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Software Showcase – December 2015

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Strong business software solutions hold the key to organizing your activities for maximum profit.

Contract Fulfillment on TabletIntegrated capabilities
Point-of-Rental Software’s Enterprise for Rental Experts is management software designed to fit rental businesses of all sizes. Among the many new features of the latest annual update, highlights include RFID integration, Contract Fulfillment and employee scheduling. By combining real-time contract processing with the flexibility of mobile smart devices, Contract Fulfillment is an electronic replacement for load slips and pre-staging reports, making it easy to fill contracts accurately. From the yard to the jobsite, Contract Fulfillment gives rental teams the information needed to stage and return items in real-time. Combined with Point-of-Rental’s award-winning mobile application, Mobile Workforce, offsite staff can also use Contract Fulfillment.  Contract Fulfillment is also integrated with RFID, allowing orders to be filled and returned using an RFID reader to provide precision counting and instant validation of rental contracts. Because RFID matches each item to a specific contract regardless of how many contracts are involved, rental operators can read an entire pile of linens being returned and properly return each to the original contract. The Employee Scheduling feature allows rental operators to define the daily work schedules of employees and gives employees the ability to view, print, email, and import their schedules into third party calendar apps. Employees can request time off, which will alert their manager for them to approve or deny the request. Integrated capabilities make defining daily templates and shift requirements quick and easy. This tool can generate all shifts based on templates for the whole company, a specific store, shift, or employee group.

Run Your Rental BusinessIdeal for smaller stores
Xgensoft’s Rental Manager is a versatile Windows-based order entry and inventory management system designed for smaller rental businesses.  The system handles rentals and sales, allows an unlimited number of customers, inventory and orders, and interfaces with Excel, Outlook, and QuickBooks. It is easy to use, feature-rich and provides the tools needed to expand a growing rental business. Rental Manager integrates all the rental and customer information into reports and organizational tools. Secure on-line payment processing, cycle billing, a seamless export of invoices and payments to QuickBooks and extensive reporting provide the financial tools for daily fiscal management. The Favourite Reports screen provides quick access to key reports. Users handle quotes and orders aided by real-time inventory availability, an overbooking monitor, a schedule calendar, email, and bar code scan-in (including QR codes).  Inventory management tools include kit organization (rent from within a kit and/or separately), sub-rental/purchase orders, equipment usage tracking and maintenance scheduling, truckload planning and a Rental Return screen that expedites the return of inventory rented by serial number. Run Rental Manager as a single or networked system on Windows 7/8 Professional machines. Xgensoft Rental Manager is suitable for small to mid-size party, event, tent, tool, and equipment rental businesses. It improves control from inventory to money management, thus providing a great ROI.

enfinity esign tabletGoes beyond technology
InTempo Software knows that no two rental businesses are exactly alike. Instead of offering out-of-the-box systems, it builds customized solutions for local and regional rental operators across equipment, tool, event and specialty markets. Its business management solutions Enfinity, RentalMan and CounterPro have powered rental companies for decades. InTempo does not sell “lite” versions of software, so rental operators can  use the exact same functionality regardless of whether the solution is installed locally or hosted in the cloud. InTempo goes beyond technology with an expert customer support team and active user community groups.

FL iPhone 6 MockupIdentifies trends
Texada Software has always been aggressive in solving the problems customers face by providing world-class technology solutions. For the past year, the company has focused on the development of a brand new cloud-based, mobile workforce software product, FleetLogic, which launched this fall. FleetLogic is an easy-to-use, intuitive and comprehensive fleet tracking, fleet inspection/maintenance, field service, and fulfillment/logistics management platform. It is designed to truly empower organizations and their employees to manage a more efficient and effective field service operation. It provides a centralized platform that enables the capture and sharing of information such as field service work orders, equipment inspections, repair history, and fleet status, via nearly any device. It helps teams work together by better connecting what is often disparate information, and providing it back to users clearly and effectively. FleetLogic helps streamline operations through features like barcode scanning, digital signature capture, simplified to-do lists that help employees manage workload, and an inventory status dashboard. With comprehensive tools for reporting and analytics, the use of FleetLogic can help users identify trends or emerging issues before they get out of control, and unlock business insights into key business areas like fleet management, and team performance.


Montage mobile Sirius eSame performance in a mobile platform
Orion Software, a leading provider of software solutions for the rental industry, has announced the launch of a new mobile application for its flagship product, Sirius-e.

This mobile application represents the latest evolution of the award winning Sirius-e platform. From its inception, Sirius-e was designed with an open architecture that provides a variety of convenient features that speak directly to the unique challenges of the rental, sales and service industry. With this mobile application, the logistics staff can deliver rental equipment efficiently by taking pictures and confirming the deliveries with electronic signature and email, directly on a mobile device. Everything is in the same platform, done in real-time, including the map of the deliveries and pick-up routes. Those already familiar with the capabilities of Orion Software products can now enjoy the same platform and performance in a mobile version. The app is connected in real-time with Sirius-e platform, so that users never miss a beat.

flex for rentalmagOnly a web browser with flash needed
Flex Rental Solutions provides web-based, customizable rental management software. Only a web browser with Flash plugin is needed, and Flex works with all common operating systems and browsers. Flex provides powerful tools for modeling inventory the way rental operators use it, supporting virtual items, racks, and road cases. Users can have unique permissions through customizable user settings. Flex offers contact management, financial management with QuickBooks integration, crew management, barcode scanner support, integration with Facebook events and Google calendar, intuitive search abilities and drag-and-drop functionality for building quotes. Flex 4.11, released in August 2015, contains several new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes for the Flex Production Manager, including job costing functionality.

