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Landscaping Showcase – February 2021

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Help your customers spruce up their surroundings with these landscaping products from top suppliers.

versatile sod cutter
The exclusive Ryan-designed hydraulic cooling system and Hydro-Gear BDU transmission of the Ryan Hydro Sod Cutter give you the desired durability and reliability for maximum productivity. Independent of the cutting blade, the variable speed hydrostatic transmission has both forward and reverse drive for incredible versatility. The user’s arms will thank them when they experience 75 percent less vibration with the latest Ultra-Low Vibration Technology. Available in 18- and 24-inch models.

Swivelling option
Built on the same frame as the popular MB TX 2500 Tracked Mud Buggy, the new Toro Swivel Mud Buggy features a redesigned tub that enables it to swivel 180 degrees, allowing users to dump materials anywhere between the 180-degree angle.  For enhanced durability, the Swivel Mud Buggy also offers a thicker 3/8-inch polyethylene tub material. In addition, the swivel switch travels with the right-hand control handle, allowing operators to safely and efficiently operate the machine while simultaneously swiveling the tub. The Toro Swivel Mud Buggy can carry up to 2,500 pounds of material and the 25 horsepower Kohler Confidant engine delivers exceptional power to handle even the most challenging material handling applications. Additionally, the Swivel Mud Buggy can reach transport speeds of up to six miles per hour in forward and three miles per hour in reverse to efficiently transport material around the jobsite. In terms of durability, the rugged Endless Kevlar reinforced tracks are built for high performance and offer outstanding traction for a wide range of terrain. The unit also features an auto-return dump feature that eliminates the need for the operator to wait for the tub to return to the traveling position, increasing overall productivity. The model weighs approximately 1,575 pounds. and boasts an impressive 16 cubic feet tub volume. 

For the half-ton truck market
The Sno-Way 26V Series 2 snow plow is specially designed for the half-ton truck market, providing superior snow-moving capabilities. This eight-foot, flared wing V-Plow has a unique ground-hugger blade design that keeps the blade on the ground and a patented MaxAdjust leveling system to enhance cleaning. It comes standard with a down-pressure hydraulic system, LED thermosensitive heated lights, an integrated curb guard, and the Energy Smart system. Wireless or wired Pro Control 2 Plus allows for easy one- touch button control.

Self-propelled Auger
The unit offers very high bit torque, lift assist struts and a patent-pending Z-Link for straight line drilling with limited repositioning for optimal functionality and one-person operation. Additionally, the AGR1300 features Billy Goat hydro-drive controls common to its sod cutter, aerators, over-seeder and brush cutters. Variable speed forward and reverse is standard and the drive is separate from the drill, eliminating the need to switch to drive or drill mode. A foot-operated spring-loaded parking brake on both rear wheels helps to stabilize the machine, and the rotating, lockable head makes it easy for straight-line drilling. For easy transport to and from the jobsite or from hole-to-hole, the pivoting front casters and high-flotation rear turf tires make for seamless mobility. The rig fits through a 36-inch gate and fits in the back of a six-foot pickup truck with the bit on, eliminating towing. The unit comes standard with a 13-horsepower, 390-cubic-centimetre Honda GXV that powers a 10-GPM pump/motor package and produces up to 350 foot-pounds of torque. The equipment handles two- to 18-inch bits.

Quiet, compact, sturdy
The new RZ48R 82V ride-on residential zero-turn mower is quiet, compact, sturdy and perfect for the homeowner who is seeking commercial-grade power and performance without the noise, mess of gas and oil or servicing of engines. Equipped with a 48-inch 10-gauge fabricated steel deck, sixteen cutting height adjustments, a seven miles-per-hour maximum forward speed and three 1.5-kilowatt brushless blade motors providing up to 13,582 feet per minute of blade speed for durable and reliable cutting performance. The equipment cuts up to 2.25 acres per charge. Available with optional electric takeoff enabling both powered and non-powered attachments.

