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Software Showcase: December 2018

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Control your processes and more with these leading-edge information technology products.

Sign anywhere, with anything
Sign&Rent from Alert is a seamlessly integrated, web-based paperless rental contract management and electronic signature software for rental businesses. Sign&Rent includes integrated real-time contract signing via secure website, using a finger, stylus, or mouse to draw the signature. Alert’s electronic signature software works anywhere with internet access on virtually any smart phone, tablet, or PC – on the store’s rental counter, on a job site or in the customer’s back office. With this rental management software, your customer can even sign on his or her own device from anywhere without your help, simply by clicking a link sent via e-mail. Optimized for documenting equipment delivery, the full-colour, multiple-page rental contract can include notes and customer terms of acceptance (initials) on each page. Alert’s Sign&Rent rental management software even makes it easy for the driver to take optional walk-around photos of the equipment and the customer, which are then seamlessly integrated into the rental contract. Although contract execution is immediate and includes forensic evidence (such as a real-time date/time stamp and IP address), signed PDF copies are automatically e-mailed to the customer and stored in Alert EasyPro’s normal customer/contract log files for easy look-up, e-mail and printing whenever needed. The rental management process is totally web-based, instant and intuitive, requiring no special apps, training or time-consuming downloads. Sign&Rent is fully integrated into Alert EasyPro’s Dispatcher Dashboard, which provides paperless dispatching and routing, as well as e-mailing of multiple Sign&Rent contract links and PDFs to the delivery driver’s smart phone or tablet.

Augmented reality
Librestream Technologies has announced the latest expansion of its Onsight augmented reality service platform with the launch of Onsight Flow, an enterprise-grade digital work instruction solution. This new capability provides a digital alternative to traditional workflows, replacing paper processes for consistent and safe performance in the field. Librestream is a pioneer in delivering remote expert guidance technology for industrial workers.

Today, every 15 seconds, teams engage Onsight Connect remote expert guidance to perform remote inspections and troubleshoot assets globally. Earlier this year, Librestream added Onsight Workspace, a specialized content system that streamlines how teams create, access, and share media in the field. With the launch of Onsight Flow, teams augment their experience with access to dynamic work instructions and content as they perform their jobs. Onsight Flow fits seamlessly into Librestream’s AR ecosystem. As part of the full Onsight platform, enterprises can deploy Flow on enterprise wearables for hands-free operation or on the smartphones and tablets already in the hands of workers. With Onsight Flow, the ability to consistently capture machine, time and geometric data provides critical information on asset and operational performance. With this ability to capture machine data digitally, an enterprise gains instant access to data analytics and dashboards to assist with continuous improvement initiatives. Onsight Flow is powered by Intoware and part of the overall Onsight AR service platform.


Supports classic workflows
Rental stores can manage the entire business with Systematic Rental Management (SRM). Whether you’re managing a handful of assets or hundreds of assets across multiple branches, the interface can be fully customized to meet the individual needs of each member in your organization. SRM helps you track assets, manage inventory, control work orders and execute maintenance scheduling. SRM’s fully integrated accounting modules make it simple to link all your activity in the system back to the general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable. With over 30 years of successful experience working with construction and equipment rental businesses, SRM is ready for anything the industry can throw its way. From the counter to accounting, Texada continuously improves the features to reflect the growing needs of the industry, including field service mobile apps, online rentals and an increasingly connected customer experience. While the SRM platform continues to grow, Texada remains committed to maintaining the classic workflows that customers have relied on to operate their businesses for decades.

Powered by user suggestions
Thirty-six user suggestions have been turned into features highlighting Point of Rental’s 2018 update to their Rental Expert and Elite software. Adopting user feedback through the company’s feedback management system, uInnovate, the company has added printable receipt-style ready tags when connected to a printer with the inspection app; drag-and-drop functionality within contract processing for easy contract rearranging; and the ability to merge and split purchase orders item by item. Version 2018’s contract fulfillment module is also more powerful with the implementation of internal location tracking. This allows staff to see where items are in the process of getting ready to rent from within the software – no need to send someone rummaging through the warehouse to see why an item is in inventory but not in its ready-to-rent location. For example, as dirty linen moves through the cleaning process, it might go through wash, iron and bagging stages before finally being ready to rent. With internal tracking set up, users see where each linen is in the process from their computer. For equipment, users can likewise identify wash rack, inspection, or any other location set up with barcode or RFID scanners.

