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SkyJack to create global WiFi network

By SkyJack   


April 1, 2017 - Skyjack is announcing a major new initiative that will provide an unmatched global Wi-Fi network. Utilizing each Skyjack platform and installing a Wi-Fi hub, the SKYfi network is virtually limitless. For the past five years Skyjack has quietly been adding a discrete Wi-Fi chip to its machines. Now that a critical mass has been reached, we are in a position to activate the network in 2017. By adding the optional SKYfi hub, any Skyjack machine equipped with the chip will be Wi-Fi enhanced, with cell phone docks and speaker-enabled communication for technical support.

Brad Boehler, president of Skyjack says: “The SKYfi network is a way for us to give something back and it’s really only possible because our customers have such large numbers in the field.”

Users will simply use their mobile devices to search for SKYfi and then purchase ‘airtime’ in the same way that hotel chains offer. However, unlike other systems that are tied to one location, the mobile nature of the platforms enhances the ability to connect from platform to platform using a daisy-chain network. By using SKYfi, the user has increased flexibility and can connect on-the-go as additional platforms come into range. The signal is available in the open, as opposed to being restricted by property lines.

The initial password for SKYfi is set as Loof Lirpa. For one week from April 1, 2017, users can log on to to create an account and enter this password when prompted.

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