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Concrete Showcase: August 2014

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Chicago Pneumatic’s new concrete product line includes walk-behind screeds that provide a consistent, even surface without any guide or supporting tube.


Can eliminate a floor saw
Chicago Pneumatic’s new concrete product line includes walk-behind screeds that provide a consistent, even surface without any guide or supporting tube. Equipped with reliable Honda engines, they offer reduced hand-arm vibration, with an easily accessible ignition switch and throttle control for quick adjustments. The LBG 1200 hand-held screed provides surface vibration only; it is suitable for slabs of all types and concrete of all consistencies. Recommended for smaller slabs and medium-to-low slump concrete, the LBG 800 bull float screed provides deeper vibration and single-step leveling. Screeding time, labour and transport costs can also be cut with the CP CombiForm lightweight, leave-in-place screed rail system. CombiForm is easily prepared and cast into the concrete, providing an efficient leveling solution. Without requirement for concrete pre-leveling before screeding, it can also eliminate the need for a floor saw.


Superior mixing action
The Belle Group Minimix 150 from John Brooks Construction Equipment is a popular mixer around the world. Both the electric version and the Honda gas power unit can be mounted with a robust steel drum or a high-strength poly barrel. Its durability and efficiency is directly related to two factors: the angle of the barrel and the special mixing paddles. The mixing paddles are designed to cut and fold on each turn of the barrel, maximizing the homogeneity of your mix. This also explains the good results when mixing mortar or concrete. The angle of the barrel puts less stress on the gearbox, enabling a longer life of the unit and the best return on investment. The Belle Group Minimix has a four-leg removable stand included. This is the perfect height to tip the three-cubic-foot mix directly into a wheelbarrow.



Quick striking
The Roller Tube Finisher from Allen Engineering is a finisher of choice for concrete contractors around the world.  Equipped with a powerful engine drive and a variety of tube sizes, the AEC Roller Tube Finisher strikes off concrete fast and accurately – quickly establishing surface grade. The RTF is available in either engine drive for 4.5-inch tubes or hydraulic drive power for six-inch tubes. The engine-drive-powered finisher comes standard with a high-speed 300-RPM gear box, folding kickstands on both ends, a handle swivel for ease-of-use and easy storage and a Honda GX50 Engine. The hydraulic-drive-powered finisher is powered with a 13.5 HP Subaru engine with an electric start and comes standard with a 50-foot quick-disconnect hose, a removable frame for maintenance and a hydraulic system with a 12-volt fan. AEC tubes range in length from six to 26 feet – perfect for any size job, big or small. Portable and powerful, the RTF is designed to be the perfect quick-strike finisher for paving – especially pervious concrete.


Aggressive scratch-free grinding
The Diamabrush Removal Hand Tool is an ideal solution for removing mastics, adhesives, epoxies, urethanes, thin-sets, paints and other gummy coatings from concrete floors as well as from brick, block, stone and metal walls. It will fit on a standard hand grinder and will remove coatings up to 10 times faster than diamond or PCD cups. It uses the same diamond abrasive technology as the Mastic Removal Tool and remains constantly sharp through the life of the tool. The spring-steel diamond-coated blades grind very fast and leave a very fine scratch pattern, which makes it a perfect concrete preparation tool as well. It is used where aggressive grinding and a scratch-free surface is required, especially when edging floors for polishing, sacking and finishing concrete walls and removing graffiti from concrete and masonry. The Removal Hand Tool is available in 4.5 and seven-inch sizes and features a flat metal body with a built-in 5/8-inch 11 thread and replaceable diamond blades. For dustless operation, the Removal Hand Tool has its own universal-fit metal dust shroud. The shroud features an adjustable Velcro skirt along with a hinged nosepiece that raises to allow grinding right up to the wall.


