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Genie has introduced the compact, lightweight, electric Z-boom lift.


Works on sensitive surfaces

Genie has introduced the compact, lightweight, electric Z-boom lift. Designed for both indoor and outdoor maintenance applications, the new Genie Z-33/18 boom lift is suited to tasks on sensitive surfaces where space is restricted. The new versatile articulating boom lift model weighs only 8,025 pounds and offers a ground clearance of 5.9 inches. Applications include work inside airports, shopping centres and theatres in addition to routine outdoor maintenance tasks. The Z-33/18 includes features to help increase efficiency on jobsites where space is tight. Its key features include solid non-marking or multi-surface tires as an option; long working cycles due to a low-consumption AC-drive transmission; a tight turning radius for excellent maneuverability; the ability to drive at maximum height; plus the benefits of the Genie FastMast boom system that shortens ground-to-top lifting time. Featuring a compact 6.3-foot wheelbase providing a gradeability of 30 per cent, the Z-33/18 offers a working height of 39.4 feet, a horizontal reach of 18.3 feet and an up-and-over clearance of 14.1 feet. The 2.6-by-3.1-foot man basket supports weights of up to 440 pounds. To make transport easier, this compact unit’s boom stows down to only 4.11 feet in width and 13.5 feet in length. Drive speed is an efficient six km/h combined with a 48V DC 315 Ah boom power source.


The big one

JLG Industries has announced the launch of its largest self-propelled boom lift ⎯ the 1850SJ Ultra boom ⎯ with nearly three million cubic feet of reachable space. Delivering 19 stories of working height, this latest innovation is designed tomove aerial work platforms into applications previously reserved for truck-mounted booms and allows operators to work more effectively and productively on the jobsite. The JLG 1850SJ offers a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds, allowing operators to move more tools and materials to the elevated worksite. Productivity is further enhanced with faster cycle speeds, enabling the boom to extend from ground to full height in less than five minutes and operators to spend more time working and less time positioning the lift. Moreover, the 1850SJ includes a telescopic jib that extends and retracts to provide additional reach, up-and-over capability and the ability to telescope into and around structures in a variety of applications, including steel erection; energy-related construction such as petrochemical, power generation and wind plants; stadium, convention center and theater construction; and entertainment and studio-related applications. An updated platform LCD display provides even more information to optimize service and operator productivity. A graphic display of the operator’s position in the work envelope aids in positioning, and the communication of service codes, engine status, fuel levels and other messages assists the operator and service provider with operation, diagnosis, and troubleshooting. The lift further enhances productivity with a powerful turbo diesel engine that provides 99.8 horsepower to optimize drive and lift performance. In addition, standard four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer maximize jobsite maneuverability.

Gets pushed around
The new push-around HB-P1027 low-level scissor lift by Custom Equipment is lightweight and features a zero-turn radius for easy maneuverability around tight corners and through confined spaces. Maintenance technicians and contractors can use the HB-P1027 for a variety of projects at working heights up to 16 feet, including electrical, plumbing, drywall and HVAC. The lift’s platform is 22 inches wide and 37 inches long to give users ample working area and easy maneuverability through nearly any doorway. The ANSI/CSA-compliant HB-P1027 lifts as much as 550 pounds, which allows operators to safely move their materials and tools to elevated worksites. The HB-P1027 weighs 870 pounds and its wheels help distribute its weight and provide wheel loads as low as 250.3 psi. This enables operators to maneuver the lift over fragile flooring, such as tile, laminate, raised floors and mezzanines, with minimal risk for damage. Users can get onto poured concrete several days sooner with the HB-P1027 lift than with heavier competitive models. The HB-P1027’s hydraulic system is completely self-contained and has only two connection points. This reduces the potential for hydraulic fluid leaks, which can lead to floor damage and safety hazards, and provides a clean system for operating indoors in either finished or unfinished environments. The company also builds its HB-P1027 with a robust scissor stack that features oversized, 1.25-inch pins to enhance stability and reduce scissor sway associated with the smaller pins typically used on competing lifts. In terms of safety, Custom Equipment designed its Hy-Brid HB-P1027 lift with safety features that result in fewer Workers’ Compensation claims and less impact on the bottom line. For example, the lift’s entry height is only 27.8 inches, one of the lowest available, so users can easily access the platform. This not only reduces fatigue and knee strain associated with climbing on and off lifts, but also nearly eliminates falls that can occur when operators are loading and unloading heavy tools and supplies. The company also incorporated the step into the lift’s frame, which minimizes the lift’s overall length.


