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APT Announces Full Range of Compaction

By APT   


March 5, 2015 - American Pneumatic Tools (APT) now offers a complete range of light compaction equipment, including forward and reversible plate compactors, rammers and walk-behind trench roller.

Forward Plate Compactors

The APT forward soil plates range in operating weight between 128 pounds and 208.4 pounds, and are specially designed for compacting granular soils. Ideal for small repair and maintenance work, applications include asphalt, gravel, sand and silt.

APT forward plate compactors are powered by Honda engines, and feature specially shaped bottom plates, stow-able vibration-reduced handles for reduced operator fatigue, and wheels for easy jobsite mobility. The forward plate compactors also feature a removable 3.4-gallon water tank and smart water distribution system for reliable performance.

Reversible Plate Compactors


Ideal for compacting medium to deep layers of granular soils, APT reversible plate compactors range in operating weight between 355 pounds and 1,719.6 pounds, and offer a high-speed, balanced design with a hydraulic control system for easy, precision handling even in the toughest applications.

APT reversible plate compactors come standard with a hydraulic forward/reverse lever, a heavy-duty protection frame and impact-resistant steel covers. Models RP160 – RP400 feature gas-powered Honda engines, while Hatz Diesel engines power the RP500 and RP700 models.


Ranging in operating weight between 145.5 pounds and 187.4 pounds, APT rammers are ideal for repair jobs, trenches and foundation work. Featuring a multi-functional fuel tank with a breather shut-off, electrical shut-off and throttle control with three fixed positions (Stop/idle/run), APT rammers are built with a robust steel frame and efficient shock absorbers to provide improved traction and easy operation.

Walk-behind Trench Roller

With its superior traction, the WR85-33 makes work on cohesive and granular soils easy. The APT trench compactor is suitable for back-fills, foundations, parking lots and similar applications.

With an operating weight of 3,695 pounds and an 18-inch drum width, this Bluetooth radio-controlled, walk-behind trench roller comes standard with a Hatz diesel engine and is equipped with an emergency manually controlled system, which includes an emergency push-stop bar and a safety push-stop button.

“The APT light compaction line is engineered for versatility and optimal performance in a variety of applications, including granular soils, crushed aggregate, paving, and asphalt patchwork,” says Darrell Engle, product manager, light compaction, APT. “We offer a complete range of light compaction solutions for the rental market.”

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