Two control modes
Wacker Neuson’s 10-foot professional ride-on trowel, model CRT 60-66K, has an innovative design offering high performance and easy operation in a hydraulic drive trowel. The CRT 60-66K combines fully hydraulic drive performance with a power steering system that makes operation more comfortable and the trowel more responsive to the operator’s commands. Wacker Neuson’s patented two-mode power steering system allows operators to select the response of the joysticks to meet their preferences and best suit the concrete conditions. Steering mode One is more comfortable for the operator who tends to use the full range of movements of the joysticks. In this mode the steering response is filtered to reduce the effects of exaggerated operator input.  Mode Two is designed for the operator who uses smaller, more delicate movements with the joysticks, guaranteeing a more direct joystick behavior. While the operator can switch between modes depending on conditions, most keep the unit set on the steering style they prefer. This makes the machine more versatile, especially for larger contractors who employ many operators. The CRT 60-66K also features an engine power regulation system.  Similar to an automatic transmission on a car, this patented feature uses a computer controller to constantly monitor engine speed and adjust hydraulic load. This keeps the unit running seamlessly at optimal engine and blade speed for maximum power input to the concrete. A third patented feature of Wacker Neuson’s largest trowel is a built-in hydraulic kit. The operator can easily raise the machine on the front and back wheels. The real-time saving benefit for operators is that they can now raise the machine to change pans or blades without a crane or forklift. This also allows for easier movement around parts of the job site and shop. 


Four-stroke power cutter
Makita has introduced its first four-stroke power cutter. The EK7651H supports a 14-inch blade and the EK7651HD has a one-inch arbor. Both models offer reduced noise and fuel consumption versus competitive two-stroke models for maximum operator comfort and reduced operational costs. No-fuel mixing prevents damage due to improper mixing and eliminates the need to carry separate mixed fuel. The cleaner-operating, four-stroke engine produces fewer emissions for limited environmental impact and reduces carbon build-up in the engine. The automatic decompression valve reduces the required start-up force by 40 per cent versus competitive two-stroke models. The pressure compensated carburetor prevents flooding by automatically adjusting to ensure the proper amount of fuel is delivered. An advanced five-stage air filtration system provides cleaner air for maximum engine performance. The EK7651H and the EK7651HD are designed for maximum performance and durability on heavy-duty job sites. Reversible cutting arms enable the cutting disc to be side- or centre-mounted for optimal operational versatility in a variety of applications. The angled fuel tank port enables quick and easy fuelling when the power cutter is in the upright position. Integrated guide roller wheels enable fatigue-free operation and increased precision during long-distance horizontal cutting applications.


Works with epoxy-coated rebar
Wacker Neuson’s newest high-frequency internal vibrator, model IRFU 60HR, is designed with a distinctive rubber-coated head.  This special vibrator is designed for contractors who use epoxy-coated rebar.  The head is coated with a four-mm layer of engineered abrasion-resistant molded rubber which protects epoxy rebar from damage that can be caused by steel vibrator heads. Wacker Neuson’s IRFU 60HR features a head diameter of 2.6 inches and offers an effective compaction diameter (depending on concrete consistency) of 33.5 inches. The unit is offered with a five-, eight- or 10-metre hose length. This special vibrator will be in high demand for contractors bidding on projects that require the use of epoxy-coated rebar, mostly found in bridge and civil projects. Because the heavy-duty rubber is molded to the steel head, Wacker Neuson’s IRFU will provide long life. The new IRFU 60HR is backed by a five-year warranty for contractors. Wacker Neuson’s IRFU high-frequency internal vibrators also feature an integrated inverter that allows the unit to be attached to any 120V single-phase power supply.  A micro-inverter automatically changes single-phase power into three-phase power providing consistent RPM with no loss under load.  The vibrator series also features a patented Bodyguard protection system with GFCI that ensures optimized protection for the operator and the unit.  The protection system extends across the entire length of the unit, from Bodyguard at the power plug all the way to the vibrator head housing. Both the inverter and Bodyguard have integrated status displays for quick troubleshooting and minimal downtime.


Plug-and-go poker
Atlas Copco Smart Series Pokers represent the new generation of concrete vibrators, and offer an excellent alternative for your rental fleet versus traditional concrete vibrator systems. Available in three head diameters, the Smart Series is a true all-in-one, plug-and-go machine. This advanced technology of electric motor-in-head helps keep the vibrations where they belong – in the concrete, versus in the operator’s hands and arms. All models feature a built-in frequency converter and electronics that are well protected against shock, overload, and overheating. Also, they offer high centrifugal force, stable speed, and outstanding productivity with fewer dips. By using a hose instead of a flexible shaft, operators are able to extend and operate Smart Pokers much easier. In addition, the Smart Series is fully CSA-approved, and all units plug into any ordinary single-phase wall socket and are operated by a one-push on/off button. All versions come standard with five metres of hose and 10 metres of cable, and can be custom-ordered to hose lengths up to 12 metres for special applications.


