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Lawn care showcase 2017

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Help your landscaping clients prosper with these rental-ready lawn care products.

Easy depth adjustment
The Brown/Trenchmaster R450 Bed Redefiner saves landscapers time and money. This light manoeuvrable unit makes easy work of maintaining beds. This versatile Honda-powered redefining Edger can also be adapted to install dog fencing and edge sidewalks. The depth can be easily set by adjusting the front wheel to a depth of six inches. With the multi-pronged reel, it will pulverize the soil, blending it into the bed.

Milwaukee enters the market
Milwaukee Tool has made a strong introduction into the outdoor power equipment industry with three core landscape maintenance tools: the M18 Fuel String Trimmer, M18 Fuel Blower, and M18 Fuel Hedge Trimmer. These new tools are fully compatible with more than 125 solutions on the M18 battery system. The string trimmer has the power to clear thick brush, reaches full throttle in under one second, and provides up to an hour of run-time per charge. The motor is positioned in the rear of the trimmer to provide the best combination of power, balance, and manoeuverability. The blower has the power to clear from 15 feet and provides long, max CFM run-time. The Powerstate brushless motor and Redlithium High Demand 9.0 battery provide and excellent combination of power and run-time. The increased power can clear leaves, jobsite debris, and clippings in a single pass and from a further distance, increasing productivity. The hedge trimmer has the power to cut ¾-inch branches, cuts up to 30 per cent faster and provides up to two hours of run-time per charge. The handle placement and weight distribution provide a good combination of balance and control.  The 24-inch blade trims more material in a single pass, increasing reach and productivity, while the blade tip guard prevents damage to the property and the blades.


Limited Maintenance
Barreto offers a full line of wheeled and track trenchers along with reliable hydraulic-driven tillers. The 912 Mini Heavy Duty trencher, which is available in 12-,18- and 24-inch trenching depths is powered by a nine horsepower Honda motor. This fully hydraulic-driven operator-friendly unit requires limited maintenance at a reasonable cost.

For the big jobs
The Stihl BR 700 is a suitable backpack blower for landscapers, municipal workers and stadium clean-up crews who would benefit from the extra power of the BR 700 to effectively gather up leaves, clippings and litter. It is equipped with the advanced Stihl 4-Mix engine to provide lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. The ergonomic design of the BR 700 provides improved user comfort with a new tool-less adjustable-length blower tube and handle. The switch position on the control handle is conveniently always in the “on” position for a quick and simple start. The features of the BR 700 make it the premium choice for urban and rural areas that require heavy-duty cleanup.

Improved warranty
The Bob-Cat CRZ offers higher quality commercial-grade features and components than other brands in the same price range. With deck sizes of 48, 52 and 61 inches, it gives the rental customer multiple choices. Bob-Cat mowers are backed by the Pro-Cat Commercial Warranty of six years or 2,750 hours. In addition to the free extended warranty, Bob-Cat offers a lifetime warranty on its deck and frame.

Easy to manoeuvre
The BTR 30 walk-behind turf roller from Brouwer is a gentle giant you can trust to start newly laid turf off healthy and strong. Available with a traction or smooth drum with formed edges to prevent turf damage, it comes standard with two plugs for easy draining or filling with water and a standard 3/16-inch heavy duty drum. A 5.5 horsepower Honda engine coupled with a hydrostatic drive and fingertip controls allow easy manoeuverability even in the tightest areas. The total width is only 36 inches. It is also available with a power unit protection package providing a single lifting point. The heavy duty built BTR 30 roller comes with a foldable handle for easy transport and storage: a must for landscapers, contractors and rentals. For those who use manual rollers, the weight being applied is limited to what can be safely manoeuvered by a person. Most manually pulled rollers weigh between 150 to 300 pounds when filled, with the weight being distributed across the width of the roller. However, the forces exerted by the feet of the labourers to propel and manoeuver the manual roller are far greater. These dynamic forces often damage the fresh turf or the grade of the soil below. Brouwer rollers weigh approximately 500 pounds empty and close to 1,000 pounds when full, making them more effective in varying conditions.

Maximum power
The gas- or diesel-powered Turf Tiger from Scag is built for high power and durability. With ground speeds up to 12 miles per hour, the Turf Tiger can cover large areas in a short period of time. The simple, trouble-free shaft-drive cutter deck means a minimum of maintenance is required. The double-tube steel main frame gives the mower added strength and durability. Folding ROPs, replaceable front caster extensions and large reliable spindles makes this unit special. Scag Mowers make a large range of commercial mowers to fit any mowing market.

Tight blade placement
The Classen HTS-20H Pro Hydro-Drive self-propelled overseeder makes seeding easier. It includes both forward and reverse drive by single-hand control. With a unique floating 40-pound seed box and 26 slicing blades spaced 1.5 inches apart, the HTS-20H features the industry’s tightest blade placement providing carpet-like coverage. The Honda motor delivers extra power at any one of the 10 different depth positions. The folding handle makes storage and transportation simple and easy.

No cables
The Little Wonder Hydro Drive brush cutter navigates through heavy brush and overgrown vegetation up to two inches with ease with no cables, just solid rod linkage to the transmission, parking brake and cutter blade clutch. The easy-to-use hydraulic lift and lowering lever makes going over obstacles easy. Also, the easy-to-understand operator panel makes renting this – and all models – very easy for the rental store. This bush cutter is backed by a two-year rental store warranty.

