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Compact Showcase: October 2015

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Compact construction machinery offers steady rentals and high margins. Here’s what’s new.

hV330 GEN2ed: T-bar control available
The all-new V270 GEN2 and V330 GEN2 vertical-lift skid loaders offer Tier 4-certified Yanmar 72 horsepower diesel engines, meeting emissions regulations. Answering the demands of equipment users, the new generation of vertical-lift skid loaders offers the T-bar control option – the Gehl brand proprietary control pattern. Both loaders fall into the large-frame category. The rated operating capacity on the V270 is 2,700 pounds and on the V330 is 3,300 pounds. For those operators and contractors who need large capacity and high loading heights, the V270 offers a little over 10 feet, 10 inches of lift height and the V330 offers over 10 feet, 11 inches of lift height. These vertical-lift skid loaders come equipped with Tier  4-certified Yanmar engines that incorporate diesel particulate filter technology. This engine technology is environmentally sound and does not require fuel after-treatments, such as urea. With a maximum torque rating of 217 foot-pounds, these machines efficiently transfer engine horsepower into effective performance. The newest generation of vertical-lift skid loaders now offers the complete control option portfolio. The T-bar control option is now available, in addition to the joystick and hand/foot control options. A fully-customizable digital in-cab display provides coolant, fuel, battery, environmental, engine regeneration and other system information in real time for an overview of complete system performance. An updated self-leveling option now provides an on/off switch in the cab. A large operator’s compartment with a cab-forward design provides ample room for the operator and excellent visibility to the front, the cutting edge, and the sides of the loader. Lowered rear towers and a moveable rear support brace provide excellent visibility to the rear. A side-folding restraint bar and armrests with multiple adjustments enhance operator comfort and safety. The joystick and hand/foot control towers are fully adjustable for further customization of the cab. Mechanical or air-ride suspension seat options deliver outstanding comfort.

GTH 5519 IMG 3816clGeneral purpose workhorse
The upgraded Genie GTH-5519 is an ideal workhorse for today’s jobsites. As a general purpose machine, it can fit into tight spaces, help unload trucks, and can efficiently carry tools. The unit was purposefully designed to offer a Tier 4 Final engine to meet today’s emission standards. Not only does it comply with the latest standards, but also incorporates a number of other improvements offering benefits to customers. It is even simpler to use and service, easy to drive and offers industry-leading load capacity for its size. The chassis includes an additional housing to allow access to the hydraulic connections and air bleeding valves. A redesign of the combined engine and hydraulic system radiator offers better cooling capability to the new engine and to the new hydrostatic transmission. Integrated to the radiator top block is the coolant expansion tank which now includes an electrical coolant low level sensor. The cabin interior has been completely upgraded. Now with a black dashboard, the new main instrumentation cluster offers an integrated display showing messages coming from the engine’s electronic control unit. A new and more efficient air defroster and ventilation unit keeps the cabin comfortable.

sw15 3184s dingo txGreat at vertical applications
The Toro Company recently announced the newest and most powerful Dingo in their lineup — the Toro Dingo TX 1000. The newest member of the Dingo family has a rated operating capacity exceeding 1,000 pounds. When the loader arms are fully-extended, the hinge pin measures an impressive 81 inches from the ground to allow the TX 1000 to easily reach over the side of dumpsters and one-ton trucks to maximize jobsite productivity. Also unique to the industry in the category is the vertical lift loader arm design, which keeps the load closer to the machine to allow operators to lift more weight with greater confidence. Additionally, this feature increases the reach at full height to make dumping more efficient. The vertical path of the lift arms is also exceptional in vertical applications with the auger or concrete breaker. Another exclusive feature on the new TX 1000 is the weight-to-power ratio. The narrow track model is 2,610 pounds and wide-track is 2,790 pounds.

McLaren NextGenTDFQuarantines cracks and cuts
McLaren Industries is the manufacturer of the NextGen TDF series track loader rubber tracks, featuring SpoolRite belting technology to handle the workload and abuse of the most powerful track loaders on the market. This proprietary continuous (jointless) belt system radically increases the tensile strength of the tracks’ internal structure. McLaren’s SpoolRite belting is a pre-stressed, aligned, non-overlapping continuous belting system, which guarantees equal tension throughout the track belts. In addition to offering the industry’s strongest track structure, the NextGen TDF series tracks include a crack-and-cut quarantine system, which uses a multiple lug profile to contain the growth of cuts and cracks, prevent the spread of track surface damage and extend the service life of the tracks. Other innovative product features are incorporated in the NextGen TDF series tracks for maximum cut resistance and peak performance on tough terrain. They include an exclusive four-step metal-to-rubber bonding technology, an improved guiding system, and a unique double-offset tread pattern. Also, a proprietary rubber compound formulation helps increase track lifespan by as much as 50 per cent. NextGen TDF series rubber tracks are available for OEM or aftermarket. They are also offered in a non-marking orange variety.


