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Brandt stands with oil industry against carbon tax

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Jan. 8, 2019 - The Brandt Group of Companies demonstrated its strong support of the province's natural resource industry at a rally held for oil and gas producers at the Legislative Building in Regina, Tuesday, January 8. The well-attended event, hosted by Canada Action and Rally 4 Resources, was one of a number of similar gatherings being organized across Canada as a major show of support for embattled Canadian natural resource companies.

“There is so much more to the oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan than just drilling and pipeline jobs; it’s manufacturing and support services too.” says Brandt President and CEO, Shaun Semple. “The resource economy is what built our province and our country. It allows our employees to put food on the table for their families, here and across Canada. Half of Brandt’s Saskatchewan employee base – 750 jobs – is tied directly to the oil industry!”

Canada’s combined natural resource industries have long been the #1 driver for the Regina company’s growth, accounting for more than 90% of Brandt’s total sales and ultimately providing employment for over 2400 people. Servicing the oil and gas market alone has directly generated over 1500 highly-skilled Brandt manufacturing and support jobs, resulting in a major contribution to the local economy. And, every additional manufacturing position created spins off four or five more positions in related supply and support industries, feeding a vast web of suppliers and customers and enriching communities across the province.

“We’ve brought three of our oil and gas industry products to display at the rally,” adds Shaun Semple. “The world-class Brandt pipelayer attachment for the John Deere dozer and the Brandt 65-ton heavy-haul trailer are manufactured by Brandt skilled tradespeople in Saskatchewan and the oilfield winch truck pulling the trailer is built by Brandt in Edmonton through our recently-acquired line of Camex specialized oil and gas transportation equipment.”

The company voiced its strong concern over prohibitions on pipeline development and carbon taxes that unfairly target industry. These constraints reduce competitiveness for domestic producers and lessen employment opportunities for Western Canadian oil and gas workers in all areas of the industry; manufacturing, production and support services.

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