High weight capacity
The IAWP-15 from Absolute E-Z Up represents cutting edge technology and durability while striving to be the safest, most rugged and cost-effective aerial work platform in the industry. This unit is designed to take on the most demanding rental fleet challenges across a broad range of applications and eliminates the need for scaffolding, scissor lifts, push units and ladders. The IAWP-15 features a platform height of 15 feet, two inches and a working height of 21 feet, eight inches. The machine’s unique platform, mast and cylinder design allows for a high unrestricted platform capacity of 616 pounds. Dual platform decks extend without sacrificing any platform capacity. Its compact size and zero inside turn radius allows the operator to easily maneuver the machine throughout the worksite. The IAWP-15 can be driven through standard doors from the platform. Easy-to-operate, one-hand proportional controls allow for precise and safe operation of the unit. A wheel-locking device allows the operator to drive forward and backward in a straight line.


With 35 per cent gradeability, the IAWP-15 can easily climb a ramp or over beavertails into a truck, van or pickup. It also features a tow hook for roll-back trucks, and can be maneuvered using a removable platform control box. A large LCD readout in the ground module provides system diagnostics and status. A built-in tilt sensor, flashing light and audible alarm are all standard features. Powered by four Trojan 6V batteries, the IAWP-15 has a duty cycle of over 400 lifts and can drive over 5.6 miles on a single charge. The unit’s lifting system represents a change in the lift structure in comparison to the design of competitive models. The IAWP-15 features an extruded aluminum alloy column that requires no maintenance. With this machine, there are no chains needing yearly inspection and no need to grease columns, resulting in a significant reduction in equipment maintenance costs and increased uptime – which in turn means increased profits.


Award-winning safety feature
Haulotte won the 2014 Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Access Platforms (LLEAP) Award in the category of OEM Features or Essential Components for its ActivShield Bar secondary guarding device. The ActivShield is designed to reduce the risk of overhead trapping or crushing by implementing the measures identified in the International Powered Access Federation’s best practice guidelines. Haulotte’s system alerts the operator to potential entrapment situations and is unique in that it features a safety gap which can protect the operator from full entrapment and potentially allow them to get out of danger. Following the audible alarm, only reverse/lowering movements are permitted, allowing the operator to safely reposition the basket to avoid the hazardous situation and possible injury. And, after being triggered, the system is easy to reset and reactivate from the basket which means there is no machine downtime.


New power, familiar design
Skyjack has launched a new electrically powered rough terrain scissor lift. With four-wheel drive and 45 per cent gradeability as standard design, the SJ6832 RTE provides end users with a  zero-emission scissor lift built with the low running costs and high uptime. To simplify operator and service training, the SJ6832 RTE was built on the same chassis as the existing diesel and dual-fuel 68RT units. This decision allows those already familiar with the traditionally powered 68RT lifts to experience a seamless transition to the RTE. Maintenance costs and time are also reduced with the RTE due to the elimination of servicing air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, oil changes, belts and coolants. Almost all non-power-plant related parts are common with the internal combustion 6832RTs. The standard Skyjack colour-coded and numbered wiring system, along with full access to all serviceable components and a tilt-out hydraulic manifold, adds to the ease of user maintenance for the SJ6832 RTE. Foam-filled non-marking tires, near-zero noise levels, zero emissions and a low turning radius make the transition from outdoor to indoor jobs easier than ever. The SJ6832 RTE is designed with relay-driven controls. Combined with the standard Skyjack coloured and numbered wiring system, this allows service technicians to easily diagnose control system faults and rectify the problem with common automotive style relays that are readily available. The RTE is also equipped with optional auto-leveling outriggers to allow elevating on uneven grades and can be fitted with a range-extending external generator to recharge the batteries in the field. The range-extending gasoline powered genset option adds versatility to the SJ6832 RTE, allowing it to be reliably used at green field construction sites with no AC power, or when multiple shifts do not allow sufficient downtime to complete a standard charging cycle. The generator can either be manually controlled from the platform or set to come on automatically at 50 per cent battery capacity. Mounted on a rotating and tilting table, the generator option packaging allows for easy oil, filter and spark plug changes, all without removing it from the machine. The SJ6832 RTE offers the ability to have a zero-fuel-emissions lift without sacrificing any of the simplicity of use, ease of maintenance, return on investment and rough terrain performance.


