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Compaction showcase: June 2018

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Lay the groundwork for profits with these innovative compaction products.

Smart water system
Forward plate compactors are used to compact soil and asphalt for repair jobs and maintenance work, such as driveways, pathways and parking lots. When compacting asphalt, it is important to use water. The LF 75 LAT forward plate compactor from Husqvarna features a removable water tank with an oversized secure cap to make refills fast, easy and less frequent. Water consumption is optimized with an easy-to-reach flow adjustment valve. The water flows using a unique system that eliminates the need for piping, which could get clogged or broken. Another features is the exclusive vibration dampening handle that allows operators to keep working with less fatigue. The plate does not leave marks on the asphalt and the maintenance-free water system prevents asphalt from sticking to the plate. The 13-litre, corrosion-free water tank is very easy to hook on and off for speedy refilling.

Wacker Neuson is introducing an emissions-free, cordless, battery-powered vibratory rammer. Using lithium-ion battery technology, the AS50e is ideal for commercial interior construction or renovation projects; use in poorly ventilated areas including trenches; in sound-sensitive areas such as hospitals; or for rental yards and environmentally conscious builders. Wacker Neuson has been able to take the best of the performance characteristics of the rammer, percussion system and ramming shoe and adapt it to the battery-operated rammer, allowing users to experience similar compaction results to those of engine-powered units but with zero emissions.  The AS50e is convenient to operate with a quick, push-button start and is easy to guide along walls. The guide handle is specifically designed for the rammer and results in low hand-arm vibration for the operator. This environmentally friendly rammer is quieter than engine-driven rammers, making it ideal for noise-sensitive applications as well as protecting the operator from noise and carbon dioxide emissions. Because the machine requires no power cable during operation, the operator has uninhibited movement while compacting.
The AS50e weighs 154.5 pounds and hits at a percussion rate of 680 blows per minute. The long-life battery is separate from the rammer and can replaced in a few quick steps without any additional tools. Operators and rental centres will see a low total cost of ownership with the maintenance-free electric motor. The AS50e joins Wacker Neuson’s line of two-cycle, two-cycle oil-injected, four-cycle and diesel models.


Compatible with any machine
Businesses can more easily monitor machine usage and ultimately improve profitability with Ammann ServiceLink. The digital fleet management system from Ammann provides light equipment owners with access to key information, such as battery status and maintenance schedules. Ammann ServiceLink also is a great tool for rental houses. It can monitor machine utilization 24 hours per day, seven days per week, enabling rental fleets to accurately track and charge for off-hours use, such as weekends. The new system from Ammann offers end users digital access to important data for light equipment machines, such as Ammann vibratory plates. Ammann ServiceLink features a hardware relay that can be mounted on any machine with a battery up to 30 volts. The relay stores and sends machine details, such as battery voltage, working hours and machine starts. Additional information, such as warranty or maintenance schedules, can be stored directly on the ServiceLink system. The data can be accessed through a desktop computer or an intuitive app. ServiceLink is compatible with all machines with battery power up to 30 volts, no matter the brand of the machine. This enables fleet tracking without a separate tool for each brand. ServiceLink is available on new light equipment machines from Ammann. It also is offered as a retrofit for older Ammann machines and for equipment built by other manufacturers, too.  

Unique geometry
Toro’s lineup of forward and reversible plate compactors are designed with a unique base geometry, optimal eccentric placement, amplitude and vibrations-per-minute that allow the unit to provide maximum compaction for stable, even surfaces. Also, a heavy-duty design provides protection to the engine and machine components for extended life. Toro offers three models of forward plate compactors with an eccentric force range of 2,200 to 4,000 pounds. Toro’s new line of reversible plate compactors offers a centrifugal force range from approximately 4,950 to14,160 pounds and features hydraulic travel control with an innovative safety valve to offer overload protection and a longer product life.

Low weight, high compaction
The Husqvarna LT 6005 rammer is ideal for compacting soil in trench and sewage systems, gardening and landscaping, compaction on backfill, foundations, patching and repairs. It is equipped with a Honda GXR120 engine, which is specially designed for rammers. The LT 6005 is easy to handle with rollers on the steering bar and a lifting handle on the foot. Despite its low weight, the LT 6005 delivers the deep compaction users need with a combination of high centrifugal force and speed. Additional features include three fixed positions for the throttle control (stop with gas line fully closed, idle, and full speed); slimmed handles to enable the machine to work in narrow spaces or close to obstacles; and easy access to all service points. The balanced design gives excellent traction and manoeuverability while the high impact and speed delivers outstanding compaction efficiency.

