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Product Showcase: October 2011

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Cool weather means heater rentals. Warm up your inventory with these innovative products.

Cool weather means heater rentals. Warm up your inventory with these innovative products.


Rugged and reliable
Safe, tough and reliable: that is how the new IX410 indirect industrial heater by Sure Flame is designed. Four safety shutdown controls, a high limit switch, an exhaust limit switch, an air switch and a flame rod make the IX410 one of the safest units on the market.

The new IX410 is designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. The robust exoskeleton, stainless steel heat exchanger, lifting hook and forklift pockets make this unit ready to withstand even the most trying environments. An adjustable handle and 16-inch, puncture-proof wheels add to the durability and make for easy manoeuvrability.

The IX410 operates on natural gas or propane with the switch of a single lever (no orifice to change). It also is designed to allow for recirculation, increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption while still maintaining constant, clean dry heat. Indoor or outdoor. Duct size is not an issue, as the IX410 comes able to accept 16-inch duct with optional transitions allowing for two 12-inch or one 18-inch duct set-ups. The IX410 is aimed at users looking for efficiency, durability and reliability.


Cordless heat
Cut the cord and turn down the noise. Enerco has introduced a cordless forced-air propane heater that delivers up to eight full hours of warmth from an internalrechargeable battery. The Heatstar Cordless can produce 35,000 BTU of heat for instant comfort anywhere, anytime. QBT Burner Technology  is designed to be 50 per cent quieter than any other forced-air heater. The Heatstar Cordless gives users the option to run plugged to power with a five-hour recharge, even while it’s running. Enerco says it is the most versatile heater ever conceived.


Japanese technology
With over 35 years of continuous success as a popular portable infrared heater in Japan, Val6 Infrared Heaters are designed for high quality and dependability. Having established its name in Japan and Europe, Val6 looks to join such other Japanese brands as Toyota in being synonymous with dependability in America. Radiant heat is able to heat an object without heating the air and losing efficiency at the same time. Val6 heaters are not affected by wind or cold ambient air as forced-air heaters are. Since infrared heat can penetrate into an object, the targeted surface and object are warmed and dried in a different way from any conventional heater using heated air. Because of the high quality of Val6 craftsmanship, we are able to maximize the benefits of this heating method, and design our heaters to last three times longer than typical convection heaters and copycats. Not only are Val6 heaters eco-friendly, releasing only 1-2 parts per million of carbon monoxide, but they are able to convert almost all their fuel to energy, making Val6 Heaters a very efficient form of heating per BTU energy burned. Because of the Val6 heaters’ capabilities, it is widely used in many commercial applications on construction sites, keeping equipment and people warm, as well as for personal use.


Heat where you need it
The TBX series Mobile Warmer from Marley comes in two sizes. The TBX104 draws 9.5 kW, producing 32,414 BTUH at 240 V. The TBX754 draws 7.5 kW, producing 25,590 BTUH at 240 V. Each includes an eight-foot cord and NEMA 6-50P plug, which requires a NEMA 6-50R receptacle. Mobile Warmers have a thermostat with positive off and fan only positions and a range of 40 to 100 F. They are designed to heat lower to floor for natural convection. These heaters have a lower profile to prevent tipping and a storage area under the lid. Rugged steel finite element construction gives a high temperature safety limit. There is a collapsible handle for easy transport and storage. Ten-inch diameter pneumatic wheels allow for easy rolling over obstacles to the spot where heat is needed. Applications include space heating in factories, stores, warehouses, or stockrooms. Mobile Warmers are also suitable for flood dry-out, workshops, repair stations, building construction, drywall dry-out, tent heating, greenhouse heating, and thawing frozen pipes.


Three new models
Campo Equipment has introduced three new 2011 indirect heater models: the Blaze 700 D/G, the Blaze 600D and the Blaze Cube 1100.

The Blaze 700 D/G (700,000 BTU) comes with the same control features as the Blaze 800 and 1000, but with a smaller footprint of 92 by 31.5 by 45 inches. The Blaze 700 D/G is 88 per cent efficient, pushes up to 4.2 inches of static pressure, 200 feet of ducting and up to 10,000 CFM. It can be wired for three- or single-phase power. The Blaze 700 D/G has no inrush, but does have a temperature controller, variable speed drive and three fan speeds to control temperature rise. The unit is stackable for storage, has lifting eyes and forklift pockets from all sides and can also be moved with a pallet jack. It comes with a plug-and-play burner kit (natural gas/propane or diesel), which can easily be converted from diesel to natural gas or propane.

The Blaze 600D (510,000 BTU) is a 120 V, 16 amp, indirect fired heater on wheels with its own onboard fuel tank. It has a redundant failsafe control system that has a temperature controller and thermocouple in series with the traditional limit switches. It produces 4,500 CFM, three inches of static pressure, up to 150 feet of 16-inch ducting or two-by-12-inch ducting. 

The Blaze Cube 1100 is a self-contained heating unit.  It comprises two Blaze 600Ds, a 8.5 kW Isuzu/Stamford 1,800 RPM liquid-cooled genset and a 200-gallon diesel tank that allows for 30 hours of continuous run time without refuelling. The Blaze Cube produces 9,000 CFM and up to 150 feet of two-by-16-inch ducting or 150 feet of four-by-12-inch ducting and has the ability to recirculate. The unit also comes with heated filters and a block heater. The Blaze Cube 1100 is stackable for off-season storage and is also available on a trailer.


