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Software solutions product showcase: December 2023

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Products showcase

Information technology is expanding beyond enterprise organization into many new areas.

No more guesstimating

No more guesstimating
Global IoT player Trackunit has launched its new Emissions Reporting software, which will significantly enhance fleet owners’ ability to meet carbon dioxide targets and win contracts with strict sustainability criteria. Emissions Reporting harnesses synthesized machine metadata and individual equipment profiling to unlock comprehensive total fleet emissions reporting for off-highway machines and equipment, effectively something the sector has been unable to do until now. The new software is designed to put an end to the practice of “guesstimating” emissions numbers, which will become increasingly important over the coming years. That’s because government- or state-mandated projects now typically require a raft of emissions-reporting stipulations that put an onus on contractors to demonstrate they are not just tracking but also reducing their emissions. The software can be used on every type of machine in the off-highway sector and gives users an at-their-fingers display of emissions from all connected equipment enabling easy tracking and, where necessary, almost instantaneous action to reduce emissions through the value chain. Emissions Reporting should also enable smarter deployment decisions to avoid the under-utilization of machinery, ensure fleets are in line for tax-saving benefits where local authorities incentivize better tracking, and also offer an abundance of brand-building opportunities through data-based validation of sustainability claims.

Cleaner interface
Rental software supplier MCS has now revamped and modernized its web solution with a new, state-of-the-art interface, making working on the move easier than ever for rental companies worldwide. As part of the software supplier’s constant development of its solutions, MCS recognized the need to use experts to ensure its web interface is user-friendly, intuitive to use and ultimately faster and easier to get to what the user needs in no time. New features include more mobile responsivity, new accessibility features and easy-to-follow pathways. The project has been ongoing for several months to ensure this update would succeed in its mission to provide a web-based solution designed with the end user in mind. Heavy analysis was completed to understand how users interact with MCS Rental Software, helping to steer the direction of the new interface update. Users can now get the information they need much more quickly, with less scrolling and clicks along the way. Usability has also been greatly improved with clearer workflows and more structure.

Reduces false positives
VisionTrack, an AI video telematics and connected fleet data specialist, is enhancing commercial fleet safety with the launch of a sophisticated AI-powered post-analysis solution. 

NARA (Notification, Analysis and Risk Assessment) will revolutionize how vehicle camera footage is assessed and help vehicle operators to dramatically reduce road deaths and injuries. NARA is device-agnostic so it can be integrated with existing connected camera technology, whether VisionTrack or third-party hardware. It adds another powerful layer of analysis to AI vehicle cameras installed with edge-based AI technology that are often limited by the processing capacity of the device. Cloud-based NARA software is designed to save time, costs and, most importantly, lives, by providing proactive risk intervention and accurate incident validation. NARA proactively removes false positives and monitors driver behavior without the need for human involvement. With traditional video telematics solutions, commercial fleets can be experiencing hundreds of triggered daily events, so this will enable them to deliver more efficient working while not compromising on-road safety. NARA represents a step forward for video telematics as it uses ground-breaking computer vision models with sensor fusion to assess footage of driving events, near misses and collisions. This ensures the review process is manageable and timely, while eliminating human availability or error, so vehicle operators can make best use of video telematics insight to better protect road users and help prevent collisions. During the testing phase, a 1,100-strong logistics fleet was found to be generating on average 2,000 priority videos a week, which would typically take someone over eight hours to review. NARA reduced the time needed to review events that require human validation to just minutes per day. As a result, the company is now targeting more efficient risk management, while supporting its road safety strategy. Advanced object recognition uses deep learning algorithms to automatically identify different types of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. With high accuracy levels, it will be able to distinguish between collisions, near misses and false positives that can be generated by harsh driving, potholes or speed humps. The software will also include occupant safety rating that uses a range of parameters to calculate the percentage probability of injury and immediately identify if a driver needs assistance.

Real-time data
Pettibone offers X-Command, a telematics program that comes standard on the company’s X-Series Extendo and Traverse telehandlers and Cary-Lift pipe and pole handlers. The system offers real-time access to machine data, thereby saving time, money and hassle for equipment owners, rental centres and maintenance technicians.

