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Heater Showcase: September 2015

Keep the chill off your business this winter with these top heating solutions.

August 27, 2015
By Canadian Rental Magazine

lmtempHeating with power
The Cube 1100 self-contained unit from L.M. Temperature Control provides a 1.1-million-BTU diesel fuel heater complete with fuel tank and generator. The Cube produces a total of 13,000 CFM from two heaters with the ability to run up to 150 feet of two-by-16 or four-by-12-inch ducts. It also has re-circulating capabilities. The heater contains a variable-frequency motor to control air volume, temperature rise and start-up without in-rush. Its fully modulating, 88-per cent-efficient burner allows for significant cost savings in fuel. This self-contained unit addresses both heating and power needs as everything you need is contained on one trailer. As a self-contained unit, ESA inspection for the generator is already done. Just roll the unit into place, add fuel and heat away.

brooksEven heat
Thawzall HeatZone glycol heaters blanket winter construction projects with even, uniform heat. HeatZone TCH150 and TCH250 glycol heaters are based on the science of heat transfer; volume and temperature with low delta-T making them highly efficient. They are used for many applications including ground thawing, cold weather concreting and temporary heat for the construction and oil and gas industries. The TCH150 glycol heater can thaw 1,200 square feet and cure a concrete pour of 2,400 square feet. This unit boasts low fuel consumption, long run-times, low maintenance and better ROI for the rental fleet. For larger applications, the TCH250 glycol heater can thaw 3,000 square feet and cure a concrete pour of 6,000 square feet. The unit’s automated heat delivery system makes it simple and efficient to operate and maintain.

Aerotech RentalService Cold-weather tough
Aerotech Herman Nelson is excited to introduce our new HPL series of all-in-one units providing top-of-the-line indirect-fired air heating, a high-performance LED lighting tower and electrical power generation all in one completely portable, job-site-ready package. The HPL600D7 is designed as a high-value, commercial-grade equipment package that delivers indirect-fired, clean-air heat along with a high-output LED retractable light tower all powered with a seven-kilowatt or optional 11-kilowatt liquid-cooled commercial diesel generator, which also provides surplus power. The entire package is fully enclosed and can be easily towed on- or off-road on the approved all-aluminum heavy-duty trailer. Critical safety features included are full 110-per cent containment with a drain, external emergency stop and three-colour LED status/safety beacon that indicates generator operation, heater operation and low fuel. An optional flammable gas detector also available. The approved 340-litre poly fuel tank allows for up to 26-hour run times and there’s a large lockable storage area for all ducting and accessories plus a spare tire. The heater produces 588,000 BTUs with 5,500 CFM and three inches static pressure featuring recirculation to deliver significant fuel savings. With the available fan, it  can supply 6,500 CFM and four inches SP. The 25-foot detachable light tower is available with up to four 300-watt LEDs delivering over 168,000 lumens using under 1,200 watts. The fuel system heater and de-aerator help prevent fuel problems in extreme cold conditions and the exterior power-connection engine block heater is standard.

MAXI HEAT at WellheadAdjusts to altitude
The Maxi-Heat MH500iQ with the new MCS twin heater units includes new and improved features. The IQ analyzer detects the environmental temperature and pressure, suggests the correct setting of the burner and automatically configures the nozzle, eliminating the need to change the nozzle as altitude changes. The MH500iQ eliminates manual nozzle changes while minimizing oil consumption. It is designed to tolerate changes in altitude and decrease Bacharach smoke. The MCS500iQ is robotically welded, reducing the risk of failures and improving quality. Efficiency is gained through engineered dents on the wall of the heat exchanger that increase turbulence and the exchange of heat. Allmand also offers a way to warn operators of hazardous gas accumulation.  The Allmand Maxi-Heat MH500iQ, when equipped with the General Monitors combustible gas monitoring system, provides a high-performance heater with a self-contained and cost-effective monitoring system to operate in potentially hazardous environments. When equipped with the General Monitors S4000CH system, you can be assured that a properly calibrated and maintained Maxi-Heat will not only provide clean, breathable air, but also an enhanced level of safety.  The General Monitors S4000CH intelligent sensors are microprocessor-based trans¬mitters designed for use with General Monitors catalytic bead sensors. The unit can be self-calibrated by a certified technician by activating a magnetic switch and applying a test gas. The system is designed to monitor combustible gases, warn of any accumula¬tion, and provide status identification by triggering lights and shutting down the heater.


