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Product Showcase: December 2011

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Today’s generators help you ramp up the rental hours.

Today’s generators help you ramp up the rental hours.


Versatile power

Jenny Products

Jenny Products has introduced two compressor/generator combination models, providing both portable air and a power source in one versatile machine for a variety of industrial, construction and do-it-yourself applications.

The K11HGA-17P-3000W features Jenny’s renowned K pump, a heavy-duty, single-stage, cast-iron compressor pump. The unit is powered by an 11-horsepower Honda GX series OHV engine with electric start and produces 8.9 cubic feet per minute at 100 pounds per square inch or 8.6 cubic feet per minute at 125 pounds per square inch for quick recovery. Featuring a G pump and a 13-horsepower, electric start Honda GX engine, the G13HGA-17P-3000W delivers 16.2 cubic feet per minute at 100 pounds per square inch or 15.6 cubic feet per minute at 125 pounds per square inch.


Each model includes a 3,000-watt, 115-volt/230-volt generator providing a convenient solution for powering electric tools, lighting or other jobsite equipment, or as a backup power source during instances of power failure.

The compressor/generator units are offered with 17-gallon, powder-coated, ASME-certified air tanks. Manoeuvring is simple with lifting handles integrated into opposite ends of the compressors’ frames, and pneumatic tires are included to further enhance portability.

Each compressor/generator model is equipped with numerous standard features for increased uptime and reduced maintenance. The compressors are belt-driven with a large flywheel for easy startups and extra cooling, and a directional air shroud helps further reduce pump temperatures. Special unloading valves on the compressors also assist in engine starting. Additionally, the units come equipped with a totally enclosed, heavy-duty belt guard, anti-vibration feet for smoother operation, a large canister intake filter with replaceable elements, manual tank drains, a stainless-steel braided discharge hose, pressure relief safety valve, regulator and outlet pressure safety gauges.

Each unit is filled with Jenny Ultimate Blue synthetic compressor-pump oil for its splash lubricating system, ensuring complete oil coverage on the pistons, crankshaft, bearings, rings and cylinders. The compressor/generator combination units also come with an optional lubricator, airline filter and oil-sight glass. Other engine and pressure options are available upon request.


Allmand Maxi-Lite EX Series to feature vertical tower

Tower include Allmand Bros.

Allmand Bros. has introduced the V Series vertical light tower configuration as a standard feature for its Maxi-Lite EX Series light towers. The ML EX V Series offers the convenience of the vertical tower, a significantly extended run time, a larger, wider, and more stable trailer and added auxiliary power. This multi-purpose unit brings extra versatility to construction, mining, oil and gas worksites, tent cities and event venues.

With the V Series design, the mast on the ML EX V Series vertically telescopes and retracts, resulting in easier setup, simplified shipping, towing and storage and reduced potential for damage. The V Series configuration features a hydraulic lift system, which allows the mast to be completely raised and lowered in less than 30 seconds. This design allows for more intuitive light fixture positioning for angle and direction. The tower is still vertical when retracted, making accurate fixture adjustment fast and simple. Furthermore, the fixtures firmly hold their adjusted position as the tower is raised, and the lights can be operated at any height.

The ML EX V Series units deliver 20 and 30 kilowatts of three-phase power. This provides an additional electrical power source for powering temporary work trailers, pumps, additional lighting or other auxiliary equipment.

The standard 135-gallon fuel capacity on the ML EX V Series provides extended operation with less service expense, making it suitable for remote locations.

The trailer-integrated fluid containment system means the unit is more environmentally friendly than other standard light towers.

By utilizing Allmand’s proprietary SHO-HD 1,250-watt lighting system, the ML EX V Series provides 150,000 lumens per lamp, a 36-per cent increase over some competitive light towers. An optional Saf-T-Visor attachment directs previously wasted light onto the worksite.

Standard features include a modular engine/genset, which allows for simple engine/generator removal or changeout. Service is simplified with a hinged ballast panel, which only requires two bolts to be removed for full access. Captive latches on the tower support and outriggers eliminate the potential for lost pins. Optional inside lamp storage for both four- and six-light models allows for better security of the exclusive SHO lamp fixtures when the lighting system is not being used.


