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Product Showcase: May 2011

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When a customer comes into your store looking for a post hole digger or concrete mixing equipment, chances are digging posts or mixing concrete is only part of the job he needs to do.

When a customer comes into your store looking for a post hole digger or concrete mixing equipment, chances are digging posts or mixing concrete is only part of the job he needs to do. By asking a few more questions, you might be able to help him do his entire job faster and better, and make a larger sale in the process. Skid steers are the solution to just about any medium-size construction problem. Keeping a fleet of tuned-up skid steers on offer with a broad range of attachments can be a great way to make your small customers into big ones.


Concrete pump

Blastcrete offers the model RD6536 skid steer pump attachment. Featuring a universal design compatible with any skid steer, the three-inch hydraulic squeeze pump is suitable for ICF, block fill, form and pour, driveways, basements and various shotcrete applications.

With the ability to pump grout materials, 3/8-inch shotcrete and 3/4-inch structural concrete mixes, the RD6536 is a fast, efficient solution for contractors performing a variety of concrete and shotcrete applications. The unit offers a variable speed of zero to 25 cubic yards per hour. Vertical pumping distance is up to 50 feet with the use of a rubber delivery line, while horizontal distance can be up to 250 feet.


A hydraulic agitator is included in the receiving hopper. The agitator’s continuous motion keeps the mix well blended, ensuring aggregate and sand stay evenly suspended throughout the mix. Not only does this result in high-strength concrete, but it keeps the aggregate and sand from settling to the bottom of the hopper and clogging near the suction area.

To relieve pressure buildup clogs and eliminate potential damage to the pump, the RD6536 can be run in both forward and reverse. Hydraulically powered controls are located on the pump and also operate both agitator and pump speed.

The RD6536 weighs in at 2,700 pounds and hydraulic oil requirement is 18 gpm at 3,000 psi. The 48-inch-wide frame (55 inches with the receiving hopper) is designed to be narrow enough to fit between the wheel wells of most standard work trucks. The unit includes forklift pockets to allow quick and easy loading and unloading from the transport vehicle.

Maintenance requirements for the RD6536 are designed to be simple and quick. The steel-constructed unit is designed to prevent any concrete from coming into contact with the pump’s moving parts, further reducing maintenance concerns and ensuring a long service life. The primary wear part, the rubber pumping tube, can be easily replaced on the jobsite in about 20 minutes. Cleanup on the RD6536 squeeze pump is fast and hassle-free. Using just water and a sponge ball, the pump can be cleaned out in approximately five minutes.

For more information, contact Blastcrete at 1-800-235-4867.


Skid steer line

Case Construction Equipment has introduced nine models in its new Alpha Series line of skid steers. The new Case machines deliver improved horsepower and breakout force.

The engines in the new Alpha Series skid steers range from 46 to 90 hp, with rated operating capacities ranging from 1,300 pounds in the new class size SR130, to 3,000 pounds in the SV300.

The Alpha Series includes both radial lift and vertical lift models. The radial lift machines (designated with an R in the model name), are engineered for digging, prying and pushing, while the vertical lift models (designated with a V), excel on lift-and-carry applications. The Case Alpha Series includes six radial lift skid steers, the SR130, SR150, SR175, SR200, SR220 and SR250, and three vertical-lift models, the SV185, SV250 and SV300.

The Alpha Series models also feature larger fuel tanks. Thanks to improved fuel efficiency and new 16- to 25.5-gallon fuel tanks, Case skids steers can easily run for eight to 10 hours without refuelling.

The Case SR130 and SR150 skid steers are easy to transport with a trailer. Both models have an extremely low overall height, at 75 inches, making it easier to clear overhead obstacles.


Drill attachment
E-Z Drill

E-Z Drill offers the Model 210 Twin Vertical, a concrete drill attachment that is compatible with most skid steers and compact loaders. This rock drill system contains two adjustable vertical drills, making it suitable for pulling patches, slab-jacking and under-sealing. The unit is designed for maximum productivity and is completely pneumatic, which eliminates the need for electric or hydraulic hookup.

