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Features Shows

Here’s a look at some of the rental-ready technology on display at Canada’s big concrete show.

Good power-to-weight ratio
Designed to handle a wide range of applications, the K540i is a new 10-inch battery power cutter with an adjustable blade guard and cutting depth up to four inches. The cutter boasts many features while maintaining the important factors of performance, value and operational safety. Operators get a capable power cutter that’s easy and efficient to use thanks to its strong power-to-weight ratio and low noise. It is a compact power cutter with a low cost of ownership. The K 540i also features X-Halt, an electronic brake system that engages should a kickback occur. To optimize performance, the K 540i power cutter is supplied with a specially designed Husqvarna diamond blade. 

Low-flow alarm
The M18 Fuel Packout dual-battery nine-gallon dust extractor provides sustained suction with dual automatic filter cleaning by maintaining air performance levels, resulting in enhanced productivity. Delivering versatile power for all-day productivity, the extractor provides cordless convenience with corded capabilities, critical for multi-phase sites. It includes VacLink, an integrated wireless dust control technology that allows users the ability to activate the dust extractor from the remote or from the tool for increased efficiency on the jobsite. Further enhancing safety, the Packout features an integrated low-flow alarm that alerts the user when the airflow reaches a level at which dust extraction is no longer effective, ensuring usage remains optimal and airflow levels are maintained.

Works indoors
The E-Truck from Muck-Truck is a new innovation for those looking for a product with all the strengths and features of other Muck-Truck models but also the capability to work in mines, buildings or other areas where both noise or fumes would have previously been a problem. Electric-powered wheelbarrows are gaining popularity with both residential and commercial users. The E-Truck is built in the U.K. by Muck-Truck. Designed from the ground up with premium components, these wheelbarrows are constructed to the highest standards without compromise. E-Truck carrying capacity is 550 pounds and can handle a 30-degree slope. It has a variable speed of zero to 3.5 miles per hour. The battery supports up to eight hours operating capacity and the machine is easy to manoeuver and control.

Compact hydrodemolition
Aquajet has introduced the Revojet 270 high-pressure pump. The Revojet is highly mobile and takes up less space than other high-pressure pumps, excelling in smaller-scale hydrodemolition projects. It’s designed to pair with Aquajet’s most compact hydrodemolition robots – the Aqua Cutter 410 and the Ergo system – for applications such as small parking garage renovation and industrial cleaning. The Revo control system makes the Revojet stand out on both efficiency and environmental protection. The system provides a wide range of functions for users to control and monitor the Revojet in a safe, user-friendly package. Its features include closed-loop pressure control or RPM control and smart pressure regulating that quickly finds the set pressure from the idle or auto-stop state. The Revojet also has a mode that flushes the hoses without any nozzle mounted, along with an RPM hold delay for hand lancing that minimizes delay when the high-pressure trigger is activated. Operators can easily set parameters on the graphic colour display with instructions available in multiple languages. Users can see all important information in real time or view a history of items such as the alarm list and trip meters for fuel consumption. The system also automatically tracks service schedules to minimize downtime. Aquajet put mobility at the forefront of the Revojet’s design. The trailer unit weighs 7,716 pounds, making it light enough to be towed with a pickup or large SUV. Additionally, a compact hydrodemolition robot, such as the Ergo, can be stowed in the same towing vehicle, providing simple transport between jobsites and quick setup without having to load the pump on a larger truck and trailer. A stationary Revojet unit is also available.


Superior dust capture
The iQMS362 16.5-inch dry-cut masonry saw with integrated dust control from Bartell Global and iQ Power Tools is designed for superior speed, accuracy, versatility, portability, power management and dust collection. It’s suitable for any rental house that serves masonry and hardscape professionals. The saw is designed to dry-cut a wide variety of masonry materials with speed and precision. It is easy to transport and runs off standard 120V power, making it ideal for setup and use anywhere. The integrated dust control system allows for safe and compliant dry cutting, indoors or out, without the hassle and mess that comes with cutting wet. Dust is captured within the blade guard, rear dust guard and the downdraft louvered table via a high-powered integrated vacuum system. The three-stage cyclonic filtration system captures heavy debris, fine particles, and super-fine particles. This all allows for up to 99.5 percent dust capture from the cut. The onboard dust collection chamber holds 40 pounds of debris.

Lighting nice to have
The BullVibe by MBW is a unique vibratory bull float attachment designed for concrete finishing with quality and durability in mind. Powered by the M18 RedLithium battery system, the user can experience the freedom of cordless operation with the versatility to use any size M18 RedLithium battery. Customers can achieve precise results with the state-of-the-art vibratory system, adjusting the output to match specific requirements and lock into position, ensuring a consistent finish. LED lighting allows for confident use in dimly lit job sites. The sealed system prevents concrete accumulation, saving downtime. The rotating knuckle design allows users to navigate tight spaces and complex angles. 

High-speed coring
Diamond Products has unveiled its latest innovation in drilling technology with the introduction of the Hyper Core Bore bit line, designed to enhance efficiency and performance in coring applications. This line includes several products tailored to meet the diverse needs of the construction and drilling industry. At the forefront of this line is the Hyper Core Bore bit that caters to a broader range of general-purpose coring needs, especially in concrete. Its design prioritizes speed without sacrificing quality, making it an excellent choice for projects requiring rapid coring in concrete materials. The wide-spaced serrated turbo style of the Hyper bit reduces surface-to-surface contact, enhancing speed and efficiency during drilling operations.

The Ultra White bit is distinguished by its M-16 segments that feature a unique bevel surface point. This design is engineered for fast coring, allowing users to achieve precise and clean cores with minimal effort. The bevel surface point not only improves penetration rates out of the box but also extends the bit’s lifespan and ensures consistent performance. For those seeking the pinnacle of coring speed, the Mach3 turbo bit is the go-to option within the Hyper Core Bore bit line. It is specifically crafted for the fastest core extraction, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency. The Mach3 turbo bit incorporates M-Segment technology with three surface points, which contributes to its exceptional performance and makes it a preferred choice for high-speed coring.tasks. 

Easy towing
The Crown C9C-GH8 is a nine-cubic-foot towable concrete mixer that comes standard with an eight horsepower Honda GX240 engine. An electric motor is optional on this model. Its steel drum is manufactured using high abrasion-resistant 10-gauge steel, giving it a longer life. It has an oversized dump wheel for easy handling and better control of the drum. Its drive pinions and gear rings are made with cast iron, providing better durability and longer life. This mixer comes standard with a rubber torsion suspension system for the industry’s smoothest towing and handling. A two-inch ball or pintle tow hitch is included at no extra cost, as well as the towing safety chain. All Crown concrete mixers (seven, nine and 12 cubic feet) use the same frame, thus the drum capacity can be changed using the same frame; even changing from a steel to a poly drum.

Perfect for High Volume
The new MSP465 ride-on trowel from Allen Engineering was redesigned with the high-volume flatwork concrete contractor in mind. The MSP465 comes equipped with assisted steering, reducing operator fatigue. It comes with a powerful 57 horsepower Kubota liquid-cooled gasoline engine that keeps this machine running cooler and a 10-gallon fuel tank for longer run times. This rider produces excellent torque even at high rotor speeds, which makes it excellent for panning or finishing operations.

Made for Concrete Work
Wacker Neuson has introduced a new mini track dumper with a focus on concrete applications. The DT12P features a 15-cubic-foot poly skip designed to haul liquid concrete. Two skip configurations will be available. The front tip skip is designed to get the dump height as low as possible to the ground and the 180-degree swivel skip allows for maximum flexibility. 

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