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Seen at the shows: new product roundup 2016

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Here’s a look at some of the great technology on display across the country this show season.

Flame-resistant duct
This canvas-alternative duct is designed with a synthetic industrial fabric. The Arctic EconoRush provides a cost efficient solution for delivering heat to temporary or permanent structures. The material is not only water repellent, but odour-free. It comes in a safety orange colour for added job-site visibility. The treated fabric is water repellent, flame resistant, mildew resistant and has no smell. It comes with partial high heat flame resistant fabric lining for improved thermal resistance and burn-through prevention at the heater end to provide an excellent economical solution for heat delivery. The fabric offers continuous use to 163 C. It comes partially lined with high-heat fabric rated to 260 C for added protection near the heater unit. EconoRush passes flame-resistant testing to NFPA 701–10. The interlocking steel collars allow for easy connection to heaters and other ducts.

The spiral wire reinforced frame prevents collapsing and supports bending.

A strap closure system comes standard for secure duct compression during transport and storage. The Arctic EconoRush is available in 12- and 16-inch diameters and is sold individually boxed.

Enhanced durability
Like its larger G-Series siblings, the 35G is exceptionally durable. It shares many of the same uptime-boosting features such as powdered-metal oil-impregnated boom, arm and bucket bushings. Built with rigid reinforced D-channel side frames and heavy-duty X-frames, the 35G meets EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV engine standards.

A multifunction monitor displays vital machine info and the larger front windshield provides even better visibility. An additional service door provides easy access.

Mighty Magni
The brand new Magni RTH 5.35 offers one of the highest working heights among rotating telescopic handlers, reaching a maximum height of 35 meters with a load capacity of 2.2 tons. Despite its long reach, it remains a very compact machine being built on a chassis just 15 centimetres longer than the RTH 5.30, which has been reinforced to sustain the machine through all the strains of the lifting process. The cabin reflects all the high standards of the range, but has been moved forward to the front left corner to guarantee optimal visibility while driving. What is really innovative and original is the boom construction. It is made of six sections and two extension cylinders, both positioned on the outer side of the boom leaving more free space on the inside for hoses and pipes. This solution is optimal as hoses are protected inside the boom and are not exposed to hits or accidental damages. The internal hoses are of two types:  six-glued hoses and four-glued hoses, which eliminates the problem of friction or twisting in their movements. The boom is very innovative because software that controls the fifth section. This system has an industry-leading load chart under both the horizontal and vertical extension, and extends the fifth only when necessary and proportionate to the boom angle. The perforated structure of the boom’s element contributes to the capacity of the machine, allowing it to reach 2,200 kilograms of lifting capacity at maximum height. The Magni TH is equipped with a Mercedes engine meeting Euro IV Final with 231 horsepower, a Bosch Rexroth 125-cubic-centimetre hydrostatic pump and a Bosch Rexroth 150 cc hydrostatic motor. The hydraulic circuit mounts a 60 cc pump and a Sauer Danfoss distributor with seven elements and SIL 2 security level. The RTH 5.35 is also compatible with a fixed winch on the lower end of the boom.

Genie lamp
The Terex RL4 is a durable, cost effective solution for jobsite lighting. Designed to help get the job done on time and on budget, this model offers the right combination of capabilities and value.  It produces 4,000 Watts of light from four 1,000W metal halide lamps. Powered by a reliable Kohler engine and a six-kilowatt generator, it offers fuel-efficient operation with up to 90 hours of run time on a 45-gallon tank. The durable 23-foot, five-inch mast includes a dual self-braking winch design with 359 degrees of non-continuous tower rotation and a retractable mast cable. Standard engine protection includes high-water-temperature and low-oil auto shutdowns. The efficient design layout allows up to 17 units on a 48-foot trailer.

