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CRS takes delivery of first Heat King IDF1000 heaters

Nov. 16, 2017 - Contractors Rental Supply (now owned by Sunbelt) has taken delivery of two Heat King IDF1000 indirect fired heaters at its Brampton, Ont., location. The order represents the first investment in IDF1000 heaters for the Ontario rental chain. 

November 16, 2017
By Patrick Flannery


IDF1000 heaters generate one million BTU per hour. They are designed to be highly versatile, and powerful with a user-friendly operating system. The units are delivered on towable trailers for easy transport. The heaters will expand CRS’s capability to heat very large construction sites such as subway platforms and commercial buildings. 

“The attraction for us at Sunbelt is the flexibility of the IDF1000s,” explains Paul Cormier of Sunbelt. “This unit can provide heat for a large area in seconds with just a turn of a switch. My up-sell is to provide a million BTUs of indirect heat virtually in minutes with no installation cost. I truly believe this product will deliver a quick and easy solution for short-term emergency heat applications.”

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