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It was a bumper crop of new products in Orlando this year.

JCB gets a lift
JCB has signaled its intention to become a major player in the $8-billion global powered-access market with the launch of a range of scissor lifts and articulated and telescopic booms. By the end of the year, the company will offer 27 totally new access platforms, covering more than 80 per cent of the access rental market. JCB has been developing and engineering this line-up of powered access machines in secret for the past two years, and all models have been certified by TUV to ensure the highest quality standards. The machines also comply with the latest ANSI and CSA legislation. The line-up will include nine electric scissor lifts from 15 to 45 feet;
three diesel rough-terrain scissor lifts; four diesel articulating booms from 50 to 80 feet; one electric articulating boom with a 45-foot working height; and 10 diesel telescopic booms from 65 to 135 feet. ConExpo-ConAgg provided the global launch for JCB’s telescopic and articulated boom platforms, with the 50-foot AJ50D diesel articulated boom taking centre stage on the company’s stand in the Gold Lot. The machine is powered by a Tier-4-Final JCB diesel by Kohler engine, as are the remaining articulated and all telescopic platforms. Load capacities range from 500 to 550 pounds, enough for two occupants and tools. The four diesel articulated-boom models will be offered with four-wheel drive and two-wheel steer, delivering up to 40 per cent gradeability and a maximum stowed driving speed of up to seven kilometers per hour. These will be joined by the 45-foot platform height AJ45E electric-powered, articulating-boom model in Q3. The electric model has two-wheel drive and two-wheel steering, with up to 30 per cent gradeability. An extensive range of 10 diesel-powered telescopic booms will be added throughout 2017.

The Doosan Portable Power RX-304H upright rammer is built for the compaction of materials ranging from mixed and cohesive soils to heavy clay. The model is ideal for a wide array of applications, including backfilling and narrow trench compaction such as utility work, trenching, curbing, drainage work, and foundation and masonry base preparation. The RX-304H comes standard with a Honda recoil-start, four-cycle engine. Impact force is applied to the compacted material by a durable wooden foot reinforced with a heavy steel plate for extended life. The average impact per blow is 3,000 pounds with up to 650 blows per minute. Featuring a low-profile, lightweight design, and a low center of gravity, the RX-304H self-balances — providing greater manoeuverability and control around jobsite obstacles. A four-point isolation and vibration-reducing grip minimizes operator fatigue and prolongs the life of the rammer components.


Superior dust collection
Hilti is expanding its SDS-max rotary hammer portfolio with the introduction of the Hilti TE 50-AVR SDS-max rotary hammer with chiseling. Designed to be powerful and lightweight, the Hilti TE 50-AVR delivers superior performance in multiple applications, including hammer drilling in concrete, masonry and stone. It can also make quick work of light- and medium-duty chiseling in masonry and concrete. This new SDS-max rotary hammer features Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) that reduces vibrations by up to two thirds that of competitor models. This helps keep users comfortable and productive all day long. The TE 50-AVR also has a detachable cord, which helps to reduce cord damage and wear. This cord simply snaps out if too much tension is applied, and it can easily be reconnected for quick field replacement of damaged cords. Weighing in at just 13.4 pounds, the Hilti TE 50-AVR is the lightest SDS-max rotary hammer in Hilti’s TE-Y class. While hammer drilling, the combihammer has an optimal hole diameter range of ½ inch up to 1 1/4 inch but can drill holes up to 1 9/16 inch in diameter. The TE 50-AVR can also handle percussion coring applications up to 3-1/4 inches in diameter. When the TE 50-AVR is outfitted with a Hilti TE-YD hollow drill bit and attached to the Hilti VC 20/40 vacuum, the user can virtually eliminate dust created during the drilling process and remove the need for subsequent hole cleaning when used with Hilti HIT-HY 200 or HIT-RE 500 V3 adhesive anchors.