Get done faster
The 4069 ERT/RT Series is MEC’s newest offering in the mid-sized rough terrain scissor class. Building on the success on earlier models, the 4069 Series offers versatility in both 48V electric and Kubota diesel-powered options. With powerful four-wheel-drive performance, a tight 79-inch inside turning radius and gradeability of 40 per cent, the MEC 4069 can handle rough terrain on tough job sites. Optional outriggers increase rough-terrain usability. Smooth proportional lift and drive functions and full-height drivability increase ease-of-use. Total lift capacity is 900 pounds and includes 300 pounds loaded on the patent-pending integrated sheet materials rack. The 51-inch platform entry height, a full two steps lower than any competing machine, facilitates safer entry and exit of the machine. Coupled with a platform height of 40 feet and standard roll-out deck extension, the MEC 4069 helps users get the job done faster.


Passes standard doors
When customers need considerable work height combined with limited access and surface pressure restrictions, the ReachMaster Falcon series shines. The ReachMaster Falcon is designed as a compact, flexible and light aerial work platform. The Falcon has work heights from 95 to 170 feet. The 138-foot model and smaller will fit through a single standard door and all models will pass through a standard double door. The FS95 weighs 8,250 pounds and distributes the weight in a manner where it is possible to drive on sensitive flooring like terrazzo, marble or tiles. The ReachMaster Falcon conforms to the general building standard of 100 pounds-per-square-foot general floor loading, making it suitable for building maintenance with complex reach applications. Falcons come standard with battery power, a double 20-foot jib, an automatic safety and stability system, a multi-position outrigger system and dual power options. The lift has optional automatic outrigger setting and chassis control from basket. The Falcon is available in wheels or tracked versions and can self-load on trucks or trailers. Falcon dual power options include standard battery packages and optional Honda generators or diesel options. With its self-propelled drive system and proportional controls, the ReachMaster Falcon is suitable for many indoor and outdoor rental applications including building maintenance, window cleaning and industrial uses.


Alternative to AWP
LiftWise offers its next generation of fall-arrest service crane basket, which is designed for accessing high-reach maintenance areas, especially on large equipment. The yoke-style baskets quickly attach to service cranes, providing personnel with a convenient, safe alternative to renting aerial lifts, using ladders or climbing on equipment. LiftWise’s baskets include a bracket for attaching to most available service crane trucks. For easy storage and transport, the baskets are also offered with a new specialized carrier, which installs behind the truck in the receiver hitch. This system allows operators to carry the baskets with them from site to site without tying up space in their truck beds. For maximum durability, the service crane baskets are constructed of heavy-duty steel. The full-sized floor is 30 inches wide by 30 inches deep, and the inward-opening doors are designed to save space, promote easy entry and provide additional worker safety. Other standard features include floor slots to drain water, upset holes to prevent slippage, lanyard attach points and a low-maintenance, high-capacity caliper brake to increase stability. These features allow the man baskets to meet or exceed ASME standard B30.23 and OSHA 29 CFR 1926 requirements for personnel lifting systems. Options include a step for added convenience, a stand for installation on uneven ground or large cranes and a CSA-approved upper basket enclosure.