betterductBetter duct, longer life
Better duct means longer rental life for your heaters. HiTex ducting is a superior high-temperature duct manufactured by NTI Global. Built to fit virtually any brand of heater and made to withstand  temperature ranges up to 300 F (350 F intermittent). HiTex comes with the Tuffguard scuff strip, which provides 360 degrees of protection. An additional waterproof outer layer, designed for harsh environments, coupled with an enclosed wire helix, provides better air flow and bend radius. Hitex is manufactured in the U.S.A. with distribution throughout the U.S. and Canada. It is competitively priced and available in diameters from six to 48-inches in various lengths up to 50 feet.

sureflameCNRNot just direct any more
Not just a direct anymore, with the addition of its newest heater, Sure Flame now offers an indirect line comprised of 400,000-, 800,000- and 1.5-million-BTU units.

Its newest product, the ID800, is now CSA-approved and ready to take a beating and keep on heating. Its compact, straightforward design with a single push-button control make it a winning choice for the rental industry. Designed for jobsite uncertainty, the VFD control allows the ID800 to operate on either one-phase or three-phase power with the switch of a lever with low amp draws (maximum 30 amps during startup).  The ID800 operates on diesel or kerosene with a 443-litre on-board tank. North American efficiency numbers hovering around 86 per cent mean saving for your customers. It is designed to allow for recirculation, further increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption while still maintaining constant clean dry heat. With 6,000 CFM the ID800 is ductable to over 100 feet with 16-inch duct. An optional 20-inch transition is available. It is narrow enough for a standard doorway and can be moved by a pallet jack, fork lift or lift hook. The ID800 is an excellent choice when efficiency, durability and reliability are a must. Sure Flame heaters are Canadian Made products with all are models meeting  or exceeding CSA standards.

Wacker Neuson E1250Three configurations
Wacker Neuson Climate Technology has introduced the new E 1250 hydronic ground heater. At 13,000 BTU per hour and 1,250 feet of hose, the E 1250 provides reliable mobile heat for any jobsite application.  Three configurations are available, the Value Package, the Standard Package and the Premium Package to fit your specific heat needs and your budget requirements.  E 1250 heaters are engineered with rental friendly features, such as multi-fuel burner options (diesel or natural gas/propane) and our new telematics-ready digital control panel with intelligent systems to monitor heater status and provide early detection of low fuel levels, with clear and easy to understand diagnosis and centralized resetting of the most common heater faults. The standard model features an integrated three-kilowatt liquid-cooled generator with easy access oil, filter and coolant changes and built-in wet-stacking protection. It features a new dual-colour strobe light to indicate heater status from a distance, and a two-point lift system which provides greater stability and strength. The premium model adds full spill containment to the standard model, while the basic model offers an economical alternate option to the standard model for simple jobs that do not require a built-in generator. The E 1250 is expandable and designed for reliable performance and trouble-free starts for up to 115 hours of run time at over 87 per cent efficiency and with accessories can thaw up to 3,750 square feet of frozen ground at an average rate of one-foot-deep per day, cure up to 8,750 square feet of concrete, prevent frost up to 11,250 feet square or provide up to 203,600 cubic feet of dry heat.

frostfightIDF1000Field proven
The IDF1000 is a self-contained heating system that provides up to 1 million BTU for the most demanding cold weather and job-site environments. The unit includes two industry-proven IDF500HS oil-fired heaters with a combined airflow of 6,500 CFM and 4.6 inches of static pressure. With an easy slide-out feature, both heaters offer quick access to parts and service. The unit includes a 260-gallon fuel capacity with environmental spill containment, so the heaters can run for approx. 32 hours. The dual axel trailer has a number of upgrades including a large storage capacity for duct, removable safety grip fenders and an adjustable ball/Pintle hitch. The 11.4 kilowatt Stamford generator is available with either a Kubota or Isuzu engine, and includes 120-volt shore power, a block heater and trickle charge as well as interior LED lighting. Different duct options are available along with optional heat recirculation and heat recovery. The IDF500HS heaters have been field-proven for over eight years, with fast North American parts availability including a Genysis controller for easy serviceability and troubleshooting.

