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Compaction showcase: Annual showcase of top soil compaction products

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Compaction is the core of your general rental fleet. Here are some top new offerings.

Extra lighting added
Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment (CP) now features a brand-new tandem asphalt roller with the AR95. The new diesel roller joins the complete line of CP compact tandem asphalt rollers and soil compactors. The ride-on rollers offer a larger-scale complement to the popular line of CP light compaction equipment. The diesel roller is designed for easy transport and operator usability.  The AR95 is utilized primarily for small-scale compaction work like patching, bicycle paths, small parking lots, and driveways. This roller, like the AR90G, is also available in a gasoline version. Both feature vibration on the front drum, with drive on both the front and rear drums. The AR95 drum width measures 36 inches and weighs 2,976 pounds. There are many benefits to the AR95. This includes easy transport with folding ROPS and towing eyelets at the front and rear. The roller has a straightforward instrument panel that includes an hour meter, switch horn, warning lights for brakes, hydraulic oil temperature and water sprinkler control. It also features three additional LED work lights that were not included on the AR90G model. Operator-friendly features include a spacious operator platform and an ergonomically positioned step. In addition, the rear drum is equipped with shock mounts that minimize operator platform vibration as well as a sliding operator seat. The diesel roller is also powerful with excellent accessibility, gradeability and a high clearance to allow compaction close to high curbs and other obstacles on both sides of the machine.

Award winner
Atlas Copco Construction Tools won the prestigious Grand Award of Design for its upgraded LT6005 rammer in the Public´s Favorite category. The award by the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries was given to Atlas Copco at a ceremony in Stockholm for the tool’s slimmer, user-friendly design that facilitates handling close to walls, posts or in narrow trenches. Atlas Copco rammers are versatile compaction tools developed for work on cohesive and granular soils, for example for repair and improvements to trenches, ditches and foundations. They have been designed in-house by the group’s Industrial Design Competence Center in Sweden in co-operation with engineers at the Construction Tools division. The Grand Award of Design honours successful design strategies, level of innovation, usability, ergonomics and environmental friendliness.


All applications covered
Bomag’s line of vibratory tampers includes a wide range of models that allow users to select a machine that best suits the requirements of a given job. The tampers combine low operating weights with superior compaction performance to optimize both productivity and ease of operation in applications such as trench construction, utility and cable backfill compaction, landscaping and small repair jobs. Boasting high power in their respective weight classes, the BT60 weighs 128 pounds and delivers up to 3,372 pounds of impact force, while the BT65 weighs 150 pounds and produces 3,822 pounds of impact force. The BVT65 weighs 143 pounds and delivers 3,597 pounds of impact force. The BT60 is ideal for time-intensive use in confined spaces, the BT65 for jobs with the highest compaction demands and the BVT65 for occasional use in typical applications. Each model is powered by an efficient four-cycle Honda engine with a recoil starter and offers a maximum travel speed of 66 feet per minute. Ruggedly built for demanding customer needs and long service life, the tampers include a cover and guards for all-around engine protection, dual air and fuel filter systems (single air filter for the BVT65), and an hour meter and tachometer with an integrated service indicator (optional on BVT65). The units also feature a low oil alert system, easily accessible fuel and engine shutdown switches and splash oil lubrication. A high-strength polyethylene tamping shoe with a steel wear plate and a corrosion-free plastic fuel tank further contribute to enhanced durability. For operator safety and comfort, each tamper is equipped with a vibration-isolated steering handle that minimizes the vibration levels transferred to the operator, thereby increasing the number of hours an operator can safely use the machine. For added ergonomics, the handle is also height adjustable. The BT60 offers a standard operating width of nine inches, while the BT65 and BVT65 each have a width of 11 inches. Four interchangeable shoe sizes (six, nine, 11 and 13 inches) are available as optional equipment. Additionally, optional 15-inch-tall tamper shoe extensions with four- and six-inch working widths are available.

