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Upgrade your fleet while the snow is still on the ground. By spring it will be too late!

Gentle giant
The BTR 30 walk-behind turf roller from Brouwer is a gentle giant you can trust to start newly laid turf off healthy and strong. It is available with a traction or smooth drum with formed edges to prevent turf damage. It comes standard with two plugs for ease of draining or filling with water and a standard 3/16-inch heavy-duty drum. A 5.5 horsepower Honda engine coupled with a hydrostatic drive and fingertip controls allows easy manoeuverability even in the tightest areas. The total width is only 36 inches. It is also available with a power unit protection package providing a single lifting point. The heavy-duty BTR 30 comes with a foldable handle for easy transport and storage: a must for landscapers, contractors and rentals. For those who use manual rollers, the weight being applied is limited to what can be safely manoeuvered by a person. Most manually pulled rollers weigh between 150 to 300 pounds when filled, with the weight being distributed across the width of the roller. However, the forces exerted by the feet of the laborers to propel and manoeuver the manual roller are far greater. These dynamic forces often damage fresh turf or the grade of the soil below. Brouwer rollers weigh approximately 500 pounds empty and close to 1,000 pounds when full, making them more effective in varying conditions.

Drilling in overdrive
The Easy Auger II earth auger from MacKissic is constructed with a ¼-inch-thick steel frame. It provides up to 350 foot-pounds of torque for digging. Both the self-propelled and the non-self-propelled models feature a patented auger drive with a two-stage hydraulic pump. The two-stage pump allows the auger to gain torque and power through even the toughest of earths. It’s like having two gears, working just like overdrive in your car or truck. The Easy Auger has a pivoting engine cradle for ease of use and proper tongue weight distribution when towing. The handle swivels to allow for drilling holes on a hill or to angle holes. The tow cradle attaches to the engine cradle by inserting two pins. The self-propelled model requires one of the pins to be taken from the wheel drive so no damage is done to the machine while towing. Augers are available from two to 18 inches in diameter with a variety of teeth, bits, and extensions (up to 66 inches deep). The augers attach quickly and easily. Each auger comes standard with a 7/8-inch square hub, dirt teeth and pilot bit. Adapters are also available to use your existing bits on the Easy Auger: Stihl (1.125-inch round), General (one-inch round or 1.375-inch hex head), and Little Beaver (1.25-inch square). The manufacturer also carries a complete assortment of special duty pilot bits, teeth, extensions, and adapters.


Welded construction
Ebling Back-Blade snow plows are state-of-the-industry three-point hitch snow plows for tractors ranging from 35 to 200 horsepower. These plows can be fully extended 120 to 192 inches wide, depending on the tractor size. The Ebling Back-Blade uses one-piece all-welded construction on the mouldboard and wings and is maintenance-free with its breakaway hydraulic wings.   

High blade tip speed
The Ybravo Generation II 25-inch commercial mower is a must for any rental store. The Generation II is lightweight with easy-to-use control handles and offers side discharge, mulch or superior bagging performance of wet or dry grass with it’s high blade tip speeds. It includes a five-year commercial warranty. This Generation II mower will soon be a unit rental stores will want to retail as well.  

Blast through heavy brush
The Little Wonder brush mower carries a two-year rental store warranty and will navigate through brush and overgrown vegetation up to two inches thick. Its welded steel frame and 13-horsepower Honda engine provides excellent balance. It features variable speed with a fingertip forward- and reverse-controlled hydrostatic transmission. It’s built with strong linkages with no cables to get tangled in brush along with no-flat tires.  Users will navigate through weeds, heavy brush and overgrown vegetation with ease.

Installs dog fence
The multi-use Redefiner 450HA from Brown Manufacturing allows rentals stores to offer their clients three configurations; a bed redefiner, the WireMaster model to install invisible dog fencing or the standard sidewalk edger.  It features a Honda GX160 engine and bed redefining productivity of up to 60 feet per minute or dog fence installation up to 25 feet per minute. This commercial unit is light, easy to transport and manoeuverable making it ideal for home owners and contractors alike.   

Fast germination
Classen Pro HTS20 Hydro Drive Overseeder includes a unique 40-pound floating seed box to follow undulating terrain and 26 1-1/2-inch spaced slicing blades allowing for higher rates of germination.  Equipped with turf tread flotation tires for reduced soil compaction and single handle controls for forward and reverse, the fold-down handle provides easy transportation and storage.  

Speedy aeration
The Ryan Lawnaire ZTS is designed to be ground breaking, not back breaking. This stand-on zero-turn aerator has automatic chain tensioning on the main drive chains to ensure proper tension is maintained during operation. The aeration depth control device provides constant depth control up to five inches.  A shock-absorbing platform and convenient thumb controls on the steering handles make operation easy. It offers high productivity with the capability of covering two-and-a-quarter acres per hour at ground speeds up to seven miles per hour

Great reliability
The Barreto 30SG tracked hydraulic stump grinder uses a 31-horsepower Vanguard V-twin engine to power the two gear pumps that operate the cutting head and tracked drive. The hydraulic-driven, centre-mounted cutter wheel with green teeth swings 134 degrees to make quick work of stumps. Great reliability makes it a perfect addition to Barreto’s fleet of trenchers and tillers.