Power and comfort
The Kubota RTV-X1100C is an ideal utility vehicle for clearing snow, hauling cargo, or tackling light property maintenance. With a 24.8 horsepower Kubota D1105 diesel engine and a climate-controlled cab, this model offers power and comfort in one package. Built like a tank, the RTV-X1100C’s integrated unibody frame provides an airtight, soundproof, rattle-free ride. The factory-installed cab comes standard with air conditioner, heater, and defroster. Its variable hydrostatic transmission enhances braking and control while also providing the torque for this machine to shine in any work setting. When installed with the optional K-Connect hitch and PTO driveline, the RTV-X1100C can be equipped with a 66-inch-wide snow blower, a 66-inch wide sweeper, a 78-inch-wide V-plow for heavy duty applications and a 78-inch-wide straight blade for clearing snow. These implements are managed by an intuitive control system and PTO switch. With a rear towing capacity of 1,300 pounds and a cargo box that can take loads up to 1,102-pounds this tough workhorse is up to any task the user throws at it. It’s not just comfortable: the RTV-X1100C is built to last for many seasons to come, with serious durability and safety from its ROPS design, parking brakes and two-point retractable seat belts.

A tractor for all seasons
This versatile articulated, oscillating, multi-use tractor is built for the most rugged situations. The four-wheel drive Model 450 provides uncompromising performance and versatility powered by a Kubota 25-horsepower diesel, 32 horsepower liquid-cooled gas or 37-horsepower Vanguard EFI gasoline engine. The Steiner has unprecedented manoeuvrability and stability on slopes due to its low center of gravity, wide stance, hydraulic weight transfer and traction boost system. Steiner’s convenient and easy-to-use two-point Quick Hitch system makes switching attachments virtually effortless. With no tools required, the user is on to the next task in minutes. With over 20 seasonal attachments, it can be used to mow, blow, till, aerate, dig, trench, push, pull and sweep, among other things.

Equipped with ETC technology
Vanguard announced that it will be the exclusive power provider of the new Wright ZXT zero-turn mower with the new Vanguard Big Block 40.0 Gross HP EFI ETC engine, featuring Vanguard’s all-new electronic throttle control technology. The ETC technology reacts instantaneously to any applied load from its environment to maintain power when the application demands. A flywheel speed sensor detects any change in speed and sends a signal to the throttle body, ensuring consistent engine speed and quality of cut. Featuring Vanguard’s Oil Guard System technology, the engine offers extended oil change intervals up to 500 hours. The easy-fill cap and integrated oil filter makes oil changes quick, tool-less and clean. The new ZXT is available in multiple deck options. It also features 16-cubic-centimetre pumps and 18-cubic-inch wheel motors along with a long travel suspension seat with six inches of range. These features, combined with the smooth power of the Vanguard 40.0 Gross HP Big Block, provide operators with a comfortable ride without sacrificing cut quality or productivity.  

A portable option
Con X Equipment introduced its new X Air SC80 portable compressor. Mounted on a sturdy frame with pneumatic tires for easy portability, the SC80 compressor is equipped with a screw end, which is guaranteed for two years. Powered by a 24 horsepower Honda engine with automatic speed control and manual and electric start, the unit is also equipped with a detachable 5.5-gallon gas tank. The SC80 weighs 319 pounds. It delivers 80 cubic feet per minute at 100 pounds per square inch. This powerful compressor can also operate a 90-pound breaker to create a package for power and portability. Since most compressors rented for breaking only go out with one breaker, why put out a larger compressor when you don’t have to? The compressor’s versatility aside from breaking applications has been proven through the myriad of uses encountered by those already renting the unit. It can be rented for sandblasting with up to a 3/16-inch nozzle for a variety of applications. Coupled with Con X Equipment’s 30-pound rock drill, prospectors even take the SC80 out in helicopters for applications in mountainous regions. 

Optimize the material feed
The Barreto 3107C chipper utilizes a series of load-sensing hydraulic valves to optimize material feed. As the load on the feed system increases, or as the chipper flywheel slows, the feed rate will automatically slow or stop to allow the flywheel to maintain maximum RPM. The feed wheel and motor are mounted to a tensioned pivot-arm system. The arms pivot on heavy-duty composite bushings instead of the plastic wear slides used by machines of similar size. 

The new Brouwer BTR30 Pro heavy-duty walk-behind turf roller incorporates an advanced drive system. The new design includes a dedicated pump, a variable-speed directional valve and an external oil cooler. The stainless steel cooler dissipates heat faster and the replaceable oil filter insures clean oil for longer life. The BTR30 Pro is designed to live up to the demanding workload of the landscape contractor and rental environment. It includes a heavy-duty traction drum, a power protection cover and is powered by a dependable 5.5-horsepower Honda engine. The edges of the roller are curved to avoid damaging soft turf. The long handle makes turning easy, even when the drum is filled with water. The BTR30 is ideal for the rental market because it is easy to operate, durable, carries low maintenance costs and is available with factory-direct pricing.

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