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Vacuum Excavators from Joe Johnson Equipment

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August 28, 2015 - If you have a tough job that your trailer-mounted Excavator doesn’t have enough suction power to handle and you can’t maneuver a full size Vacuum Truck around tight corners to get where you need to be, look no further than the Vactor HXX Prodigy, a.k.a. the HXX’ little brother.

Based on the increasing demand for this versatile power house, North-American infrastructure equipment specialist, Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE), just added six new Prodigy trucks to its ever-growing rentals fleet. In addition to over 50 full-size HXX units, the ready-for-work Prodigy can be rented from JJE to fill a short-term emergency need, temporarily expand your fleet or test this new equipment before making a purchase decision.

Prodigy customers appreciate the compact and maneuverable Vacuum Excavator as a true multi-purpose tool that has three times more suction power compared to trailers, is equipped with a 16’ hydraulic boom and can dig with air or water. Excavating using either air or water as a digging medium is an added advantage for utility contractors performing locates and line repairs. The Prodigy digs trenches and can pothole and daylight with ease, and it is also capable of towing up to 40,000 lbs to haul HDD drills or job supply trailers. A high pressure hot water supply allows for efficient jobsite and equipment cleanup.

For more uptime and lower operating costs, trust the Prodigy to outperform the competition in the toughest climatic and soil conditions.

For more information call: Tisyn Milne, Product Sales Manager, Joe Johnson Equipment 1-800-263-1262


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