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Software showcase: December 2017

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Features technology

Get more out of your most precious commodity – data – with these tools.

Leverages Microsoft Dynamics
Sycor.Rental is a full-fledged industry solution for bulk and serialized rental planning and execution fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations turns Sycor.Rental into a scalable, flexible cloud solution with role-specific mobile access to processes, data, and business insights. Sycor.Rental maps all business processes across sites, offering rental companies full control of their entire operation. The solution features asset lifecycle management, business intelligence and far-reaching and structured device specifications for confident operational and strategic decision-making. Streamlined, automated yet flexible processes allow for fast processing times in sales, orders, and billing to reduce costs and improve the reliability of the financial forecast.  With its integrated service and maintenance processes, Sycor.Rental helps increase fleet availability and reduce downtime significantly. Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 workspace concept, Sycor.Rental grants role-based access to rental functions, processes and business intelligence, fully mobile and on any device. Integration into the standard project module of Dynamics 365 for Operations enables users to manage any rental project with ease. With real-time, cross-location scheduling and transport management functions for accurate and on-time delivery and pick up, Sycor.Rental helps align the company with changing customer demands, serve them individually and boost their satisfaction and retention. Sycor.Rental provides rental companies with the productivity, intelligence, mobility, and unified service capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The solution can be bought bundled with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or as an add-on. Deployment options include cloud, on-premises, and hybrid scenarios.

Reduces theft
Azuga has announced the release of Asset Tracker, a companion to its award-winning Azuga Fleet product. Asset Tracker uses the same cloud-based application for real-time monitoring and reporting. This is another important step in the journey to offer a comprehensive, one-stop, enterprise-grade solution. Whether monitoring machinery in the field, coordinating service operations or helping teams locate equipment and trailers quickly and efficiently, this technology helps rental operators find and report on the whereabouts of valuable assets. Users can improve utilization and productivity by knowing the exact location of every asset. Delivery, service, recovery and billing for assets in the field is simplified, as is creating billing with reports that show when and where assets were deployed for customers. Asset Tracker generates real-time alerts when assets start moving, enter or exit specific areas or stop for long durations, helping to reduce theft and loss, improve recovery efforts and deter unauthorized use. When Asset Trackers is attached, rental operators are able to see them on a live map along with the locations of vehicles. Assets and vehicles can be divided into separate groups, or can be grouped together into specific sets of vehicles and assets based on type or geography.

Easy access to favourite reports
Xgensoft’s Rental Manager is a versatile Windows-based order entry and inventory management system designed for smaller rental businesses. The system handles all rentals, sales, inventory and orders as well as interfacing with Excel, Outlook and QuickBooks. It is easy to use, feature-rich and provides the tools needed to expand a growing rental business. Rental Manager wraps all rental and customer information into clear reports and organizational tools. Cycle billing, group payments, seamless export of invoices and payments to QuickBooks and extensive reporting provide the essential financial tools for daily fiscal management.  The Favourite Reports screen provides quick access to key reports. User-friendly features include real time inventory availability, an overbooking monitor, a schedule calendar, email and bar code scan-in (including QR codes). Inventory management tools include kit organization features, sub-rental/purchase orders, equipment usage tracking and maintenance scheduling, truckload planning and a Rental Return screen that expedites the return of inventory rented by serial number.  Users can run Rental Manager as a single or networked system on Windows 7/8/10 Professional machines. Xgensoft Rental Manager is suitable for small to mid-size party, event, tent, tool and equipment rental businesses.  It improves control from inventory to money management, thus providing great ROI.  

Streamlined inspections
Point of Rental’s Inspection App, winner of the Access Lift and Handling’s Access Rental Innovation of the Year for 2017, automates the inspection, maintenance and service processes, all from a mobile device. From off rental to ready-to-rent, the Inspection App tracks each step and provides insight that saves time and money.


When an item is called off rental, it automatically enters the Inspection App. If there’s a checklist that needs to be completed before the item can be rented again, the list is automatically assigned to a technician or group. Each technician can access their assigned inspections via the mobile interface. The app enables easy checklist access as well as the ability to add condition photos, data and descriptions. If a mission-critical checklist item fails its inspection, the app automatically enters an internal maintenance or repair order immediately. Condition photos and descriptions are automatically in the system, so when maintenance staff gets to the equipment in need of repair they already know exactly what to fix. Critically for the future of a business, the Inspection App tracks inspection data. It helps managers speed up their inspection and maintenance processes by tracking time and money spent inspecting problems and solving them. Managers will see which serialized items are consistently having trouble, which checklists take the most time to get through, which inspectors are the most thorough and be able to adjust their processes accordingly. In short, Point of Rental’s Inspection App takes the maintenance process and makes it faster, smarter, and more accessible.  

Constant upgrades
Keeping ahead of customers and exceeding their expectations requires rental stores to be on a path of continuous improvement. In order to actually accomplish that goal, stores need a systems platform with the scalability and flexibility to meet any new requirement. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and its sister product, Dynamics 365, are the most popular mid-market accounting and ERP systems in the world, and with good reason. Their flexibility, speed and ease of use have allowed partners and customers to expand into many industries, equipment rental being one of them. The Microsoft Office look and feel ensures users will get up to speed as quickly as possible while adding the needed capability. A Dynamics NAV solution offers one system for financials, rentals, and service. Real-time data is available to users as staff process transactions, access dashboards or run reports. Users can sell or rent equipment and accessories, manage planned maintenance, and provide mobility options for various users with their device of choice. The constant investment by Microsoft ensures users will never need to waste time on implementation of a new system. Choose from in-house, hosted, or cloud options with the ability to move if needs change.

