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Here are our favourite compact-equipment products for October

By Canadian Rental Staff   


Portable, versatile and powerful – compact utility vehicles are perfect for any rental fleet.

Skid steer excavator
Mecalac has introduced a line of crawler skid-excavators, the MCR series. Comprised of three models –the 6MCR, 8MCR and 10 MCR – the line is designed for superior speed, productivity and compact operation. The machines provide the swiftness of a skid steer with the 360-degree rotation of an excavator for extra versatility and travel speed. A compact footprint brings Mecalac’s signature end-user-focused design to new applications and industries for increased safety, sustainability and efficiency. The new MCR series features a hydrostatic transmission and strong drive motors. A dedicated pump drives the motor, allowing for higher speeds than traditional mini excavators. Each of the three machines is capable of travel speeds up to 10 kilometers per hour. This significantly reduces time spent traveling across jobsites, resulting in faster cycle times and less unnecessary downtime. On the jobsite, the MCRs’ versatility increases productivity and reduces congestion. This is due in part to the company’s patented quick coupler, Connect. The advanced system allows operators to quickly transition between attachments — such as pallet forks or digging buckets — without leaving the cab. Additionally, once the pins are engaged, Connect reduces the risk of dropping a bucket. Using a range of attachments, contractors can easily do the job of several machines with a single unit, freeing up resources and space without sacrificing efficiency. With a skid bucket attachment, contractors can move up to .98 cubic yards of material at top speed or rest the bucket against the blade for applications such as grading and ground leveling. This feature stabilizes the bucket, distributing the forces to the frame of the machine and reducing stress on the boom, prolonging component life. MCR units combine Mecalac’s three-part arm and a rotating ability to deliver superior performance. The extended range of movement increases flexibility and reach while minimizing unnecessary movement, allowing operators to do more from a single position or within confined spaces. The three-part arm can also be tucked in, even with a full bucket, allowing for extra compactness and mobility without overbalancing the unit in the front — resulting in a true zero-turn radius. In addition, the boom system gives the MCR high lifting capacities. 

Skid steers online
Yanmar Compact Equipment North America has launched a website dedicated to its lines of compact equipment. The site comes as one of many new investments Yanmar is making in the North American market and corresponds to the company’s initiative to adopt a customer-focused approach in every facet of its business. The new website is designed to make it fast and easy for users to find information on the Yanmar brand and the compact equipment products offered in North America. It requires fewer clicks to reach product and industry pages and the intuitive layout makes it simple to locate desired information, in addition to improving the site’s visual appeal. Practical features add more usability to the site. A new build and price tool allows users to customize a machine with the configurations they are most interested in. They can then submit the configuration and be contacted by a dealer with a quote. Site visitors can also visit the news page to stay current on the latest updates from Yanmar Compact Equipment and read helpful articles. Users can sign up for Yanmar’s newsletter to receive news and updates directly in their inboxes.

Powered up
ASV has launched a new compact track loader, the Max-Series RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track loader. Featuring 10 percent more horsepower than the previous version, the RT-120, the 12,990-pound RT-135F gives operators the ability to maintain excellent machine performance while operating high-flow attachments. That high power is paired with a premium operator experience, as the completely upgraded loader is part of the new Max-Series lineup with all the line’s superior comfort and ease-of-use features standard. Outfitted with forestry-rated guarding and safety features, the new machine is ideal for brushcutting, mulching, land clearing and other high-flow applications. The machine’s Cummins engine boasts 132 horsepower. That, combined with a 50-gallon-per-minute maximum auxiliary flow and an oversized auxiliary pump capable of 66 gallons per minute, allows the RT-135F to transfer more engine power to the attachment with no sacrifices to machine performance. The extra 16 gallons per minute within the pump means operators can run high-flow attachments such as mulchers at full speed while moving the loader without slowing down the tool. That directly translates to more productivity from the 50 gallon-per-minute mulching head that is sold with the RT-135F. The attachment was developed with and is optimized for the machine. Contractors can use the powerful machine longer with its new 52-gallon fuel tank — 22 gallons more than the RT-120. The extra fuel means operators have an increased ability to work all day without refueling. Operators can lift more and be more productive with the RT-135F, thanks to its up to 4,150-pound rated operating capacity, 10-mile-per-hour top speed and 10.4-foot lift height. Contractors can further boost the operating capacity and reinforce the back of the machine with an optional rear bumper kit that extends over the tracks. The RT-135F brings the hallmark Max Series benefits to forestry applications to provide the best possible operator experience. The new machine features the lineup’s premium 360-degree visibility. Standard LED lighting, optional side lighting and new taillights make it even easier to see around the outside of the machine.

