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Bobcat PCF34 and PCF64 flat-top plate compactor attachments enable excavator operators to compact trenches without having to leave the cab


Bobcat PCF34 and PCF64 flat-top plate compactor attachments enable excavator operators to compact trenches without having to leave the cab, increasing jobsite safety and trench restoration efficiency. Mounted at the end of an excavator arm, the plate compactor provides a more powerful compaction force than a hand-held compactor. With varying dynamic forces and compaction frequencies, the PCF34 and PCF64 plate compactors quickly compact trenches, footings and slab areas in addition to driving piles when building retaining walls and compacting soil.


Soil condition detected
The all new Compas compaction analyzing system for the Multiquip Mikasa MVH306 and MVH406-series reversible plate compactors help contractors improve efficiency and maximize productivity, while avoiding costly over-compaction. A series of LED lights indicates the progress made with each machine pass. As soil stiffness changes, lights turn on and guide the operator to either make additional passes or stop because optimum soil conditions have been attained for the specific plate compactor. Mikasa reversible plates feature ergonomically designed handles designed to minimize the vibration transferred to the operator. Removable extension plates allow the plate to be adapted for various trench applications. Compas units are equipped with Yanmar or Subaru Diesel engines designed to provide dependable service.


Advanced compaction
Featuring intelligent machine controls for enhanced performance and optimal safety, Bomag’s BMP8500 articulated multi-purpose compactor offers versatile operation for compaction of cohesive, semi-cohesive and non-cohesive soil types in applications such as trenches and foundations

The BMP8500 is powered by a 19.4-horsepower, three-cylinder, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine that features Ecomode, a system that automatically idles the engine to conserve fuel during inactivity. Using Bomag’s Intelligent Vibration Control to achieve consistent compaction results, the compactor has a dual exciter system and two selectable amplitudes that deliver output options of either 8,000 or 16,000 pounds of centrifugal force, thereby allowing greater job versatility


Rental centers or end users can quickly adjust the compactor’s working width from 24 inches to 33.5 inches with standard bolt-on drum extensions. The drum extensions are easily aligned and installed in 10 to 20 minutes, accommodating different trench dimensions while avoiding the hassle of replacing entire drum sets. Operation of the BMP8500 is simple, thanks to a dual function cable/radio remote control. The compactor’s hydrostatic drive system offers two travel speed ranges and provides a high gradeability of 45-per cent with vibration. Additionally, the all-drum drive provides excellent traction, while a clear-sided design with no lateral overhang ensures full compaction against trench walls and obstacles. The BMP8500 is equipped with the Bomag Operator Safety System, which increases worker safety by automatically stopping machine travel if the operator is in the safety zone. An integrated diagnostic system displays fault codes to make troubleshooting easy.

Maintenance is also simplified by swing-out covers that fully open to 90 degrees, providing efficient access to the engine and internal systems. Additionally, the durable composite hoods are impact resistant to protect the engine and components. Other standard features include articulated steering, high-profile drums with a one-inch padfoot height, lockable hoods, hinged center lifting points for balanced lifts, hydrostatic service brakes and a spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brake.


Purpose-built for rammers
Subaru’s new ER12 rammer engine features a carefully balanced and engineered design and is exclusively intended for the demanding application of rammers. With specially designed components and overhead cam technology, this three-horsepower, four-stroke engine is lightweight, yet rugged and powerful. Weighing in at just over 20 pounds, the ER12 offers more power and up to 24 per cent more output than similar competitive engines, all while being lighter weight and designed for optimized balance and performance. Unlike existing competitive rammer engines that have been modified from their general-purpose engines, Subaru’s ER12 rammer engine is specifically designed for this piece of equipment and its unique demands. The vertical cylinder design is slim and compact, and maintains an excellent center of gravity to effectively transmit power to the ground, resulting in superior performance. The recoil has been integrated into the flywheel and blower housing, further enhancing balance and overall engine performance

Using belt-driven OHC technology, the ER12 offers high power, easier starting and quieter operation. The design provides improved engine performance without adding extra weight, while the technology allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned to offer lower resistance for the air/fuel mixture flow, thus optimizing engine performance. The ER12 also features a highly efficient hemispherical combustion chamber. By centrally locating the spark plug, maximum combustion is achieved and the engine is able to utilize a higher compression ratio, resulting in more power and torque.


Designed for rental
The Belle heavy reversible plate compactor is designed for optimum compaction performance. A powerful diesel engine makes the RPC60/80 series an economical alternative to heavy vibratory rollers

The base plate is designed for fast compaction on stone and soil material on large surfaces, suitable for building foundations and backfill against supporting walls. The RPC 60/80 also features low-cost maintenance. The handle is mounted on two oversized rubber dampers. It locks into the frame to resist the harsh abuse of rental customers. There is only one hose from the handle to the gearbox.

The side-mounted dampers are easily accessed for cleaning, as is the fuel filter. The RPC60/80 comes standard with an hour meter. The overall design is compact and includes protective side covers to ensure safe passage in deep trenches. 


Higher lift depths
The MBW GP12 vibratory plate is designed to be highly portable and economical. The patent-pending suspension system can work lift depths of up to 10 inches, making it suitable for small- to medium-size confined area applications. It features a one-piece exciter with a self-cleaning, open base, plate design. Other size options include the GP15 and the GP18. MBW compactors are available with Honda, Subaru Robin or Briggs engines. Options include a lift cage and transport wheel kit and a neoprene paving pad for placing interlocking paving stone, bricks or blocks.

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