CampocontainmentThree new models
Campo Equipment has introduced new models and features for the 2015/16 season. They feature 120 per cent full spill containment for 42- and 70-U.S. gallon tanks available on 400 and 600 models. Now available are the Blaze 3E (a three-kilowatt electric space heater), the Blaze 600D/G Turbo II, the Blaze Cube Artic Series, and the Blaze 600 D Turbo tow-behind. Spill containment rated for 120 per cent in the 400/600 series heaters is an innovation in the market for this class of heater. It not only provides spill containment for the tank but also for the fuel lines, filter and pump-on burner. It also adds protection to the filter, burner and control panel area from the elements. Easy-access side rubber panels and a hinged enclosure allow for easy service. The spill containment system is available for the 42-U.S.-gallon tank and, new for this season, a 70-U.S.-gallon tank that provides customers with over 24-hour run times. The Blaze 3E electric space heater is new for this season, featuring a high heat rise and 350 CFM airflow. There are separate controls for the fan and thermostat to allow the user to cool down the element before shutting down. The Blaze 600 D/G Turbo II boasts 600,000 BTU of heating power. With its new Turbo II fan the unit produces 6,500 CFM and a maximum static pressure of four inches, allowing the unit to be ducted to 150 feet with recirculating capabilities. It runs on a mere 120 volts 18 full load amps. The Blaze Cube Arctic Series is the third addition to the Cube line up from Campo. It is engineered to handle the elements and the most demanding applications. It comes fitted with a Blaze 1000D which produces 13,500 CFM with a maximum static pressure of 6.5 inches, and is ductable to an astounding 400 feet. Standard features include 150-per cent spill containment, a low-RPM genset, a fuel tank, positive air shut off, battery disconnect and automatic shutdown and warning indicators for low fuel. The Blaze 600D Turbo tow-behind comes with a fully galvanized 3,500-pound trailer. it is mounted on a 100-gallon fuel tank with duct compartments.

heatstarHS115IRHeats in high wind
Heatstar has added four new heaters to its portable heater line. Heatstar oil-fired radiant heaters offer comfortable heat in extreme winter conditions. Now available in 155,000- and a new 115,000-BTU size, these infrared machines heat objects directly, efficiently transferring heat even in high wind. The stainless steel combustion chamber produces a very quiet, low odor, smokeless, dust-free working environment. The result is comfort for customers’ eyes, ears, nose and body. The fuel filter pre-heat system is a standard feature that aids in smooth starting and consistent cold weather operation.  Heatstar’s CSA-certified heaters are built from heavy-duty steel with larger solid wheels, an adjustable floor heat shield and sturdier construction than the competition. Additionally, the HS155IR includes a 10 per cent larger 17-gallon fuel tank and a single-point bail lift frame. Also new is the Nomad line of construction and tent heaters available in BTU settings of 80,000/115,000 to 125,000/190,000 and 175,000/260,000. With six heat settings, rental houses can offer customers greater heat flexibility and control. All three are direct-fired box heaters with high/low heat settings and dual fuel (liquid propane and natural gas) selected at the flip of a switch. A flexible diffuser system enables the user to direct the heat more easily when working on uneven ground. The HS155IR has been upgraded with a more durable duct design and an optional steel storage box with lock hasp is offered on the two larger sizes. Or choose from Heatstar’s heavy-duty indirect or direct-fired oil heaters. Indirect fired units are available in 100,000 to 400,000 BTU and the direct-fired machines range in size from 50,000 to 610,000 BTU.  