No need for heavy grinders
The Diamabrush Mastic Removal Tool is designed to remove stubborn coatings from concrete such as mastic, carpet or tile adhesive, and thin-set and thin-mil coatings like urethane or paint. No need to waste time and money on heavy grinding equipment or harmful chemicals. This innovative tool mounts onto any standard floor buffer or auto-scrubber and uses diamond-coated blades to grind the toughest coatings away. The patented diamond coating is applied to spring-steel blades which never clog or lose their cutting edges. New diamond particles are continuously exposed, retaining sharp edges throughout the life of the tool. These blades also glide over any surface imperfections or obstructions on the floor without damaging the equipment while remaining in constant contact with the surface. The Diamabrush is ideal for areas where power or physical accessibility is an issue. User safety is also greatly enhanced since dangerous and volatile chemicals are not required. The operator can simply install the universal splash guard and apply water to eliminate dust and to minimize splash. The Mastic Tool comes complete with a 16-inch plate, 10 blades, a 1 ¼-inch riser and a universal clutch that will allow it to be used on most standard floor buffers. It is designed with replaceable blades that can be changed in the field in minutes by simply loosening two screws. The Mastic Removal Tool can provide rental operators great return on investment while offering their customers a cost-effective floor preparation solution.


Drives up to 150 RPM
The Allen line of Value Premium walk-behind trowels is high in dependability and in value. Loaded with the same feature-rich capabilities as the Allen Pro Series of walk-behind trowels, the VP Series brings versatility without cutting into your paycheck. It comes in three unique models: the VP-446, VP-436, and VP-424 Edger. Powered by dependable Honda engines, these machines can drive up to 150 RPM. Adjusting the blade pitch has never been easier with the positive-pitch lever action that provides easy adjustment with the push or pull of one lever. For those hard-to-reach places, Allen offers the VP-424 Edger complete with a rotating guard ring for edging against walls, pipes, and other obstructions. It comes standard with a unique fold-up handle, making it one of the most versatile trowels in the market. All of the Allen VP Series walkers come with an easy-to-use handle adjustment, throttle control, standard duty gearbox and polished combo blades for a better finish on any concrete job.


Maximum versatility
The Cardi TP400 from John Brooks Construction Equipment is a powerful hand-held saw designed to cut concrete, masonry, asphalt and natural stone. This versatile saw can even be used to cut window, door and skylight openings. The Cardi TP400 has a cutting depth up to six inches using a 16-inch diamond saw blade with a steel core. The TP400 is equipped with Cardi Smart Electronics. The electronic clutch protects the motor and operator in case of overload and jamming, simply by incorporating a soft start. The soft start avoids high inrush current and enables your customer to plug it into a regular 20A outlet. The TP40 has very handy options like a flush cut kit and the abrasive large flange adaptor to mount abrasive blades. The wheel kit attachment provides safety and stability by allowing the adjustment of the cutting depth. It will also reduce the fatigue of operators because the saw’s weight can rest on wheels. The Cardi TP400 has no hydraulic hoses and fluids to deal with, nor any exhaust fumes or gasoline.


Milling concrete surfaces
The FFC Cold Planer by Paladin Attachments attaches to skid steer loaders to mill concrete surfaces. It can mill down frost heaves, concrete joints and full-depth utility cuts. The FFC Cold Planer uses a V-shaped pick pattern on the drum, where the teeth are evenly spread for a smooth, balanced operation. Four teeth are mounted on both outside drum edges to accommodate the highest wear areas. The V-shaped pattern helps carry material over the drum and behind the planer to clear the working area of milled material and reduce re-milling of material. Minimizing re-milling reduces horsepower requirements and maximizes the performance of the skid steer and planer. A number of motor options on the FFC Cold Planer allow efficient operation on skid steers with 13- to 45-GPM hydraulic flows. Standard flow models are available in 12- and 16-inch cutting widths to operate with hydraulic flows of 13 to 16 GPM. High flow models are available in cutting widths from 16 to 36 inches and operate with flows from 24 to 45 GPM. Properly matching the attachment to the machine is critical in high-production, heavy-work attachments like cold planers. A 24-inch left- or right-side shift feature allows cutting next to curbs and other obstacles. The controls can be adapted to the loader joystick electric controls, or in-cab fingertip controls can operate side shift, tilt and cutting depth on high flow models. High flow models feature a planetary gearbox drive for increased torque and durability, while all models feature a large access door for easier maintenance.


