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Construction heater showcase – September 2017

By Canadian Rental Staff   

Products technology

Construction heat is a great profit driver. Here’s the latest technology from Canada’s top suppliers. 

Solves power issues
Save fuel costs and recirculate job site air with the all new for 2017 Flagro FV 200RC series indirect-fired heaters. This new construction heater provides 200,000 BTUs per hour of indirect fired heat using proven Riello burner technology. The new burner design includes a nozzle pre-heater for cold-weather start-up as well as an upgraded cold-weather fuel pump. The 23-gallon fuel tank  allows for a 17-hour run time.  The powerful backward-inclined blower provides ultra-quiet operation while requiring low amperage. This low amperage and the smart power-indicator control helps solve the power supply issues that exist on most job sites.  The 200 series heaters provide 2,600 CFM, ductable up to 150 feet. The stackable frame makes transportation and storage convenient. All of the new features on the 200 RC series heaters make them a reliable and dependable addition to any rental fleet. Dual fuel propane/natural gas models are also available.

Efficient and rental-friendly
CES (Construction Equipment Solutions) continues to provide quality heating products as well as service parts and technical assistance to the Canadian rental industry. CES carries a complete line of heating products for all your heating applications and fuel choices, including propane, natural gas, electric, and oil fired units. As well, it supplies units that are direct-fired, indirect-fired and infrared as well as convection. The Val 6 heaters are designed with the highest of quality and dependability in mind. The Val 6 radiant heat is able to heat an object without heating the air and loosing efficiency at the same time. The Val 6 heaters are not affected by wind or cold ambient temperatures the same way forced air heaters are. Not only are the Val 6 heaters eco-friendly, releasing only one to two parts per million of carbon monoxide, but they are able to convert almost 100 per cent of their fuel to energy. This makes the Val 6 a very efficient form of heating. CES also offers the full line of Marley Engineered heating products. The TBX series mobile warmer comes in two sizes. The mobile warmers have a thermostat with a positive off and fan-only positions with a range from 40 to 100 F. Ten-inch wheels allow for easy rolling over obstacles on a job site to the spot where heat is required.


Fewer nuisance calls
The new IDH400QR from Frost Fighter offers the proven reliability and durability of the IDF series with enhanced features and the newest technology. The IDH400QR supplies up to 400,000 BTUs with the ability to recirculate, dramatically reducing fuel costs by utilizing heated interior air (instead of outside air) over the heat exchanger. Standard features include a high-capacity industrial-grade burner, a 42-U.S. gallon tank with environmental spill containment, six ply pneumatic tires, a patented heat recovery option and a fully insulated jacket for greater efficiency.

The IDH400QR has a higher static pressure (2.6-inch WC), along with lower start-up and running amps (9.2 amps), making it an effective and efficient unit. Like the IDF series, the unit includes a proven multi-pass stainless steel heat exchanger, providing superior heat transfer, efficiency, and durability. In addition, the IDH400QR has one of the lowest decibel ratings (under 62 decibels) in the industry, providing powerful airflow with very little sound. The unit is available in diesel or propane/natural gas with an easy ball valve switchover. The LP/NG unit is available with three trials for ignition to prevent nuisance service calls, and the diesel unit is available with a Genysis reader for easy troubleshooting. The new IDHQR series provides the most important features for heating applications: increased fuel and power savings, quiet operation, recirculation, high efficiency and longer duct options.

Breathable exhaust
This 1.5 million-BTU flameless heater from GAL Power is unusual in that it uses jet engine technology to provide a 200 F temperature rise over the inlet temperature.  At 7,200 CFM, this unit has high static pressure up to .7 PSI and will also run at -40 F during harsh Canadian winters,  moving heat long distances.  With one of the lowest carbon dioxide emissions ratings in the industry, the exhaust from this unit disperses less than 10 parts per million CO2 and is odourless, which means the exhaust is 100 per cent breathable air.  At the operation controls, it registers a mere 81 decibels and no external power sources are needed to power it.  With 3.3 to 5.3 gallons-per-hour fuel consumption, it is 99.5 per cent fuel efficient, which means more heat with less fuel allowing for a significant cost savings. Just roll it in and heat away!

