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Heater Showcase: September 2016

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Nothing’s hotter than heaters. Stay warm this winter with these top heat products. 

Stay on schedule
Wacker Neuson offers a variety of surface heaters to keep projects on schedule and within budget with hydronic technology. Hydronic surface heaters are designed to quickly and economically thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, prevent frost and provide temporary heat during cold weather conditions. Wacker Neuson’s line of heaters has proven to effectively manage cold weather projects by significantly reducing project costs, delivering high quality and maintaining tight project schedules. Wacker Neuson has a variety of models available to choose from depending on the size of the job. Six hydronic surface heaters are available with thawing and curing capabilities ranging from 2,200 to 10,000 square feet. Adding accessories will greatly increase capabilities. These units are easy to operate and engineered for reliable trouble-free starts even in the coldest weather conditions. Positive displacement pump provides maximum flow and assures consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing. Digital temperature controller with push button adjustments allows operators to easily adjust Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) output temperature for all concrete curing applications. Wacker Neuson’s most popular model is the E3000. Engineered for reliable performance and trouble-free starts for up to 140 hours of run time, the E3000 will provide a maximum flow and ensure consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing applications. The E3000 thaws or cures up to 6,000 square feet and with accessories can manage up to 18,000 square feet or provide 535,000 cubic feet of dry heat at 83 per cent efficiency, the highest in the industry.

Efficient and rental-friendly
CES (Construction Equipment Solutions) continues to provide quality heating products as well as service parts and technical assistance to the Canadian rental industry. CES carries a complete line of heating products for all your heating applications and fuel choices, including propane, natural gas, electric, and oil fired units. As well, it supplies units that are direct-fired, indirect-fired and infrared as well as convection. The Val 6 heaters are designed with the highest of quality and dependability in mind. The Val 6 radiant heat is able to heat an object without heating the air and loosing efficiency at the same time. The Val 6 heaters are not affected by wind or cold ambient temperatures the same way forced air heaters are. Not only are the Val 6 heaters eco-friendly, releasing only one to two parts per million of carbon monoxide, but they are able to convert almost 100 per cent of their fuel to energy. This makes the Val 6 a very efficient form of heating. CES also offers the full line of Marley Engineered heating products. The TBX series mobile warmer comes in two sizes. The mobile warmers have a thermostat with a positive off and fan-only positions with a range from 40 to 100 F. Ten-inch wheels allow for easy rolling over obstacles on a job site to the spot where heat is required.

Dynamic temperature adjustment
With recent new remote monitoring technology, GAL Power’s plug-and-play rental heaters run even more efficiently than ever. With clean, moisture-free heat, offering individual sizes from five to 400 kilowatts, capable of producing air flows to 12,000 cubic feet per minute and temperatures up to 300 F, GAL Power is now able to monitor and control the thermostat and adjust the temperature according to a customer’s specific requirement. As temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, heating equipment can now be set up to meet the needs of customers as system modes can easily change and indoor temperature through a PC, tablet or smart phone. High/low temperature and humidity messaging alerts the user when the indoor conditions are too high or too low, so adjustments can be made. Whether the heater is used for comfort heating, cement curing, ground thaw or any other need, the right amount of heat will be delivered according to the customer or project’s requirements. Customers realize cost and time savings as remote monitoring allows the equipment to be run more efficiently.

Three output ranges
Nomad tent and construction heaters from Heatstar are designed with ease of use in mind. Standard features include super quiet operation, dual fuel (natural gas and liquid propane) and high or low heat settings adjusted with the flip of a lever. Nomads are available in three output ranges: 115,000/80,000, 190,000/130,000 and 250,000/175,000 BTU. Accessories include high temperature ducts in 10-foot and 30-inch short lengths, and diffusers. An optional steel storage box with lock hasp is offered on the two larger sizes. Heatstar also offers a complete line of portable forced air kerosene, propane, natural gas, radiant and construction site tough electric heaters.


