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E-Z Drill has introduced its Model 210 equipment-mounted concrete drill attachment series.


Equipment-mounted drills
E-Z Drill
E-Z Drill has introduced its Model 210 equipment-mounted concrete drill attachment series. Consisting of three models – the three-gang Model 210-3 EQ MT, the four-gang Model 210-4 EQ MT and the five-gang Model 210-5 EQ MT – the series is compatible with most models of backhoe and excavator. The pneumatic drills offer specially designed features for maximum productivity and reduced maintenance, making them ideal for full-depth road repair and patching projects.

A user-friendly, easily accessible control panel is mounted on the drill to provide convenient operation from the ground. The units are capable of drilling 5/8- to 2 ½-inch-diameter holes, at a depth of 18 inches. Each individual drill motor requires a minimum of 100 cubic feet per minute air flow for operation, with a minimum of 300 cubic feet per minute required to power the smallest unit in the series, the three-gang Model 210-3 EQ MT. To reduce air compressor requirements, an optional 120-gallon air tank is available.

Designed for quick, precise drill positioning, the 210 EQ MT drills feature a side-shift control. In contrast to similar equipment-mounted drills, the carrier operator is not required to position the unit in the exact drilling location. The drill must simply be placed in close proximity to the specified drilling area, then can be quickly and easily adjusted to the target location with a toggle switch found on the control panel.

The side-shift feature further enhances productivity by allowing a second set of holes to be drilled without the need to move the drill, backhoe or excavator, provided holes are specified on 12-inch centres. Simply set the drill spacing at 24 inches, drill one set of holes and engage the side-shift. The unit will quickly and precisely move 12 inches to drill the second set, all without repositioning the drill or carrier. Drill spacing is adjustable up to 24 inches, and the drills offer lateral travel up to 14 inches.


To reduce operator effort and increase hole-drilling speed, the drills feature a floating bucket curl pin. By providing the pin with a small range of motion, the drill automatically levels itself, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming process of manually levelling and positioning the drill with each movement.

For added convenience and productivity, the 210 EQ MT drills feature 360-degree rotation, which allows quick repositioning for drilling within the same patch. To enhance operator safety, the rotating feature includes a safety swivel lock. With the simple flip of a switch, the lock is activated and the drill is secured into place, ensuring safe transport and preventing potential harm to the operator.

A number of features have been incorporated into the 210 EQ MT drills to enhance durability and extend service life. Multi-point oil injection allows each drill to be lubricated individually from a single reservoir, ensuring each drill always has the proper amount of oil. This reduces wear on the motor and is more effective than a central oiling system, which doesn’t offer individual lubrication points. An automatic drill shut-off further extends individual drill life by preventing dry-firing.

The 210 EQ MT drills offer extra height adjustment, providing access to the centre of a slab, even in extreme asphalt overlay conditions. To offer a complete system, a full line of drill bits and drill steel is available.


Compact surface grinder
General Equipment
General Equipment Company’s DG7 surface grinder harnesses the performance of a professional-duty, high-speed surface grinder in a small, ergonomic design. From professional contractors to do-it-yourselfers, the DG7 is a popular choice for concrete grinding and polishing jobs because of the machine’s versatility and ease of operation. It also allows the operator to work in an upright position, reducing the lower back pain and overall fatigue associated with operating grinders.

The DG7 is powered by a 2,300-watt, high-speed grinder, which can use a wide variety of seven-inch diamond segment discs to perform many types of concrete grinding and surface preparation applications. To aid in producing a level surface, dual gas shocks are incorporated to dampen the grinder’s recoil. The DG7 can also handle small concrete polishing jobs when used with General Equipment’s Pro Polish attachments.

Transporting the DG7 is as easy as operating it, since the machine weighs just 55 pounds. The small size also allows it to fit in the trunk or back seat of compact vehicles. It can even be disassembled if needed to further reduce size for transport.

Other features include an ergonomic handle, which allows the machine to be operated from either side. The handle’s height adjustment provides additional operator comfort. The DG7 also includes full-swivel, non-marking caster wheels and a 2-1/4-inch diameter vacuum connection port for applications that require dust control.

In addition to the DG7, General Equipment offers a full line of single- and dual-head surface grinders. They are available with electric, gasoline or propane power sources, and multiple attachments can be used to accommodate many surface preparation or concrete polishing applications.


Suitable for glue and paint removal
Equipement GAP
Equipement GAP has recently introduced its new PHX21. Made entirely in Quebec, the PHX21 can be used for such concrete floor preparation applications as glue and paint removal. Designed to be the easiest to use and maintain on the market, the PHX21 weighs 360 pounds and works on 220-volt, single-phase, 30-amp power.