Advanced durability


Subaru’s new line of SGX Generators offers high-quality features, durable construction and technologically advanced Subaru EX overhead cam engines, making them reliable, rugged and powerful choices. The commercial generators are available in three models to meet the needs of numerous users, from homeowners to professional contractors.

Delivering a maximum output of 3,500 watts, the SGX3500 uses Subaru’s EX21 seven-horsepower engine. The unit offers a fuel tank capacity of four gallons and provides a continuous run-time of eight hours at the rated load.

The SGX5000 utilizes the 9.5-horsepower EX30 engine and offers a maximum output of 4,900 watts. Fuel tank capacity is seven gallons and the unit’s continuous run-time is 9.4 hours at the rated load.

Featuring a 14-horsepower EX40 engine, the SGX7500E provides a maximum output of 7,300 watts. It offers a continuous run-time of seven hours at the rated load and a fuel tank capacity of eight gallons. Additionally, the SGX7500E includes an electric starting system with recoil backup.

Constructed of heavy-duty steel and equipped with steel fuel tanks, the SGX units are designed for longevity and durability. Furthermore, the generators include high-performance copper windings with maximum surge capacity. The SGX line offers OSHA-compliant ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles, and twist lock receptacles are also included for enhanced safety.

Standard on all models, an automatic voltage regulator system provides a precise voltage control output, making the system appropriate for sensitive electronic equipment such as computers. Other standard features include low-tone muffler with U.S. Forestry-approved spark arrestors, low oil level sensor with automatic shutoff, easy-to-read fuel gauge, an hour meter and a two-wheel kit for enhanced portability. The SGX7500E includes a low oil alert light on the control panel.

The SGX generators are CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified to meet electrical safety standards. All models are backed by Subaru’s three-year warranty, which covers both engine and generator.


Intuitive generator control

Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson has taken reliability and performance to a new level with the addition of the Basler Controller System on its mobile generator line. Teaming up with Basler, one of the most respected names in industrial controls, Wacker Neuson’s mobile generators can achieve a high level of functionality and reliability.

To ensure reliable operation in the most demanding applications, Wacker Neuson has extensively tested the new controller system in both laboratory and real-world environments. Eight Wacker Neuson mobile generator models ranging from 20 kilowatt/25 kilovolt-amps to 191 kilowatt/240 kilovolt-amps have received the new controller system upgrade. The Basler controller is simple to operate and offers advanced diagnostic and control features, including the ability to track kilowatt-hours, making it the most intuitive and powerful generator controller on the market. Because the controller features a sealed front overlay and fully potted back, it virtually eliminates any problems with water dirt, making it extremely reliable. The one-key start and easy-to-read engine and generator operating information displays automatically, and when more in-depth service menus are needed, the keypad is easy to navigate by simply using the arrows to scroll through the displays. Should it be necessary, a red alert LED flashes for pre-alarm and is constant for alarm with a fault message that displays on the screen.

Wacker Neuson is offering a four-year warranty with no hour limit on the new Basler Controller. Wacker Neuson compact and sound-attenuated generators provide single- and three-phase power for construction, commercial, industrial and special event applications where quiet, reliable power is needed.


Stable power with minimal loss

Kubota’s SQ series generators are direct-coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss. They have excellent load characteristics. Solid-state voltage regulation maintains excellent stability (less than five per cent) during changing load conditions. Its quick response automatically provides stable power to sensitive equipment.

Diesel engines selected to power the heavy-duty SQ series produce far less soot, hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide emissions thanks to Kubota’s original E-TVCS combustion. All engines for the North American and European markets have passed the latest EPA and Europe’s Emissions Regulations.

Noise within the generator unit has been lowered by improving the noise reduction enclosure and by adding a new noise-absorbing duct with three air-intake holes. The oversized muffler has lowered the sound level, as well. Kubota not only reduced fan-related noise with this larger-diameter, slower-speed fan, but also maintained the same cooling effect as one running at normal speed.

