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Compaction Showcase: May 2016

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Flat surfaces made easy with these advanced soil compaction solutions.

Unobstructed views
Ammann ARX 1.5- to 4.5-ton tandem rollers are designed for easy maintenance and long service life. Easy access to maintenance points, such as drain plugs, water filters and nozzles make for quick fluid changes. Together with extended service intervals, these features help keep Ammann rollers out of the shop on the job. Plus, high quality, long-lasting components reduce the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the machine. Fuel-efficient, engines also help reduce operating costs. Ammann articulated, ride-on rollers include standard features that improve safety, comfort and compaction. Operators have an unobstructed view of the drums for greater accuracy and safety. The seat is on rubber mounts to limit vibration and operator fatigue. The weight between the front and rear drums is perfectly balanced for single or double vibration with two working frequencies, providing the most efficient compaction.

Gas and diesel options
Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment offers a complete line of compaction equipment from rammers through to ride-on rollers. Designed to meet the high demands of rental companies and contractors, CP’s compaction range offers speed, durability, and efficiency. Powered by Honda gasoline engines and Hatz diesel engines and built to the highest standards for the most demanding applications, CP equipment is reliable and easy to maintain. Bridge repair, road maintenance, asphalt – CP compaction solutions equip your customers with the power and performance to get the job done right. International Power Systems is the exclusive distributor in Ontario and Manitoba for CP’s light walk-behind compaction equipment. Whether you need rammers, tampers, forward or reversible plate compactors, they have you covered. David Jewell, head of the IPS Compaction Group, states, “CP’s top-quality, European manufactured products are tough and rugged. Aggressively priced, CP wants to be your compaction product supplier. We are confident that you’ll be impressed with our quality.”

Great traction
Rental customers can experience new levels of traction with the new LG forward and reversible plate compactors. The LG 504 is the latest addition to Atlas Copco´s forward and reversible plate compactor family. The machine provides impressive traction, particularly on wet soil, thanks to higher frequency, higher centrifugal force and higher amplitude. The new models also feature better ergonomics and improved access for service and maintenance. The new model can handle both deep and medium deep compaction of granular soils and give outstanding traction. Like all Atlas Copco forward and reversible plate compactors, they are an effective alternative and complement to rollers when compacting soil in confined areas. The design of the new machines follows the new forward and reversible plate compactor family style which is more modern and gives better performance with less impact on the operator. High speed and machine balance contribute to easy handling, even on rough surfaces. Thanks to the vibration-damped handle, hand-arm vibration levels are low. This combined with better overall ergonomics enable the user to work for longer periods more effectively, staying concentrated on the task at hand. Thanks to bottom plates made from Hardox 400 grade steel the compactors are both light and wear resistant. The smart, self cleaning design keeps rocks from getting stuck between the plate and frame. Better access to the tank and the drive belt for tensioning make maintenance easy. The oil in the eccentric box can be changed via a convenient opening on the front of the machine. The hydraulic pump is mounted on the engine which reduces the risk of impact damage.

Prevents over-compaction
Wacker Neuson offers a unique compaction control system on its most popular diesel reversible plate, model DPU 6555Hec. The monitoring system is called Compatec and takes the guesswork out of determining when soil has reached the ultimate compaction results. Compatec is an easy-to-read system that consists of eight highly visible LEDs.  The number of lights will increase with each pass and will no longer increase once the maximum compaction is achieved. This system is an excellent tool for less experienced operators and helps avoid unnecessary passes. Compatec will also warn the operator with all eight LEDs flashing when the machine is measuring an overload or over-compaction condition. The display unit is conveniently placed on the back of the machine where the operator simply glances down to see the highly visible LEDs. The LEDs brightness will automatically adjust to the brightness of the environment so that even in bright sunlight the system is easy to read. Unlike other compaction monitoring systems, Wacker Neuson’s Compatec device is positioned entirely in the upper mass of the plate where it is exposed to fewer strong vibrations produced by this powerful plate.  This design provides high durability with no wires going between the upper and lower mass of the plate. There is only one short wire between the transmitter and the display.  Because of the overload protection system indicated by the flashing lights, there is less chance of damage due to operation on hard surfaces. Wacker Neuson’s Compatec is available on the DPU 6555Hec. This unit weighs in at 1,064 pounds and produces 14,612 pounds of centrifugal force.  The low profile unit features standard extension plates providing for adjustable operating widths of either 22 or 28 inches. This popular reversible diesel (12.9 horsepower Hatz) plate offers infinitely variable forward and reverse operation including spot compaction for excellent results on various types of soil.


