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The Easy Rooter from General Pipe Cleaners is now easier to use.

Easy to use


The Easy Rooter from General Pipe Cleaners is now easier to use. The redesigned frame features a built-in brake that holds the machine securely on the job or in a customer’s car going to and from the job. The tough, durable Easy Rooter is capable of clearing three- to 10-inch drain lines clogged with roots and other severe stoppages. The cage holds 100 feet of 3/4- or 5/8-inch Flexicore cable. Other important features include: a powder-coated, square-tube, steel frame with special roll bars to protect the motor; roller bearings in the zinc-plated steel cage for longer life and greater motor efficiency; 10-inch ball bearing wheels; a zinc-plated folding handle that takes less room in the customer’s car trunk and a 1/3 horsepower motor with capacitor, thermal overload protection, and reverse switch.  An air-actuated foot pedal, ground fault circuit interrupter and safety slip clutch are all standard safety features. The Easy Rooter includes a wide variety of cables, cutters, and accessories. Flexicore cables are made of heavy gauge wire that is coiled tightly around 49-strand aircraft-type wire rope and heat treated.  It has great strength and the right amount of flexibility. Flexicore is so tough it carries a one-year warranty against defect or breakage. 

Excellent value


Electric Eel has added the new Pro 2 to its line of eCAM pipeline inspection camera systems. The Pro 2 offers excellent value in a main line camera system featuring a self-levelling colour camera that can negotiate three-inch P-traps. The unit comes with 200 feet of Kevlar braided push rod and a 512-hertz sonde. The Pro 2 also features a larger, 10.4-inch daylight readable monitor and allows for one-touch recording directly to a USB flash drive. Additional standard equipment includes an on-screen footage counter, a two-hour battery with a built-in charger, adjustable light controls, 16 pages of text writing, voiceover recording, and an eight-times zoom function.


Electric Eel has been based in Springfield, Ohio, since 1939 and produces a full line of drain and sewer cleaning machines including sectional units, drum machines, jetters and pipeline inspection systems.

Suitable for crawl spaces


The Electric Eel Model C sectional drain and sewer-cleaning machine is the original dual-cable sectional drain cleaner from Electric Eel. The Model C runs up to 200 feet of 1 1/4-inch patented, self-feeding, dual cable in eight- or 10-foot sections that require no handling when rotating.  It spins cable at twice the RPM of a continuous cable machine for maximum cleaning power in three- to 10-inch diameter lines for distances up to 200 feet. One-man operation means less time and labour expense. A heavy-duty, 1/2-horsepower, Baldor motor comes standard, and a 3/4-horsepower and one-horsepower motor are also available. The custom designed and manufactured gear box ensures higher quality, lower cost and parts availability. The heavy-duty, fully adjustable safety clutch keeps cable and tool breakage to a minimum and provides overload protection. The fold-down handle allows for easy transportation, storage and use in crawl spaces. The Model C comes with a unique carry handle for balance and easy transport. It is suitable for tougher blockages such as tree roots and for longer runs in main sewer lines.

Grab and go  


General Pipe Cleaner’s Gen-Eye Pod video inspection system (below) is now available with a seven-inch LCD screen. The lightweight Gen-Eye Pod and Mini-Pod combine camera, reel, and monitor in an all-in-one package. Users can just grab it and go. The model comes with a large, seven-inch LCD colour monitor protected by a padded case. It is mounted on a rugged, yet flexible, gooseneck that swivels to give the best viewing angle, wherever the user is standing. The full-size Gen-Eye Pod features a self-levelling camera and 200 feet of Gel-Rod for troubleshooting three- to 10-inch drain lines.  The Mini-Pod carries 125 or 175 feet of push rod and the colour mini-camera is small enough to troubleshoot two- to four-inch lines.  A video out connection enables recording on an external device. Other standard equipment includes a picture inverter, AC and DC power cords, an LED dimmer control, a three-inch trap skid and a 512-hertz transmitter to track the camera’s location. 

Lightweight and compact


The Ridgid K-750R drum machine is a self-contained drain cleaner suitable for working in confined spaces such as buildings or homes. Featuring a heavy-duty, kink-resistant inner core cable 5/8-inch in diameter and powered by a tough, reversible, induction motor (1/2 horsepower, 115 volts, 60 hertz), it includes an assortment of blade attachments designed to help clear roots, debris and foreign objects out of main lines, lateral lines, storm drains and leach lines from three to six inches in diameter and up to 100 feet in length. Relatively lightweight at 194 pounds and compact, the K-750R was built for easy transport and one-man operation. It requires minimal setup, includes an air-activated foot switch for simple operation and offers a patented cable control lock system that slows the drum should the cable become completely lodged in blockage. Users will also find that it provides clear access to the drum, allowing for immediate viewing of the cable for inspection and easier, faster cleaning. Additionally, it comes with a handy toolbox for storing accessories.

Cable and tool selection guide
Now available from Electric Eel is a new, updated, two-page guide for matching the right cable and cleaning tool for Electric Eel’s complete line of drain- and sewer-cleaning machines.

All standard and optional cables and cleaning tools are featured with corresponding machine models for selecting the right tool for the job.
Also featured are special adapters for adapting Electric Eel cables and tools to various brands of drain cleaning equipment.

Rental operators can see Electric Eel’s new cable and tool selection guide online at the Electric Eel website or e-mail for a copy.

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