“Too many workers are getting hurt as a result of climbing equipment with ladders or by hand,” said Ray Fritel, president of LiftWise. “We’ve designed the service crane baskets to eliminate these unsafe practices and prevent unnecessary jobsite injuries.”

In addition to service crane baskets, LiftWise offers a full line of yoke-style, rotating and custom-built man baskets for other types of equipment. LiftWise is a division of Diversified Products. The company offers a wide range of attachments for cranes, knucklebooms and digger derricks.


Push it around
Custom Equipment has introduced a new model to its Hy-Brid Lifts line of low-level access scissor lifts. The new, lightweight HB-P527 push-around lift provide a safer, more efficient alternative to ladders on a variety projects, like electrical, ductwork and lighting, and in locations as diverse as offices, industrial plants, shopping malls and warehouses.

The ANSI/CSA-compliant HB-P527 minimizes the risk of worksite injuries. With its low entry height of only 20.28 inches, the unit provides easy access to the platform with one step. Since users do not have to climb up and down ladders, fatigue and knee strain due to repetitive motion are reduced considerably and the railing-encompassed platform nearly eliminates the potential for falls. The 22-by-37-inch platform also is encircled by toeboards to prevent tools or materials from accidentally falling off the lift. The enhanced safety results in fewer Workers’ Compensation claims and less impact on the bottom line. Custom Equipment also builds its HB-P527 with a robust scissor stack that features oversized, one-inch pins to enhance stability and reduce scissor sway associated with smaller pins. The enhanced stability means operators can confidently work on the elevated surface without steadying themselves. The HB-P527 weighs 575 pounds and provides a working height of 11.25 feet. The lift supports up to 333 pounds of personnel, tools and material and an access gate swings completely so users can step up and onto the platform and easily load heavy, awkward materials like ductwork and drywall. With wheel loads as low as 115 psi, operators can work in spaces typically reserved for ladders such as mezzanines, data centers and hospitals with raised floors. They can push the lightweight lift easily, and with its zero-turn radius they can move the HB-P527 through confined spaces and around tight corners without difficulty. Custom Equipment uses finite element analysis software to test its designs before building all of its lifts, including the HB-P527. This process allows the company to use a stronger, higher grade of steel so less material is required. The results are lifts that are lighter than many other push models. In addition, the program identifies stress points so they can be reinforced without adding unnecessary weight. Custom Equipment designed the HB-P527 with an integrated single hydraulic lift cylinder instead of hydraulic hoses to eliminate the risk of leaks. This minimizes the potential for floor damage and safety hazards, and provides a clean system for operating indoors in either finished or unfinished environments. The lift also is equipped with non-marking wheels to prevent scuffs on finished floors. Finally, the HB-P527 is easy to maintain. Its robust scissor stack operates smoothly and doesn’t require greasing. The unit is equipped with an absorbent glass mat battery that makes it virtually maintenance free because it never requires users to add water, and its charger prevents overcharging the battery.


Negative extension
The ReachMaster Bluelift is an advanced line of track-based aerial compact lifts with working heights from 39 to 72 inches. The Bluelift has three different power options: standard (110v + combustion engine), lithium battery power and the combo which offers both lithium batteries and a combustion engine on board. The lithium battery option functions at same effective speed as the combustion engines whereas machines running on 110v only function at approximately 40 per cent speed, making the lithium-powered units the most popular choice. All models will go through a single standard doorway. Overall weights range from about 4,000 pounds for the smaller models to 6,600 pounds for the B72. The B72 is very compact, making it an efficient unit in tight spaces. The Bluelift has excellent outreach with auto-setting and leveling outriggers providing it the ability to set up on uneven surfaces with adjustable non-marking tracks. The Bluelift is self-propelled and has proportional controls. All units come standard with a two-person basket with 160 degrees (plus/minus 80 degrees) of basket rotation and air, water, and 110v power supply to the basket. All hoses, hydraulic lines and cylinders are housed either inside or underneath the boom making it more durable and protected from damage by exterior sources. The Bluelift has an articulating boom and a telescoping boom that can extend negatively allowing the lift to work in areas that require an up and over or under approach. The Bluelift appeals to a broad range of residential and commercial rental applications including window cleaning, building maintenance, tree care and HVAC operations.


