speed of the TKL to the task at hand, benefiting both seasoned and novice operators. There are a variety of safety features on the TKL, including the operator presence switch that senses when the operator is no longer standing on the ride platform. The TKL is also equipped with innovative tip-over protection, utilizing the machine’s incline sensor to shut off the fuel supply and lock the TKL in the event of a rollover situation. A four-digit safety code is required to restart the TKL, preventing  potential engine damage and giving the owner the opportunity to inspect and secure the machine.

Faster cleanup
Clear litter and debris faster with the Little Wonder Pro Vac SI. This professional debris vacuum is powered by a Honda engine. It’s equipped with a five-blade serrated steel impellor with 5:1 reduction ratio for superior suction and shredding capabilities in a compact footprint. The 40-gallon angled debris bag has an angled poly bottom to reduce wear and tear. Easy nozzle-height adjustment happens right from the operator’s handle. An optional hose kit is available for cleaning out flower beds and hard-to-reach areas. It seats securely in a specially-contoured pocket that blocks air flow when not in use. 

Tough tub
Built on the same frame as the popular MB TX 2500 tracked Mud Buggy, the new Toro Swivel Mud Buggy features a redesigned tub that enables it to swivel 180 degrees, allowing users to dump materials anywhere between the 180-degree angle. For enhanced durability, the Swivel Mud Buggy also offers a thicker 3/8-inch polyethylene tub material. With the increased thickness of the tub, users can tackle more jobs with confidence and ease, regardless of the material being transported, including sand, rock, mulch or even cement. In addition to the swivel feature and the redesigned tub, the swivel switch travels with the right-hand control handle, allowing operators to safely and efficiently operate the machine while simultaneously swiveling the tub. The Toro Swivel Mud Buggy can carry up to 2,500 pounds of material, and the 25-horsepower Kohler Confidant engine delivers exceptional power to handle even the most challenging material handling applications. Additionally, the Swivel Mud Buggy can reach transport speeds of up to six miles per hour in forward and three miles per hour in reverse to efficiently transport material around the jobsite.  

Must-have topdresser
The Bannerman B-MTD-2012 Mini Topper is designed to apply top dressing evenly on small- to medium-sized high wear turf grass areas or residential lawns. This walk-behind machine has a 24-inch spread width and 68 litre capacity. The front brush provides a quick adjustment for material spread depth. It’s a must-have item for spreading organic topdressing, peat moss and loam. 

Solid ground contact
The Messersi TC120 swivel dumper boasts a 1,200 kilogram capacity powered by a Kubota 18-horsepower three-cylinder diesel engine. It has a tracked undercarriage with hydrostatic transmission and a double-effect cylinder for the front lifting of the accessories. The rubber tracks are monoblock type with steel cords and heat-treated embedded metals. Central pairs of rollers on an oscillating frame better absorb rough terrain. The patented track layout grants a longer ground surface bearing for high stability and good driving comfort in all loading conditions. The diesel engine is water cooled with an electric start. The hydrostatic transmission powers two axial piston pumps and fixed-displacement orbit motors. Steering is possible throughout the rotation of the tracks. Travel control is executed by two servo-assisted levers with an automatic return to neutral in case of emergency stops. The loading body has a large angle of discharge and the round design gives the machine a pleasant look and allows for quick dumping of the loaded materials. The optional hydraulic double-effect power takeoff can be used for auxiliary equipment. An operator’s platform and engine bonnet are standard fittings.

Easy on the back
The ZTS stand-on aerator from Ryan is designed to be groundbreaking, not back-breaking. This stand-on zero-turn aerator has automatic chain tensioning on the main drive chains to ensure proper tension is maintained during operation. The aeration depth control device provides constant depth control up to five inches. A shock-absorbing platform and convenient thumb controls make operation easy. The ZTS can cover two-and-a-quarter acres per hour at ground speeds up to seven miles per hour. It’s available with an optional, electric, seed and fertilizer spreader kit and an LED light. 

Takes on tough ground
IronCraft has introduced its 3100 Series and 3200 Series box blades which feature adjustable shanks, making them ideal for ripping up dirt; grading and leveling land; or spreading topsoil, gravel, mulch or manure. IronCraft Box Blades are built to handle the toughest projects on farms, construction sites, outdoor arenas and landscape projects.  The standard-duty 3100 Series box blades are made with 3/8-inch steel A-frames in widths from 48 to 96 inches and are ideal for use with tractors from 15 to 45 horsepower with a Cat 1 hitch. The heavy-duty Series 3200 box blades are manufactured with ½-inch steel A-frames in widths of 72, 84 or 96 inches. They are ideal for tractors with 30 to 70 horsepower with either a Cat 1 or Cat 2 hitch. Both the 3100 series and 3200 series are quick-hitch compatible and have a six-inch cutting edge. IronCraft box blades are made in the U.S.A. with good lead-times.

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