Electric construction heaters
Flagro is proud to introduce its new line of high-capacity electric construction heaters. These heaters provide quiet, flexible and dependable electric heat to the jobsite. Both the FLE-60 (60 kW) and FLE-150 (150 kW) have adjustable outputs of 20/40/60 kW and 60/90/150 kW, respectively. The fan speed inverter controls provide optimum temperature rise by adjusting blower output at each heat setting. Permanent, cleanable inlet filters are installed to prevent particulates at the jobsite from contaminating the heating element and controls. Optional remote thermostats and Hitex ducting are also available.


Complete heat system
Serious Thermal Products has introduced the new Complete Heat System for use with its Serious Toaster ground-thawing machines. The system features a heavy-duty cabinet that houses everything needed to run up to five Toasters at one time, simplifying any application that requires more than one ground-thawing unit.

Rather than having to supply propane and electricity separately to each Toaster ground-thawing unit, the Complete Heat System maximizes convenience by supplying everything in one package. It includes storage to contain a 250-gallon propane tank (or “pig”), all necessary hoses to connect propane to five Toasters, a generator with extended gas tank, all electrical cords, and propane-tank heaters to keep the propane vaporizable in extreme cold weather conditions. Beyond the added convenience, the system also includes lockable cabinet doors to help prevent vandalism and tampering.

The Complete Heat System is skid mounted and includes an integrated lifting eye for portability. Depending on end-user preference, it can be either welded or bolted down to the bed of a trailer and easily towed from one jobsite to the next.

Serious Toaster ground-thawing machines use a patented infrared technology to thaw frozen ground more than three times faster than similar products on the market. Each Toaster thaws up to 1.6 inches deep per hour in a two-foot by 10-foot area. They are ideal for work on underground installations, utility maintenance or any other winter application that requires excavation.


Concrete curing
Crown Construction Equipment presents the Heat King Mobile Glycol Heating System – a faster way to prepare foundation sites and cure concrete in cold weather. Heat King also saves on labour, speeds preparation and lowers energy costs by as much as 80 per cent.

The heart of the Heat King is its computer-controlled system. It makes it simple to operate, continuously monitors all functions and more efficiently starts the system. The computer sends start-up signals at delayed intervals to each component in the system. Once each unit passes its high amp draw start-up phase, the next component is powered up. All components are linked to corresponding lights on the control panel, giving operators the ability to easily monitor all essential functions.

To thaw frozen ground, evenly place the eight 700-foot loops on an area of frozen ground up to 11,000 square feet in area for the HK500. Then cover the hoses with a poly-vapour barrier and insulating blankets to keep the heat and moisture directed into the ground. The two coil heaters warm the environmentally friendly propylene glycol in the reservoir to 180 F. The field pump then circulates the heated glycol through the field hoses and back to the reservoir for reheating. Now you are ready to thaw up one foot of ground per day.


Diesel fired
New from HeatStar is a diesel-fired portable radiant heater designed to be the market’s largest and strongest. Rated at 155,000 BTU per hour, this heavy-duty construction heater is designed to handle any job site. A 17-gallon fuel tank provides a complete 18-hour run time. This heater is CSA-approved for Canada as well as the United States.


Model 800 DeCloet
DeCloet presents its Model 800 series indirect-fired heater/dryers. According to the company, extensive winter testing has proven that the DeCloet approach to heating and drying is both effective and extremely fuel-efficient. The DeCloet heater/dryers utilize the basic principles of traditional forced air heating with no gimmicks or electronics, which the company says makes the DeCloet heater/dryers as simple to use as a household forced air furnace.  

The DeCloet 800 series heater/dryers are designed to both warm and dry a building space. The DeCloet 800s are available with Tri-Fuel Burners – Fuel Oil, NG or LPG – and provide 800,000 BTU’s of clean hot and dry air at over 11,000 CFM. The units can be used indoors or outdoors, and air can be ducted 100 feet or more into a building or into existing ductwork to supply emergency or temporary heat. The units are capable of recycling from zero to 100 per cent of the air in a building, allowing the user to save up to 40 per cent of fuel costs.
The Model 800 boasts heavy-duty all-stainless steel skins and all-steel construction, with a stainless steel heat exchanger to ensure clean, dry air.


Jobsite heat
CES, Construction Equipment Solutions, offers the Vista ECH48 and SCP48 electric heaters. The ECH48 features a fully enclosed 240 V, 4,800 W motor with a high-temperature control with automatic reset. It may be exposed to heavy powder work, for example, drywall sanding. The SCP48 features a high-temperature control with automatic reset. It is not meant for heavy powder work.


Radiant or forced-air
The Fahrenheat MCM1503 from Marley Engineering features three heat settings: 600 W radiant, 900 W fan-forced, and 1,500 W fan-forced and radiant. The heater has a chromed safety grille, automatic thermostat, ceramic core element, tip-over safety switch and thermal limit.

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