Easy access hatch
The Abbi Blue combines fuel and DEF in one bowser, eliminating the need for separate storage containers and streamlining the fuelling process for Tier 4 vehicles and machinery. With a 1,500-litre compartment for fuel and a 160-litre compartment for DEF, users can refuel Tier 4 vehicles and machinery more easily. The larger lockable equipment cabinet is capable of housing and protecting a variety of pumps and hose reels. The secure hose access ports enable fuelling while the cabinet is locked while also capturing spills, protecting equipment from theft or damage. Full load lifting eyes, internal baffles and forklift pockets provide secure and reliable mobility by crane or by forklift to or onsite. The access hatch enables easy access to the inner tank for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Two hydraulic pumps
The MultiOne S500 Series features a compact, clever, multifunction, diesel engine which provides power to work in all seasons. Developed from the S600, the S500 is available in two models: S520 and S525. Its general features are those which have always distinguished MultiOne: compact size (less than 2.5 meters in length), an articulated chassis, four-wheel-drive wheels, and a standard coupling plate to apply more than 170 different accessories. The main new features compared to the S600 are the 20-horsepower Kubota diesel engine for the S520 and a 25-horsepower Kubota diesel engine for the S525, both with three cylinders, water- and hydraulic oil-cooled. Finally, the telescopic boom, the floating system and the hydraulic system with two, full-time pumps make of S500 popular with customers looking for reliability and versatility.

Quiet power
Doosan Portable Power’s new range of small diesel rental generators features five models covering power nodes from 25 to 150 kiloVolt/amps. Powered by Tier 4-Final-compliant engines from Doosan and Cummins, these new models are engineered to provide the highest reliability while lowering the total cost of ownership. These innovative new models are the quietest generators Doosan has ever offered so rental users can be confident these units will provide the power and performance they demand, even in noise-sensitive applications. The easy-to-use operator interface features a digital display of key engine and generator parameters. The redesigned connection panel provides safe and easy power wiring installation. Standard units feature multi-voltage and 50/60 Hertz capability to meet a broad range of applications. Optional 240V-three-phase delta and 600V-three-phase capability are also available. State of the art engines from Doosan and Cummins provide leading fuel economy and performance while ensuring the compliance with the latest emissions standards. Components have been selected to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. The packages have been tested to meet the challenge of the harshest conditions and applications.

Better software, better service
Rental software solutions from Better Software include integrated order management with a simple workflow to create orders, look up customers and build quotes. Product or service availability, scheduling and history are all available from a single screen. The goal is to help rental stores deliver the best customer experience possible by having all customer data and order history at their fingertips when orders are created. Users can quickly service a customer knowing their preferences and previous purchases to create the order. Stores can keep inventory up to date and commit to delivery dates or schedules with easily accessed real-time information. Optimized Google maps routing powers the vehicle dispatch module to find the quickest way to and from job sites. Better Software keeps the user informed of where each employee is and lets them know the fastest route to their job sites. This feature keeps owners informed of their travels and also lets them know where employees are heading throughout the day. The inventory management module allows store managers to manage deliveries on a mobile device. They can create and manage products within the product catalog. Users can create associated products and packages, manage stock levels and pricing and quickly create reports to manage inventory levels and understand how to manage suppliers and lead times.

Mobile controls
The Silent Messenger MTO message board is a rugged, portable, changeable message board designed to provide communications to improve traffic flow and safety in Canadian highway work zones. The message board measures 126 inches wide by 76 inches high, and is powered by a combination of solar panels and batteries mounted on a sturdy steel trailer with a lift and rotating, telescoping mast.

The sign comes with an integrated modem, GPS, and free five-year cellular service. Used with SolarTech’s Command Center software for remote communications messages can be changed and managed remotely from an office PC or a smartphone. The touchscreen controller needs no manual – it’s that easy to use. The touchscreen includes intuitive icons for easy use and the capability to switch languages with one click. Message changes can be scheduled capability and the system is fully networkable and NTCIP version 2-compatible with automatic software upgrades.

Command Center software allows users to track the equipment using the built-in modem and GPS system, accessing units from a map or list. Units can be controlled individually or by remote to keep tabs on the whole fleet with no more misplaced equipment, fewer problems and less downtime. Users can build a message library, share messages between boards, schedule messages and more. The can get automatic email notifications when a message changes, if the battery voltage is low, if a panel fails or the unit moves.

No need to tow
Some rental companies have said that when they get a small contractor or homeowner who needs to rent a breaking tool more powerful than an electric breaker, or to do a small sandblasting job, many times what is offered is a large tow-behind compressor that may seem too large and may overwhelm to the point where they may not rent. Con X Equipment offers an alternative in the form of an air compressor called X Air, model SC 70. This is a 70-cubic-feet-per-minute, gas-driven compressor with a Honda 20.8 horsepower engine weighs only 298 pounds. Because of its very small size (34 by 26 by 23 inches) it fits in the back of the smallest station wagon. The product can power a 60-pound or even a 90-pound demolition breaker, as well as being able to sandblast with up to a 3/16 nozzle and a 100-pound pot. Customers can avoid having to tow a unit with their car, reduce their energy costs and easily manoeuvre on small job sites and confined areas such as elevators. For smaller rental companies who only have electric breakers on rent and are looking to upgrade to more power, the X Air SC 70 is a suitable way to go, delivering power, portability and versatility while fitting easily into the store. The X AIR SC 70 can also run other air tools such as rock drills, chippers, post pounders, underground piercing tools, cut off saws, or winterizing sprinkler systems.