Revolutionary chain tensioning
The Ryan ZTS stand-on aerator grips the terrain and is capable of aerating 2 1/4 acres per hour with a ground speed up to seven miles per hour. This Ryan Aerator has a shock-absorbing platform, rapid lift and lower finger tip controls with a range of two- to five-inch aeration depth settings. This well designed unit comes with a revolutionary chain-tensioning system and additional weight on the front to safely climb hills. This state-of-the art unit is already the choice of grounds maintenance professionals due to its reliability and superior construction for years of reliable, safe operation. The Ryan unit is also available from Classen Turf.

Great on wet grass
The Y-Bravo 25-inch BBC commercial lawnmower is powered by either a Honda or Kawasaki motor. This mower comes with a two-speed heavy duty transmission and a Hi-Vac rear bagging system with a no-cost mulching plug. The gusseted handles, interchangeable front and rear tires, extra strong front axel and replaceable deck skirt with few replacement parts required makes for years of successful commercial use. In wet grass this unit will excel due to the velocity of the blades and extra large grass bag.

Spread the tough stuff
This poly dual-variable-speed electric v-box spreader has a direct drive gear box to operate the bottom auger powered by 1/2-horsepower motor along with a 1/3-horsepower motor operating the rear spinner. The PDE spreader family comes a ribbed poly hopper and a stainless steel spinner frame. The operator is able to spread wet sand, salt and pea gravel. Sno-Way also produces a full line of commercial truck plows with down pressure and a wireless remote.

Supports multiple attachments
The Turf Teq Model 1305PR1 power rake is the perfect tool for all types of seedbed preparation and turf renovation. The Power Rake has a 36-inch-wide drum with welded teeth and is designed to dig and scuff up the soil. It can be angled left or right from the operator position. The unit features a 13 horsepower Honda engine, fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission, a differential lock and multi-use attachment interchangeability. The power rake tractor can also be used to operate a power edger, power broom, brush cutter or plow for all-season use.

Fits into the backyard
Domax Construction Equipment has introduced a new muck truck. The H-Max features a Honda GXV 160 5.5 horsepower engine and is capable of carrying 1,000 pounds in its powder-coated box. The width of this unit is 30 inches, which will enable backyard access through most fence doors. The transmission is a heavy-duty peerless transaxle capable of speeds up to 3.5 miles per hour. This unit is an excellent addition to any rental fleet and is geared towards the professional contractor.

Always ready to go
ProBarrow is a professional-grade electric-powered wheelbarrow that was designed, built and tested here in Canada. The company was launched in January 2016 after the patent-pending milestone. They have been on the market for one year and have a solid rental and consumer customer base. New for 2017, ProBarrow has added a line of attachments and accessories to make the product even more versatile. The additions include a large flat deck, a high volume mega drum, exchangeable battery packs, flat free tires and they are currently developing other value-added attachments. ProBarrow was created to fill a void in the market for a product that is easy to operate and capable of navigating today’s smaller and less accessible work sites. It was developed by contractors and tested by landscape professionals in real work scenarios. This process has resulted in a unique material handling device with the power of a machine yet the nimbleness and safe manoeuvrability of a manual wheelbarrow. It was designed as an electric machine from the ground up. The company understood the many benefits of electric power for both the environment and functionality. Electric power means always on, ready to work without the interruption of starting a noisy distracting gas engine. The electronic drivetrain also allows for unmatched control and intuitive use.

Means business
The 1600 Series II Turbo wide-area mower from John Deere means business. With sweeping deck coverage, an innovative baffling system that virtually eliminates clumping and wings that follow ground contour, the 1600 delivers a consistent quality cut. And thanks to an on-demand full-time rear wheel drive and an advanced top-draw cooling system, it can keep at it acre after acre.  The 1600 Series II is powered by a liquid-cooled, turbocharged, four-cylinder, diesel engine. Reliable operation and maximum productivity is guaranteed with the 1600 Series II Wide Area Mower hydrostatic transmission. An innovative, exclusive air-intake system draws clean air from the top of the machine instead of the rear, helping to keep the radiator clear and the engine from overheating. The 1600 Series II is equipped with a 62-inch center deck and two 42-inch wings.

features for pros
TurfEx has introduced the TT5000 Spread-N-Spray, with advanced features to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of lawn care professionals. The new unit boasts a new standard height-adjustable boom kit that maximizes spray width while minimizing waste. The TT5000 is driven by a seven-horsepower Subaru EX210 engine with electric start and a 0.95-gallon fuel tank. Its heavy-duty Peerless transmission has two forward gears, neutral and reverse, with a top operating speed of five miles per hour. A hand-operated transmission disc brake and foot-controlled sulky band brake allow smooth, confident operation of the unit, and the machine’s low center of gravity further increases the safety of the TT5000. An integrated 17-gallon tank system has a single rapid-fill port for easy filling, and a balanced design for enhanced stability. To apply the liquid, the TT5000 includes a front-mounted 84-inch stainless steel boom, which can spray between six and 12 feet wide for general spraying, or three feet wide for trim. The boom wings can be folded for travelling through fence gates and other confined areas, and they include spring-activated tripping mechanisms to help prevent damage if the boom strikes an obstacle. A professional-duty spray wand with 10-foot hose also comes standard. The unit’s electric pump can be turned on while the engine isn’t running, allowing the operator to spot spray using only battery power.

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