Other new features in the Flex 4.11 release include the ability to click the On Order number in the quantity tab of an inventory model; the addition of several new options in the Contact Associations tab of the project element settings; the ability to drag and drop a Service Note directly into the Notes field of an elemen; a new report called Quote Replacement Value; and a new feature that highlights the Notes tab of an element when there are unread notes. Flex Rental Solutions is the winner of Rental and Staging Award Best Rental Management Software at infoComm 2015, and plans to release Flex 4.12 by the end of 2015.

tents alpha rentalManages all areas of business
Genisys 2 offers the high-level computer systems and management software for rental, sales and service businesses. Many single and multi-store operations are using AlphaRental throughout North America. They system is suitable for any business because it is easy to use and learn. Smaller operators can stay competitive with the national companies by using the same software they use. AlphaRental is a comprehensive system that can manage all areas of a rental business. The simple format and logical design of AlphaRental allows rental operators to process transactions quickly and easily. The useful on-screen help enables employees to learn the basics of AlphaRental immediately. AlphaRental has been designed to manage the most complex demands of the rental business. The product contains flexible Store Set Up screens which allow users to set up the system to fit their unique businesses. The computer systems are ideal for companies of any size and structure.

rentmasterMultiple entries with one click
With a range of flexible, easy-to-use features, RentMaster allows rental operators to finally have high-powered control over all rentals and schedules. Users can organize inventory with as many categories and subcategories as desired. Paperwork is simplified by having rental equipment and sale items in the same invoice. Enter multiple items with one single click. The ordering process is streamlined with real-time inventory availability checksand an easy customer database that’s searchable by any field and simple to update on the fly. Custom order status values show reserved, shipped, received or cancelled orders. The payments history allows users to quickly accept and record multiple payments with a full range of different payment options (check, cash, credit card and more). Special order discounts, customizable delivery types and customizable payment methods allow users to deal with any situation. Customers are better and more easily served with advanced features for storing and retrieving complete customer histories and information (even driving directions). Easily turn quotes into orders – RentMaster automatically detects complete customer info and auto-verifies quotes to assure inventory availability. Store managers can increase profits with generate accurate reports and tightly controlled, super-organized forms.-

rentaltrax on ipad screenshotWeb-based solution
RentalTrax is a web-based rental management software program (SaaS). It is a complete, “all in one” rental management program at a fixed low price. RentalTrax rental software is cloud-based with a software management team that handles all of the technical overhead and needs. Users simply log into the rental software system exactly as they would with other online services. It is simple to have a complete overview of customers and orders on rental products and more. With a just few clicks users have a full picture of what products are available for rental and can create a professional confirmation message or mark broken or non-working products as needing maintenance. Drivers will never have any doubt about what is agreed on with a customer and what needs to be packed and delivered. RentalTrax can generate a real-time picture of the rental business. View sales, statistics and create additional sales with ease. It is simple to see revenue centers and to determine which products and customers generate the most profits. It is easy for to send out promotional emails with news, updates, special offers and more. It is also easy to upgrade a RentalTrax plan and to add modules and functionality as needed. For example, many users choose to utilize the RentalTrax webshop which makes it possible for customers to place rental orders online around the clock. Many RentalTrax users also love being able to automatically send out SMS reminders with the SMS module. The RentalTrax AutoMail module allows the business to easily email customers with a reminder two days prior to pickup or five days after with a link to a follow-up survey. RentalTrax is a complete, out of the box rental software solution, designed to make it easy to run a rental business and give customers a professional experience.

Online store capability
Rental operators can showcase rental equipment and tools on the web with the Online Rental Store, just one of the features in EZRentOut’s equipment rental solutions.The layout is completely configurable; users can set up photo banners to illustrate what they do or customize what information to show. Storen managers can even use their own URL to better advertise the business. Customers can book orders and pay for them online using their credit card. Invoice designs vary from business to business and users may prefer different designs for particular files, departments or customers. The Invoice Designer enables rental operators to create as many invoice templates as needed. Counter personnel can track equipment as individual pieces or track them in bulk stocks. For example, a manager may want to track forklifts individually (Truck 1, 2 and 3) but for chairs might want to track only a bulk quantity (30 chairs). EZRentOut does both. It is important to measure how store staff are doing so they can improve based on those numbers. EZRentOut can calculate how much revenue an individual worker brought in or how many orders were closed. Managers can run these analytics for different time durations to compare performances and identify trends.

Trakquip flyer 2015Experienced support staff
Corporate Services offers rental stores a total asset management solution with flexible services and a tailored software component that make the management of equipment and rentals a snap. For more than 23 years, TrakQuip has helped companies track the revenue, cost, locations and utilization of their assets throughout the world. With experience spanning from oil field and construction to trucking, TrakQuip staff helps choose the best solution, tying together all business processes from equipment management and resource planning to reporting and billing. TrakQuip software will automate routine business operations and provide more comprehensive information, allowing the business to function more efficiently and staff to make more informed decisions. TrakQuip walks users through every step, from planning though implementation, set-up, training and ongoing support. TrakQuip support offers knowledge and experience with client-requested enhancements to its library of software components. It can meet the demands of businesses of all sizes with flexibility and support staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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