Safe, tough and reliable
Not just a direct anymore, with the addition of its newest heater, SureFlame now offers an indirect line including 400,000-, 800,000- and 1.5 million-BTU units. The newest product, the ID800, is now CSA-approved and ready to take a beating and keep on heating. Its compact, straightforward design with a single push-button control make it a winning choice for the rental industry. Designed for jobsite uncertainty, the VFD control allows the ID800 to operate on either one-phase or three-phase power with the switch of a lever. Amp draws are low: maximum 30 amps during startup. The ID800 operates on diesel or kerosene with a 443-liter on-board tank. North American efficiency numbers hovering around 86 per cent places this unit in the top of its class. It is designed to allow for recirculation, further increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption while still maintaining constant clean dry heat. With 6,000 CFM the ID800 is ductable to more than 100 feet with 16-inch duct. Optional 20-inch transition is available. Narrow enough for a standard doorway and moveable with a pallet jack, forklift or lift hook, transporting the ID800 is a breeze. The ID800 is an excellent choice when efficiency, durability and reliability are a must.

Unsurpassed heat transfer
The new IDH500QR from Frost Fighter offers all of the proven reliability and durability of the IDF series with enhanced features that put Frost Fighter on the forefront of the newest technology. The IDH500QR supplies up to 500,000 BTU and is able to recirculate, which dramatically reduces fuel costs by utilizing heated interior air (instead of outside air) over the heat exchanger. Like the standard IDF500, the new IDH500QR includes an industrial grade burner and a tank with environmental spill containment. The IDH500QR has higher airflow (4,800 CFM) and static pressure (3.5 inches water column), along with lower start-up and running amps, making it an effective and efficient unit. Like the IDF series, the unit includes a proven multi-pass stainless steel heat exchanger providing unsurpassed heat transfer, efficiency, and durability. Each heat exchanger is meticulously hand-welded and inspected to ensure a sealed weld. In addition, the IDH500QR has one of the lowest decibel ratings (under 62 dB) in the industry, providing powerful airflow with very little sound. The unit is currently available in diesel and the gas-fired unit will be available later in the fall of 2016. The diesel unit comes standard with a new potted control to prevent moisture damage, quick connects for the burner and a standard 42-U.S.-gallon fuel tank with spill containment. The IDH500QR is standard with six ply pneumatic tires or optional foam filled tires.

Proven in the North
The TD 500 IDF-HS from Frend Therm is ideal for applications where portable heat and a generator are needed to maintain aircraft on the ramp or in the hanger. Producing 500,000 BTU per hour of clean, dry heat, this heater is portable and simple to operate. All parts have easy access for quick service and routine maintenance. TD heaters meet Occupational Safety and Health Association standards and have CSA or ETL approval with a design to withstand the toughest climate and weather conditions. They have an 18-year track record operating in extreme conditions in the Canadian North. The power plant includes a Gillette EDTD 60E (6,000 watts) and a Kohler KD 420 9.5 horsepower diesel producing maximum six kW and five kW continuously on a 120/240 V supply. The indirect-fired heater uses a 1.5 HP electric fan motor drawing 115 V and 25 amps. The TD 500 IDF-HS weighs 1,300 pounds with cabinet dimensions 54 by 69 by 98 inches. Fuel capacity is 35 gallons.

For demanding applications
 EnviroDuct ValuHeat reinforced TPE ducting by ABC Industries reduces the overall lifecycle cost of portable heater ducting for Canada’s construction, oilfield, and rental industries. ValuHeat’s fabric is engineered to withstand temperatures from 54 to 138 C intermittent to 177 C maximum. It is UV-stabilized for the most demanding portable heating applications. ValuHeat’s durable material composition eliminates the many pitfalls associated with traditional canvas heater ducting, including odor and smoke expulsion at high temperatures and tear expansion.