Extended reach
The Genie SX-135XC self-propelled telescopic boom lift delivers superior outreach and capacity throughout the full working envelope for great operational accessibility. The first model in the new Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) family, the Genie SX-135XC boom lift is packed with features, including 90 feet of outreach, a 660-pound unrestricted lift capacity, the ability to work 19 feet, 8 inches below grade and a 12-foot-11-inch by 13-foot-six-inch compact footprint. Built to safely and quickly lift operators to the full platform height of 135 feet in 2 1/3 minutes and drive enabled at full height, the Genie SX-135XC boom lift will position workers and gear exactly where they are needed. It’s powerful enough to work on most jobsites with a Deutz TD2.9 L4 74-horsepower Tier 4/Stage 3B emissions-compliant diesel engine with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer capabilities.  

Hard steel plate
Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment has launched the MV224 to expand its lineup of forward and reversible plate compactors. The new plate compactor is a gasoline model that is powerful, durable with outstanding resistance to wear and tear and operates at a high speed for increased efficiency on the job site. The new model features a 19.7-inch plate width with a bottom plate that is made of Hardox 400 steel, a multi-use, abrasion-resistant steel at a hardness of 400 Brinell. The steel plate resists wear while maintaining good bendability.  The MV224 delivers nearly 8,100 pounds of centrifugal force at 3,500 vibrations per minute and speeds up to 82 feet per minute. The Honda engine is well protected by a heavy-duty frame. With regulated speed and compaction depth, control of the forward and reversible movement is made easy. Vibration-dampened handles enable smooth, consistent operation that helps achieve optimum compaction levels.

Many dust management options
Husqvarna Construction Products has launched a new range of equipment for efficient dust and slurry management. The company recently acquired Pullman Ermator, a world-leading manufacturer of dust and slurry management systems for the construction industry. During World of Concrete, 13 new dust and slurry management products were introduced for the Americas market. These include three-phase HEPA dust extractors and pre-separators for heavy jobs, wet/slurry vacuums, singlephase HEPA dust extractors and portable HEPA air scrubbers.

More power to attachment
Ditch Witch has introduced the construction-grade SK1050 mini skid steer, ideally-suited for a variety of demanding landscape, hardscape and irrigation jobs. The unit improves versatility and productivity by directing more hydraulic power to the attachment. Equipped with a 37-horsepower Tier 4 Yanmar diesel engine, the SK1050 directs 30-horsepower to the attachment, giving operators the power to tackle an assortment of challenging tasks with more efficient and productive use of hydraulic attachments including trenchers and augers. The attachment horsepower, combined with 15 gallons-per-minute auxiliary flow and 3,625-psi pressure, leads to quicker jobsite cycle times making crews more efficient and decreasing overall labour costs. With a hinge-pin height of 83 inches, the SK1050 enables efficient and flexible loading and unloading at a wide range of dump sites.

Significant upgrades
Takeuchi-US featured the TB240 in its lineup of excavators. The TB240 delivers increased performance, greater working range, improved operator comfort, and improved serviceability. This model includes several advanced features including an EPA Final Tier 4-compliant engine, greater hydraulic performance, advanced multi-function electronic displays and spacious operator stations with precision pilot controls, improved visibility and deluxe suspension seats. With an operating weight of 8,289 pounds, the TB240 compact excavator delivers an impressive 9,959 pounds of bucket digging force — nearly 15 per cent more than the previous TB235. The Tier 4 computer-controlled Yanmar engine provides over 35 gross horsepower, an increase of over 20 per cent and features new working modes Eco and Power for greater performance.

