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Compaction showcase: May 2022

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‘Tis the season for paving, patios and foundations. Help your customers with these top soil compaction products.

Maximizes productivity
Toro’s forward plate compactors are designed with a unique base geometry, optimal eccentric placement, amplitude and vibration-per-minute ratings that allow the units to provide maximum compaction for stable, even surfaces. The forward plate compactors operate on speed levels of 100 feet per minute with a maximum productivity of 6,500 to 10,000 square feet per hour. A heavy-duty design protects the engine and machine components for extended life. Toro offers three models of forward plate compactors with an eccentric force range of 2,200 to 4,000 pounds. For maximum eccentric power and productivity, the forward plate FP-4000 easily compacts mixed soil, granular soil, or asphalt. FP-4000 forward plates operate with a maximum productivity of 10,000 square-feet per hour. With optimal force and up to 10,000 square feet per hour capacity, the forward plate FP-3000 is engineered for high productivity and tough compaction to tackle jobs on granular soil or asphalt. The Forward Plate FP-2200 is designed for powerful performance on smaller area jobs compacting trenches, granular soil or asphalt. These forward plates operate with a maximum productivity of 6,500 square feet per hour.

Prevents debris contamination
According to the company, the 240 hole digger from General Equipment Company features the industry’s first use of four-stroke engine technology on a single-operator, handheld hole-digging product. The 240 is just one model in General Equipment’s line of portable 

Crown’s MVP95 is a forward plate compactor that falls into the 3,000-pound plate compactor category and can be used for either residential or commercial jobs. It has an exciter speed of 5,500 VPM and weighs 186 pounds. Standard features include an open self-cleaning design that prevents material getting caught between the plate base and engine mount. Six heavy-duty shock absorbers are strategically located for vibration reduction and comfortable operation. The 20-by-21-inch cast iron plate provides easy access to narrow areas and extends the wear life. The GX160 Honda engine is protected by an engine roll-cage that also provides an easy-access lifting bale. There is a removable water tank for easy water replacement. Options include a wheel kit for jobsite transportation and a paving mat for brick compaction.

Easy handling
The lightest tamper in its class, the Bomag BT 50 tamper weighs in at just 116 pounds but delivers high impact forces of 3,222 pounds with a design that makes it easier to get around the jobsite. Ideal for compacting cohesive backfill materials, the tamper features integrated single-point lifting for easier manoeuvering with a strap and lowering into trenches. Available quick-install transport wheels make the tamper even easier to move around the jobsite.  While lightweight, the Bomag BT 50 is built for years of reliable operation. The exclusive Bomag lubrication system provides optimum oil supply to the crankcase at all operating angles and its powerful Honda GXR 120 engine features a low oil alert system. A durable protection cover safeguards the engine from impact damage at the jobsite. Dual-stage filtration for both air and fuel help to ensure consistent engine operation in the field.  The tamper’s height-adjustable handle provides comfortable operation for all operators. Vibration isolation minimizes vibration feedback to the operator’s hands and arms, reducing fatigue. Integrated into the handle’s design, a single switch controls the engine off/on and the fuel supply for simple operation and quick shutdowns.  The Bomag BT 50 tamper comes standard with a nine-inch compaction foot width with optional widths from 6.3 to 13 inches to meet a range of jobsite needs. It offers a variable frequency from 600 to 708 impacts-per-minute with a maximum working speed of 787 feet per minute, covering an area of up to 2,970 square feet per hour.


Parts across Canada
The Patron RP400 enters into the 1,000-pound reversible plate category while providing the simplicity of a Honda engine without a battery. The RP400 is versatile enough to take on many of the jobs that would often be completed by a 1,000-pound diesel plate – with a 35 percent lower cost, this unit offers a far superior ROI. Featuring a Honda GX390 with 13 horsepower, its high-speed, balanced design contributes to easy, precise handling on the roughest of surfaces, or for spot compaction. Patron reversible plates are designed serviceability, featuring easy access to the hydraulic system, belts, and exciter oil. The machine features a simple one-touch hydraulic forward/reverse lever, which allows the user to keep a continuous grip on the unit’s handle for complete control. Made from Hardox 400, the 26-inch-wide base plate is extremely robust and resistant to wear, further expanding the machine’s life span in a rental fleet. The RP400 is exceptional at compacting medium to deep layer granular soils. Patron compactors and parts are stocked in three warehouses across Canada to minimize delivery times and increase service. The complete line of Patron compaction equipment comes with a two-year warranty.