cesVal6 2Efficient and rental-friendly
CES (Construction Equipment Solutions) continues to provide quality heating products as well as service parts and technical assistance to the Canadian rental industry. CES carries a complete line of heating products for all your heating applications and fuel choices, including propane, natural gas, electric, and oil fired units. As well, it supplies units that are direct-fired, indirect-fired and infra-red as well as convection. The Val 6 heaters are designed with the highest of quality and dependability in mind. The Val 6 radiant heat is able to heat an object without heating the air and loosing efficiency at the same time. The Val 6 heaters are not affected by wind or cold ambient temperatures the same way forced air heaters are. Not only are the Val 6 heaters eco-friendly, releasing only one to two parts per million of carbon monoxide, but they are able to convert almost 100 per cent of their fuel to energy. This makes the Val 6 a very efficient form of heating. CES also offers the full line of Marley Engineered heating products. The TBX series mobile warmer comes in two sizes. The mobile warmers have a thermostat with a positive off and fan-only positions with a range from 40 to 100 F. Ten-inch wheels allow for easy rolling over obstacles on a job site to the spot where heat is required.

Quest PowerHeat 4500Even heat distribution
Quest Portable Climate Control Equipment has introduced the Quest PowerHeat 4500 Ground Thaw System. The PowerHeat 4500 heat system allows customers to thaw up to 9,000 square feet by using 4,500 feet of hose without any additional equipment. They can plug in as many 500-foot hose loops as needed for the job up to a maximum of nine loops. The PowerHeat’s even heat distribution through shorter hose loops means the job will be done faster. The entire system is very user friendly and it is easy to get to all of the components. A fuel tank built into the trailer makes for a compact unit with space for storage of glycol and other accessories under the generator. The unit can be used with a manifold when needed. The entire PowerHeat 4500 system is UL/ CSA certified. The PowerHeat features 385,000 BTU heating power,  a 240-gallon fuel tank and a seven-kilowatt generator.

Dragon 3600 With StackStainless steel components
Legend Brands engineers designed the new Dri-Eaz Dragon 3600 indirect-fired furnace for the restoration industry and to be high-quality, reliable and easy to operate. A 32-gallon fuel tank offers an extended run time of 35 to 38 hours of continuous operation on a single tank. That means restorers don’t have to worry about fuel running out overnight. To achieve the extended runtime, engineers fit the unit with a 32-gallon TIG-welded aluminum tank and fine-tuned the burner housing and heat exchanger to achieve an impressive 0.8-gallon-per-hour fuel consumption rate. The Dragon is built in Legend Brands’ Prescott, Ariz., plant with a high-quality Beckett burner and a corrosion-resistant TIG-welded stainless combustion chamber and heat exchanger. It features several extras, including an easy-to-adjust external shutter for altitude adjustments and a nozzle heater for sure-fire cold weather startup.

lbwhiteForeman 500 DFClean air
L.B. White has introduced the Foreman 500DF indirect fired heater. When heating non‐ventilated areas or clean heated air is needed, L.B. White’s Foreman 500 DF (Dual Fuel) heater is suitable for a wide range of construction and tented events. This robust and framed, 500,000 BTU-per-hour vented heater produces a long air throw and dependable and quiet operation. The stackable heater includes fork pockets and a lifting hook, rugged urethane wheels that don’t go flat yet absorb shock like pneumatic tires, an easy access side panel for maintenance, and a reliable Riello burner. Multiple diagnostic indicators tell the operator if there are issues with the burner or somewhere else on the heater, and what is wrong. The Foreman has the capability to recirculate the heated air by adding a duct and includes the option of moving the heated air with two 12-inch ducts, or one 16-inch duct. A remote thermostat control can be added to control the temperature of the area being heated. Additional features include a cord wrap and a simple lever to switch between liquid propane and natural gas. L.B. White plans to release the kerosene/diesel-fueled cousin to the Foreman later this year.