kneading action
Ammann offers both articulated and skid-steer trench rollers. Trench rollers, also called multipurpose compactors, perform well in cohesive soil types, such as clays, that can be very difficult to compact. Ammann ARR 1575 and 1585 trench rollers are able to overcome the high moisture content in clays through their extreme compaction energy and the kneading effect of their padfoot drums. The ARR 1575 is the articulated trench roller while the ARR 1585 is the skid-steer body version. The machines perform effectively in less challenging soils, too. Applications include pipeline construction, backfill work, confined workspaces, landfills, electric and cable installation and commercial, residential and industrial development. The rollers are a great fit for rental fleets and users. They are extremely safe, in part because the infrared system is perfectly positioned with no dead angles. The rollers also are intuitive, with new operators quickly able to utilize key features and take full advantage of the built-in productivity. Highlights of the trench rollers include a quiet, powerful and fuel-efficient engine that meets emissions standards; a low centre of gravity that provides stability while ensuring vibration reaches its target; a circular vibrator and two amplitude settings that help reach compaction goals; integrated solar panels that charge the transmitter; a hood that opens wide to help crew members and technicians access the desired service points; and an easy-to-install drum extension kit that lengthens drum width from 640 mm to 850 mm.

Safe and easy
The Sakai HS67ST –a steerable walk-behind tandem roller – offers a number of features that simplify compaction for a wide variety of earthmoving projects. Quality performance and low cost of ownership begin with its gasoline-powered, 6.44 horsepower Honda GX390U1 engine. The steerable front drum adds both manoeuverability and safety beyond the capability of fixed-drum machines. And the tight side-frame clearance of the HS67ST allows exceptionally close compaction next to obstructions. The unit’s operating weight is 1,655 pounds. Compaction width is 25 inches from its 14-inch-diameter drums. Centrifugal/impact force is rated at 2,655 pounds per foot performed at 3,300 vibrations per minute. The HS67ST also has its own onboard sprinkler system with 7.9-gallon capacity, which makes the unit particularly well-suited to smaller asphalt projects.

Battery powered
Wacker Neuson, a pioneer of the vibratory rammer, is introducing the industry’s first emissions-free, battery powered vibratory rammer. Using lithium-ion battery technology, the AS50e is ideal for commercial interior construction or renovation projects. Its quiet, emissions-free powerplant is suitable for use in poorly ventilated areas such as trenches or in sound-sensitive areas such as hospitals, as well as for rental yards and environmentally conscious builders. Wacker Neuson has been able to take the best of the performance characteristics of the rammer, percussion system and ramming shoe and adapt it to the battery-operated rammer, allowing users to experience similar compaction results to those of engine powered units but with zero emissions. The AS50e is convenient to operate with a quick, push button start and is easy to guide along walls. The guide handle is specifically designed for the rammer and results in low hand-arm vibration for the operator. This environmentally friendly rammer is quieter than engine driven rammers, making it ideal for noise-sensitive applications as well as protecting the operator from noise and CO emissions. The AS50e weighs 154.5 pounds and hits at a percussion rate of 680 blows per minute. The long-life battery is separate from the rammer and can be replaced in a few quick steps without any additional tools. Operators and rental centres will see a low total cost of ownership with the maintenance-free electric motor. The AS50e joins Wacker Neuson’s line of two-cycle, two-cycle oil-injected, four-cycle and diesel models, continuing the legacy of offering a diverse line of rammers for all applications.

Throttle on the handle
Doosan Portable Power offers the BX-60, part of the BX-Series of single direction, vibratory plate compactors for the compaction of granular soils, crushed aggregates, and hot mix asphalt on small- to large-sized open jobsites. Key features of the BX-60 include a compact vibratory plate design that offers great manoeuverability on the jobsite, compaction in confined areas and fold-over handles that provide ease of storage. The compactor also has high centrifugal force and a handle-mounted ratcheting throttle designed for improved control around jobsite obstacles. The BX-60 has an operating weight of 182 pounds and delivers a centrifugal force of 3,400 pounds at a vibration frequency of 5,600 vibrations per minute. It travels at a maximum speed of 82 feet per minute, with an area capacity covering 6,943 square feet per hour. The compaction depth of the BX-60 is recommended to 12 inches. Powered by a rugged Honda four-cycle engine at 3,600 revolutions per minute, the BX-60 is engineered with recoil start for years of dependable operation. The BX-60 compactor is also fitted with standard vibration-reducing, padded grip handles that are fully adjustable to maximize operator comfort and transport convenience.