Backward-inclined fan
Tioga offers indirect fired, self-contained, skid mounted heaters delivering 100 per cent fresh, heated air to the workspace. These heaters include an on-board fuel tank providing oil to the generator and the burner. This solution offers customers heating solutions for remote locations or where alternate fuel delivery is challenging. Tioga’s robust heaters are designed and built for use in the world’s most extreme cold environments. High-pressure natural gas or liquid propane models with self-vaporizing burners are available with low-pressure natural gas and vapour propane also available. The backward-inclined fan is more energy-efficient and can push air much further than forward-curve or blade designs. Models range from 500,000 to 4.5 million BTU per hour and up to 21,000 CFM. Duct heat up to 200 feet. Tioga can provide complete systems and engineering support with heaters guaranteed to generate a 200 F rise at zero Fahrenheit ambient temperature. Designed with thermostat-controlled burners for maximum fuel efficiency.

Accurate temperature control
With the more BTUs and room to carry two hose reels or a number of Dryair attachments on board the new 900GTS Flex from DryAir gives users the flexibility to take on the largest jobs or multiple jobs at a time with a single heat source. With 896,000 BTUs and the ability to run diesel, propane or natural gas the 900GTS Flex has the power to take on the largest jobs and the flexibility to use the most economical fuel source available. Hose reels can be removed to carry other DryAir accessories such as heat exchangers for building heat or fluid heating attachments for boiler swap-outs or to heat tank fluids on oil and gas sites. The 900GTS Flex has three integrated LED flood lights to light the work area after dark for added safety and 120 per cent fluid and fuel containment. The patented Smart Thaw flow reversing system reduces thawing time and fuel usage by as much as 50 per cent on ground thaw applications while providing a more consistent temperature across the hose pattern for a more consistent and accurate temperature control for concrete curing. The patented combustion environment control system that pre-heats the air and fuel before entering the burner for combustion allows the 900GTS Flex to start and run in even extreme cold conditions and eliminates the need to adjust the burner in response to wide swings in temperature that may arise over the course of the job.

Simple and efficient
The Thawzall H750 flameless heater is designed to be simple, easy to operate and efficient. It features 7,300 CFM through one 16-inch duct with greater than 20-inch static pressures. Maximum heat output is 250 F with two temperature settings (high/low). Gross BTU per hour is 906,500 with net BTU per hour of 725,000. The H750 is powered by a Cummins power generation package (119 HP) with a positive air shut-off. The trailer measures 183.875 by 96.8125 by 78.375 inches. Designed with 110 per cent total spill containment, the maximum fuel consumption is seven gallons per hour. Fuel capacity is 240 gallons. The heater is available with an optional eight kilowatt light tower package. The H750 uses no hydraulic fluid, so no there is no need to flush and change.

Tolerates changes in altitude
The Allmand Maxi-Heat MH500iQ FCS is now equipped with a fluid containment system and double-wall single-cell metal fuel tank. Ready for the harshest of conditions,  the iQ analyzer detects the environmental temperature and pressure, suggesting the correct setting of the burner and automatically configuring the nozzles eliminating the need to change them as the altitude changes. Twin heater units, producing a maximum of one million combined BTUs, may be operated independently depending on heating requirements. Standard 16-inch heater outlet flanges and optional flexible ducting provide a wide variety of heat distribution options. The MH500iQ FCS uses a Cat or optional Isuzu liquid-cooled,1800-RPM diesel engine with a nine kilowatt transformer-regulated generator to provide power to operate heater blowers and safety systems. The MH500iQ eliminates manual nozzle changes while minimizing oil consumption. Target temperature is achieved with a double nozzle feature and electronic control.