Abrasive tools are used on its three heads to grind the concrete for an approximate production rate of 1,000 square feet per hour. This grinder is dust-free if used with the PHXVAC 110, an industrial vacuum.


Slab removal made easy
Paladin Construction Group
The FFC Concrete Claw manufactured by Paladin Construction Group attaches to skid steers, compact track loaders and wheel loaders to provide clean, quick and efficient methods of sidewalk, driveway or construction-site concrete removal. It offers more productive operation with its lower profile and low mounting height, allowing material transfer even with boom or loader arm supports. Easily replaceable teeth with 1.5-inch-wide shanks decrease downtime. These replaceable teeth are securely fastened with rubberized flex pins and allow the operator to easily slide the claw under concrete slabs, lift and load them. Shanks and end plates made with high-strength T-1 steel and a one-inch by eight-inch wear-resistant steel tapered cutting edge enhance durability. The FFC Concrete Claw weighs approximately 575 pounds and has a working width of 24 inches to provide easy transportation and disposal of heavy concrete slabs. It has a rated capacity on machines that have up to 32,000-pound operating weight and/or 10,000-pound lift capacity.


Smallest ride-on trowel

As the trend in riding trowels has moved from big to ever bigger machines, MBW has introduced the MK8-75H as the world’s smallest riding trowel. The 468-pound Lowrider features twin 30-inch rotors, a Honda GX390 engine and an edger system for finishing nearly flush to walls. It can be equipped with finish or combo blades and float pans. The lightweight MK8-75H can be placed on concrete sooner than heavier machines and manoeuvres in tighter quarters including passing through 32-inch doorways. The MK8-75H is extremely responsive and features synchronized steering. It is a labour-saver wherever used instead of multiple walk-behind trowels and is complementary to larger ride-ons for edging work and getting into tight areas. The MK8-75H features three rollers on its front guard ring enabling the machine to finish within approximately ¼ inch of a wall. It can be transported in the bed of a typical pick-up truck.


Patent-pending features
Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson’s new professional ride-on trowel offers three patent-pending features that concrete contractors will welcome. The new CRT 60-66K, combines the high performance of a hydraulic drive unit with a patent-pending two-mode electro-hydraulic steering system, an engine power regulation system and a built-in hydraulic wheel kit, plus other unique features designed to make this new unit a real industry standout.

The CRT 60-66K, 60-inch ride-on trowel is the one of the first in the industry to combine fully hydraulic drive performance with a power steering system that makes operation more comfortable and the trowel more responsive to the operator’s commands. The patent-pending two-mode power steering system allows operators to select the response of the joysticks to meet their preferences and best suit the concrete conditions. Steering mode One is more comfortable for the operator who tends to use full range movements of the joysticks. In this mode, the steering response is filtered to reduce the effects of exaggerated operator input. Mode Two is designed for the operator who uses smaller, more delicate movements with the joysticks, guaranteeing a more direct joystick behaviour.

Sometimes innovative design concepts are not outwardly apparent to the user, as is the case with Wacker Neuson’s new engine power regulation system. As with an automatic transmission on a car, this patent-pending feature uses a computer controller to constantly monitor engine speed and adjust hydraulic load. It is designed to keep the unit running seamlessly at optimal engine and blade speed for maximum power input to the concrete.


Propane-powered polisher

EDCO has introduced its new propane-powered version of its Contrx Systems concrete polishing machine. Using standard propane gas, this machine polishes residential and smaller commercial concrete floors without using electrical cords. Standard system features of this durable machine include quick-change accessories, a densifier and helpful customer support. With proven designs and compact dimensions Contrx polishers are designed to be more versatile and affordable, and require less maintenance than planetary polishers. All Contrx machines are manufactured in the USA


Hydraulic riding trowel

The Allen HDX 750 is a new all-hydraulic-powered riding trowel. Packed with the punch of a 74 horsepower Kubota turbo diesel, the HDX 750 is designed to be one of the most powerful and dependable riders on the market today. The low weight-to-horsepower ratio and reliable hydraulic components (including a patented automatic load-sensing device) ensures peak “on the concrete” performance. The HDX 750 is the newest in the series of Hydra-Drive Extreme (HDX) Allen riders.

Allen HDX 750 riding trowel standard features include Generation III all-hydraulic-proportional joystick power steering. The lights, key switch, tachometer and 12-volt charger are all in one convenient location. The seat and arm rests are adjustable. There are independent hydraulic blade pitch controls in each joystick. Six lights are located on the front, sides and back of the trowel. It comes with raised foot pedals for operator comfort and a powered spray system for retardant application. There is even a built-in cup holder and hand trowel holder.

The HDX 750 features 60-inch-diameter, six-bladed rotors for uniform blade and pan coverage. The steps are removable for easy blade access. Optional dolly jack transport wheels are available for moving the rider on the job site.

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