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New Air Mover – the Quest Power AirMax

By Quest Construction Equipment   


August 31, 2015 - Quest Construction Equipment, a division of Therma-Stor LLC, has introduced a new air mover, the Quest Power AirMax.

The new AirMax is a radial air mover  featuring  exceptional ergonomics and compact size. The AirMax is the smallest radial air mover currently on the market. The unit is 8-7/8” tall, 17” wide, 20-1/2”and weighs a mere 21 lbs. Due to the innovative engineered housing design, when you stack these units, each additional unit only adds 8 1/8” of height due to the unique nesting feature of this air mover allowing the units to nest and lock firmly in place (up to 10 units high).

Among the many  features of this unit is the bi-directional cord wrap with a snap-lock plug providing very secure, out-of-the-way cord wrapping in either direction along with a cord lock on the cord itself. Also, the integrated handle will never break, works great for bookshelf stacking, will not bunch your fingers together as you carry the unit, and minimizes the risk for component failure.

At Quest, safety is first. Our GFCI is wired to protect the unit and all units downstream. Most competitive units must be plugged into a GFCI outlet to operate. The Quest engineers’ attention to detail on this unit is evident –  even down to the stainless steel fasteners used on the bracket to make sure no rust develops that might be transferred to the homeowner’s carpet.

The Patent Pending X-Bracket is the most precise and durable motor support in the market. The X-Bracket not only provides a less restrictive inlet for greater total airflow, but also allows the motor and electrical assembly greater clearance from the wet surface (6”). It is also simple to remove for easy cleaning and sanitizing of the fan housing. The durable robust motor support goes right along with our incredibly durable polypropylene housing to create one of the most durable rugged air movers you can find (same material used in the Ag industry).


Finally, with 925 CFM of even airflow at 1.9 amps, the AirMax is a leader in the Radial Air Mover class.

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