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Compaction showcase: Hit the ground running with these top new soil compaction products.

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Loose, weak soil is everywhere in this country. Come to the rescue with these top compaction products.

Unique base
Toro’s lineup of forward plate compactors is designed with a unique base geometry, optimal eccentric placement, amplitude and VPMs that allow the unit to provide maximum compaction for stable, even surfaces. The forward plate compactors operate at speeds of 100 feet per minute and feature a heavy-duty design that protects the engine and machine components for extended life. Toro offers three models of forward plate compactors with an eccentric force range of 2,200 to 4,000 pounds. The FP-2200 is designed for powerful performance on smaller areas compacting trenches, granular soil, or asphalt. These forward plates operate with a maximum productivity of 6,500 square feet per hour.
With optimal force and up to 10,000 square-feet-per-hour capacity, the FP-3000 is engineered for high productivity and tough compaction to tackle jobs on granular soil or asphalt with ease. For maximum eccentric power and productivity, the FP-4000 easily compacts mixed soil, granular soil or asphalt. FP-4000 forward plates operate with a maximum productivity of 10,000 square feet per hour.

Prevent debris incursion
Crown’s MVP 95 is a forward plate compactor that falls into the 3,000-pound plate compactor category and can be used for either residential or commercial jobs. It has a centrifugal force of 3,380 pounds and weighs 186 pounds. Standard features include an open self-cleaning design that prevents material from getting caught between the plate base and the engine mount. Six heavy-duty shock absorbers are strategically located for vibration reduction and comfortable operation. Its 20-by-21-inch cast iron plate provides easy access to narrow areas and extends its durability. The engine roll-cage protects the engine and provides easy access to the lifting bale. There is a removable water tank for easy water replacement. Options include a wheel kit for jobsite transportation and a paving mat for brick compaction. The MVP 95 comes with a three-year warranty against manufacturing defect.

Stand anywhere
The Husqvarna LP 9505 is a powerful, easy-to-operate trench compactor that delivers superb productivity in demanding trench compaction jobs. It’s high operating weight enables efficient compaction without vibration, from the initial static passes all the way to the finish. The LP 9505 is equipped with a reliable, fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine (Tier 4 Final compliant) and provides class-leading power, while the articulated steering allows the compactor to turn corners without digging up the soil. The extra high and wide drum pads are optimally designed to make sure your customers have the traction to handle their daily tasks in wet or dry cohesive soils. It features smartly designed solutions to help the operator perform at his/her best. One feature is the remote control. It is durable, lightweight and designed for smooth, safe manoeuvering with distinct driveability and feel. The remote control uses radio technology, which enables the operator to choose the best position to stand. This not only provides better ergonomics and safer working conditions, but also produces the best end results. The display also sends alerts to the operator when something needs to be checked The wide drums and low center of gravity deliver excellent stability to increase safety even more. Servicing is quick and easy with all service points clearly marked and easily accessed under the protective hoods.

Perfect for paving
The new Bomag BPR 35/60 with StoneGuard offers landscape contractors a reversible plate compactor specially designed for paving stone compaction. The revolutionary StoneGuard base plate prevents the excessive breakage rate of paving stones, which can be as high as 30 per cent when compacting with conventional plate compactors. By preventing edge and paving block damage, the BPR 35/60 increases working speeds by up to 30 per cent, while significantly reducing operating costs. The BPR 35/60 offers high-performance compaction of paving blocks with its 24.8-inch compaction width and operating weight of 547 pounds. In addition to compacting large slabs and final paving blocks quickly and efficiently, the StoneGuard design helps to prevent damage to surrounding structures. Providing an economical alternative to diesel engines, the BRP 35/60 is powered by the 4.8-horsepower Honda GX 160 gas engine that delivers an average fuel consumption of less than 0.3 gallons per hour. The machine’s low-oil automatic shutdown feature protects engine components from severe damage.

Found on most sites
Wacker Neuson’s single-direction plates apply high-frequency, low-amplitude vibrations to the ground and are used mainly for compacting granular soils such as sand and gravel, as well as compacting asphalt mixes, both hot and cold. Since the introduction of the WP premium plate series over 20 years ago, Wacker Neuson has been popular in the vibratory plate compactor market with the units being found on most construction, landscape and concrete jobsites, as well as homeowner projects. The latest WP plate series consists of four models, led in industry popularity by the WP1550, which features a 19.6-inch-wide baseplate, weighs in at 196 pounds and delivers 3,375 pounds of centrifugal force.

The machine is available as standard vibratory plate or with a water system for asphalt applications. All of Wacker Neuson’s WP plates are powered by a 4.2-horsepower Honda engine. Designed for long life, the WP plates are made with a tough, wear-resistant ductile iron baseplate that has a tapered bottom and edges that provides for high speed, excellent manoeuverability and a smooth finish. Water tank models have a large capacity polyethylene tank that includes a large filter inside the tank to prevent clogging during operation and can be easily removed for cleaning and draining. The water system includes a distribution bar with angled holes to allow for complete water coverage for no asphalt pick up on the bottom of the plate. Granular soil applications for the WP1550 include backfill and general landscaping, as well as patio and driveway sub-base. Asphalt work on walkways, driveways, and in patching applications, especially along walls and curbs, are also ideal for the WP1550.