The advanced design and superior engineering minimizes both space and weight.

Transportability is improved with slots on each side of the machine for safe forklift truck transportation. Engine oil and coolant drain extensions are provided to ease regularly scheduled maintenance. Oil gauge, filter, oil replacement port, fuel filter, water reserve tank, battery and air filter are all located on one side for quick inspection and maintenance. The locking control panel door shields the instrument panel from the elements and permits observation of all key functions without opening the door.

Every time the engine key is turned on, air is automatically purged from the fuel system by the automatic air-bleed feature. The fully covered load centre houses all the outlets, compression terminals, and circuit breakers. To prevent inadvertent contact with the terminals, the receptacles are housed in a separate section. Safety door interlocks automatically shut down the engine if the load centre doors are opened during operation. For safe, unattended operation, even the maintenance doors are equipped with safety interlocks. The large, removable doors feature heavy-duty steel hinges and recessed locking door latches to safeguard against unauthorized use and to allow safe, unattended operation and easy maintenance.


Powered by Honda


Koshin, a global manufacturer of pumps, has recently launched its new line of gas generators, powered by Honda. The generators range from 4.3 to 14 kilowatts, and feature an extended-run fuel tank, idle control, easy-access fuel valve, hour meter, hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers, and a premium brushless alternator. Furthermore, they are protected with a heavy-duty roll cage, and backed with a three-year warranty. Made in the U.S.A., these units are UL/CSA/OSHA compliant and also offer optional wheel kits for easy transport. Koshin Generators are distributed by Rentquip Canada.


Tier 4 Gen-Sets


Magnum has introduced the MMG 175 Interim Tier IV generator. The new MMG 175 is designed to meet the stringent 2011 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Interim Tier IV standards while providing lucrative operation and reliability.

The MMG 175 generator is powered with the new John Deere PowerTech PVX 6068H Interim Tier IV engine delivering 217 horsepower at prime. The unit is constructed with an innovative approach to the cooling system and cabinet design to fit with the needs and function of the Interim Tier IV technology. The MMG 175 is completed with the collection of safety features designed into every Magnum generator. The unit provides up to 153kW power output and over 24 hour of run time at full load; ideal for industry, building and road construction, mining and oil field operations, emergency back-up power for municipalities, industry, service and technical information systems and healthcare facilities.


Dependable in tough conditions


Multiquip WhisperWatt Super Silent generators are engineered to operate in the most challenging environments and can be modified to meet any application. They are designed and built to withstand tough environments at construction sites and provide dependable temporary power at entertainment venues and disaster recovery operations.

The DCA220SSC offers a prime rating of 176 kilowatts (220 kilovolt-amps) and a standby rating of 194 kilowatts (242 kilovolt-amps).  The patented open delta generator winding provides precise voltage control, allowing superior motor starting capability.  An electronic governor maintains frequency to plus/minus 0.25 per cent from no load to full load.  It features an auto start/stop that allows the generator to start from a remote location.  The unit is equipped with a powder-coated, weatherproof steel housing that allows a substantially low operating noise level of 75 decibels. Equipped with a durable and comprehensive digital control panel along with analog instrumentation, included is the AC ammeter, AC voltmeter, frequency meter, AC circuit breaker, engine gauges and much more.


Rebranded mobile generators

Doosan Portable Power

Doosan Portable Power, a global provider of mobile power platforms, has completed the final stages of rebranding its mobile generator portfolio of ten models ranging from 25 to 570 kilovolt-amps from the previous Ingersoll Rand brand. These generators are designed with Canada’s unique market needs in mind.

An operator-preferred analog control panel is common across all models, which simplifies control and monitoring and features remote start/stop capability as standard. The G25 through G185 models feature a voltage selector switch for easy configuration to most common voltages and include Doosan’s signature protection feature that prevents operators from switching voltage during operation — a common cause of downtime.

Fuel tanks are available that comply with Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act for volumes over 450 litres. The environmental containment system can contain and prevent spillage of 110 per cent of all fuel, oil and coolant volume.