Keeps the dust down
Road Widener now offers a spray bar system that increases the versatility of its patented offset vibratory roller attachment. This accessory fits on all offset vibratory roller attachments and aids in suppressing dust particles, compacting aggregates and preventing clumping when rolling hot mix asphalt. It can be easily attached to the offset vibratory roller, a compaction attachment that allows the host machine to drive safely on flat ground while compacting shoulders, ditches, trenches and other hard-to-reach areas alongside the road. The spray bar system will allow contractors to increase efficiency and versatility when compacting a variety of materials including asphalt, stone, gravel and topsoil.

Remote control
The articulated LP 9505 trench compactor from Husqvarna delivers a smooth compaction surface in all kinds of soil, especially cohesive materials like clay and silt. The heavy weight of the trench compactor provides great static compaction, which does not dig up soil when turning. High and wide drum pads increase traction on slopes and steep gradients, as well as wet soils. Covered drum ends keep dirt out of the wearable parts to increase durability and covers enable the machine to slide against the trench walls instead of grinding them. The LP 9505 is operated by remote control, giving the operator the flexibility to move around the jobsite and choose where to stand, providing better ergonomics and safer working conditions. The remote control comes with two batteries: one for use, and one to charge in the on-board charger. This ensures you never run out of power. Battery power and a low fuel consumption combined with a large tank enables a full day’s work. Servicing is quick and easy with clearly marked service points and easily access under the protective hoods.  When the job is done it is easy to load and transport the LP 9505 using one single lifting point with a large lifting eye. The articulation joint is secured with a foldable transport lock. There are additional eyelets located in the front and back for hauling.

Less vibration
The DVH 600 hydrostatic duplex roller was developed particularly for use in footpaths, cycleways, verges and parking lots. DVH rollers have set standards not only with regard to design, but also in performance, longevity, operational safety and environmental protection. The roller features a front-mounted engine for easy maintenance with a large-volume water tank. The guide bar includes infinite speed adjustment and a dead man’s control. Vibration can be switched on and off with a hand lever at any engine speed. The DVH 600 is designed to deliver less vibration transmission through the handle thanks to the isolated engine assembly. The fast gear facilitates movement on the construction site and a central lifting device provides easy, safe transport. The roller has a mechanical parking brake to prevent unintended movements. The operating weight is 420 kilograms with a 56-centimetre working width, 10 kilonewton centrifugal force and 60 Hertz frequency. A Kohler KD15 350 diesel engine provides 7.5 horsepower.

Maintenance-free lower end
Wacker Neuson’s RT trench roller with SC3 infrared-remote control offers proven compaction results with safer operation. The smart control uses an infrared signal with line-of-sight control. The machine stops moving and vibrating should the line-of-sight be lost or if the operator comes within three feet of the roller’s receiving eyes with the control box. The articulated trench roller offers a below-the-axel exciter in each drum to allow for the efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil for superior compaction results. The RT is available with the choice of a Kohler or Kubota engine. The RTx models are available with Compatec, the compaction control system that indicates the relative compaction level of the soil. A patented three-receiving-eye design eliminates signal loss from trench shoring while retaining the line-of-sight control of the roller. With 16-channel transmission, multiple rollers can be operated on the same job site without interference with one another. The RTx model also offers flexible drums that allows for convenient conversion from 32 inches to 22inches. The easy-to-remove extensions have a central mounting system that protects the bolts from exposure to damage during operation. The articulated joint increases manoeuverability and the low center of gravity improves stability. High and low compaction force provide flexibility depending on the job. The lower end is completely maintenance-free due to the self-lubricating design of the drive and the exciter. The engine control module with diagnostic LEDs monitors machine functions such as oil pressure, radiator level, engine temperature, glow plug, battery and air filter capacity for easy operation and troubleshooting.

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