Terex R265T loaderLess vibration at speed
Featuring a 74-horsepower turbocharged Tier 4 final diesel engine with variable flow hydraulics for powerful productivity and quick cycle times, the new 2,650-pound rated operating capacity Terex R265T compact track loader is the newest member of the Terex Generation 2 (GEN2) loader line-up. Boasting a narrow machine width of 70-inches, the R265T radial lift path compact track loader can easily maneuver and operate in confined or congested work sites, making it an ideal loader for rental stores and contractors working in site preparation, construction, landscaping, infrastructure development and demolition applications. Its purpose-built chassis is designed for heavy-duty applications within a compact package. The R265T loader has 221 foot-pounds of peak torque, a tipping load of 7,571 pounds, a bucket breakout force of 5,800 pounds and a lift height of 125 inches, enabling it to execute loading, picking and carrying, grading, back dragging or snow removal jobs faster and more efficiently. Compact track loaders, like the R265T unit, engineered with a radial lift path — meaning the loader arms raise in an arc pattern — excel at digging and grading applications. Another benefit of the radial lift path configuration is the visibility around the unit it provides to operators, especially when working around existing infrastructure, such as homes and in backyards. The Terex R265T compact track loader comes standard with 18-inch-wide tracks and patented Posi-Track undercarriage technology with multiple levels of suspension that distribute the machine’s 9,180-pound operating weight down to only 3.6 PSI of ground pressure. The low ground pressure prevents damage to the ground below and provides extended track life. For exceptional ride comfort and traction, this loader’s undercarriage is suspended from the chassis of the machine by torsion axles. These torsion axles are independent, so there are multiple levels of suspension points connecting the chassis to the undercarriage. This design allows the bogie wheels on the Terex R265T compact track loader to flex, creating a smooth ride and taking away much of the vibration and shock associated with running over rocks, curbs and other rough terrain. This model is also available with optional 20-inch tracks for increased versatility to keep operators working year-round, even in wet, muddy or snowy conditions. GEN2 compact track loaders, including the new R265T model, use a proprietary all-rubber track rather than a rigid track technology with steel embedded tracks mounted on an existing skid steer chassis. With this system, these compact track loaders achieve more traction, higher flotation and better operating comfort so operators can make full use of the machine’s higher travel speeds. By using composite materials rather than a steel skeleton, Terex tracks do not corrode or rust.

0914 R630 Cab GPNew hybrid link system
Kubota Canada has introduced two new additions to its compact wheel loader line-up: the R530 and R630. Both models are new inside and out and feature Kubota’s Tier 4 Final diesel engines along with a choice of a deluxe factory cab or four-post ROPS/FOPS canopy. Kubota’s new hybrid link system allows for near-parallel loader lift while still giving full bucket breakout force. A choice of either a skid steer or Euro-type hydraulic coupler will be available on both models with bucket sizes starting at .85 cubic yards for the R530 and a full cubic yard for the R630.

JCB SSL Handling GravelBetter visibility
JCB’s 260 skid steer loader is one of 18 models designed, manufactured and engineered at the company’s North American headquarters in Savannah, Ga. As a vertical-lift machine, the 260 offers increased capacity and greater reach at maximum lift height. Its rated operating capacity is 2,600 pounds, making it one of JCB’s large platform models.  

The 260 features JCB’s unique PowerBoom design, which uses a single-arm loader, rather than the conventional two-arm loader design. A unique left-side entry door allows the operator to enter and exit the machine clear of the attachment and loader arm. The machine does not require a torque tube across its rear side, allowing operators to enjoy an unobstructed rear view and better all-around visibility. Multifunction joystick controls and an optional heated air-suspension seat with adjustable armrests make the 260 comfortable to operate. With O-ring face seal hydraulic fittings and a simplified design resulting in 38 per cent fewer parts, the 260 is also easy to service. Its tilting cab gives technicians improved access to the machine’s power train and hydraulic components. The 260 also features a rear service door for easy access to the engine and daily checkpoints, a top-opening hood for radiator access and a hinged radiator for improved engine access. Switching to any of the machine’s impressive 30 attachment families is a snap thanks to a standard universal mechanical hitch or an optional hydraulic quick hitch.

E20 Trenching by HouseStays within the track width
The Bobcat Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) E20 compact excavator is equipped with 13.9-horsepower engine and features a retractable undercarriage, unmatched cab comfort, increased uptime protection, attachment readiness and an ease of serviceability. The E20 replaces the 324 excavator model and features an automatic slew brake. Available as options are auto-shift drive and a fingertip auxiliary boom swing control. The new Tier 4-compliant E20 has a maximum reach of 14 feet, dig depth of eight feet, six inches and dump height of eight feet, eight inches. The rear of the house stays within the width of the tracks through full rotation, allowing operators to work flush against a structure to help minimize damaging nearby objects.