Failures prevented
MDM engine protection from Weber MT provides additional active engine protection for reversible plate compactors. It is now a standard feature offered for reversible plate compactors of the CR 6 to CR 9 series which complements the newly refined Compatrol 2.0 compaction control system. This means improved operational safety, greater efficiency and a longer service life. MDM engine protection constantly checks all essential parameters of the engine. The Hatz diesel engine will shut off automatically if the MDM discovers that the engine oil pressure or oil level is too low, the engine temperature is too high, or the air filter is full. If this happens, the operator is notified accordingly by an LED indicator. This safeguard makes disastrous engine failures caused by insufficient maintenance a thing of the past. Better still, the system also indicates when the engine needs to be serviced. These benefits, combined with the high quality of the soil compactor, increase and improve the service life and operational safety of the engine. MDM engine protection is also part of the Compatrol system version 2.0. Compaction control and engine protection together offer a dual safety feature. Compatrol 2.0 is distinguished by its exceptional time and cost efficiency. This new and improved compaction control allows for uniform compaction across the entire compacted surface. Weak spots can be detected and compensated in good time. Perfect work results can now be achieved with a much smaller number of passes. The completion time and cost savings run at up to 25 per cent.

More options
John Deere is adding three new plate compactors to its portfolio of over 100 Worksite Pro attachments, offering customers more models  choose while maintaining the same reliability. Designed for trench, slope and excavation compaction applications, the PC4, PC7 and PC10 plate compactor models deliver powerful performance and productivity. These attachments are compatible with the John Deere 26G, 30G, 35, 50G, 60G compact excavators; the 310L, 310L EP, 310SL, 310SL HL, 315SL and 410L backhoes; as well as most competitive models. A large eccentric rotating weight creates vibration and impulse energy to deliver the optimal attachment productivity and performance. The weight’s mass is further away from the shaft to provide increased impulse forces up to 8,000 pounds and improved compaction rates when working with compact granular soils. To maximize attachment reliability and durability, the motor is inset within the frame to protect it from damage. Hydraulic motor bearings use oil splash lubrication, and sealed eccentric bearings provide maintenance-free operation. Delivering 4,000 pounds of impulse force, the PC4 model is available in a 13-inch width. The PC7 delivers 6,400 pounds of impulse force and is available in an 18-inch width. The PC10 model delivers 8,000 pounds of impulse force and is available in a 24-inch width. All three models boast a 2,000-RPM frequency at regulated flow.

The plate compactors are backed by John Deere parts, service and warranty coverage.

Avoids overcompaction
The Compas compaction-analyzing system for MQ Mikasa is now available as a bolt-on option for diesel-powered MVH-series reversible plate compactors. Compas helps contractors improve efficiency and maximize productivity, while avoiding costly over-compaction. A series of LED lights indicates the progress made with each machine pass. As soil stiffness changes, lights turn on and guide the operator to either make additional passes or stop because optimum soil conditions have been attained. MQ Mikasa reversible plates feature ergonomically designed handles designed to minimize the vibration transferred to the operator. Removable extension plates allow the plate to be adapted for various trench applications. Compas units are equipped with Hatz diesel engines designed to provide dependable service.

Superior gradeability
The new RPX 35 reversible plate compactor from Altrad Belle offers greater power, faster travel speeds and can climb steeper gradients. The industrial-grade powerful Honda GX200 gasoline engine comes as standard with a centralized, easily accessible recoil start and stop function along with a low-oil alert feature. This model also comes with an hour clock feature as standard, ideal for tracking operating hours and service intervals on the machine. The unique baseplate design gives optimum performance, excellent gradeability and travel speeds up to 89 feet per minute. The compactor includes a fully integrated wheel kit for safe, easy transportation to and from job sites. The fixed handle with its strong locking mechanism delivers more positive handling and control to the wheels, reducing the shock loading on the control handles when tilting into transport position. The control handles offer ultra-low hand/arm vibration making the RPX 35 safe for operators to use for long periods. The machine also incorporates an ergonomically positioned throttle control for operator comfort. The compactor includes wrap-around steel for full engine protection, specifically designed for rental, hire and contractor use.