Tells you when it’s done
The Compas compaction analyzing system for Multiquip’s MQ Mikasa reversible plates is now available as a bolt-on option for diesel-powered MVH308DZ-, MVH408DZ- and MVH508DZ-series reversible plate compactors. Compas helps contractors improve efficiency and maximize productivity, while avoiding costly over-compaction. A series of LED lights indicates the progress made with each machine pass. As soil stiffness changes, lights turn on and guide the operator to either make additional passes or stop because optimum soil conditions have been attained. MQ Mikasa reversible plates feature ergonomically designed handles designed to minimize the vibration transferred to the operator. Removable extension plates allow the plate to be adapted for various trench applications. Compas units are equipped with Hatz Diesel engines designed to provide dependable service.

Smooth operator
The CR 6 Honda forward and reverse travel soil compactor stands out with its superb compacting capacity and superior efficiency. Delivering a centrifugal force of 12,364 pounds. and weighing only 794 pounds, this 24-inch-wide Honda-driven compactor will exceed expectations, whether needed for classic applications in road building and civil engineering or for embedding paving stones. Its balanced operating characteristics and exceptionally smooth operation with low hand-arm vibration (under 2.5 meters per second squared) provide for extreme ease of use. This high level of comfort is also guaranteed by the guide bar which can be folded up and locked as well as adjusted to the operator‘s body height. An all-around enclosure and the sturdy frame provides full protection for the engine, thereby increasing operational reliability. The throttle cable and hydraulic hose are also protected in the guide bar to avoid any damage. The exhaust pipe is in the front of the machine to avoid the operator being exposed to unnecessary fumes. Meanwhile, the maintenance door in the front of the machine provides easy access to all essential maintenance points and with easy belt access and a self-adjusting clutch, this machine will save both time and money. The CR 6 with a GX 390 Honda engine is available with both pull and electric start. Optional accessories include a polyurethane pad for pavers and extension plates extending to 29 inches (or take standard extensions off for a narrower width of 18 inches).

Powerful combination
MBW’s 2000 Series single directional vibratory plates have been manufactured and built in the USA for 50 years. They offer a unique combination of frequency, centrifugal force, amplitude and mass that can double productivity, dramatically reduce maintenance and extend product life. Whether it be an open parking lot, a landscape project or a confined area next to a building, the GP2000 is a high-performance machine for all your customers’ sand and gravel compaction needs. They are built with stress-relieved steel plates that are crack-resistant and provide long wear. An aluminum exciter housing dissipates heat rapidly and custom lubricants preserve bearing and seal integrity. The AP2000 was the first vibratory plate compactor specifically designed for asphalt applications. The mechanical construction of the AP2000 is specific to this very demanding application. A Honda GX160 engine and lift cage are standard.

Unique exciter system
The unique triple-shaft exciter system is the driving force behind the success of Ammann’s APH series of hydraulic vibratory plate compactors. Ammann developed the triple-shaft exciter system especially for its APH products, the largest plates in the Ammann portfolio. This technology with the third exciter shaft makes the machines easier to control while increasing the power and compaction forces. The system keeps plate movement consistent, which in turn enables smooth travel even through heavy, cohesive soils and helps overcome steep grades. APH machines can even climb while backfilling saturated areas. Steering and control are key features as well. Ammann Orbitrol steering controls the adjustment of the centrifugal weights, allowing a smooth and easy change of direction while ensuring great accuracy on the jobsite. Machine speed and direction can be adjusted by a simple turn of the steering control lever. The machine also can hover and provide on-the-spot compaction for the more challenging areas. This system also helps improve productivity in corners and other tight spots.The APH compactors also minimise the unwanted vibration that reaches the operator by isolating the standard hand guide. Levels lower than 2.5 square meters (excluding APH 100-20) enable operators to work longer shifts with the best comfort. The vibration levels are very low.

Improved eccentrics
The Patron RP504 reversible plate compactor features a 27.5-inch plate and is excellent for compacting medium to deep layers of granular soils. The high speed, balanced design and hydraulic control system contributes to easy, precise handling on the roughest of surfaces or for spot compaction. Applications include boulders, cobble, gravel, sand and silt. The machine weighs 1,099 pounds. Designed for low fuel consumption and emissions, the heavy-duty protection frame, impact-resistant steel covers and high-quality bottom plate make the RP504 rental-tough. Improved eccentrics increase the travel speed and performance in muddy conditions. The plate compactor includes an Optima battery, a v-belt inspection hatch for easy access, one-finger forward and reverse control and an EPA three-position throttle that extends clutch life.

Maximum flexibility
From high-precision manoeuvering to the roughest conditions, four-stroke low-emission rammers from Dynapac lets customers handle all conditions with ease. The hour and tacho-meter lets the user stay connected for service planning and optimized use thus boosting productivity. Transport wheels and foot extensions ensure superior flexibility. The DR7X weighs 68 kilograms and covers up to 336 square meters per hour. Powered by a Honda GXR 120 engine, it includes a low-vibration handle, dual-stage fuel system and an air pre-filter with a self-cleaning housing. One knob stops both engine and oil supply. It has infinitely variable frequency controls and a recoil starter. Loading aid rollers on the handle and a one-point lifting attachment make handling easy.

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