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Help your customers with summer hardscaping projects with this new concrete cutting technology.

Simple and low-maintenance
APT’s lightweight, compact MHS 14 cut-off saw packs enough raw power to cut through concrete, asphalt and steel. With its open cutting-face design, the MHS 14 cut-off saw is easy to use, even in demanding conditions. Compared to belt-driven saws, the MHS 14 has a simple, direct-driven configuration for low maintenance. The weight of the MHS 14 is 26 pounds and features a disc size of 14 inches. The cutting depth is five inches with a maximum pressure of 2,500 psi. Revolutions are 2,500 up to 4,000 with a speed of 151 to 246 feet per second. A water kit is available to provide a supply of cooling water where needed.

High power-to-weight
Heavy-duty cutting, impressively durable design, easy starts and comfortable handling are all in one easy-to-handle package in the new K 770 power cutter from Husqvarna. Fit the blade, fill the tank, prime, choke and pull the cord is all the user has to do. Customers will appreciate the power of the 74 cubic centimetre engine, the high torque and the five-inch cutting depth.  The Husqvarna K 770 offers a high power-to-weight ratio increasing the exactness and force of the cut, while the low weight and the vibration-damped chassis ensure comfortable handling during long work shifts. The spring-loaded, semi-automatic SmartTension technology makes it easy to ensure the drive belt is always kept in the correct tension, ensuring optimal power transmission as well as maximum life of the belt. And thanks to the new heavy-duty cutting arm with a three-bolt joint, longevity and durability is enhanced in all conditions.


Direct drive
Chicago Pneumatic (CP) cut-off hydraulic saws provide reliable cutting every time with the power to cut through the toughest materials from concrete to asphalt and steel. CP Saw 16 features a direct-drive configuration to reduce maintenance and has easy handling with an open cutting face to ease use even in demanding conditions. With the right blade, the saw will cut through concrete, asphalt and steel. Saw 16 is the biggest model in the CP cut-off saw portfolio, which also includes the smaller Saw 14. Without being connected to hoses, the weight of Saw 16 is 23 pounds and features a disc size of 16 inches. The cutting depth is 6.3 inches with a maximum pressure of 2,500 psi. Revolutions are 2,000 up to 4,000 with a speed of 138 to 279 feet per second. A water kit is available to provide a supply of cooling water where needed.

For the toughest conditions
The Hilti DSH 900-X is a hand-held gas saw with an easy-starting 87 cubic centimetre engine (automatic choke), for cutting to depths of nearly six inches. The easy-start technology eliminates the manual choke for more first-pull starts and significantly reduces risk of flooding.
Maintenance is simple, as each tool comes with a maintenance kit that includes spare starter cords, air filters, a spark plug and a fuel filter. Minor repairs and service can now be carried out simply and quickly on site. The innovative cyclone air filtration system uses centrifugal force to remove dust and debris from the engine air intake. Only the cleanest air from the centre of the cyclone is drawn in and passed through to the paper filter. This dramatically increases the filter’s lifetime and performance and cuts downtime on site dramatically. Thanks to Hilti’s Equidist technology incorporated in the production of its SPX premium blades, every diamond in the blade is precisely positioned in the segment for continuously high cutting performance. The new segment geometry optimizes the number of exposed diamonds leading to a higher cutting performance and extra-long lifetime, even under tough conditions highly reinforced concrete.

Works under water
Atlas Copco Power Technique features the LS 14 concrete saw that makes quick work of cutting concrete, asphalt and steel. The direct drive and simple machinery means high productivity and reduced maintenance, especially in comparison with belt-driven saws. Connected with hoses, the LS 14 weighs 26 pounds and features a disc size of 14 inches. The cutting depth is 5.2 inches with a maximum pressure of 2,466 psi. Revolutions are 2,500 up to 4,000 with a speed of 151 to 246 feet per second. Thanks to hydraulics and direct drive the concrete saw works well in underwater applications as well.

Reversible head
The Echo CSG-7410 features a 73.5-cubic centimetre, professional-grade, two-stroke engine with a four-stage air filtration system that protects the engine from harmful dust ingestion. The decompression valve creates an easier starter pulling effort and the momentary stop switch automatically returns to the “on” position. A purge bulb provides fresh fuel to the carburetor.
The CSG-7410 includes a side-access belt tensioner for easy belt adjustment and a reversible cutting head that can be moved to enable cutting near a wall or close to the ground. The aluminum handle has a rubber grip for comfort and vibration reduction. A brass water valve controls the flow of water with a quick-release hose adapter to attach the hose for the water supply. An abrasive wheel is included with a diamond wheel available.

Ideal for decorative work
The Ox Ultimate UMTC nine-inch curve cutting diamond blade has a depressed center for cutting radii in concrete products and stone. It is ideal for decorative patio work. This “must have” blade for landscape contractors is suitable for concrete products, slabs, natural stone and paving blocks.

For walk-behind cutters
Mega Premium green cured concrete diamond blades from Diamond Products comes with a .437-inch diamond depth with additional diamond concentration for longer life. The blades deliver extremely long blade life, especially in hard aggregates. Designed for the lowest diamond tool cost per inch foot in the industry, the blade has a one-inch arbor with a drive pin hole as standard. Custom arbor sizes and types are available. Additional blade sizes beyond what appears in the catalogue are available upon request. Mega Premium blades are for use on walk-behind saws. To ensure maximum performance, water is required to cool these blades during the cutting process.

Fast cutting
Norton Clipper high-speed saw blades provide hand-held convenience and super fast cutting. Attuned to maket needs, they provide noise-dampening steel cores, universal arbors and leading grain technologies to deliver innovation for success. Products are available in better (Charger) and good (Classic) tiers. Norton Clipper Type 01/41 circular saw wheels are designed for blocks, medium-hard buidling bricks, paving slabs, concrete roof tiles and other medium-hard materials. Dimensions are seven by 3/32 by 5/8 diamond with a maximum speed of 8,730 RPM.

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