Dual output
Rentquip has introduced the new dual-output Patron E9, a new and improved version of the standard E9 which has been a staple in the rental industry for over 20 years. With just the flick of a switch, the dual-output functionality allows the user to switch between six and nine kilowatts, allowing for use on both a dryer or stove outlet (30 or 40 amps). Changing the plug end is not required, as these units do not use a neutral prong – the differentiating characteristic between a dryer and stove outlet. The heater pumps out 20,500 BTU per hour when running at six kilowatts and 30,7000 BTU per hour at nine kilowatts. Rental operators can now standardize on one unit as opposed to supplying both six- and nine-kilowatt electric heaters. Patron heaters are rugged portable electric heaters and have proven their value and versatility in demanding applications for over 20 years. All heaters are UL approved in both Canada and U.S.A. and are built in Finland with quality European components. Rentquip backs the product with a two-year warranty on all Patron electric heaters

Built for extreme conditions
Using patented infrared technology, the Toaster thaws frozen ground more than three times faster than other methods, and is CSA- and UL-approved. Ideal for underground installations, each Toaster thaws up to 1.6 inches deep per hour in a two- by 10-foot area. Multiple units can be placed together in a series or any other configuration to accommodate larger applications. The Toasters are controlled by a solid-state electronic system, and they are fueled by clean-burning propane, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Furthermore, they do not produce open flames, so they can be safely placed next to buildings and utility pedestals. Weighing only 345 pounds each, Toasters fit in standard pickup beds and can be easily moved by two men. The units can be placed in many hard-to-reach areas, and they do not require the surface to be cleared of snow and ice prior to use. The Toaster is built for use in extreme conditions. Every component is tested to perform in temperatures as low as minus 40-degrees Fahrenheit. Downtime is kept to a minimum because the products contain few moving parts, and the electronic control boxes are designed for easy replacement in the rare occurrence of failure. Additionally, the product is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

New indoor air line
Campo Equipment has introduced the Blaze 600G Turbo (15 A, 585,000 BTUs) that runs on a mere 11.5 A, produces 5,500 CFM and is ductable to 150 feet. The 600G is whisper quiet and comes with wheels, forklift pockets and a lifting bail. It has recirculating capabilities with the exact same footprint as the Blaze 400 Turbo. Campo has also introduced the Blaze 200 D/G (15 A, 190,000 BTUs) which produces 2,750 CFM, is ductable to 150 feet, and also runs quietly with wheels and recirculating capabilities. The unit is available in oil and NG/LP, and is fitted with oil and gas Beckett burners. Rounding out Campo’s indoor air quality product offerings is a negative air unit that produces 2,200 CFM with two operating speeds: 2,200 and 1,500 CFM. It also comes fitted with a standard 6-inch-deep, 99.97 per cent efficient HEPA filter individually tested and certified at 2,200 CFM airflow. Last, Campo has also introduced a high-capacity (176 pints/day) dehumidifier with an onboard humidistat for continuous humidity control. The company plans to introduce portable air conditioners to its lineup by March 2017 to round up its complete IAQ offerings.

Wide temperature range
Engineered Performance Ducting has introduced its newest product to the Canadian heater market. AiroHeat is a unique hybrid design that effectively operates in temperature ranges from -53 to 190 C. The six-foot polyester starter section is designed to handle the initial blast from most heaters on the market (up to 190 C) and will remain flexible in cold weather environments. AiroHeat is wire-reinforced and includes wearstrip to protect the duct from everyday wear and tear. Each section of AiroHeat is 25 feet long and available in the four most common diameters for heating applications: 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-inch. Standard end finish incorporates a cuff/strap inlet and wire ring outlet along with two storage straps with clip buckles for transport and easy storing. AiroHeat is manufactured using fire-resistant materials and passes UL 94V-0, NFPA 705 and NFPA 701 flame resistance tests.

Clean air applications
L.B. White has introduced the Foreman 500 oil (diesel) indirect-fired ductable heater. When heating non-ventilated areas or where 100 per cent clean heated air is needed, L.B. White’s Foreman 500 oil heater is well suited for both construction and tented events. This robust and fully framed 500,000 BTU per hour vented heater can accommodate up to 100 feet of ducting, is ultra-quiet and has an easy-access rear panel for maintenance. The Foreman has the capability to recirculate heated air by adding a return air duct and includes the option of moving the heated air with two 12-inch ducts or one 16-inch duct. A remote thermostat control can be added to dial in room temperatures from up to 25 feet away. Portability is part of the design with a convenient fold down handle for easy moving, tough urethane wheels that absorb shock but will never go flat and weight distribution set over the wheels for effortless maneuvering. Storage is maximized with a frame design that allows for unit stacking. It also includes forklift pockets for safe lifting and a lifting bale for use with hoists. Simple-to-read status lights provide diagnostics during startup, including electrical power input, thermostat on, high limit switch operation and main fan function. The Foreman is backed by the L.B. White quality you have come to expect and a two-year warranty comes standard.