A 600-volt dedicated alternator option is available on 240 kilovolt-amp models and larger, while a 600-volt step-up transformer option is available on 290-kilovolt-amp models and smaller.

Cold weather options are available, including engine coolant heaters, battery pad heaters, battery chargers, oil pan heaters and crankcase breather hose heaters.


Selection and flexibility

Sommers Generator Systems

Sommers Generator Systems may not be the biggest name in the Canadian rental equipment business, but Sommers is definitely a company that thinks big when it comes to meeting the mobile power needs of rental customers.

Known in Canada as a powerhouse in custom generator systems for more than 75 years, Sommers stocks a large private inventory of mobile generator systems. Based in Ontario and Nova Scotia, Sommers offers not only a big fleet, but delivers a range of systems right up to today’s largest rental units, including trailerized one-megawatt systems for industrial applications.

Sommers’ Power To Go plan offer rental stores flexible options to supply customers with the mobile power solutions they need. Its fleet of in-stock units offers immediate availability to meet urgent short-term needs from 10 kilowatts to one megawatt. Customers can also purchase the same units to expand their own local fleet. On request, Sommers will custom build systems to meet any specific requirements. 

Sommers equips all of its in-stock models to adapt to any application, including multiple voltage and frequency configurations with user-friendly controls and portable distribution panels for quick, easy setups. High-capacity, double-wall, sub-base fuel tanks provide ample running time and also comply with the latest Transport Canada regulations. Components and engines from leading brands ensure ready parts and easy servicing.


Intelligent idle

The HCP9000 heavy duty generator is powered by a Hyundai HX420 15HP engine, producing a peak output of 9,000W. An intelligent Auto-Idle control system ensures maximum efficiency at any load, and a protective and versatile frame assembly provides maximum mobility on most terrains. The powerful 15-horsepower gasoline motor feeds a dual power source compatible with gasoline and propane. Recoil, electric and remote control starting are available. A mass-centred crane hook makes moving the unit easy. A large anti-sink plate and rugged wheels allow for maximum portability and safe operation. The HCP9000 includes a digital LCD display and GFCI outlets with protective covers. An intuitive color-coded setup and control interface makes operation simple. The automatic low-oil shut down ensures engine safety. The HCP9000 comes with an intelligent auto-idle control system. Rubber-mounted engine components reduce noise and vibration, and rugged never-flat independent wheels allow for on-the-spot rotation.


Increased output


Yamaha calls its EF12000DEX its Big Dog because it is its most powerful gasolione generator. It pumps out over eight hours of continuous, quiet operation without stopping to refuel. This machine is suitable for such heavy-load equipment as air compressors and table saws. A non-fused thermal breaker protects the AC circuit against overload, and for increased efficiency the automatic economy idle control reduces engine speed when it is not under load. It is all bundled in a rugged, wraparound frame for protection and a standard four-wheel kit. Trick it out with the optional remote starter and you’ve got extensive portable power. The rated AC output is 9,500 watts with AC voltage of 120 240. The four -stroke, overhead valve, forced-air-cooled, twin-cylinder, gasoline engine produces 22-horsepower.

Generator dimensions are 32.5 x 29.8 x 33.7 inches. The EF12000DEX weighs 328.5 pounds with the wheels. The gas tank holds 44.0 litres and can run for 8.2 hours between fills.


Worksite reliability

The DG7000B 7,000-watt commercial generator from Dewalt includes an 18-volt battery start. The battery and charger come with the generator. The Dewalt 389 cubic centimetre, 13 horsepower, overhead valve engine provides enhanced worksite reliability. Dewalt says the DG7000B packs 20 per cent more starting watts than other generators in its class. Proper 120-volt and 240-volt outlets for jobsite applications make connections safer and easier. The worksite tested frame with panel protection bars increase durability. A muffler reduces engine noise to 72 decibels. The idle control saves fuel and reduces noise. Dewalt’s patent-pending low-oil shut-off provides greater pump protection. The DG7000B produces 7,000 watts AC at maximum output and 6,550 watts rated output. The fuel tank capacity is 4.8 gallons. Shipping weight is 261 pounds.

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