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Four-stroke power cutter


Four-stroke power cutter

Makita says it has built the world’s first four-stroke power cutters, the EK7651H and EK7651HD. The EK7651H features a 14-inch blade and the EK7651HD includes a one-inch arbor. Both models deliver reduced noise and fuel consumption versus competitive two-stroke models for maximum operator comfort and reduced operational costs. No fuel mixing prevents damage due to improper mixing and eliminates the need to carry separate mixed fuel. Operators need only one gas can. The cleaner four-stroke engine emissions limit environmental impact and reduce internal carbon buildup. An automatic decompression valve reduces required start-up force by 40 per cent versus competitive two-stroke models. The pressure-compensated carburetor prevents flooding by automatically adjusting to ensure the proper amount of fuel delivery. An advanced five-stage air filtration system provides cleaner air for maximum engine performance. The new Makita cutters are designed for maximum performance and durability on heavy-duty jobsites. The reversible cutting arm enables the cutting disc to be side- or centre-mounted for optimal operational versatility in a variety of applications. An angled fuel tank port enables quick and easy fuelling when the power cutter is in the upright position.


Improved ergonomics

The new Husqvarna K 760 is the followup to Husqvarna’s popular power cutter of the same name. Optimized engine performance, enhanced startability and ergonomics are just a few areas of improvement to boost efficiency and profitability. A new cylinder and cooling fin reduce emissions by 15 per cent when compared to the previous model. The machine maintains optimal operating temperatures, making it less sensitive to environmental changes. The digital ignition system facilitates better startability and smoother operation. The low-vibration design significantly reduces the strain on the user. A lighter blade guard made of magnesium assists in better balance and contributes to the overall lower weight. The blade guard is adjustable, making operation and altering cutting positions easier. The reversible blade bushing allows operators to easily switch between blades with different centre holes. The operator will not be fatigued as quickly due to the low vibrations. A wet cutting kit with a progressive valve significantly increases dust control. The valve makes it easy to set the exact water flow for different applications, which minimizes waste and slurry.



Great weight-to-power ratio

The Allen MSP 455 is a totally new, power steering, mechanical drive riding trowel in the Allen riding trowel line. The powerful gas engine, heavy-duty gearboxes and spiders combined with a torque convertor clutch provide great weight-to-horsepower performance for large and small contractors. The raised operator platform and the hydraulic joystick positioning makes this one of the most ergonomically designed riding trowels on the market. MSP 455 standard features include hydraulic power steering with independent manual pitch controls; a 40-horsepower air-cooled Kohler gas engine; two 46-inch diameter, five-blade, non-overlapping rotors with speeds up to 165 RPM; an electric powered spray system for application of retardant; lights; a 12-volt charger and hour meter; a flip-up seat and removable screens for superior accessibility to the engine, torque convertor and driveline.


Workhorse planer

Providing high speed and accurate surface preparation, General Equipment Company’s SP8/GH surface planer is ideal for a wide range of job applications, including milling mis-aligned sidewalks and joints, removing thermo and cold plastic markings and prepping floors for new coating applications. Powered by a five-horsepower Honda four-stroke gasoline engine, the SP8/GH planer is built with a unitized, welded steel plate frame, a full-length hexagon driveshaft and extra-capacity ball bearings. The planer has a maximum cutting depth of 5/8 inches, a cutting width of eight inches and a cutting proximity to a vertical wall of 3 1/4 inches. Cutting depth is adjusted using a screw-type, positive-locking depth selector, and the wheels located behind the drum make it easier to cut through high spots.


Wedge-free accessory installation

EDCO has created a new generation of its popular concrete floor grinder. The new grinder replaces the traditional wooden wedge system of installing grinder accessories with a faster, customer-friendly, slide-on system. Using only new holding cases, the profitable Dyma-Serts and PCDyma-Serts accessories slide onto the new grinders. No tools are required. New grinding and resurfacing accessories are also available. These new two-disc grinders are available with gas and electric power options. EDCO has also invented an exclusive levelling system that allows users to adjust the grinder’s height, use a wide range of accessories and grind from a truly upright, level position. Level grinding, which is quicker, smoother, and easier on the operator, increases accessory life.


No pre-mixing

The construction mantra of today is all about getting on and off the jobsite quickly. The all-new lineup of Norton Clipper high-speed saws offers contractors a better option to improve jobsite efficiency. These new saws are designed with the user in mind to not only cut fast and smooth but also provide features that will handle the everyday performance of any jobsite with unrelenting durability and reliability. Clippers are available in two 12- and 14-inch blade capacity models: standard and iLube. ILube is the world’s first patented automatic lubrication system that mixes oil and fuel electronically for maximum efficiency with no pre-mixing. An electronic sensor will indicate a low oil level and adjust the engine to idle to prevent engine damage. All Norton Clipper CP500 series saws are equipped with an electronic carburetor electro-magnetic valve, which eliminates the standard choke and half throttle start. The three-step easy start eliminates the hassle of a choke. Simply turn the switch on, prime the engine, and push the decompression button. A multi-stage air filtration system uses patented twin-air inlets to create an air pulsation that draws fresh air in while pushing hot air away from the engine and releasing it out the back to keep the saw running cool and reduce debris being trapped in the filter. This system extends filter life for less cleaning and replacement. Contractors have less worry about poor starts, wrong fuel mixes, chocking or clogged filters with the Norton Clipper saws.


Dust-free grinding

Husqvarna’s PG 280 SF is a suitable floor grinder for rental customers who need to grind concrete, mastics and paints. It is small and easy to manoeuvre, yet strong enough to get the job done. The dust guard and vacuum port are designed to create efficient suction of dust. Additional features include an ergonomically designed handlebar that can be folded over the machine to make it more compact and easy to transport. The single grinding plate has multiple diamond tool attachment positions for optimal distribution. The PG 280 SF features a three-horsepower, one-phase motor. A large range of diamond tooling is available for a wide range of applications. The PG 280 SF can be coupled with the DC 1400 vacuum. The DC 1400 is a compact, highly mobile and versatile dust collection unit that eliminates most dust, making the work environment better for the operator and the surrounding area.   


Soil condition analyzer

The all new COMPAS compaction analyzing system for the Mikasa MVH306 and MVH406 Series reversible plate compactors is designed to help contractors improve efficiency and maximize productivity, while avoiding costly over-compaction. A series of LED lights indicates the progress made with each machine pass. As soil stiffness changes, lights turn on and guide the operator to either make additional passes or stop because optimum soil conditions have been attained for the specific plate compactor. Mikasa reversible plates feature ergonomically designed handles designed to minimize the vibration transferred to the operator. Removable extension plates allow the plate to be adapted for various trench applications.

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