Manage inventory on the go
Flex Rental Solutions aims to change the way rental stores manage inventory with Flex5. Flex5 is a new HTML5 user interface and features a complete rewrite of Flex’s inventory management software. Flex5 will eventually replace Flex’s current Flash UI by adding phone and tablet accessibility along with a new desktop environment, starting first with the tablet version. Flex5 features an updated and modern dashboard layout and design, but it’s more than just a pretty interface. The new UI will offer a streamlined user experience, while the new multi-tenant backend architecture will enhance scalability, speed and reliability for users. The tablet version of Flex5 is in active development. The working beta version can connect to a live Flex database and features basic contact management, including inventory availability viewing and scanning and more. For example, users will be able to create and view inventory and contacts and after the item has been created they can upload an image using the device’s camera or photo library. Flex5 aims to facilitate how rental, production, and live events companies manage every part of their business onsite or on the go. Busy professionals can run their warehouse and rental operations more efficiently and with greater oversight and accountability.

Integrated with CRM
Alert Management Systems has introduced a new integration with Zoho CRM. Now Alert EasyPro users will be able to view all the same information in both places. While sales staff out in the field are managing their customer relationships with Zoho, Alert EasyPro will update records with all contact information, notes and a tickler. The updates will be automatic and bi-directional. Alert EasyPro users will be able to take advantage of the unique power that CRM offers, such as opportunities to increase margins and grow sales. CRM software offers a complete view of customers and customer relationships, which includes their needs, preferences and renting/buying patterns. By integrating Alert EasyPro, Zoho users will now be able to manage these relationships and then directly start the selling process in Alert without any duplicate efforts. More efficiency means more profits. Depending on the subscription package to Zoho, anywhere from 1,000 to 25,000 requests per day can go back and forth between Alert EasyPro and Zoho. These updates can be scheduled to the Alert user’s exact requirements and the user is able to nurture customer relationships as never before.  Alert EasyPro is not your grandfather’s rental software.

Logistics made easy
InTempo Software has announced multiple enhancements to its two main software solutions. InTempo Core is straightforward, easy-to-use software for single or multi-location rental businesses across all industries. InTempo Enterprise ERP software features fully integrated accounting and is designed for general/tool and heavy equipment rental companies. InTempo’s new mobile app empowers executives to keep a pulse on key business metrics and puts information in the hands of salespeople. The app features stunning dashboards displaying metrics including equipment status, utilization and revenue. It also enables salespeople to check equipment rates and availability; view upcoming reservations, contracts and pickups; and easily access customer information. An integration with industry-leading software enables dispatchers to plan and execute the most profitable delivery, pickup, and service routes. Dispatchers can easily manage and optimize routes, managers can ensure drivers are doing their jobs, drivers can protect assets by documenting equipment condition and customers can get notifications on delivery status via email and text. Featuring lightning-fast navigation and a range of new features, Enterprise’s next-generation user experience makes it easier than ever before to serve customers.

Huge menu of functions
Rental Management from Pidex includes CRM features to manage company (clients, vendors, venues) and contact information. Manage orders, send emails, notes and attachments are some of the built-in features. Price group, currency, discount structures and tax-related information can be easily managed for companies along with associated contacts. Quick and easy lookups for contacts are available based on various parameters.

Users can efficiently track and manage sales leads for marketing and planning purposes. Rental Management allows users to run marketing campaigns, track POC, Event Value and more. The Activity Management module encompasses a wide range of features that assists any organization to manage staff activities, tasks and reminders efficiently and effectively. Integrated email functionality allows users to send emails without leaving the app. The Inventory Management module uses master and sub-categories, products, assets, packages, kits and accessories. Users can view real-time inventory status by product and easily view and manage asset details. They can also search inventory by category, serial number, product type, or make/model. Servicing modules are included to create and manage service tickets for repairs, and the transfer assets function allows transfers to different product codes and between locations.

Run business from anywhere
FleetLogic is a software-as-service (SaaS) solution that leverages the power of mobile technology. FleetLogic can unleash a rental business from the limits of paper-driven manual processes. It’s designed to run on any device (iOS or Android) and syncs the back office and the field in real time. Dispatchers use a web-based screen to assign and monitor job statuses. Drivers use a mobile app to view a daily list of work, take pictures, add notes and close tickets. The business can be run from anywhere. If it feels familiar, that’s because it is. FleetLogic is developed with the user in mind. FleetLogic’s navigation feature shows the user where the technician is, the job status and how long they’ve been on site. This allows dispatchers to make crucial decisions with pinpoint accuracy. FleetLogic provides robust data-capturing capabilities for digital work orders, making it harder for fees to be disputed. Having time-stamped documentation, photographs and customer signatures allows users to put billing disputes to rest smoothly and quickly. Keep billing cycles on track and get paid faster with a streamlined payment process.

Fast graphics
The Sirius E platform is a complete set of solutions for small one-store users all the way up to large enterprises. Orion has delivered simplified business processes to the rental industry with the simplified user interfaces. Rental operators can deploy graphics in a fraction of a second that describe clearly the availability status of an item or to view the performance of the business. The graphical interfaces are brought to a new level never deployed before with actionable options within the graphics. Sirius E is a full enterprise resource planning package that includes customer relationship management and all the functions to manage rental, sales and services in one solution.

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