Hydronic heaven
Wacker Neuson offers a variety of surface heaters to keep projects on schedule and within budget with hydronic technology. Hydronic surface heaters are designed to quickly and economically thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, prevent frost and provide temporary heat during cold weather conditions. Wacker Neuson’s line of heaters has proven to effectively manage cold weather projects by significantly reducing project costs, delivering high quality and maintaining tight project schedules. Wacker Neuson has a variety of models available to choose from depending on the size of the job. Six hydronic surface heaters are available with thawing and curing capabilities ranging from 2,200 to 10,000 square feet. Adding accessories will greatly increase capabilities. These units are easy to operate and engineered for reliable, trouble-free starts even in the coldest weather conditions. A positive displacement pump provides maximum flow and assures consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing. The digital temperature controller with push-button adjustments allows operators to easily adjust the heat transfer fluid output temperature for all concrete-curing applications. Wacker Neuson’s most popular model is the E3000. Engineered for reliable performance and trouble-free starts for up to 140 hours of run time, the E3000 will provide maximum flow and ensure consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing applications. The E3000 thaws or cures up to 6,000 square feet and with accessories can manage up to 18,000 square feet or provide 535,000 cubic feet of dry heat at 83 per cent efficiency.

Takes on the big jobs
The Jumbo heater from Biemmedue Arcotherm is a direct-fired heater with considerable size, ideal for large buildings. It features an external burner that can be switched between gas (GPL or natural gas) and diesel. Equipped with an axial fan, it is a good compromise for efficiency (90 per cent), low noise and static pressure – a characteristic particularly usefully where ducts are needed. The Jumbo is CSA-approved for construction, greenhouses and brooders. The burner cover protects the burner against blows, dust, water, and weather while doubling as a diesel fuel condensation-recovery basin. The new heat exchanger with newly designed higher-performance fans ensures 90 per cent heat efficiency. Better anchorage to the machine’s weight-bearing structure through sturdy attachment rods allows for movement on any floors. The bearing structure has removable panels for interior washing, also in the hanging models. Panels with reinforcement cross pleats ensure superior rigidity and strength. The combustion chamber has an inspection glass peephole. Metric screws and inserts for fastening are used throughout with no self-tapping screws. The ventilator provides protection from dust and water.  A very low-noise fan keeps the noise level at or below 66 decibels at 6.5 feet for the 400 and 600 models, and at or below 69 decibels at 6.5 feet for the 800 model. The six-blade fan provides high-performance air flow and static pressure for uniform diffusion of warm air through ducts. The fan outlet cone conveys air and ensures high static pressure. The rear electrical control panel is located at the top rear of the machine to avoid contact with dust, water and snow. It is supplied with a sturdy metal cover to prevent damage and unauthorized access – it is also handy for storage of tools and papers. The front electrical service panel is located inside the burner cover lid to prevent contamination and for easier maintenance by the operator. Every main component (fan, burner, thermostats, etc.) is supplied with quick couplings for the electrical connections. Three heating powers are available: 400, 600 and 800 BTUs per hour.

Radiant ground thawing
Serious Toaster infrared ground thawing equipment is a great solution for construction and utilities. Excavation and trenching in frozen ground can be a costly endeavor, increasing the time and money it takes to get the job done. Toaster infrared ground-thawing equipment for construction and utility applications provides an efficient, sustainable high-speed way to effectively allow contractors to overcome winter conditions. Place the Toaster unit directly over frozen ice and snow to rapidly thaw a two-by-10-foot area. Units can be placed side-by-side or end-to-end as required by excavation. When finished, the thawed, dry dirt is easy to excavate or hydro-dig, all with minimal setup time and effort. Why radiant? Radiant heat is a form of energy that uses an infrared source to heat objects directly without having to heat the air in between. It is the ideal way to transfer heat to frozen ground. This means faster operation and ensures a complete thaw with no cold spots or frost islands. Minimizing heat and energy loss provides the most efficient energy transfer. Proven effective on job sites across Canada and the northern U.S., the Serious Toaster is ready to help take on the toughest tasks: excavating in frozen ground to add utilities where there are existing overlapping facilities, or working in tight locations with very little room to manoeuvre between buildings, fences, or existing infrastructure.