High lift, low weight
Genie has introduced its all-new 6,000-pound capacity GTH-636 telehandler delivering all of the performance of a full-sized machine in a compact size. Rather than detuning its 8,000-pound telehandler by downsizing the cylinders, Genie optimized the structure in the boom and the chassis, dropping the weight of the machine to under 20,000 pounds. By staying under 20,000 pounds, the new telehandler delivers full-sized performance, full-sized tires and full-sized capacity while remaining economical. The Genie GTH-636 is the right size for most jobsites. With a maximum lifting height of 36 feet and a forward reach of 21 feet, 11 inches, the telehandler offers a maximum lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds. Its operating weight is 17,600 pounds and the telehandler provides an outside turning radius of 13 feet, four inches. The telehandler is very versatile with a rugged chassis and boom, standard QA and auxiliary hydraulics, a right-side mount engine and a new boom support for enhanced visibility.

“With the GTH-636 we took the best features of our 8,000-pound telehandler and then created a whole new equation. We focused on maximizing customer ROIC,” said Chad Hislop, director of product management for Terex Aerial Work Platforms.

While the GTH-636 looks similar to the GTH-844 with the side engine mount, high pivot boom, and high-visibility cab, there are several differences. Unlike the GTH-844, the GTH-636 is powered by a 74-horsepower, 2.9 liter, Tier 4 final-compliant, Deutz turbo-charged diesel engine. By keeping the horsepower under 75, the engine is Tier 4 final-compliant, only using a diesel oxidation catalyst. This catalytic converter requires no scheduled servicing, meaning no Regen and no diesel particulate filter (DPF). The Genie GTH-636 has all of the same benefits included in the new Genie telehandler cab launched in 2013. Cab options include fully enclosed and fully enclosed with air conditioning. The highly adjustable suspension seat and adjustable tilt steering wheel are standard.


Continuous rotation
Skyjack’s A-Series Articulating Boom has been engineered using many of Skyjack’s robust and reliable design features. The SJ46 AJ  boasts standard-equipped 360-degree continuous turret rotation. Zero tail swing compliments the turret design allowing for flexible operation in tight locations. Superior positive traction and terrainability is provided by the axle based 4WD used in many of Skyjack product designs, which accounts for a proven low maintenance, rugged and reliable drive train. The AJ is equipped with a rear axle hydraulic differential lock/unlock switch allowing the operator to lock the rear differential when negotiating rough terrain. The unlocked position improves turning radius and reduces tire marks on hard surfaces. Rounding out some of the other key features include; direction sensing drive and steer controls, true vertical rise with riser function which prevents drifting forward or backwards, analog based controls and Skyjack’s standard colour-coded and numbered wiring system.


Four-wheel electric drive
JLG has introduced a four-wheel electric-drive hybrid boom, the H340AJ. Combining diesel fuel and an electric power system, the H340AJ provides the power and durability of a diesel-powered machine while saving operational costs. In fact, compared to an all-diesel machine, the H340AJ provides substantial fuel savings, is quieter (less than 69 decibels), and produces fewer carbon emissions.

“This innovative lift is designed to perform on par with its diesel powered alternative. It’s an extremely hard-working machine,” explained Jeff Ford, JLG Industries global product director for aerial work platforms. “The JLG H340AJ has four independent electric-drive motors that provide unprecedented rough terrain performance and relies on an environmentally friendly, Tier 4 diesel-powered generator for recharging.”

Electric power is stored in eight 6V batteries, each requiring less recharging time than lead acid batteries. Because the machine can run on all-electric power, it uses less diesel fuel than an all-diesel machine, reducing overall operational costs. Customers also benefit from the H340AJ’s durability.  Whether in two-wheel drive (standard) or four-wheel drive (optional), the hybrid boom can operate in harsh environments, including muddy and rugged terrain. A steel hood increases the boom’s durability, making it ideal for general contractors, facility managers, painters, and electrical contractors, among others.

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