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The ground has finally unthawed enough to work. Now is the time to boost your fleet with some new compaction technology. 

The ground has finally unthawed enough to work. Now is the time to boost your fleet with some new compaction technology. 


Improved condition sensor
Designed to deliver higher operating efficiency for midsize and heavy reversible plate compactors, Bomag’s Economizer feature provides real-time soil stiffness results. The new technology saves time and money by helping operators avoid making an unnecessary number of passes to complete compaction projects. Whereas other compactors rely on spot-checking with quality control devices to achieve proper material densities, the Economizer uses an acceleration sensor to measure the stiffness of the target material across the entire compacted area. The data gathered by the sensor is instantly displayed via a simple series of ten yellow LED lights, allowing the operator to react quickly and effectively to changing soil conditions.The number of illuminated lights on the LED display increases until the optimal level of compaction is achieved. The easy-to-read indicator also provides reliable warnings against over-compaction, soft spots and low working frequency. The display is located in direct view of the operator and can be seen clearly even in strong sunlight. The Economizer comes standard on Bomag’s 1,570-pound BPR100/80D reversible plate compactor, which delivers 22,481 pounds of centrifugal force. It is available as an option on the BPR70/70D, BPR55/65D and BP45/55D models.


Portable and economical
The MBW GP12 vibratory plate is designed to be portable and economical, with a patent-pending suspension system and lift depths of up to 10 inches. Suitable for small to medium-sized confined area applications, it features a one-piece exciter with a self-cleaning open base plate. Additional size options include the GP15 and GP18. Comes with Honda, Subaru Robin or Briggs engines.



Compactor attachment

Bobcat PCF34 and PCF64 flat-top plate compactor attachments enable excavator operators to compact trenches without having to leave the cab, increasing jobsite safety and trench restoration efficiency. Mounted at the end of an excavator arm, the plate compactor provides a more powerful compaction force than a hand-held compactor. With varying dynamic forces and compaction frequencies, the PCF34 and PCF64 plate compactors quickly compact trenches, footings and slab areas in addition to driving piles when building retaining walls and compacting soil.  

atlas LF75_tank  

Easy turning

Atlas Copco’s LF 75 forward plate series offers high compaction efficiency and is available in 16.5- and 20-inch plate widths. Standard features include Honda engines plus a foldable, ergonomic handle that is easy to transport and reduces vibration levels to the operator by as much as 80 per cent. The asphalt version features transport wheels as well as a patented water tank system that requires no sprinkler tube, is easy to lift off and refill as well as clean, and distributes water evenly. The bottom plate surface shape leaves no marks and is easy to turn around.

doosan 304  

Low centre of gravity

Doosan Portable Power features three models from its light compaction equipment line of RX-Series upright rammers. The RX-Series is built for the compaction of materials ranging from mixed and cohesive soils to heavy clay. These models are designed to provide compaction solutions for a wide array of applications, including backfilling and narrow trench compaction such as utility work, trenching, curbing, drainage work, and foundation and masonry base preparation. The models in the RX-Series are the RX-264H, RX-304H, and RX-344H. This line comes standard with Honda recoil-start, four-cycle engines. Impact force is applied to the compacted material by a durable wooden foot reinforced with a heavy steel plate for extended life. The average impact per blow varies on the RX-Series, ranging from 2,600 pounds on the RX-264H to 3,000 pounds on the RX-304H, to 3,400 pounds on the RX-344H. The RX-Series operates at 600–750 blows per minute. Featuring a low-profile, lightweight design, and a low centre of gravity, the RX-Series self-balances, providing greater maneuverability and control around jobsite obstacles.

Toro unique base  

Unique base

Toro’s lineup of plate compactors are designed with a unique base geometry, optimal eccentric placement, amplitude and VPMs that allow the unit to provide maximum compaction for stable, even surfaces. Also, a heavy-duty design provides protection to the engine and machine components for extended life. Toro offers three models of forward plate compactors with an eccentric force range of 2,200 to 4,000 pounds. Toro’s new line of reversible plate compactors offers a centrifugal force range from approximately 4,950 to 14,160 pounds and features hydraulic travel control.


Efficiency through analysis

The COMPAS compaction analyzing system for the Mikasa MVH306 and MVH406-series reversible plate compactors help contractors improve efficiency and maximize productivity, while avoiding costly over-compaction. A series of LED lights indicates the progress made with each machine pass. As soil stiffness changes, lights turn on and guide the operator to either make additional passes or stop because optimum soil conditions have been attained for the specific plate compactor. Mikasa reversible plates feature ergonomically designed handles designed to minimize the vibration transferred to the operator. Removable extension plates allow the plate to be adapted for various trench applications.