Many power options
The new, durable and user-friendly VPM mechanical vibrators from Chicago Pneumatic are designed for mid-sized applications using medium-to-high slump concrete. For jobs of any size with low- to high-slump concrete requiring high-speed vibration, the VPP pneumatic vibrators’ range delivers high-performance centrifugal force. With compressed-air cooling and low maintenance, these vibrators are highly dependable even in the most remote locations. The Chicago Pneumatic poker range is fully complemented by a wide selection of portable power sources. Mechanical vibrators have a choice of gasoline or diesel drive units with rugged construction, rubber mountings to reduce vibration and noise, and quick-release couplings. A complete range of air compressors is available to run VPP pneumatic vibrators on different job sites.


All-new compaction
Bartell has introduced its newly engineered compaction lineup for 2014. Three years have been spent perfecting these all-new offerings, featuring a full line of forward and reversible plates. You’ll find built-in wheel kits and water tanks are included at no extra cost on two of the most popular forward plates. The three smallest reversibles also feature wheel kits for ease of maneuvering. With paver manufacturers now requiring a minimum of 4,500 foot-pounds used on base materials, we have the BCF2150. This 4,700-foot-pound forward plate comes standard with wheels and water, and offers an optional neoprene paver mat. Reversible plates start with a 3,400 foot-pound unit with a built-in wheel kit. This compact unit starts at a lower cost than most premium forward plates, but gives the operator the ease of instant reversing. Five hydraulic reversible plates round out the line up to 11,000 foot-pounds and offer high forward and matched reversible speeds.


Compact and manoeuvrable
The Toro MB-1600 Mud Buggy offers versatility and flexibility to any task. Its compact size and maneuverability allow the operator to dump material in tough to reach areas, and its capacity to hold up to 16 cubic-feet of material and travels up to seven miles per hour to increase productivity. The patented operator platform, featuring an oversized brake pedal and dual-action dump pedal that returns the tub to hauling position, improves safety and efficiency by allowing the operator to keep their hands on the operating bar.


Versatile drilling
Simple to understand and easy to use, the DD 150-U Diamond Coring System from Hilti allows the operator to drill by hand or with a core stand in wet or dry conditions. The new DD 150-U has a six-inch capacity for drilling the most popular sizes of holes for anchoring, blind holes and through holes.  This system can handle a variety of base materials from reinforced concrete to brick, concrete block and natural stone.  The versatility of this coring system makes it a great rental choice. Performance is optimized in the wet drilling mode and is the ultimate coring system for rig-based drilling in concrete for pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations, for cable trays and ducts and for the installation of railings and barriers. The DD 150 is also a great choice for setting large diameter anchors and reinforcing bars that require hand-guided wet drilling. It can also be switched to dry drilling when necessary for hand guided, dry drilling applications such as drilling in masonry for pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations and chimney and stove vent installations. And, on dry applications where dust is a concern, the Hilti dust removal system may be used. The DD 150-U features high motor performance and reliable three-speed gearing for optimum drilling speeds.  It also has a 360 degree adjustable side handle with integrated dust and water management functions.  It can be ordered with a standard 1 ¼-inch threaded chuck or with a quick connect chuck that does not require the use of any tools to remove the core bit. The DD 150-U is “rental tough” and its versatility will make it a top choice for rental companies.


Model for every application
With a batch capacity range of 2-12 cu. ft., Toro’s extensive line of concrete mixers offers a model for every application. From the portable electric models, like the CM-250E, to a heavy-duty diesel CM-1258Y, there are eight Toro concrete mixers to choose from. Convenient operator features, such as the easy-access cowl design and heavy-duty paddles, axles, gear rings, and more ensure lasting durability on all concrete mixers. Each model is supported with a heavy-duty frame and exclusive features for improved job-site productivity and enhanced operator control.


Many applications
Providing high speed and accurate surface preparation, General Equipment Company’s SP8/GH surface planer is ideal for a wide range of job applications, including milling misaligned sidewalks and joints, removing thermo and cold plastic markings and prepping floors for new coating applications. Powered by a five-horsepower Honda four-stroke gasoline engine, the SP8/GH planer is built with a unitized, welded steel plate frame, exclusive full length hexagon driveshaft, and extra capacity ball bearings to make this unit a workhorse. The planer has a maximum cutting depth of 5/8 inches, a cutting width of eight inches and a cutting proximity to a vertical wall of 3-1/4 inches. Bearings are externally greased to extend the unit’s service life. Cutting depth is adjusted using a screw-type, positive-locking depth selector, and the wheels located behind the drum make it easier to cut through high spots. Precise weight and balance enhance operator control and machine maneuverability.

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