Hauling in any conditions
Toro has announced the launch of an all-new, patent-pending tracked mud buggy, the MB TX 2500 as an innovative solution for the concrete placement and material handling equipment categories. The unit can carry up to 2,500 pounds of material and the 25 horsepower Kohler Confidant engine delivers the proper power to tackle even the toughest hauling jobs. Additionally, the MB TX 2500 can reach transport speeds of up to six miles per hour in forward and three miles per hour in reverse to efficiently transport material around the jobsite. In terms of durability, the rugged Endless Kevlar reinforced tracks are built for high performance and offer outstanding traction for a wide range of terrain including hillsides, culverts and ditches. The unit also performs well in a variety of challenging conditions such as mud, gravel and even snow. The MB TX 2500 has a unique dump switch design that travels with the controls, ensuring that the dump switch is always at the operator’s fingertips.

Prevents oil dilution
Briggs and Stratton Commercial Power developed and patented the Vanguard TransportGuard engine feature to prevent damage caused by oil and fuel dilution during transportation. The innovation effectively reduces maintenance and increases productivity as it addresses a top problem faced by rental centers. TransportGuard’s simultaneous fuel/ignition shutoff ensures that fuel stays in place during transport, preventing fouled plugs, hydraulic lock, oil dilution and other costly problems.  In as little as 30 minutes, as much as five ounces of fuel can flow into an engine during transport due to jostling. This causes oil dilution, a costly problem in the rental industry that increases downtime and reduces revenue. It only takes a few ounces of fuel to dilute the oil and reduce its viscosity, which leads to more friction, increased wear and a shorter engine life. Fuel leakage can also foul plugs, create varnish, erode parts and saturate filters. TransportGuard comes standard on all Vanguard single-cylinder horizontal engines, which boast gross horsepower ratings from 5.5 to 10 horsepower.

Innovative blade stop
Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment has launched a new walk-behind power trowel line with three main models ideal for most concrete finishing applications. This includes the STG244 (24-inch blade diameter) edger, a standard robust workhorse with the STG375 (37-inch blade) and a high-capacity STG479 (47-inch blade) model for larger areas. The STG line is designed with the operator in mind. This includes user-friendly features and focuses on providing maximum safety for the operator. All versions feature QuickStop for safety, foldable low-vibration handles and a maintenance stand. With QuickStop, the blade rotation stops immediately with a zero-degree handle spin. Although blade-rotation is stopped, QuickStop does not shut off the engine when the trigger is released. Instead, the feature allows the speed to be adjusted without damaging the belt and clutch.

Larger telehandler
Linamar Corporation’s Skyjack division unveiled its new articulating boom SJ85 AJ and displayed the largest telehandler from its range during American Rental Association’s The Rental Show 2017 in Orlando, Fla. On display was the SJ85 AJ, which features a height of 85 feet, and the SJ1256 TH telehandler, which brings our superior load chart performance to the 12,000-pound lifting capacity market. The new SJ85 AJ articulating boom is engineered with simple reliability in mind and fills out Skyjack’s offering in the core 40-, 60- and 80-foot boom classes. The SJ85 AJ offers a platform height of 85 feet and up-and-over clearance of 34 feet, a dual capacity rating of 750 and 500 pounds. As with Skyjack’s SJ63 AJ boom, the SJ85 AJ features Skyriser true vertical rise and Speedyreach lifting efficiency. Other design features found only on Skyjack rough terrain booms are also found on the SJ85 AJ: Easydrive direction-sensing drive and steer controls maintain orientation regardless of the turret position over the chassis and Axledrive, an axle-based drive system for excellent rough terrain traction.

Includes video instructions
All new from the ground up, the Next Gen SC181H sod cutter from Billy Goat is built on a rugged foundation with a newly designed superstructure frame featuring 50 more pounds of steel and supports a robust new drive and cut system.  The machine’s new heavy-duty gear box and cutting system include oversized sealed bearings, tight shaft mounted eccentrics and a new one-inch lateral stability bar – all designed to perform in the industry’s most rugged conditions providing the next level in durability.  Billy Goat’s all-new “text to video” feature provides access via mobile device to a brief 90-minute on-demand operator training video by simply texting “sod” to the number 33988. This information is prominently displayed on the machine’s instruction panel. It offers rental stores and rental store customers alike quick and easy access to an operating overview when renting the Next Gen Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter.

