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Multiquip Introduces Concrete Finishing Equipment

By Multiquip   


multiquipFebruary 3, 2015 - Multiquip a manufacturer and supplier of products and solutions for the construction market, announces three new, concrete power trowels.

Multiquip launches a new era in hydrostatic drive power trowels

Multiquip launches a new era in hydrostatic drive ride-on power trowels by introducing the MQ Whiteman HTXG6DF. Delivering the power and durability contractors demand, the trowel includes many new features and design enhancements.
A 2.4 liter gasoline-LPG engine delivers power, flexible dual-fuel operation, and performance, with the torque needed for panning and top end rotor speed needed for finishing concrete. The engine power management feature senses load and adjusts hydraulic pump stroke to operate at peak efficiency.

Increased chassis rigidity, achieved by lowering the center of gravity, reduces body roll, minimizes over steer and improves steering control to help attain flatter floors. The HTX also offers superior visibility of the concrete surface.

The HTX also includes practical features such as SmartPitch™ control which synchronizes blade pitch with a single touch of the button. LED lights provide clean, bright illumination during indoor pours and convenience features such as a cup holder and 12-volt charging outlet for the operator are standard.


Multiquip expands its MQ Whiteman power trowel lineup
Multiquip is also introducing the new MQ Whiteman InstaClutch™ line of walk-behind concrete finishers and the new MQ Whiteman PRO Trowel.

The InstaClutch™ drive systems are available on MQ Whiteman 36-inch and 46-inch diameter trowels. The system disengages if the handle is released during operation bringing the machine to a complete stop within a quarter turn of the handle. The operator can safely resume operation without having to restart the engine.

The MQ Whiteman PRO Trowel features an integrated boom that allows the operator to deploy either a fresno blade or broom attachment during the final trowel pass. This unique, innovative trowel saves money and time by increasing productivity during jobs such as parking structures, multi-story buildings or any job that does not require a burnished surface. PRO Trowels are available in 36-inch and 46-inch machine sizes.

MQ Whiteman power trowels are available in sizes ranging from 24-inch to 48-inch diameters with a range of power options and rotor speeds to fit your finishing requirements. For more than 75 years professional contractors have turned to MQ Whiteman power trowels for innovation, quality and dependable performance.

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