John Deere is building on its lineup of compact equipment by expanding its performance tiering strategy with three new models of compact wheel loaders. The new G-tier models, including the new 184 G-tier, 204 G-tier and 304 G-tier machines, were designed to include proven capabilities and are ideal for customers in need of a dependable machine to complete everyday tasks. The G-tier models are also practically equipped, providing proven capabilities reliability and ruggedness. All three models provide solutions for customers in applications such as landscaping, agriculture, snow removal, site development and rental without sacrificing quality. The G-tier models offer optimal performance with lower maintenance costs. With convenience and productivity top of mind, these easy-to-operate models come standard with a limited slip differential, which automatically engages if one wheel loses traction, providing enhanced safety for the operator and the machine. The optional ride-control reduces spillage from the bucket when traveling over rough terrain, reducing jobsite clean-up and improving ride quality for the operator. It can also be set to engage and disengage at certain speeds. All G-tier models feature a forward-thinking cab design offered in both a canopy or enclosed-cab configuration, giving operators flexibility when working in a variety of different geographies. Built with operator visibility in mind, the redesigned enclosed cab features a frameless, fully glass door; a floor-to-ceiling front windshield; and a remounted machine display, providing a clear line of sight to machine surroundings. The right-side full glass window also swings out 180 degrees to further enhance overall visibility for the operator. Additional features include an adjustable steering column, slip-resistant steps and an optional LED lighting package. The spacious cab includes amenities such as improved air conditioning systems and ergonomic low-effort controls to keep operators comfortable during a long shift. All G-tier models offer enhanced serviceability features such as ground-level service and increased capacity fuel tanks to help simplify daily maintenance, keeping machines up and running on the job. This allows operators to spend more time completing the tasks at hand, rather than performing on-site repairs or maintenance. The strategically placed cooling package minimizes contamination from debris build-up, optimizing efficiency and reducing cleanout time.


Customized operation
Case Construction Equipment has launched its next generation of compact track loaders and skid steers with the introduction of the B Series: five CTLs and eight skid steers spanning radial and vertical lift patterns, as well as numerous horsepower and size classes to provide rental customers with the equipment choices best suited to their operation. New Case B Series loaders feature a completely redesigned operator interface, including new left- and right-hand posts on all models with simple ignition; push-button operation; easy throttle control; and intuitive switches for all core machine functions. Rental stores may choose between standard mechanical; mechanical hand-and-foot; and electro-hydraulic controls when specifying a machine. An all-new eight-inch LCD multi-function display with a backup camera comes with all electro-hydraulic models and it can be added to mechanical configurations for use with the backup camera and the operational displays (but without the electro-hydraulic control capabilities). Electro-hydraulic models provide the additional simplicity of switching between ISO and H operating patterns with the simple push of a button. The new eight-inch LCD multi-function display serves as the command center for the machine. It includes the industry’s only backup camera visible in a split screen display with machine data. The camera is operational in both forward and reverse and enhances the B Series’ industry-leading visibility with even greater jobsite perspective and awareness. It also provides operators with the most fully functioned operator experience ever found in a Case CTL or skid steer. Operators can adjust the total machine responsiveness to low, moderate or aggressive, or independently set tilt, lift and drive speed, as well as set the loader arm and drive control to best meet the demands of the job. The new “creep speed” capability allows the operator to set the machine speed at a consistent slow creep while independently setting the attachment speed via the throttle for optimal use of high-capacity hydraulic attachments such as cold planers and brooms. Operators can store and recall specific setting profiles to match either individual operator preference or job types.

Get traction
A new small frame track loader from Mustang by Manitou brings a 1,350-pound capacity option to customers in North America. The Mustang by Manitou 1350RT features an intuitive single joystick control, Level II FOPS and a low-maintenance engine for jobs from the construction site to the backyard. The Mustang by Manitou 1350RT punches above its compact dimensions with an overall width of 57 inches, height of 76 inches and lift capacity of 1,350 pounds at 35 percent tipping load. The 1350RT features a 46.6-horsepower Yanmar engine that uses automatic regeneration and zero fuel additives, providing clean emissions with little to no effort from the operator. Built on the proven design of the Mustang by Manitou 1350R skid loader, the 1350RT track loader provides superior weight distribution, stability and tractive effort. In addition, the cab-forward design of the 1350RT has excellent visibility on all sides of the machine, allowing for precise material placement. The IdealTrax track tensioning system saves on maintenance and track replacement costs by automatically tensioning the tracks when the engine is on. This process eliminates the chance of over-tensioning and extends the life of the tracks up to 15 percent. Track tension is released when the engine is turned off, reducing strain on the sprockets and bearings. There is no need to manually tension the tracks and changes on the jobsite are quick and simple. The 1350RT provides versatility on the jobsite with an exclusive Multi-Tach attachment mounting system that is compatible with most allied track loader attachments. The machine is customizable with additional features including a fully-integrated back-up camera and a HydraGlide system for a smoother ride and less material loss. An additional self-leveling option keeps the attachment level while the unit is performing the lift function.

