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Tell your customers to throw away the shovels and dig these compact yet powerful mini-excavators for their home landscaping projects.

Tell your customers to throw away the shovels and dig these compact yet powerful mini-excavators for their home landscaping projects.


Comfort is king
Designed for tough applications, the Bobcat CT235 is well suited for demanding chores or long days on landscaping or groundskeeping projects. Users can spend less time maintaining and more time operating it with easy access to service items and a durable, steel hood to protect internal parts.
Comfort is king in the CT235, thanks to a standard suspension seat, easy-to-reach controls, tilt steering and open foot space. There’s even a cup holder to make the operator’s time in the CT235 more enjoyable. A hydrostatic drive system makes changing directions effortless. Add optional turf tires for minimal ground disturbance on sensitive surfaces.


Sit up and take notice
Wacker Neuson
Wacker Neuson’s Vertical Digging System is available on select compact excavators and is offering advantages to users. The VDS compensates for height differences on uneven terrain and quickly sets the operator in an upright position, greatly increasing productivity. This innovative system enables operators to tilt the cab and boom of the excavator by up to 15 degrees with the push of a button, allowing the operator to compensate for slopes up to 27 per cent. The excavator can then be used to dig more precisely in a vertical position, which significantly speeds up excavation and backfilling work, resulting in time and material savings of up to 25 per cent. Operators can remain in an upright position, making it easier and more comfortable to operate. Increased stability is a further benefit, creating a safer environment for operators and across the job site as a whole. The job site uses for the VDS are endless. Not many sites actually provide a level working surface, so Wacker Neuson’s VDS can be engaged in a variety of applications. These compact excavators with the VDS are ideal for such applications as digging on an embankment, straddling concrete curbs and digging in narrow areas. The VDS also allows for vertical holes to be dug on an incline with an auger and bit attachments.


Fits through a standard door

The Fiori MiniDig700 is a micro excavator designed for extremely tight operating conditions. At only 30 inches wide with expandable tracks to 37 inches, it will fit through a standard doorway and weighs only 1,760 pounds for easy transport. Powered by 14-horsepower, water-cooled, diesel engine, with auxiliary hydraulic remotes, planetary final drives, expandable dozer blade and two-speed travel selection, the MiniDig700 has the features of much larger machines in a smaller package. Digging depth is 63 inches. A slightly larger MiniDig 1000 is also available.


Great visibility

The 18-horsepower Terex TC20 compact crawler excavator is designed with a top-mounted boom cylinder to provide maximum protection during operation. The boom on the TC20 is offset to the right in order to provide exceptional visibility to the operator. A quick-couple bucket adaptor makes it easy for bucket and attachment changes, and this unit is plumbed with an auxiliary hydraulic circuit with open (pressureless) retune to provide additional flexibility in adding attachments. The TC20 has an operating weight of 4,455 pounds with a maximum dig depth of eight feet, two inches and a maximum reach of 14 feet, four inches. It has a bucket capacity of 1.38 to 6.18 cubic feet.
Mostly in-house components


Ditch Witch

The Charles Machine Works, manufacturer of Ditch Witch underground construction equipment, has introduced a new line of compact and powerful walk-behind trenchers, each of which is designed and manufactured to provide an exceptional return on investment for small business owners, particularly equipment rental companies. The RT12, RT16, RT20, and RT24 are designed for durability and maximum performance with minimal downtime.

The entire line of Ditch Witch walk-behind trenchers incorporates a stacked, in-line hydraulic pump configuration that effectively eliminates vertical shafts and the use of belts and/or flywheel reduction systems, and ultimately reduces downtime. All Ditch Witch walk-behind trenchers have fully hydrostatic ground drives, with simple-to-use, hydraulic, skid-steer-style steering. They feature a solid, adjustable trail wheel that helps keep the unit stable and reduces breakover when loading, unloading, and travelling over curbs and other uneven terrain. Also, to keep the trencher boom in the ground during operation and/or maintain down pressure when placing the boom in the ground, the trail wheel gives the machine another point of leverage besides the track undercarriage. From the digging teeth to the heavy-duty steel frame, the Ditch Witch organization designs and manufactures virtually every component of its trenchers and other equipment lines at its 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Perry, Okla. Twelve-, 20-, and 24-horsepower Honda engines power the Ditch Witch RT12, RT20, and RT24, respectively. The RT16 is equipped with a Vanguard Briggs & Stratton engine that performs as well as, or better than, other engines in the 16-horsepower class.