The 210 Twin Vertical utilizes CP 69 rock drills and has the capability of drilling a hole between 3/4 and 2-1/2 inches in diameter. It features a maximum drilling depth of 17 inches and requires a minimum air flow of 260 cfm for operation. Drill spacing adjusts easily from five to 10 feet on centre. The feed system also includes an angular adjustment, allowing the drills to be positioned between 90 and 45 degrees.

For quick, convenient operation, the system can be controlled from the cab via pneumatic remote, which is powered by the same air compressor as the drills. To further enhance productivity, the patented roller bearing feed eliminates friction on the carriage to reduce replacement costs and help prevent downtime.

For more information, call 1-800-272-0121.


Track loaders

Kubota Canada has announced the arrival of its new compact track loaders. The SVL Series (Super Vertical Lift) feature the 75-hp SVL75 and 90-hp SVL90 models. The new compact track loaders are designed, engineered and manufactured by Kubota to ensure quality consistent with the company’s other products.

The Kubota SVL models are designed from the ground up to be a track loader. The company says that from the integrated mainframe and undercarriage to the original rubber track to the outstanding power and traction force, the SVL Series are built to set the new standard in the compact track loader market.

The SVL75 and SVL90 boast a 6,204-pound and 7,961-pound bucket breakout force, respectively, and a lifting capacity of 4,881 and 5,869 pounds, respectively. Both models are powered by a four-cylinder, direct injection, turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine. The vertical lift loader allows for optimum reach and dumping capabilities. Standard features include engine stall guard, two-speed travel, self-levelling lift and a floor drain outlet for easy cleaning.

Kubota’s SVL75 and SVL90 feature an easy tilt-up cabin for convenient access to all hydraulics. Daily maintenance checks for engine oil, fuel filter, water/fuel separator, air cleaner and coolant level are simple, and all grease fittings accessible from ground level. A slide-and-tilt radiator and oil cooler allow for easy cleaning and easy access to the engine compartment.

Heated seats
Seat heater

Seat heater manufacturer Check Corporation and Milsco Manufacturing are working together to provide durable heated seats that add comfort and warmth to today’s industrial and construction equipment.

Check began working with Milsco in 2007 to design a foam-in-place seat heater for Case Construction Equipment’s skid steer seat. Since then, more than 6,000 seat heater systems have been built into seats during the past three years.
Available for a variety of construction, agricultural and off-road equipment, Check seat heater systems are designed to integrate directly into the seats and feature multiple temperature levels for operator comfort. The seat heater elements have passed SAE-J1454 testing for off-road durability tests and are waterproof. Each system is backed with a one- to three-year warranty, depending on the seat or the equipment warranty.


Vertical and radius loaders

Terex has introduced a new line of skid steer loaders with vertical and radius lift paths to complement its line of compact equipment. With eight models ranging from 50 to 83 hp, Terex skid steer loaders are designed to be more productive than other brands, thanks to their high ground clearances and rear angles of departure, high travel speeds, increased fuel capacities, strong tractive effort and mechanical-faced axle seals.

“Terex skid steer loaders are engineered to give operators more power and productivity during operation and are built to keep working when and where others can’t,” says Jamie Wright, product manager, Terex Construction Americas. “Terex skid steer loaders are suitable for rental, landscape, construction, and agricultural applications where contractors and owner/operators need reliable, productive machines that get the job done efficiently and cost effectively.”

Offering four radial lift path models (TSR50, TSR60, TSR70 and TSR80), as well as four vertical lift path models (TSV50, TSV60, TSV70 and TSV80), Terex designed its skid steer loaders with some of the best ground clearances and rear angles of departure in the industry: 10.5 inches of ground clearance and 29 degrees rear angle of departure on medium-frame loaders (TSR50/60 and TSV50/60) and 26 degrees on large-frame loaders (TSR70/80 and TSV70/80). These features improve the ability of the machine to traverse soft, uneven terrain, making the workday more productive and less frustrating.

For more information about the Terex skid steer loaders, visit .

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