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Mobile Glycol Heating Systems by Heat King

By Heat King   


September 12, 2016 - The Heat King line of Mobile Glycol Heating Systems are used for ground thawing, concrete curing and space heating during the winter months. 

For over twenty years the Heat King brand has set the standard for glycol heating systems throughout the United States and Canada.

New for the season Heat King is introducing an optional 7KW generator custom manufactured to their specifications which allows for over 1,000 hours between services. The Whisper Quiet MQ is still available as well.

Also new for this year is “The Cube.” A 1.5 million Btu/hr glycol heating system that can reliably push glycol up vertically 300 feet and can distribute the heat through manifolds to as many as 24 space heaters.  Or use it to ground thaw or concrete cure with as many as 18 x 700’ hoses.  Available in diesel this year and LP/NG next year.

Liquid Propane and Natural Gas options are available for the HK300 and HK500 models this year, as well as the traditional diesel set up.
There are three sizes bases on the coverage of ground space that needs to be thawed or cured.  The HK150 is the smallest of the Heat King family but still packs a powerful punch with 150,000 Btu/hr (nominal) of capacity.  This unit was designed with the residential contractor in mind. It is quiet, compact, fuel efficient, yet powerful enough to thaw the ground, cure concrete or provide temporary heat for up to two new homes at the same time.


The HK300 is the mid-sized heater with a nominal 300,000 Btu/Hr of capacity.  It is diesel fired, or new for this year can be ordered in either LP or Natural Gas. Still compact enough to move into tight job sites, but with twice the capacity of the HK150 it really hits the sweet spot for most rental companies and contractors.  

The HK500 at 500,000 Btu/hr nominal is now also available in LP or Natural Gas. It has the capacity to thaw up to 11,200 sqft or concrete cure up to 22,400 sqft.  Temporary space heating for 15,000 square feet of space can be achieved by connecting to the optional 200,000 Btu/Hr space heaters.
With thousands of systems sold the Heat King brand has become known as the go to product for simplicity of use, ease of maintenance and reliability.

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