Free upgrades
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has brought together the best of Dynamics NAV and its cloud solution, Business Edition, to create a new solution capable of being deployed on in-house servers, in the cloud (SaaS), or in a hybrid configuration. ERP systems need never be out of date again. Business Central SaaS offers twice-yearly free upgrades with access to all of Microsoft’s new cloud and mobile technology, including Power BI, Power Apps, and Flow, offering tremendous potential for reporting, data analysis, mobility and powerful work flows. Business Central includes a full ERP suite of products including financials, inventory, job cost, and manufacturing. Rental stores can sign up for a free trial of Business Central and download the ODT Rentals 365 app from Appsource to quickly enhance their system for handling equipment rental functions. Through Business Central, Microsoft puts more power in the hands of users without relying on programmers. Download needed apps from Microsoft’s Appsource or customize your ERP system without affecting the upgrade path or cost.

The Bobcatinator
Doosan Bobcat North America has partnered with Plug and Play, a global startup accelerator and corporate innovation platform based in Silicon Valley, to explore internet-of-things technology and autonomous operation solutions that can be incorporated into Bobcat equipment. This partnership will enable Doosan Bobcat to build mutually beneficial relationships with leading startup companies who can help bring a variety of technological solutions to market. As a key partner in Plug and Play’s IoT and mobility programs, Doosan Bobcat can better identify technologies that will bring innovative solutions to its customers and ensure its machines and future services remain industry-leading. The company has identified specific technologies that will have a significant impact on how customers approach their future worksites, especially those associated with IoT, artificial intelligence and autonomous solutions.

self-service kiosk
Orion Software has released a self-service stand to allow users to do their rental contract on their own instead of waiting in line to get to the counter. Slowly, the stand replaces the staff, reduces the frustrating waiting time and provides a transition to e-commerce. Customers are invited to download the mobile app or visit the web portal next time they need equipment, thus reducing the time at the rental store while developing a strong relationship that will stay for years. The first rental stores that customers download an app from will be adopted for years. In the context of logistics, Orion Software provides a new simplified way of dispatching delivery trucks by using the GPS position of the mobile devices instead of complex integration with GPS devices mounted on the truck itself. Using a smart device, you can add a new truck to the fleet or mix third-party trucking companies into the same dispatching centre. The same quality process is maintained and customers can get their famous message: your delivery is on its way. Orion has also released an enhanced version of its field technician mobile app. It provides a complete tool for the technician to do maintenance work orders with notifications in real-time, thus updating their agenda and sharing photos with the back-office system.

Sims the slips
The dozer simulator training pack from CM Labs provides trainees with the unique tactile sensation of pushing soil and aggregate materials, promoting precision operating techniques as a result. Trainees can perform both heavy excavation and fine grading with the six-way blade, and dozer tracks can even slip based on operator behaviour. This encourages the development of operator accuracy and efficiency, in an immersive, risk-free environment. Exercises are designed to gradually build precision and confidence. The pack teaches trainees basic controls familiarization, setting the correct blade angle, maintaining material in front of the blade, excavating a drainage inlet, excavating a transversal ditch and trailer loading/unloading. The dozer training pack gives trainers objective insight into performance and abilities. Trainers can score operators on performance metrics such as cycle time, idle time and fuel consumption, blade efficiency, track spin and contact with power lines, personnel, or vehicles. Like all of CM Labs’ solutions, the machine inside the dozer training pack has been engineered from the ground up. This gives trainees an exceptional opportunity to truly learn by feel. The detailed simulation includes a hydraulics system and transmission, a fully functional six-way blade, dozer tracks that can even slip based on operator behaviour and working halogen lights for night-time operations.