Suitable for hazardous locations
The Quest XP300 Pro explosion-proof coil is a powerful accessory device designed for use in conjunction with any of the Quest central hydronic glycol heaters. This patent-pending unit produces 3,000 CFMs of airflow and 300,000 BTUs of heat. The XP300 is used to provide a temporary or permanent heat solution wherever hydronic distribution may be used. It will operate very effectively and efficiently on construction sites of all types. The single biggest advantage the XP300 has is its capability to be used in hazardous locations. The XP300 is approved for use in Division I Hazardous Locations: Class I, Groups C & D / Class II, Groups F & G. The XP300 is constructed mostly of lightweight aluminum for non-sparking exterior surfaces, making it easy to move around and quick to set up. The XP300 transfers heat from the heated glycol circuit to an air stream that is forced through an internal hydronic heat transfer coil. It can direct a stream of warm dry air over the workmen and assemblies they are working on to provide comfort, enhance the quality of workmanship and improve productivity.

Power and portability
L.B. White has introduced the Foreman 750 indirect-fired heater, its most portable 750,000 BTU-per-hour heater yet. When heating non-ventilated areas or where 100 per cent clean heated air is needed, L.B. White’s Foreman 750 heater is well suited for both construction and tented events. This robust and fully framed vented heater can accommodate up to 100 feet of ducting, is ultra-quiet and has an easy-access rear panel for maintenance. The Foreman has the capability to recirculate heated air by adding a return air duct and includes the option of moving the heated air with two 12-inch ducts or one 16-inch duct. A remote thermostat control can be added to dial in room temperatures from up to 25 feet away. Portability is part of the design with a convenient fold-down handle for easy moving, tough urethane wheels that absorb shock but will never go flat and weight distribution set over the wheels for effortless manoeuvring. Storage is maximized with a frame design that allows for unit stacking. It also includes forklift pockets and a lifting bale for use with hoists. Simple-to-read status lights provide diagnostics during startup and the Foreman is backed by L.B. White’s exclusive two-year warranty.

Easy electrical switching
Campo Equipment has introduced the Blaze 200DG Turbo (15 amps, 175,000 BTUs) that runs on a mere nine amps with no inrush thanks to it’s EC high-static backward-incline fan and motor that produces 3,250 CFM and is ductable to 150 feet with five inches of maximum static pressure capability. The 200DG is quiet and comes with wheels, forklift pockets and a lifting bail. Campo has also introduced the Blaze 18E 18-kilowatt electric heater, delivering 65,000 BTUs divided among three outlets delivering 21,666 BTUs each.  The Blaze 18E comes with an easy switch-over toggle switch for one-phase or three-phase operation, and is wired for 208/240-volt service.  Campo has also introduced the Blaze 40 and 60E (40- and 60-kilowatt) electric heaters producing 136,500 and 205,000 BTUs. They are ductable to 50 feet with recirculating capabilities and produce 4,500 CFM with three-inch maximum static capabilities.  They also come with an easy switch-over toggle switch for 240- or 480-volt operation. Both models also come in 600-volt versions.

Green drying
DryAir has introduced the new D-CAN 25 2,500 CFM desiccant dehumidification attachment to its line of hydronic heating equipment. Using a DryAir Greenthaw or central hydronic heating unit as the heat source for reactivation of the desiccant wheel, the D-CAN 25 can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 50 per cent compared to many conventional desiccant dehumidification systems. The DryAir system can deliver huge fuel savings and significantly reduce power requirements resulting in a much greener and economical alternative to desiccant drying. Unlike other desiccants, the D-CAN can also operate in heat mode to provide 300,000 BTUs of clean and dry heat to any structure. This new attachment offers DryAir dealers the opportunity to expand the utilization of their fleet of Greenthaw and central hydronic heating units to a full 12 months per year.