Can get the whole job done

The Bobcat E26 compact excavator has an operating weight of 5,690 pounds and an overall width of 59 inches. The excavator is powered by a 27-horsepower diesel engine that is Interim Tier 4 compliant. The unit’s minimal 0.8 inches of tail overhang allows the machine to fit in tight surroundings, and it leaves a lighter footprint than the 325 and 425 models it replaces. Ideal for landscapers and municipal projects, this excavator complements larger machines when space is constricted, and is perfectly capable of completing entire jobs on its own.


Zero tail swing

The Gehl Model 383Z features zero-tail-swing manoeuvrability without compromising operator comfort or service access. The 383Z has the largest operator’s compartment in its class and the innovative tiltable cab provides excellent service access. Dig depth is 11 feet with 28.8 horsepower at 2,400 RPM.

The operating weight with the cab canopy and air conditioning is 8,002 pounds.

Dimensions of the 383Z are eight feet, two inches tall by five feet, eight inches wide by 15 feet, 9 inches long. Standard features include an enclosed canopy, advanced hydraulic system, heater, double variable displacement pump, SAE/ISO central pattern selection, an auto two-speed transmission, two-way auxiliary hydraulics with flat-faced couplers, independent boom swing, a third return line and a dozer blade. Optional equipment includes air conditioning, a counterweight, a radio, roof-mounted worklights and a travel arm.


Ergonomic control configuration

The compact excavator range of Volvo EC15C, EC17C, EC18C and EC20C is ready to help customers you tackle all their jobs, from digging trenches and footers to drainage work, loading and site preparation. Each of these mini excavators is built for all-day comfort in the cab and to comfortably fit in and around a wide range of job applications. Top-features of the EC15C mini excavator include a combination of slew and offset controls ensure high performance and smooth operation. Slewing is controlled via the left joystick and the offset movement via a switch on the right joystick. As a result no offset pedal is needed leading to more foot space, increased operator comfort and productivity. The cab is among the most spacious and comfortable in its class and comes with TOPS, ROPS and OPG1 safety structures as standard for optimal operator protection. Along with the excellent all-round visibility, a multi-adjustable operator seat and the clear instrument panel, this cab offers a maximum of comfort and jobsite safety. All service points are easily accessible under the engine hood for increased machine uptime and reduced operating cost. The machine is equipped with levers and travel pedals managed by hydraulic servo controls allowing precise and progressive machine movements. Due to the short pedal displacement the operator can easily drive the machine with the feet while operating the digging equipment leading to higher productivity and operator comfort. The one-piece cast counterweight offers high wear resistance. Thanks to its high and round shaped design with the integrated engine hood, bonnets and panels are well protected from potential damages when operating on confined sites.


Low noise and vibration

The K008-3 mini-excavator from Kubota has a 10-horsepower engine and a dig depth of five feet, eight inches.  It weighs in at just one metric tonne. The auxiliary flow is 5.6 gallons per minute and the bucket breakout is 2,200 pounds. Powerful and dependable, the K008-3’s diesel engine delivers superior horsepower and performance. It offers low noise and vibration levels, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with the EPA’s 2008 Tier IV emissions regulations. A Two-Pattern Selection System is standard equipment, allowing the operator to select the most familiar operating control pattern, either ISO or SAE. Equipped with a swing angle of up to 60 degrees, the K008-3 lets the operator dig a straight trench along any wall. All the hydraulic hoses are hidden within the boom and dipper arm. By running inside the dipper arm, the bucket hoses are also well protected from damage.

Well-padded and contoured, customers will appreciate the comfort of the operator’s seat, especially during long days of operation. A convenient toe-heel pedal lets the operator easily operate both the boom swing and upper-house swivel at the same time. To help perform basic maintenance, the K008-3 comes complete with a toolbox conveniently located under the operator’s seat. The new coolant temperature gauge helps prevent the engine from overheating by keeping the operator informed. Located close to the control levers, a warning lamp lights up when the coolant temperature rises to 115 degrees, and turns off when it falls to 108 degrees or below. A Rollover Protective Structure provides users with an extra measure of safety. It folds down to make for easier transporting and storage of the excavator. By routing its auxiliary hydraulic hoses through the boom, the K008-3 no longer requires lengthy hoses when connecting implements. Furthermore, a shorter hose length greatly reduces the risk of snagging and causing damage. A full-open engine hood and new engine layout makes daily inspection and maintenance of essential components a snap. Mechanics have easy access to the radiator, battery, coolant, fuel filter, and dual-element air-cleaner. To enable passage through narrow spaces such as doorways and gates, the adjustable width track frame can reduce the K008-3’s track width down to two feet, four inches by simply operating a single lever. Plus, changing the blade width is as easy as removing one pin by hand.