Even a cup holder
Multiquip has introduced the new AR14H tandem drum ride-on roller.  This roller is designed to improve the operator’s experience by focusing on ergonomics and easy-to-use controls while maintaining the serviceability and durability that is required by the rental community. The AR14  produces 3,400 pounds of centrifugal force from an eccentric housed within 35.6-inch drum. The roller is powered by a reliable Honda GX630 engine with a 9.5-gallon fuel tank for longer run times without refueling.  A pressurized 35-gallon water tank is standard for applications or dust control. Operators will recognize the benefits of the compact design with its high curb clearance and clear line-of-sight visibility for better steering.  The cockpit is designed for convenience by making the controls for throttle, vibration, water pump and water flow easy to use and access.  Additionally, a 12-volt power outlet is provided for charging portable electronic devices and a cup holder accommodates most standard travel mugs. Service technicians and fleets will benefit from the reduced downtime.  Convenient access to the engine compartment places all filters, oil fills, fluid drains and hydraulic hoses within reach. A convenient engine drain hose allows for clean and easy oil extraction. No greasing is required for the articulation joint or vibratory assembly.

Full range
The Doosan Portable Power RX-264H upright rammer is built for the compaction of materials ranging from mixed and cohesive soils to heavy clay. The rammer is ideal for a wide array of applications, including backfilling and narrow trench compaction such as utility work, trenching, curbing, drainage work, and foundation and masonry base preparation. The RX-264H comes standard with a Honda recoil-start, four-cycle engine. Impact force is applied to the compacted material by a durable wooden foot reinforced with a heavy steel plate for extended life. The average impact per blow is 2,600 pounds with up to 650 blows per minute. The BXR-300H reversible vibratory plate compactor features a Honda gasoline engine. This powerful compactor delivers 9,257 pounds of centrifugal force. The BXR-300H and also can cover 5,231 square feet per hour for a maximum compaction depth of16 inches. A protective engine cage with integrated lifting bail on the BXR300H provides engine protection and easy loading and placement into trenches. The SX-170H walk-behind vibratory roller provides smooth, consistent compaction in a variety of applications with 2,000 pounds of centrifugal force, resulting in a nine-inch compaction depth. The roller is the perfect solution for contractors, municipalities, and repair agencies for asphalt patching jobs. Equipped with rear-mounted roller and font-mounted bar to prevent front-to-rear tip over, the SC-170H features a Honda four-cycle engine with automatic low-oil shut-off that delivers reliable performance on every jobsite.

Master of the trenches
Designed for base preparation, compaction around footings and foundations and backfilling of trenches, the Bomag BMP8500 multi-purpose compactor boasts center-point articulated steering for exceptional manoeuverability in confined areas. It is controlled via a dual function radio/cable remote control for reliable, safe operation from outside the trench. Featuring Bomag’s exclusive BOSS (BOMAG Operator Safety System), the machine’s travel system automatically stops if the operator enters into close proximity of the machine, elevating operating safety to a whole new level. Built with a narrow machine body, the BMP8500 can fit inside trenches as small as 24 inches wide. Segmented compactor drums come in standard 24- and 33.5-inch widths with one-inch padfoot heights for quick compaction of clays and cohesive soils. Within minutes the operator can switch between drum widths due to the bolt-on extension segment design. The BMP8500 is powered by a fuel-efficient Tier 4 Kubota 19.4-horsepower water-cooled diesel engine. Bomag’s exclusive Ecomode lowers operating costs by automatically reducing to idle within a few seconds if the remote control is not activated. With its 3,517-pound operating weight, the multi-purpose compactor generates 8,000 and 16,000 pounds of centrifugal force with its dual amplitudes to tailor compaction forces to lift thickness.

Get flat fast
Allen provides site preparation tools that get you ready to finish fast. Its rammers and compactors help users prepare the job site for an Allen flat finish. With high stroke and maximum blows per minute, these proven mid-size rammers produce impressive impact force suitable for everyday applications. Allen also has vibratory plate compactors for practically every application from footings and sub-bases to paving stones and patios. It also offers reversible plate compactors that are great for tight places such as trench and excavation projects where room to turn around is limited. All site-preparation tools are backed by a full two-year warranty.

One pass wonder
The Toro TR-34 trench roller is designed with 15,709 pounds of centrifugal force for optimum compaction on a single pass. With compaction speeds of 68 feet-per-minute, it can cover over 10,000 square feet per hour. Used for a variety of compaction needs from foundations to utility trenches or excavation work, the TR-34 can make tight turns and has the power needed for any job. Its radio-frequency remote control works up to 100 feet with no line-of-sight transmission errors to maximize productivity. The trench roller utilizes a Snap-Tek electronic control system to monitor operating history via its microprocessor read-out on the control console. The unit’s swing away cover and LED lights and diagnostic ports make maintenance quicker and easier.

Keep it simple
Weber MT has addressed growing rental trends in the North American market and introduced its “i” (international) series of machines offering the same high-quality, German-made compactor at a lower price point. With fewer added features and innovative technology, Weber realizes that sometimes “less is more.”  Aiming for a lower cost of ownership and high reliability the “i” Series is designed to deliver the best of both worlds – products that can survive the rental world and help store owners save at the same time.

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