Sounds the alarm
The new Genie Lift Guard contact alarm system can provide additional operator protection. The Lift Guard is engineered as an electronic secondary guarding system, designed to immediately activate and alert others that the operator may need help. This new accessory is configured as a standard accessory on most new Genie Z (articulated) and S (telescopic) boom lifts. It is active whenever the footswitch on the boom is enabled. The system features an activation cable fitted above the boom lift’s platform control panel. When pressure is applied to the cable, it disconnects and activates the system. When the system is activated, all machine lift and drive functions are stopped to prevent additional movement in the platform, as well as an alarm sounds and beacons flash, notifying everyone near the Genie boom lift that the operator may require assistance.

Redesigned mast
The Doosan Portable Power LSC light tower incorporates features that make it easy to own, use and maintain. Designed for reliability and durability, the LSC light tower is ideal for illumination of road and bridge construction, emergency and disaster relief, oil and gas drilling, mining, general construction and special events. The LSC portable light tower features a Kubota D1005 engine. This 1,800-rpm water-cooled diesel engine meets EPA Tier 4-Final emission regulations. The power rating of the LSC is six kilowatts with the utilization of a high output alternator. This voltage allows operators to illuminate the unit’s four 1,000-watt metal halide floodlights or light emitting diode (LED) lamps and utilize the receptacle power function simultaneously. Integrated hinges on the street-side provide easy access to the control panel and all interior general maintenance components.

Operator comfort foremost
Atlas Copco has introduced its PROi gas breaker with electronic fuel injection, offering significant benefits for users needing to break concrete, cut asphalt, tamp soil or drive ground rods. The Cobra PROi provides as much as 10 per cent more power than its predecessor, the PROe, at all working speeds, while optimal combustion reduces fuel consumption by as much as 10 per cent. Operators can start the breaker in almost any climate or at any altitude. An integrated mechanical fuel pump employs a unique system that maintains constant pressure to the regulator without electricity. Atlas Copco also designed the PROi with a custom electronic fuel injection system that uses just three psi, 40 psi less than standard EFI systems. This approach minimizes pressure variations and voids in the fuel, ensuring smooth running.

Fewer chain problems
The Classen Pro SA30 Stand-Aer stand-on aerator delivers high productivity for a variety of landscaping applications from residential properties to golf courses because of its high-quality components, speed and ergonomic controls. Classen, an industry-leading brand of commercial and residential turf care equipment, developed the Stand-Aer as part of Classen’s Pro product line for professional landscapers and rental centres. Classen designed the unit to protect wear parts and significantly minimize downtime. A cover for the chains decreases dirt and debris buildup, and Classen’s unique automatic chain tensioner reduces the likelihood of chain slippage and popping. Together, the components virtually eliminate the hassle of chain maintenance, a common problem in the industry. The unit also features Classen’s Hydra-Cool system, which feeds a circuit of coolant to the unit’s transaxles to prevent the drive system from overheating.

Great airflow
Little Wonder has introduced new accessories for its popular Optimax blowers. The accessories — a tool holder, parking brake and solid front wheel — add convenience and safety as well as increase durability on challenging terrain. The Optimax blower range, which includes eight self-propelled or push models, features an advanced impeller and aerodynamic design that results in 38 per cent more air movement than competitive blowers. Air speeds range from 143 to 179 miles per hour. The Optimax blowers’ advanced, all-steel impeller design and reverse-angled, seven-blade fan provide maximum airflow. Plus, the scrolled, aerodynamic air inlet maintains constant power and doesn’t clog if leaves are drawn in. A large, square discharge chute rides just two inches off of the ground, resulting in better movement of standing water and stubborn debris. Little Wonder uses an innovative split-stream air deflector on the 25-square-inch discharge chute.

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