Tier 4i roller

Featuring a Tier 4i compliant engine and enhanced operator’s station with smart steering wheel, the Bomag BW100AD-4 tandem vibratory roller delivers efficient operation on a wide variety of commercial and municipal applications, including asphalt and base compaction, road shoulder work, and asphalt patch repair. Powered by a Tier 4i, 32.6-horsepower, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine, the BW100AD-4 delivers up to 8,350 pounds of centrifugal force per drum and a maximum frequency of 4,200 vibrations per minute. A standard crab walk allows the roller’s rear drum to be offset by 1.6 inches in either direction, thereby allowing excellent maneuverability around site obstructions. A new Smart Drive steering wheel has a smaller diameter, providing maximum operator comfort and a clear view of all indicator controls. A laterally sliding seat offers an excellent view of the drums. The suspended operator’s platform is also equipped with a fuel level indicator and hour meter. Service requirements for the roller are simplified by a maintenance-free, bolt-on articulating and oscillating joint and flexible scrapers for each drum. A 58.1-gallon water tank and pressurized spray system feature filtered nozzles and windscreen protection for uniform coverage. 


Easy maintenance

Belle heavy reversible plate compactors from John Brooks Construction Equipment have superior compaction performance. A powerful diesel engine makes the RPC60/80 series an economical alternative to heavy vibratory rollers. The base plate is designed for fast compaction on stone and soil material on large surfaces – excellent for building foundations and backfill against supporting walls. The RPC 60/80 has low maintenance requirements. The handle is mounted on two oversize rubber dampers. It folds and locks into the frame to prevent damage. There is only one hose from the handle to the gearbox. The side mounted dampers are designed for easy access for cleaning. The whole machine is designed to e user and service friendly, with components easily accessible and many standard components. Access to the fuel filter is easy. A standard hour meter is included. The RPC 60/80 is compact and designed with protective side covers to ensure safe passage in deep trenches.


Lots of strength

Allen has introduced the new ATC130H and ATC170H rammers. The new line of rammers from Allen helps prepare job sites for an Allen flat finish. With high stroke and maximum blows per minute, Allen’s mid-size rammers produce impressive impact force for everyday applications. Allen rammer standard features include: GXR120 Honda engine built specifically for rammer applications, 650-700 blows per minute, 2,800-3,500 pounds of impact force, up to 3,800 square feet per hour compacted, durable protection for the engine, a built-in tachometer and hour meter, and a three-way throttle lever.

subaru ER12  

Purpose-built for rammers

Subaru’s ER12 rammer engine features a carefully balanced and engineered design, and is exclusively intended for the demanding application of rammers. With specially designed components and overhead cam (OHC) technology, this three-horsepower, four-stroke engine is lightweight, yet rugged and powerful. Weighing in at just over 20 pounds, the ER12 offers more power and up to 24 per cent more output than similar competitive engines, all while being lighter weight and designed for optimized balance and performance. The vertical cylinder design is slim and compact, and maintains an excellent center of gravity to effectively transmit power to the ground, resulting in superior performance. The recoil has been integrated into the flywheel and blower housing, further enhancing balance and overall engine performance. The OHC design provides improved engine performance without adding extra weight, while the technology allows the intake and exhaust valves to be positioned to offer lower resistance for the air/fuel mixture flow, thus optimizing engine performance. The ER12 also features a highly efficient hemispherical combustion chamber. By centrally locating the spark plug, maximum combustion is achieved and the engine is able to achieve a higher compression ratio.

doosan BXR60H  

Four models

Doosan Portable Power offers a full line-up of reversible vibratory plate compactors that gives maximum compaction to walk-behind compactors. The BXR-Series offers high compaction performance and smooth movement to maximize productivity in graded aggregates, sand and mixed soils. The BXR-Series offers four models of plate compactors. The range allows contractors to choose the model that best fits an application for ease of use and efficient operation. The dual eccentric shaft technology delivers the maximum compaction force and productivity, and the reversing feature allows the operator to easily change direction with a single lever. Reversing permits the operator to enter and exit a confined work area along a single path. Shock mounts are positioned near the engine to alleviate handle vibration. At 158 pounds the BXR-60H offers 3,417 pounds of centrifugal force. With a plate size of 14 x 19 inches, the BXR-60H is recommended for a maximum compaction depth of 13 inches. The BXR-100H is the next model in the line operating at 330 pounds with 5,511 pounds of centrifugal force. The plate size of the BXR-100H is 15 x 25 inches for maximum compaction depth of 15 inches. The BXR-200H weighs in at 518 pounds. This compactor delivers 7,053 pounds of centrifugal force. The BXR-200H has the ability to compact at a depth up to 15 and can cover 5,231 square feet per hour with its 18 x 29 inches durable plate. The BXR-300E delivers 9,257 pounds of centrifugal force and can cover 5,231 square feet per hour for a maximum compaction depth of 16 inches.


New plate line

The new line of reversible plate compactors from Allen includes not one but three different models. Great for tight places such as trench and excavation projects where room to turn around is limited, Allen reversible plate compactors feature two exciter shafts that create a strong compaction force for deeper lifts and fewer passes. Standard features include: up to 9.3 HP, reliable Honda gas- and Hatz diesel-powered engines, and engine covers.

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