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Rental product showcase: Seen at The Shows

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Shows across North America featured a vast array of new technology for the rental industry.

Flush out dust
American Pneumatic Tools introduced a retrofit dust suppression spray kit. The 36-inch spray kit attaches to all sizes of APT handheld breakers, rivet busters and chipping hammers.The versatile spray kit allows workers to flush out harmful jobsite dust before it becomes airborne, minimizing silica dust exposure. The kit comes equipped with a mist nozzle covering an 80-degree cone around the tool at 40 pounds per square inch of pressure. The nozzle easily attaches to a garden hose and is capable of producing six gallons of water per hour.

Operates in tough conditions
Atlas Copco has extended its light tower range with the launch of the HiLight V4W, a new model that has been designed to offer superior performance at high altitudes and in extreme weather conditions. The energy-efficient and durable light tower is robust enough to operate with minimum maintenance and provides  a reliable light source that supports safe and productive working conditions in construction and mining environments around the world. The HiLight V4W features an eight-kilowatt water-cooled engine with three cylinders. The adaptability of the unit is proven by its ability to perform at high temperatures, up to 122 F. The engine size and capacity was specifically chosen to enable the light tower to operate in hot, tough conditions. This enables it to cope with altitudes greater than 6,500 feet. High-altitude power de-rating will not affect the performance of the V4W. The need for regular refuelling is minimized due to the light tower’s large fuel tank that can hold up to 42 gallons, offering a run time of up to 90 hours and consuming only 0.45 gallons of fuel per hour. Atlas Copco’s new light tower is equipped with four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps, which can illuminate an area up to 43,000 square feet with an average brightness of 20 lux. The HiLight V4W includes a manually operated vertical mast, which rotates 360 degrees and provides a maximum operating height of 25 feet. To assist with the manual mast, Atlas Copco also provides an electric winch option. The mast can withstand wind speeds of up to 51 miles per hour.

Laser-clad blade
Billy Goat’s Next Gen hydro-drive 18-inch sod cutter now features an exclusive laser-clad cutting blade which provides a hardened leading edge that offers three times longer blade life. The blade has a uniquely coated edge with proprietary powder material. When tested in harsh sandy conditions, the blade showed 0.04 grams of edge loss over 180 hours of use compared to the same loss on other blades at only 60 hours of use. By retaining sharp blade edges longer, rental stores save blade replacement downtime and their customers enjoy a cleaner cut, easier handling and effortless advancement. The recently released Next Gen is built upon the most rugged frame in the industry and features a heavy-duty gear box and cutting system with oversized sealed bearings, tight shaft-mounted eccentrics and a one-inch lateral stability bar – all designed to perform in the industry’s most rugged conditions providing the next level in durability. The unit also features the popular variable speed fingertip control in both forward and reverse – similar to the innovative Billy Goat hydro-drive overseeder and brushcutter controls – for consistent feel, simple operation and reliability in any cutting conditions. Compared to multiple settings on other machines, the SC181H offers easy-to-use, set-and-forget blade depth adjustment where users can simply adjust depth to 2.5 inches with a single lever from the operator station. The unit comes with a rear caster wheel for curved cuts that locks when straight cutting. Unique drive wheels clear mud and improve grip for added control. For golf applications (softer touch, bent grass, shallow cuts) knobby tires are now available (model number SC181HG).

Automatic priming
Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique launched a new line of CCP vacuum prime centrifugal pumps at The Rental Show in New Orleans. The three pumps include four, six and eight-inch models. Efficient and versatile, these medium-flow pumps are suitable for many industries including construction, general de-watering and emergency applications, such as flood cleanup. The pump system consists of a centrifugal pump and an air and water separator, which enables air to be separated from the liquid and be sucked by a vacuum pump making automatic priming possible. Even with suction heights of several meters, the machine rapidly evacuates the air from the suction pipe and starts to pump. Furthermore, a semi-open impeller allows the CCP range to pump liquids with solids in suspension. All three sizes of unit feature rapid dry priming up to a height of 27.5 feet and a high resistance to abrasive liquids and sandy waters. A rotary vane vacuum pump is lubricated with an oil recovery system and coalescing filters, which will not contaminate the environment. Additionally, the cast-iron-lined wear plates are easily replaceable. The control panel includes a display with six languages, an hour meter, a rev counter, a battery voltmeter, a throttle rod or buttons and an emergency stop button. For safe operation, the engine automatically shuts down in the event there is low oil pressure or lack of battery charging, while an engine failure alarms with LED lights and a display message for the operator.

More seed rows
Classen now offers its Pro HTS20 hydro-drive overseeder. The self-propelled machine features the industry’s tightest blade placement, providing 13 seed rows in a 20-inch swath for a thicker, carpet-like coverage. The unit’s  double-edge, double-blade reel spaces the blades a narrow 1.5 inches apart to provide greater than 15 per cent more rows of seed than competitive units. Depth can be set in any of 10 settings from zero inches to 1.625 inches to attain the proper depth for the seed. This allows for better seed placement to refresh existing turf, establish new grass or tackle a weedy lawn.  Classen’s Pro Overseeder features a 40-pound-capacity floating seed box that follows the contours of the terrain whether it includes bumps, dips or uneven areas to ensure consistent seed placement. The floating seed box also locks in place for seeding on hills and slopes. A seed agitator inside the seed box breaks up seed clumps caused by dew and humidity. The hydrostatic drive delivers smooth power flow in forward and reverse. This means less physical strain and enhanced productivity. The nine-horsepower Honda engine offers operating speeds as fast as three miles per hour forward and 1.5 miles per hour reverse.

Two compressors in one
The Tier 4 Final–compliant P425/HP375 dual-pressure and dual-flow air compressor from Doosan Portable Power delivers the pressure and flow options typical of two units in a single air compressor. Operating at either 425 cubic feet per minute at 100 pounds per square inch or 375 CFM at 150 PSI, the variable settings are suited to a wide range of applications, including general construction, abrasive blasting and structural steel spray painting. Powered by a Cummins QSB 4.5-liter Tier 4 Final–compliant engine, the P425/HP375 offers the great performance and reliability expected from Doosan portable power air compressors. Emissions technology includes selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment, which is virtually maintenance-free.

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