Easy maintenance
The RPC 60/80 from Altrad Belle with a Hatz 1D81Z diesel engine has been designed to offer cost-effective compaction solutions for the toughest environments. Vibration frequency and amplitude are optimized to give the highest compaction on a wide range of materials. Constant high output force is maintained during on-the-spot compaction. Variable forward and reverse control allows effective use in all areas. The RPC 60/80 offers enhanced serviceability. The machine opens up completely for easy access to service points. The side panels are simple to remove, allowing easy access for routine maintenance. The vibrator drive is virtually maintenance-free. The overall design of the RPC 60/80 incorporates high specification with durable components. The lock-up handle can be raised into the vertical position for storage and the central lifting point offers easy, safe loading. The RPC 60/80 is designed with the operator in mind. Excellent ergonomics allow easy operation, with controls positioned for minimum effort. Operators can achieve maximum performance with limited effort due to the carefully balanced power-to-
weight ratio. Low hand-arm vibration keeps operators comfortable for longer and reduces the risk of long-term injury. Other features include high-end compaction performance from extra high centrifugal force; easy control with an hydraulic gear-shift mechanism; and engine protection frames to protect the machine from tough site conditions.

Advanced exciter system
The ATS/ATP vibratory roller skid steer attachment from MBW features a patented exciter system. The advanced exciter shaft design reduces deflection and reduces system heat by up to 100 degrees. It also improves the service life of bearings, seals and lubricants. The large rotating eccentric weight provides high amplitude for higher impact, developing centrifugal force of 8,850 and 9,765 pounds-per-foot for effective compaction. The compensating valve blocks ensure a correct flow of oil and pressure to prevent overspeeding of the exciter shaft. The ATS/ATP includes an integral knockdown blade for moving soft soils without attaching a bucket. The drive motor is enclosed inside the heavy duty steel frame to prevent damage. Maintenance is reduced to a change of exciter oil at 1,000 hours of service and a simple tightening of hardware. Standard components include 73- or 84-inch working widths; a smooth drum with padded drum options; two six-foot hydraulic hoses with protective oil covers; and a universal adapter plate.

Flexible drum options
The MQ Rammax RX1575 is an all new articulating trench roller designed to meet contractor expectations for performance and reliability. Experienced operators will appreciate the new design features that simplify operation and reduce downtime. Flexible drum options include easy to remove drum rings that adjust from 33- to 24-inch working widths. The RX1575 delivers optimum compaction performance and increased stability on uneven surfaces with the oscillating articulation joint. Users can gain traction on tough material with steel padded drums and four sets of scrapers. Increased machine control is made possible with a wireless transmitter covering a wider operational area and two ideally positioned receiver eyes. Operators can easily keep the remote control battery charged with a solar panel or cable connector. You customer will be safe on the job with the total safety concept that enables close operator proximity shut-down and with the infrared remote control that requires direct visual contact with the receiver eyes for operation. The powerful Yanmar diesel engine is a liquid cooled, three-cylinder engine that is Tier 4 compliant. It delivers exceptional performance even in high altitude applications.

Reverse safety protection
Masterpac PCR series hydraulic reversible plate compactors come in a variety of plate sizes from 90 by 60 to 90 by 70 inches. They feature a hydraulic adjustment control lever for easy direction changes, user friendly isolated vibration handles and a fully sealed and lubricated wear-resistant cast iron vibrator assembly. The PCR series offers on-the-spot compaction for problem areas. The handles fold to a 90-degree position for ease of transportation. They feature infinitely variable hydrostic forward and reverse motion with reverse travel safety protection to ensure the plate automatically reverts to slow forward travel if the operator releases the travel control lever while reversing. PCR plates are impact-resistant with an open self-cleaning base plate. They include built-in transport wheels for easy transportation with a convenient oil drain hose.

Powerful and compact
Rental stores can get equipment designed to meet their reliability requirements with the CT 40 from Corniver. This powerful model delivers 12,500 pounds of centrifugal force on 40 inches with excellent isolation of drum vibration with respect to frame. The CT 40 ride-on roller compactor is a suitable single drum roller for the trench projects, heavy ramps, sand compaction, inside buildings and for foundation compaction. The operator’s seat is optimally designed to provide an excellent view of the drum’s working area. Included with this system are independent hydraulic circuits for traction, vibration, and steering.

Optimized for rental
Due to its significantly increased stroke and impact power the SRV620 rammer from Weber compacts even faster and more efficiently. Weber MT has not only increased the impact power, but has also made substantial progress toward operational comfort. A narrow guide bar, an optimized tamping foot and modern engines – all these characteristics ease the operator’s work and provide maximum comfort thanks to low hand/arm vibrations the operator can work for a long period of time.

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