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Change is sweeping compaction equipment with innovation from all major manufacturers.

Gas-like power

Gas-like power
The Milwaukee MX Fuel 20-inch plate compactor is engineered for maximum productivity and reliability in compaction tasks. With its gas engine-like power and fast travel speed, it hits harder and travels faster without compromising compaction, covering 5,000 square feet per battery charge in just 35 minutes. Say goodbye to gas headaches with push-button operation, zero emissions for indoor and trench compaction and no priming or choking. Users enjoy greater control with forward and reverse compaction, accessible push-button controls and a slow speed setting for precision manoeuverability. The folding handle enhances portability and storage on the jobsite. User-demanded features include an electric water valve for added convenience and a load-light performance coach for optimal operation. Additionally, One-Key compatibility allows for remote tracking, management, and security. Milwaukee plate compactors are proudly distributed to rental stores by Rentquip.

Easy-to-replace remote
Robust, powerful and reliable, the new generation Bomag BMP 8500 multi-purpose compactor features an improved radio remote-control design that allows the controller to be used on every BMP 8500 in the fleet. The remote-control’s unique teach function quickly and intuitively pairs the unit to the machine to save contractors time and money. Should the controller be misplaced, a new one can be paired to any machine in the fleet quickly and without special knowledge or tools. Built for dependable operation in confined applications like trench and pipeline construction, the BMP 8500 is also ideal for landscaping, compacting backfill and foundation work. The BMP 8500’s sleek machine design includes new lines with an updated style. Its redesigned hood offers more space underneath for remote control storage, and the machine’s integrated rollover protective structure improves reliability at the jobsite. Every component of the new generation BMP 8500 was developed with a focus on low maintenance and dependable operation. A new, single power board for all fuses, protected underneath the hood, improves operating reliability, while the standard fuse tester allows users to quickly detect and replace a bad fuse. Encasing the exciter housing prevents water and dirt infiltration, improving the machine’s longevity. No-grease nipples at the articulation joint reduces maintenance requirements.

Long, clean run times
Wacker Neuson’s new BS62-4Ab and BS68-4Ab four-stroke rammers are designed to deliver superior compaction results with their long shoe stroke, high percussion rate, high impact energy and fast travel speed. New to the BS62-4Ab and BS68-4Ab is a revised height-adjustable guide handle. The angled shape enables an ergonomic grip position and relieves strain on the wrist, ensuring more comfortable operation. This enhanced guide handle design improves manoeuverability and overall handling of the rammers. Wacker Neuson’s four-stroke rammers come standard with an EquipTrack module, a digital solution for seamless sharing of data via Bluetooth connectivity. The module (or beacon) is attached to the rammer and provides continuous operating data including operating hours, status and detection of load with upcoming maintenance schedules. The EquipTrack app is easily paired with a smartphone to display all the information at the user’s fingertips including the unit’s location on the job site. The BS62-4Ab and BS68-4Ab rammers are powered by reliable Honda engines. The BS62-4Ab weighs 141 pounds and generates an impact force of 3,822 pounds, while the BS68-4Ab weighs 154 pounds delivers an impact force of 4,271 pounds. Both units produce 689 blows per minute and feature a shoe stroke height of 2.6 inches. They are designed for easy operation with just one simple lever for starting, idling and stopping, including an integrated choke. The new large, flexible lifting eye and redesigned lower carrying handle make it more convenient to move and transport the units. Wacker Neuson’s rammers are engineered with reduced and easy maintenance in mind. The new high-efficient air filter with a larger surface area provides for clean and long run times. The low oil LED warning indicator reduces the risk of running with insufficient oil.

Gas-powered convenience
Ammann’s new light tandem roller is gas-powered and features side-free drums that enable compaction in the tightest jobsites. The Ammann ARX 10.1 StV utilises the Honda GX630 21-horsepower gas engine, which reduces ownership costs on a daily basis. It meets the latest emission regulations. The engine is more compact than its diesel counterpart. The smaller size enables positioning that allows cooling from all sides, helping the machine to perform in hot ambient temperatures. Beyond size, the use of gasoline brings several other advantages. Gas is generally less expensive, so there is likely a cost advantage with every filling of the tank. There is no need for a diesel particulate filter and the cost and hassle that go with it. Maintenance of a gas engine is less costly than maintenance of a diesel and gas is often more convenient for smaller construction companies and rental customers. The Ammann ARX10.1 StV has uniquely designed drum consoles installed from a single side. This innovation is known as “side-free drums.” The drums are support-free on the operator’s right side. This allows compaction work on the tightest of jobsites. Drum working widths are 35.4 inches and drums are installed in-line. 


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