360-degree protection
New for this winter season, NTI Global has improved its popular Hitex ducting by increasing durability of the duct ends. Stronger ends make for better connection to the heater and additional duct length. This product is backed by HiTex’s exclusive TuffGuard wear strip, which adds 360-degree protection, a waterproof outer layer designed for cold weather climates and a sewn enclosed wire helix for better duct design and toughness. Hitex ducting is competitively priced and made in the U.S.A. with distribution throughout Canada and the U.S.A.

Thawing, curing and heating
The Heat King line of mobile glycol heating systems are used for ground thawing, concrete curing and space heating during the winter months. For over 20 years the Heat King brand has been recognized for quality glycol heating systems throughout the United States and Canada. New for the 2015-16 season, Heat King is introducing an optional seven kilowatt generator, custom-manufactured to its specifications, which allows for over 1,000 hours between servicing. The Whisper Quiet MQ is still available as well. Also new for this year is the Cube: a 1.5 million-BTU-per-hour glycol heating system that can reliably push glycol vertically up to 300 feet and can distribute heat through the manifolds to as many as 24 space heaters. Or it can be used to ground thaw or concrete cure with as many as 18 700-foot hoses. The Cube is available in diesel this year and LP/NG next year. Liquid propane and natural gas options are available for the HK300 and HK500 models this year, as well as the traditional diesel setup. There are three sizes based on the amount of ground space that needs to be thawed or cured. The HK150 is the smallest of the Heat King family but still packs a powerful punch with 150,000 BTU per hour (nominal) capacity. This unit was designed with the residential contractor in mind. It is quiet, compact and fuel-efficient, yet powerful enough to thaw ground, cure concrete or provide temporary heat for up to two new homes at the same time. The HK300 is the mid-sized heater with a nominal 300,000 BTU per hour capacity. It is diesel-fired, or (new for this year) can be ordered in either liquid propane or natural gas. Still compact enough to move into tight job sites but with twice the capacity of the HK150, it really hits the sweet spot for most rental companies and contractors.

The HK500 at 500,000 BTU per hour nominal is now also available in liquid propane or natural gas. It has the capacity to thaw up to 11,200 square feet or concrete cure up to 22,400 square feet. Temporary space heating for 15,000 square feet of space can be achieved by connecting to the optional 200,000 BTU-per-hour space heaters.

Recirculate Your Heat
Flagro Industries has introduced its newest addition to its indirect fired heater lineup, the FVO-400RC. This new model provides 400,000 BTU per hour of clean, dry heat directed through a 16-inch duct outlet. The reverse-inclined fan design allows for the heat to be ducted up to 150 feet at a true 3,500 CFM. The new motor and fan design are quiet and draw under seven amps, allowing for forgiveness with the job site electrical supply. The recirculation hood installed on this heater allows for the already warm air inside the building to be used for combustion, thus saving on fuel costs. Also included on this new model is the Riello nozzle pre-heater, which ensures cold weather start up. Unlike fuel reservoir heaters, this nozzle pre-heater receives heated fuel right at the point of ignition raising the temperature of the diesel fuel and preventing fuel gelling. Other features of the FVO-400RC includes 16-inch ducting inlet and outlets, fork lift pockets, a lifting harness, a voltage meter and an optional “Tiger-loop” fuel system providing single-line and remote fuel tank capabilities. Proven features used on all Flagro indirect fired heaters such as a fully welded stainless steel heat exchanger and a Riello burner are included on the FVO-400RC to make certain it will be as solid and reliable jobsite performer.

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