Power in limited space
Hyundai Construction

Operators appreciate the versatility, comfort and productivity of Hyundai Construction’s line of compact radius excavators. These state-of-the art earthmoving machines are perfect for tight, confined job sites and designed for maximum performance. For projects requiring small excavators, the R27Z-9 and R35Z-9 zero-tail-swing models offer a tail-swing radius of 2.7 feet and 2.1 feet, respectively. This gives users a choice for easy, efficient operation on sites where space is tight. The 6,350-pound R27Z-9 is powered by a reliable 23.1-horsepower Mitsubishi S3L2 engine. The machine has a dig depth of eight feet, two inches and bucket-digging force of 4,520 foot-pounds. The R35Z-9 weighs 8,050 pounds and is powered by a 26.5-horsepower Yanmar 3TNV88, water-cooled, four-cycle engine. The R35Z-9 has a dig depth of 10 feet, four inches and a bucket digging force of 7,050 foot-pounds. You can select rubber or steel tracks on either the R27Z-9 or the R35Z-9. In the middle of the Hyundai compact radius lineup are the 13,010-pound R60CR-9 and 18,410-pound R80CR-9 compact radius models. The tail-swing radius of the R60CR-9 is a tight 3.7 feet, while the R80CR-9 is just 4.2 feet. The large size and nimble manoeuvrability make these models ideal for light construction, utility, demolition, landscaping and other applications where space is limited, but power is needed. Both models are powered by the fuel-efficient Yanmar 4TNV98 diesel engine. This engine gives the R60CR-9 model 55.2 horsepower and 58.2 horsepower for the R80CR-9. The dig depth for the R60CR-9 reaches 11 feet, nine inches. The R80CR-9 offers a dig depth of 13 feet.


Reconfigured for easier use

The five new compact-radius Cat E Series mini hydraulic excavators – 303.5E CR, 304E CR, 305E CR, 305.5E CR and 308E CR SB – all use new engines that meet Stage IIIA/Tier 4 Interim emissions regulations and incorporate new features such as the COMPASS control panel, standard high-ambient cooling package, more efficient auxiliary hydraulics, and redesigned control layout. The new models are designed to carry on the solid performance of their D Series predecessor, while adding even greater value for the customer.

All the E Series models are equipped with a new digital control panel that is specially designed for Cat mini excavators – COMPASS – Complete Operation, Maintenance, Performance And Security System. Built into the COMPASS monitor are an anti-theft system, which requires a five-digit alphanumeric password to start the machine, and an economy mode feature (3.5- to 5.5-ton machines), which potentially can lower fuel use up to 20 per cent by adjusting engine speed. An automatic engine-idle system drops engine RPM to idle after four seconds of inactivity.

Also available through the COMPASS panel is a continuous-flow feature for auxiliary hydraulics, which maintains selected flow without operator intervention. An adjustable auxiliary-flow control for work tools also is new. Both main-line and optional secondary auxiliary-hydraulic systems can be adjusted on a scale of 1-15 via the monitor for added control when handling, for example, a tilting bucket/coupler or thumb. Also, a number of different work-tools come preset into the control panel for the operator to choose.

Other refinements for the five E Series models include a standard high-ambient cooling package, electric fuel-pump-priming system, a four-post canopy (3.5- to 5.5-ton machines), new ergonomic joysticks, and relocation of a number of controls for operator convenience, for example, two-speed travel switch to the blade lever, secondary auxiliary hydraulic engagement to the left joystick, and manual pattern changer from the floor to the COMPASS monitor.

All new E Series machines use an end-damping system in both the boom and stick cylinders to reduce shock loads and to reduce material spillage. E Series sticks are thumb-ready, with brackets welded in place and relief valves already built into the main valve.

The 308E CR SB will be available only in a swing boom configuration. The new model is designed with enhanced stability, compared with its predecessor, and, optional counterweights are available for use in extreme situations when added stability is required. The 308E CR SB also gets a 17-per cent boost in engine horsepower, which translates into faster hydraulics for improved travel speed, maneuverability and grade climbing.

In addition, the 308E CR SB is fitted with a larger cab than its D Series predecessor, and is available only as a cab model, with standard air conditioning, heated air suspension seat, and radio. Other E Series models can be configured as a four-post ROPS canopy or with a cab.

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