Safe, tough and reliable
Sure Flame offers an indirect construction heater line comprised of a 400,000-, 800,000- and 1.5 million-BTU units. The newest product, the ID800, is CSA approved and ready to take a beatin’ and keep on heatin’. Its compact, straightforward design with a single push-button control makes it a winning choice for the rental industry. Designed for jobsite uncertainty, the VFD control allows the ID800 to operate on either one-phase or three-phase power with the switch of a lever with low amp draws (maximum 30 amps during startup). The ID800 operates on diesel or kerosene with a 443-liter on-board tank. North American efficiency numbers hovering around 86 per cent places this unit in the top of its class. It is designed to allow for recirculation, further increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption while still maintaining constant clean dry heat. With 6,000 CFM the ID800 is ductable to more than 100 feet with 16-inch duct. Optional 20-inch transition is available. Narrow enough for a standard doorway and moveable by pallet jack, forklift or lift hook, transportation is a breeze. The ID800 is an excellent choice when efficiency, durability and reliability are a must. Sure Flame is a Canadian-made product meeting or exceeding CSA standards.

Quick response
The Dimplex heavy-duty 240-volt portable construction heater provides high-performance heating when needed. The running lights indicate when unit is operating or thermal cut-out is engaged. The high quality, durable stainless steel tubular element and high heat cut-out protection are manufactured for safety. The fan is propeller-type and accurately balanced and correctly pitched to optimize performance. The unit includes a six-foot cord which stores around the handle. Other features include a built-in single pole thermostat ranging from seven to 25 C; a hybrid polyester epoxy powder coat paint finish; an automatic reset high-limit protection switch for maximum safety with a pilot light that activates if the unit trips on high limit. The Dimplex construction heater is a quick-response, high-output, fan-forced heater.

Continuous ignition
The DXH215HD thermostatically controlled forced-air kerosene heater burns at 215,000 BTUs per hour and can be used with kerosene diesel, fuel oil or JP-8 fuels. With a included wheel kit, protective roll cage and an 14-gallon tank, users get a full eight-and-a-half hours of run time and the ability to heat up to approximately 5,375 square feet of space. The DXH215HD is equipped with a 25-to-95F thermostat. The heating element cycles on and off to maintain the set temperature. The 10-inch flat-free tires allow for long maintenance-free use. The front barrel support and storage provides added barrel rigidity and creates storage for wet gloves or service parts like filters or igniters. The recessed controls are designed to reduce the risk of having the knobs or valves damaged on the jobsite. The roll-cage-style handles provide solid all around protection and support. Continuous electronic ignition is always present as a source of ignition for unburned fuel, reducing the ability for fuels to pool and collect in a dangerous manner.

360-degree heat
The SRP HeatPro is a 360-degree construction heat solution with a modulating BTU range of 60,000 to 100,000 BTUs. The upper reflective cone directs infrared heat to the surface below while maintaining safe clearance to combustibles. No electricity is required for ignition. The HeatPro includes seven different temperature settings with a modulating valve to maintain the desired temperature. Available in natural gas or propane varities, quick-connect fittings are standard. LPG and NG hose kit assemblies are available. The HeatPro is mounted with four hanging points that can also lock into the bottom of another heater. A safety tilt switch guards against accidents. The HeatPro is easy to transport at 44 pounds. The thermostatically controlled modulating valve decreases or increases the amount of gas supply to maintain the desired temperature.

Take the chill out
The HeatStar HS35FA features a heavy-duty design built for the jobsite. This 35,000-BTU propane forced-air heater comes with a standard 20-foot hose, regulator and numerous safety protections. Equipped with factory-installed high-limit switch and continuous solid-state ignition, customers can feel comfortable using this heater on any jobsite. Just plug the heater into a 110-volt outlet then hook up the included hose and regulator to a 20-pound propane tank or larger and users are ready to take the chill out of any job. The HeatStar heats up to 800 square feet. It features rugged and durable steel construction; economical, efficient and clean burning; and a heavy-duty, high-output fan.

Big heat
The MAC950F flameless heaterfrom Generac provides superior fuel efficiency and heated air output with unprecedented safety in a midsize portable heater platform. The MAC950F is safe to use in environments and applications where open flame heaters are restricted. It comes on a compact heater platform mounted on a single-axle trailer for ease of mobility on the job site. It is a flameless heater that provides clean, safe, and reliable airflow, capable of ducting long distances with minimal loss of air pressure or outlet temperature. It offers full 110 per cent fluid containment for safety and contamination protection on the job site. The MAC950F is comprised of rugged, heavy-duty construction inside and out. Large doors provide easy access for service, maintenance, and operation.

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