Expanded applications
Bomag’s new generation of compact BW 124-5 single drum vibratory rollers – available in both smooth (BW 124 DH-5) and padfoot (BW 124 PDH-5) drum configurations – offer a 47.2-inch drum width and a tight turning radius of just 88.2 inches. Ideal for compacting granular and cohesive soils on congested jobsites, they feature dual-pump drive that allows them to climb up to 55-per cent grades. The intuitive Bomag Economizer compaction measurement system now available for the BW 124-5 series offers a higher level of compaction control not available on prior models. Cost-effective Economizer alerts operators to soil compaction progress, reducing passes and saving time and money. It requires no calibration to reliably deliver real-time compaction progress. Economizer warns operators of potential over-compaction as well as allowing for identification of soft spots in the material. A new four-post ROPS/FOPS structure safeguards the operator from machine roll-over and falling objects, while improving the operator’s 360-degree view around the machine. A new, multifunctional travel lever at the operator’s fingertips offers simplified control of the optional leveling blade. The flexible blade expands the range of applications for the BW 124-5 Series roller to include material distribution, profiling and leveling. The roller’s new 46-horsepower, water-cooled diesel engine meets stringent Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions standards.

New compaction line
Dynapac North America has announced its extended product offering by introducing a full range of light compaction equipment. The range, including rammers, forward and reversible plates, walk behind and articulated utility rollers, will widen the Dynapac portfolio and offering to its customers. The global Dynapac sales and after-market sales network will fully support customers with technical service, training, parts and warranty support. Continued strategic investments will further strengthen the sales and support network as the light equipment will be available worldwide. To meet market demands, product introductions will begin during the second quarter of 2018 with focus given to the highest utilized models. The complete range will be available by the end of 2018. 

Easy seal service
MBW’s hydraulic shifting reversible plates solve maintenance problems that have long plagued this product type. MBW exciter systems are vented to prevent damage to shifting mechanism seals. Worn shifting seals are readily serviced from the outside of the exciter assembly (patented), eliminating the complicated process of opening and exposing the exciter assembly for service purposes. Maintenance is simplified, service time is reduced dramatically. Available in either 24- or 26-inch versions.

Extra power
Doosan Portable Power offers the BX-60, part of the BX Series of single-direction, vibratory plate compactors for the compaction of granular soils, crushed aggregates, and hot mix asphalt on small- to large-sized open jobsites. Key features of the BX-60 include a compact vibratory plate design that offers great manoeuverability on the jobsite, compaction in confined areas and fold-over handles that provide ease of storage. The compactor also has high centrifugal force and a handle-mounted ratcheting throttle designed for improved control around jobsite obstacles. The BX-60 has an operating weight of 182 pounds and delivers a centrifugal force of 3,400 pounds with a vibration frequency of 5,600 vibrations per minute. It travels at a maximum speed of 82 feet per minute, with an area capacity covering 6,943 square-feet per hour. The compaction depth of the BX-60 is recommended to 12 inches. Powered by a rugged Honda four-cycle engine at 3,600 revolutions per minute, the BX-60 is engineered with recoil start for years of dependable operation. The BX-60 compactor is also fitted with standard vibration-reducing, padded grip handles that are fully adjustable to maximize operator comfort and transport convenience.

Innovative combination
Case Construction Equipment has introduced two new combination vibratory rollers, the DV209CD and DV210CD. The new vibratory rollers compact with the front drum and deliver a smooth finish with rear pneumatic tires. The DV209CD and DV210CD come standard with automatic vibration control, crab steering, an oscillating articulated roller joint and a pressurized triple-filtration water system. High-frequency is offered as a standard feature allowing for frequencies up to 4,020 vibrations per minute for greater control of compaction performance based on the thickness and density requirements of each lift. The DV209CD and DV210CD also feature a fully adjustable and intuitive operator environment with a steering wheel instrument cluster and digital display. With operating weights of 20,753 and 22,440 pounds, respectively, the DV209CD and DV210CD are ideal for municipal roads, parking lots and residential developments, as well as more large-scale paving applications such as highways, airports and industrial areas. The new models feature a Tier 4 Final-certified 100-horsepower Deutz engine.

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