10T 0001b cmykSlewing boom
JCB’s durable new 100C-1 conventional tail-swing excavator features an H-design undercarriage, steel body panels, a spacious operator environment and a powerful 74-horsepower, Tier 4 Final JCB by Kohler engine. Increased hydraulic pump capacity and larger hydraulic cylinders result in a maximum bucket tearout force of 16,231 foot-pounds and a dipper arm tear-out force of 9,510 foot-pounds. Longer digging equipment provides a maximum dig depth of 15 feet, a dump height of 18 feet, six inches and a reach at ground level of 24 feet, four inches. The 100C-1 has 100-per cent pressed steel body panels for sturdy component protection and easy repair. Its cab can be tilted by 30 degrees to allow excellent access to hoses and hydraulic components. Removable side panels offer maximum service access along with improved access to the cooling pack. A new graphite-based pin and bush design delivers 500-hour greasing intervals for reduced daily maintenance and lower operating costs. The machine’s swing bracket design, with a slewing boom, is proving increasingly attractive to customers for confined site access.

Twin auxiliary circuits will be available on the 100C-1, and operators will be able to program individual hydraulic flow settings for attachments through the in-cab monitor, making it easier and faster to change between powered attachments such as breakers and grabs. Two digging modes, including an “eco mode” for maximum efficiency, or a “heavy” mode for increased productivity, make it possible to tailor the machine’s performance to the application.

Loftness TimberAxLifts material before cutting
Loftness offers the TimberAx skid steer attachment as part of its VMLogix line of products. The TimberAx uses an exclusive knife system to efficiently cut grass, vines, brush or trees up to six inches in diameter, or intermittently cut material up to 12 inches diameter. The 17-inch rotor of the TimberAx features an innovative reverse-rotation design to lift material off the ground for proper cutting. Unlike forward-turning rotors, this design offers improved cutting performance and finer mulching without driving uncut material into the ground. The knives are constructed of a durable, low-maintenance alloy and can be sharpened directly on the machine. An adjustable shear bar maintains a consistent distance from the knives to precisely control mulch size. The TimberAx is available in 53-, 63-, 73- and 83-inch cutting widths and comes with a universal mount for attaching to all major makes and models of skid steers. Nine different hydraulic motor options are available to accommodate flow rates from 22 to 54 gallons per minute. The drive system consists of a three-groove banded belt with taper-lock sheaves and a spring-loaded belt tensioner. Units are also equipped with heavy-duty, oversized bearings with anti-wrap protection. Other standard features include an adjustable tree-pusher bar with claw hooks, dual crossover relief protection, a pressure gauge, steel deflector chains, a tachometer, a spare parts kit and adjustable skid shoes. Options include a high-pressure, piston-type hydraulic motor.

250ZAdjustable hydraulic flow
The all-new Mustang 250Z compact excavator goes above and beyond the size class expectations with its performance features and technology. This new model incorporates innovative features that enhance productivity, operator comfort, efficiency and cost savings on the jobsite. This compact powerhouse brings eight inches deeper dig depth and 8.3 inches additional reach at ground level compared to the previous model, the 270Z. The new 250Z is equipped with a 20.4 horsepower electronically-controlled Yanmar Tier 4 emissions certified diesel engine. No engine regeneration is required on the 250Z, reducing downtime on the jobsite. The low exhaust position on the machine reduces noise, increases safety and improves visibility. Cold-weather starting is easy with an electric glow plug starting aid, reducing the need for block heaters or starting fluid.

The operator’s station on the 250Z compact excavator is built for optimal productivity and controllability. Joystick controls, operated by simple wrist movements, reduce fatigue during a long work day. The controls on the 250Z include a proportional auxiliary hydraulic rockerswitch with detent on the joystick. This allows the operator to adjust the hydraulic flow for precise attachment performance while keeping his/her hands on the joysticks. The operator can easily select standard ISO or an optional backhoe control pattern with a turn of a mechanical lever. The two-position, high-speed travel switch is conveniently integrated in the blade control lever for easy accessibility. A digital operator interface features an hour meter and clock, recordable maintenance history with adjustable time intervals and reminders, fluid levels, fluid temperature, and more. Machine hours can be reviewed for the past 90 days without starting the engine. Multiple language selections are also available. The operator’s compartment is designed with comfort in mind. A four-way adjustable seat offers custom height, weight and backrest positions with a retractable belt. Elevated, folding travel pedals allow for additional foot room when performing stationary work. An optional cab enclosure with heat provides comfort and protection in extreme weather condition.

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