X-Command allows users to remotely track a machine’s location and observe data points such as engine hours, fuel rate and usage, diesel exhaust fluid level, battery voltage and more. By obtaining accurate and current performance information, users can quickly identify and address minor mechanical issues before they become serious. Equipment owners can access data and generate reports using the online X-Command dashboard on their computer or mobile device. The platform allows for quick and simple remote diagnosis of a telematics-equipped machine, potentially eliminating the need for certain field service calls. By ensuring maintenance is up to date, users can consistently increase equipment uptime and improve their overall return on investment. In addition to being a standard feature on new Pettibone X-Series Extendo and Traverse telehandlers, X-Command is also available as a retrofit for existing X-Series models in the field.

Tried and true
RentMaster is a trusted and well-established rental management software solution that has been serving small and medium-sized businesses in the party, event and equipment rental industry for over two decades. Known for its longevity and reliability, RentMaster offers various editions tailored to specific rental operations, making it a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes. One of RentMaster’s standout features is its user-friendly and intuitive interface, which simplifies the management of essential rental aspects. Users can effortlessly handle inventory, customers, vendors, quotes and orders, streamlining their rental processes for maximum efficiency. Real-time inventory availability checks are a crucial aspect of RentMaster’s functionality. This prevents accidental overbooking, ensuring that businesses can meet customer demands without risking double bookings or stock shortages. The software also facilitates the quick generation of essential documents, which can be printed, emailed, saved in PDF format, or e-signed, saving valuable time for both renters and rental companies. RentMaster integrates seamlessly with various payment processing gateways, enabling secure and convenient credit card and e-cheque processing. This feature enhances the rental experience for customers, making transactions smooth and hassle-free. Scheduling delivery and pick-up jobs is made effortless with RentMaster and it even provides routing and driving directions through integration with Google Maps. This ensures that deliveries are prompt and efficient, enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, RentMaster’s robust reporting capabilities empower businesses with valuable insights into their operations. Users can generate various reports for in-depth data analysis, helping them make informed decisions to improve their rental business’s overall performance. In summary, RentMaster is a time-tested rental management software solution that combines ease of use, real-time inventory management, seamless payment processing, efficient scheduling, and powerful reporting tools. With RentMaster, rental businesses can streamline their operations, reduce errors, and provide exceptional customer service, ultimately boosting their bottom line and success in the competitive rental industry.

Frees up phone lines
Point of Rental’s new Consumer Portal empowers rental businesses of all sizes to deliver an eCommerce experience rivaling the biggest companies in the industry. The eCommerce solution provides online self-service features to a rental store’s customers. Users will have around-the-clock, real-time access to manage their accounts, see statements, pay invoices, call items off rent and more. Consumer Portal not only empowers renters, but it frees up phone lines and enables rental owners and operators to focus on growing their business. Rental leaders pride themselves on their in-person customer service. But consumer preferences have shifted over the past decade, accelerating during the COVID outbreak. Providing great customer service now requires eCommerce features. Consumers expect to be able to get information, service and make payments 24/7. Consumer Portal allows every rental business to stay competitive in an increasingly-demanding marketplace. Consumer Portal is already integrated with Point of Rental’s Elite software. Integration work is has started with the company’s other products and should be available in the coming months.