Evaluates risk
Azuga, a leading provider of connected vehicle and fleet technologies, has announced the launch of Azuga DashCam, a range of cost-effective, wireless-enabled dash-mounted video camera solutions including Azuga DashCam Lite, an affordable video monitoring option. The new, comprehensive suite of video solutions provide fleets with accurate, real-time visibility into driver behavior during vehicle incidents. Azuga DashCam pairs seamlessly with the company’s line of award-winning fleet solutions and is the latest technology offering designed to monitor and improve driver behavior, reduce risk and ultimately lower costs related to driving incidents. Azuga offers a range of Azuga DashCam solutions to meet all fleet budgets. The most affordable option, Azuga DashCam Lite, utilizes a driver’s smartphone camera for video monitoring. For fleet requiring more comprehensive monitoring, Azuga offers two additional Azuga DashCam versions with standalone wireless cameras and optional advanced recording features.

Pricing for more advanced versions of Azuga DashCam varies based on fleets’ specific needs and customizations.  Azuga DashCam continuously monitors driving activity, and when triggered, automatically records up to 10-seconds of video before and after an incident is detected related to hard braking, sudden acceleration or hard cornering. These video clips are transmitted directly to the cloud and then added to individual driver breadcrumb reports that include the specific time, date, location and speed details. Videos are then analyzed and given a video risk score to help fleet managers easily determine whether drivers are at fault for incidents, and whether driver behavior modification is necessary.

Typical scenarios
Simlog, a pioneer in affordable PC-based heavy equipment simulators for operator training in education and industry, has announced the availability of a major upgrade to its forklift personal simulator, Version 2. The simulator puts trainees at the controls of a typical sit-down, counterbalanced factory forklift with rear-wheel steering. Training scenarios are typical of factories, warehouses and distribution centers, with a wide variety of loads and storage arrangements, along with truck bays for loading and unloading. The new functionality in Version 2, developed in collaboration with key Simlog customers, introduces new and modified simulation modules to encourage safer operation practices and maximize productivity. With more advanced content and more comprehensive performance indicators, Version 2 further extends training effectiveness and safety while continuing to deliver superior training value at a fraction of the cost of a real forklift. Seven brand new simulation modules teach more advanced operator techniques. A new Slalom 3 – Reverse, Tall Load module teaches operators to drive in reverse while the Selective Pallet Racks 1 – Low Shelves module allows trainees to work with loads limited to the floor or the first shelf of the rack.

Wave of popularity
The aerial work platform simulator from Nuna, based on the Unreal engine, provides an advanced and realistic simulation of the aerial work platform. The simulator can be used with the controller board or with a keyboard and mouse. Scenarios include driving basics, steering basics, S-turn manoeuvres, advanced steering, directional movement, grade driving, booming safety, rough terrain driving and basket positioning. Every day, more manufacturers of mining, earthworks and construction equipment are adding simulation to their product lines. Manufacturers and customers have recognized the value of simulation for entry-level training as well as training to respond to machine problems and emergency situations. Educational institutes and training organizations have also embraced simulation as one of the best and safest training tools for inexperienced candidates. Training in a simulator program is recognized by equipment manufacturers as best practice for new trainees.

Portable simulator
John Deere’s backhoe operator training simulator is a cost-effective, efficient way to train new operators in a risk-free environment. Highly detailed, realistic lessons teach proper operator technique and machine controls. After completing each lesson, operators receive immediate feedback based on their performance. The simulator includes a built-in motion platform with three-inch actuators, an integrated computer, simulator software, real John Deere controls and detailed lesson scripts in multiple languages. Available options include a heavy-duty, reusable wooden crate to store and ship all John Deere simulators. The crate includes a sliding TV storage tray and fold-down door with a ramp for easy loading/unloading of a simulator. It is four-way accessible, which allows for easy access for pallet jacks and forklifts from any side.

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