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Zap Zip Table-Top Game

June 12, 2017 - Zap Zip Table-Top Game is based on the unique combination of light, sound and games.

June 12, 2017
By Twister Display


Interactive spots are wirelessly connected to the scoreboard to enable challenging games between players.  Zap Zip features 3 different fast-paced games (“Light Hunter,” “Steal the Light” and “Back to Base”), and is perfect for all ages.

Zap Zip was developed to ensure high quality with patent pending. It is labelled with the CE and FCC marks and is certified according to the NEN-EN 14960 standard. This high quality makes the product suitable for the rental market.

The set includes 10 hard-shell, LED-lit spots and a score panel, and comes in a very rugged case/charging base, making it ideal for professional rental. It also comes with a colorful, heavy duty vinyl table enclosure. When you buy a Zap Zip, you will also receive free professional promotional materials to use on your website. (8’ table not included)

This exciting, high energy game system rents itself!


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