Calibrates attachment to platform
Fecon is offering Fusion, a user-friendly telematics platform that uses state-of-the-art features such as automatic machine calibration, location services and performance tracking to make productivity gains in mulching operations. Fusion automatically calibrates the attachment to the carrier in real time to optimize performance, minimize downtime and expand the machine’s lifespan. Fusion is initially available on high-flow Bull Hog and Blackhawk attachments. The ingenuity of Fusion’s performance lies in its simplicity. From the get-go, Fusion automates mulcher setup to improve performance and productivity through its plug-and-play design that eliminates manual setup and tuning. With this feature, customers can attach their mulcher to any compatible carrier and run the machine with increased performance. The mulcher is optimized to the carrier and working conditions at all times with no extra work for the user. Another attractive feature is how the technology continually collects and adapts to information based on dynamic conditions such as temperature, altitudes, carrier settings and carrier efficiency. At the start of the day Fusion will detect a cold carrier and automatically adjust and tailor machine settings to those that work best in colder temperatures. As the machine warms up throughout the day, Fusion will tune the settings for those higher temperatures. The machine starts learning as soon as it is attached to a carrier, but an operator can choose to initiate a learn sequence through the Fusion app. This learning system ensures a Fecon mulcher is always operating at peak performance. Fleet managers can use the data to assess and improve machine performance, note a machine’s last location or identify problems in operations. Dealers can use the data to better service their customers by quickly identifying the source of a problem in machine function and make swift corrections. With Fusion, users can see up to 50 percent faster rotor recovery times, 30 percent fewer stalls and 40 percent increases in jobsite efficiency. Fusion works seamlessly with the Fecon mobile application, available in the Apple App Store, allowing users to easily incorporate the benefits of Fusion into their day-to-day operations. Users can use the Fecon Fusion app for several tasks, including changing the mulcher settings, initiating the learn function or simply viewing real-time information on how the mulcher is running. The real-time display offers operators convenient access to crucial information. Fecon plans to continue to expand the benefits of the Fusion system by adding additional features to the software such as performance modes that will allow users to automatically adjust machine settings to match the current job. Similar to a four-wheel-drive vehicle where a user has the option to select “snow” or “mud” based on current conditions, the upcoming performance modes will tailor the mulcher to the optimal settings for that particular application. 

Full package for event rentals
Alert’s party and event rental software eases all the pain points for rental operations. It includes real-time inventory tracking that means what’s in the system matches what’s actually in the warehouse. It integrates with leading GPS, CAD, CRM and other software packages. Users can provide even better service with no over-bookings and a complete sub-rental package. The system sends personalized emails and payment links, giving the store a polished image. Alert enables event rental stores to send open tickets, work orders, invoices, statements and more from one central location. RFID (radio frequency identification) offers a tracking solution for tents, inflatables, linens, equipment, and more, with Alert’s integration service providing users with a seamless management experience. All RFID functionality happens directly within Alert. RFID allows users to track bulk and individual items; reduce staff time manually counting items; and find specific items more easily in the warehouse with handheld scanners. Rover brings Alert Rental to mobile devices, so managers can access tickets and manage incoming rentals; process outgoing orders on a mobile device or tablet; process incoming rentals from the yard; take photos, add comments and attach them to the ticket; and capture signatures and collect payment on the mobile device. E-Commerce is true online shopping for event store clients. Alert’s service provides a developer’s tool kit for the web designer. Users maintain control of who can place an order and determine the criteria for adding, changing, or deleting reservations.

Full business platform
Texada offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform for managing every aspect of an equipment rental business. With Texada, rental companies can handle more than just rentals and inventory. The platform fuels rental business growth by utilizing rental management workflows with a mobile app for field service, online customer access, an e-commerce store, secure payment processing and visual reporting tools. Texada’s flagship rental management solution, Systematic Rental Management is the central nervous system of the platform. SRM assists rental managers with tracking equipment from purchase to disposal, through rich and robust features including rental reservations and contracts; cycle billing and rental returns; pickup and delivery management; equipment work orders; merchandise and equipment sales; document emailing; and inventory barcode printing and scanning. Business owners can also cut out third party accounting software by leveraging SRM’s full accounting modules for accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger. For service departments, Texada FleetLogic allows dispatchers to connect with field mechanics and drivers in real-time. Work orders, delivery tickets, and custom inspection forms can be created, assigned and updated through the mobile app to allow for smoother control over teams working on the road. 

Next-level graphical interface
Sirius E is not only a rental software, it’s a complete platform that allows deployment of solutions adapted to the business size and processes. Users experience a new level of simplicity. They can deploy graphics in a fraction of a second that describe clearly the availability status of an item or to view the performance of the business. The graphical interfaces are brought to a new level with actionable options within the graphics. From its inception, Sirius E, was developed with mobility and simplification in mind. Every aspect of the rental business can be managed in Sirius E. Quotes become highly flexible with very attractive presentation features like drag and drop. Rental contracts have availability integrated at each step. Reservations can be made online or in the back office system. Mobile RFID and bar code scanning is available.  

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