Spread the hard stuff
SnoWay poly dual-electric RVB spreaders are built with the professional contractor in mind. They are available in a variety of sizes from a 10-cubic-foot utility vehicle mount to large 2-1/2-yard truck-mount applications and are equipped with easy on/off rear spinners, tarps and tie down straps. The computerized controller is in conjunction with the two strategically located vibrators that allows the spreading of numerous wet or hard-to-spread de-icing products.  

Superior cut quality
The next generation of heavy-duty commercial mowers from Bob-Cat include five new models equipped with the 4400 Series integrated drive or with dual 12-cubic centimeter pump/motor drive systems. The Next Generation Series of Bob-Cat mowers includes the Predator-Pro 7000, ProCat 6000MX, ProCat 6000, ProCat 5000 and QuickCat 4000. The new high-production AirFX mowing deck offers a superior quality of cut. Built with operator comfort and an ergonomic design in mind, they are equipped with large tires, a large comfortable seat, almond-shaped steering handles, controls angled toward the operator for less fatigue and easy access service points.

Benchmark design
The Scag Turf Tiger II is a benchmark mower for commercial landscapers. With over 20 years of production, this rugged, high-production and operator-friendly unit sets a high standard. High-strength steel, heavy-duty spindles and a high-production PTO-driven deck are just a few of this mower’s outstanding characteristics. The optional Tiger Eye advanced on-board monitoring system keeps a constant real-time “eye” on important system functions allowing operators to cut all day long with peace of mind (standard on some models).

Superior stability
Toro recently introduced the all-new 28-inch hydro drive brush cutter, the BRC-28, to its rental product offering. The commercial-grade, self-propelled brush cutter is ideal for many applications and operators. Its durable components and superior engineering allow operators to level brush, tall weeds, saplings, small trees and heavy vegetation with ease. The Toro hydro drive brush cutter can handle brush up to six feet tall and saplings up to two inches in diameter, thanks to its heavy-duty flail blade assembly. Featuring a pivoting deck, the hydro drive brush cutter also delivers a 3-3/4” height-of-cut. In terms of operation, a two-step blade engagement and controls that enable the operator to manoeuver the machine in forward or reverse with one hand ensure that the BRC-28 is as easy to use as it is dependable. With increased stablity, the standard six-inch, two-ply, sealant-filled, aggressive tread tires provide effective traction for brush removal projects on slopes or in ditches. The new unit also features quality components, including a high-strength steel deck with large diameter pulleys that optimize the longevity of the belts. Powered by a 452-cubic centimeter Toro engine, the BRC-28 is both powerful and durable. Furthermore, the unique blade design reduces impacts to the unit while a 1-3/8-inch spindle shaft saddle prevents the blade bolt from loosening during normal operation. These features combine to make an extremely reliable product, capable of handling a wide variety of challenging conditions.

Versatile post driver
Rhino Gas Powered Driver (GPD45)
Like the Rhino Ranch-Pro and Fence-Pro, the Rhino gas-powered driver is powered by a Honda four- cycle engine, but the Multi-Pro has been engineered with increased driving dynamics needed to drive larger posts and achieve the versatility to take on more post-driving applications. The design includes ergonomically balanced cushioned grip handles, Rhino CIS anti-vibration dampening, the Rhino Tension Grip crankcase cover for fast inspection and maintenance and the Rhino Chuck-Lok adapter system that allows the operator to quickly install post adapters in the field including one- to 2-3/8-inch round posts. The Multi-Pro versatile external chuck design can be configured for driving 1.2- to four-pound channel posts, tent stakes, 1-3/4- to 2-1/2-inch square sign posts or square sign post anchors with a drive cap.

Floating above it all
The 20-inch BlueBird Hover Mower uses a 4.4 horsepower Honda engine. The HM160 and HM200 units with their proprietary flail blade configurations are ideal for contractors and homeowners to achieve the perfect cut around hard-to-reach places like retention ponds and drainage ditches. The ease of use created by their precision air cushions will significantly improve productivity over conventional stick and wheeled trimmers for those contractors who want to increase their throughput and profit. The HMG160 and HMG200 units with their proprietary encased blade or string cutting heads are perfect for golf course and country clubs for that precision cut around bunkers and areas that are impossible to access with conventional mowers. The air cushion provides that perfect cut even in the most challenging terrain. Bluebird engineers carefully developed the cutting systems found in the BlueBird HM series with choices of reversible stainless steel blades, reversible nylon swing blades or triple-edged co-polymer string.

Tines up front
The Bannerman BA-4 Air-Ject aerator is a commercial-grade self-propelled, walk-behind aerator. The Air-Ject can now be fitted with a total of four different types of tines: core, slitter, fracture and spiker. Its compact size allows for easy and safe operation in confined areas, and less operator fatigue. The new tine reel assemblies allow for smoother operation, and more holes per square yard.  The unique front tine reel system allows for more manoeuverability and speed.  Simply tilt back and turn; no more lifting and lowering like a rear-tine aerator. Ballast weight bars maintain maximum penetration in the ground. The engine is a four-cycle Honda GX120 with four horsepower with six-to-one gear reduction. The working weight is 240 pounds at 27 inches wide. There are four bar weights at 16 pounds each.

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