All-electric Bobcat
Doosan Bobcat has unveiled its new, all-electric Bobcat T7X compact track loader. The T7X is fully electric, offering the full benefits of eliminating hydraulic systems, components, emissions and vibrations – all while providing a cleaner, quieter machine. The machine is fully battery-powered, built to be more productive from the ground up with electric actuation and propulsion; quieter with high-performance torque; and more powerful than diesel-fuelled track loaders, all while eliminating carbon emissions. The traditional hydraulic work group has been completely replaced with an electrical drive system consisting of electric cylinders and electric drive motors, which means virtually no fluids. The T7X uses just under one litre of eco-friendly coolant compared to around 216 litres of fluid in its diesel/hydraulic equivalent model. The all-electric platform enables instantaneous power and peak torque available at every operating speed. The operator no longer must wait for the standard hydraulic system to build up power. The T7X operates with zero emissions and reduced noise and vibration. It works quietly and efficiently in noise-sensitive areas and indoors, which significantly lowers sound levels and improves the working environment. It can also significantly lower daily operating costs when considering the reduction in annual maintenance costs and elimination of diesel, engine oil, diesel exhaust fluid and hydraulic parts. At the heart of the T7X is a powerful 62-kilowatt lithium-ion battery from technology partner, Green Machine Equipment. While applications vary, each charge can support common daily work operations and the use of intelligent work modes for up to four hours of continuous operation time and a full day of operation during intermittent use. The intelligence of the power management system is programmed to sense when loads are increasing, automatically backing off power when not needed to preserve the total energy use and extend the machine’s runtime.

Batteries included
The first 100 units of the TB20e, Takeuchi’s new electric compact excavator, have been ordered for United Rentals locations in North America. The TB20e is the first Takeuchi designed-and-built, battery-powered machine in what will be a full line of electric products developed to provide what today’s customers want while meeting the manufacturer’s own environmental, social and governance goals. Similar in performance to Takeuchi’s diesel-powered TB216 compact excavator, the TB20e is 100-percent battery-powered with zero exhaust emissions and reduced noise/vibration levels. When fully charged, the TB20e offers a continuous working time ranging from four hours to eight hours, depending on the application and environment. The excavator has an operating weight of 4,255 pounds, a bucket capacity of 1.34 cubic feet and a primary auxiliary flow of nine gallons per minute. Its maximum reach is 13 feet, 4 inches and its maximum digging depth is seven feet, 10.1 inches. The TB20e also features a spacious and comfortable operator’s station with a completely new high-definition, multi-informational colour display.

Fits through doors
Wacker Neuson has introduced its first utility track loader. The versatile, stand-on SM100 is an excellent addition to any rental or contractor fleet and is the perfect fit for landscaping projects, light site work, grading, auguring and general material handling. The standard nine-inch wide tracks provide low ground pressure, reducing turf disturbance and repair work. The overall machine width of 35.5 inches fits through doorways, gates and other tight spaces. The SM100 is designed with a variety of operator comfort features and offers a durable, low-maintenance design to reduce maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. The SM100 utility track loader is the first machine in this new product category from Wacker Neuson. The SM100 is powered by a 24.7 horsepower Yanmar turbo-charged diesel engine. It offers a 1,000-pound rated operating capacity at 35 percent with a tipping load of 2,857 pounds. The optimized radial lift path provides vertical lift performance with a hinge pin height of 85.7 inches for dumping into high-sided trucks and has the reach for loading into truck beds. The durable undercarriage with triple-flanged rollers reduces wear and de-tracking, maintenance and total cost of ownership. The step-up and go concept makes operating the SM100 easy and comfortable. The large, spring-suspended operator platform with ergonomic padding offers comfort and stability for the driver. An operator presence system prevents accidental movement of the lift arm and travel functions when the operator steps off the platform. The overall design with its sloped hood offers superior visibility. The fine-tuned, forward angled joysticks position the operator’s hands in a neutral position, reducing fatigue. Front- mounted coolers mean no hot or dirty air is blown across the operator’s legs. Versatility is the real driver of this machine. The overall narrow width allows the machine to access urban areas and smaller yards while the light weight (3,300 pounds) makes it easy to transport.  The common industry attachment interface expands the use of compatible attachments, expanding the applications. 

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