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XCMG launches fully remote-controlled intelligent excavator

By XCMG   


Sept. 9, 2015 - XCMG has unveiled the XE15R hydraulic intelligent excavator, its first fully remote-controlled excavator, signaling a new phase in XCMG's intelligentization of its excavator series.

Without a cab, XE15R is the company’s smallest excavator at 1.35m in height and 1.08m in width. Nicknamed “Little Swan,” the machine is agile and flexible in challenging working conditions.

The newly developed XE15R features a wireless control function with a 100-meter range, and integrates mechanic, electronic and hydraulic control technology with a CAN bus interface design. Unmanned driving reduces labor intensity, particularly useful in severe operating environments, such as toxic conditions or extreme temperatures.

As an intelligent excavator, XE15R also features a self-learning function. It can save operating maneuvers and then replay them automatically on request, a breakthrough that further ensures security, agility and reliability in operation.

“Intelligentization is an inevitable choice as XCMG follows the path of new industrialization, and XE15R shows that we do what we say. Its design embodies our pursuit of efficiency and user friendliness,” said Wang Min, president of XCMG. The launching of XE15R expands XCMG’s product line, and improves its customers’ construction quality, providing them with a more human-friendly working environment and better project solutions.  


Based on its global collaborative development platform, XCMG devotes more effort into the research and development of core hydraulic parts and intelligent technology, and successfully applies its research achievements to its excavators and other product series.

“Excavators are of strategic and decisive significance to XCMG’s development. XCMG has been working to become a first-class excavator brand,” said Li Zong, general manager of the excavator business unit of XCMG. “We have had a clear development strategy and plan positioning from the very beginning. Key to the manufacture of small, medium and large excavators is being precise, strong and superior.”

At present, XCMG’s excavator series ranges from 1 to 400 tons. Its XE4000, the first 400-ton crawler-type all-hydraulic excavator made in China, was awarded the domestic 2015 TOP 50 Technological Innovation Gold Award. The steel giant is perfect for heavy-load mine operating conditions and reduces power consumption by 8%. Its human-friendly design relieves the boredom of long-term operation.

As XE15R rolls off the assembly line, XCMG’s intelligent products reach a new level. For future development, XCMG will continue to look into smart manufacturing and intelligent products.

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