Talk next to it
Customers said they wanted a portable fan big enough to provide serious airflow, but small enough to go wherever they need a breeze, indoors or out. Big Ass Fans has delivered with Black Jack. Designed with versatility in mind, Black Jack and its 6.5-foot frame fits through standard interior doorways and plugs into any 110V power supply, drawing less power than a toaster: only seven amps at top speed.

Black Jack moves air up to 120 feet  – one-third the length of a football field – yet it’s so quiet it won’t drown out nearby conversations. The attractive, matte-black finish makes it perfect for events such as weddings and commencement ceremonies, where comfort is necessary, style is appreciated and silence is golden. It’s also ideal for athletic facilities, warehouses and tight corners just about anywhere. Arriving fully assembled, Black Jack is a plug-and-play air movement solution. Just roll it off the pallet, plug it in and cool down. Black Jack is also wet rated, so it can be hosed down for easy cleaning. The 25-foot power cord extends versatility and mobility, while the gearless direct-drive motor keeps Black Jack quiet and energy efficient.

Rarely needs adjusting
Building upon the reputation of the Mark I Series, the Mark II TrimMaster arrives with leading technologies such as the Power Lock bar and PowerSlot technology for easier bending, making smaller “J” channels and hollow core hinge extrusions for added strength. Users have the ability to make fine-tune adjustments to the brake, though they rarely have to. The ultra-high-molecular-weight wedges are independently adjustable and replaceable should the occasion ever arise. A Van Mark brake is designed as the closest thing to a “non-adjustment” brake available.

The Mark II TrimMaster Commercial brake has additional “C” castings to handle medium- grade metals with ease. Like the Contractor, the Commercial model provides all the bending power needed without sacrificing one of the most important features in a job site brake: portability.

Fast up
The HA46 RTJO from Haulotte features performance and ease of use with an industry-leading working envelope and outreach. It boasts a fast lifting speed of 48 seconds with fully proportional and simultaneous movements. Designed for easy transport and excellent durability, the HA46 comes with rugged hoods and ergonomic handles. The long-lasting structural design is easy to maintain. The fully modular basket with an upper control box cover and tool tray is convenient for operators and keeps snow and rain out of the controls. Service personnel have easy access to all components and there is a self-diagnosis tool on the lower control box.

Helps retain employees
TotalGuard is Western Financial Group’s proprietary employee benefits program that provides comprehensive life, health and dental plans to over 1,300 independent Canadian businesses. Through TotalGuard, clients are provided the product and all related services such as invoicing/billing, production of booklets, day-to-day administration, analytical support, new business sales and ongoing service support. With all these services under one roof, TotalGuard is unique and economically superior to the traditional method of purchasing employee benefits coverage.

TotalGuard’s many economic and administrative efficiencies can generate not only immediate premium savings but also and more importantly long-term rate stability. TotalGuard is designed to help efforts to attract and retain employees, creating a more efficient and productive work force.

Perfected design
The Foreman is a vented portable heater ideal for providing dry, clean heat into insulated spaces, work areas, heating docks or anywhere 100 per cent clean air is needed. L.B. White’s ductable Foreman heater features a fuel-saving high efficiency heat exchanger, quiet operation, and high CFM. L.B. White has perfected every aspect of the portable construction heater design to withstand harsh working environments.  The Foreman is a 500,000 BTU-per-hour model with liquid propane/natural gas dual fuel switches with the push of a lever and air recirculation options. The heater is ductable with two 12-inch or one 16-inch duct. Separate diagnostic light panels are provided for the burner and the rest of unit, along with dependable electronic spark ignition. Foreman heaters are stackable and feature a quiet burn with high CFM. The rugged, urethane wheels don’t go flat, yet absorb bumps like pneumatic tires. A remote thermostatic control available, as is an optional rain cap and steel exhaust pipe extension. The design offers easy access to the rear panel for maintenance. Foreman heaters are easy to transport with a top lifting bale and bottom fork pockets.

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